247+ Affirmations For Anxiety Relief And Feel Calm

Positive remarks called affirmations can assist people in overcoming negative mental patterns. The purpose of affirmations for anxiety is to help and comfort people who are experiencing anxiety-related problems.

These words are meant to instill sentiments of serenity, assurance, and inner tranquilly, aiding people in better managing their anxieties.

People can educate their minds to concentrate on good thoughts and lessen the impact of negative ones by repeating affirmations frequently.

Anyone looking for relief from the stress and uncertainty of modern life may find affirmations for anxiety useful.

What Are the Affirmations for Anxiety?

Positive phrases known as affirmations can assist in reducing anxiety. They may be employed as self-talk to change unfavorable ideas and opinions into more advantageous ones.

Anxiety-reducing affirmations include, “I am calm and at peace,” “I trust in my ability to handle whatever comes my way,” and “I release all worry and embrace positivity.”

Regularly repeating these affirmations can help lessen anxiety and boost confidence and well-being.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

-This, too, shall pass!

-It’s okay to be sad!

-I am okay!

-I will overcome this!

-I am enough for myself!

-This is just a phase!

-Don’t worry!

-Things will be okay, okay?

Affirmations For Anxiety

-You are fine!


-Better days are not far!

-Keep yourself together!

-Hold on!

-Things are getting better!

-Take a deep breath!

-Let go of things!

-Be patient!

-Be hopeful!

-Don’t panic!

-You have to be with yourself!

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

-Take it easy!

-Don’t be harsh on yourself!

-Worry less!

-Things are tough and so am I!

-I will overcome this too!

-I am stronger than these difficult times!

-I need to be strong!

-Patience and strong will can overcome anything!

-Nothing is permanent, not even pain!

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Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Depression

  • 1 I am strong and can overcome anxiety and depression.
  • 2 I deserve happiness and peace in my life.
  • 3 I am not defined by my struggles; I can heal and grow.
  • 4 I let go of negativity and embrace positivity.
  • 5 I am worthy of love and support from others.
  • 6 I believe in my ability to handle challenges.
  • 7 I control my thoughts and focus on the positive.
  • 8 I am open to change and new opportunities.
  • 9 I live in the present with hope and enthusiasm.
  • 10 Support is available, and I am not alone.
  • 11 I prioritize self-care and kindness to myself.
  • 12 I have the courage to seek help when needed.
  • 13 I learn and grow from my mistakes.
  • 14 I am resilient and bounce back stronger.
  • 15 I can achieve my goals and live a fulfilling life, free from anxiety and depression.

Powerful Affirmations for Anxiety

-I will not give up!

-Rage, rage against the darkness!

-It’s me who can bring changes!

-I need to work on myself for a better future!

-I am not meek!

-People think I am weak; it’s time to prove them wrong!

-Sadness is a part of life!

-It’s okay not to feel good all the time!

Powerful Affirmations for Anxiety

-Stay positive!

-I need to get myself together!

-These are just bad days!

-I will emerge stronger!

-I know I can go through this!

-Being anxious is not wrong!

-Life tests everyone; I am no exception!

-God has a better plan for me!

-It’s okay if I cannot make it, I will try again!

-I will not surrender to these times!

-I know I am strong!

-At the end, what matters is how I dealt with these rough times!

-I will be an example for others one day!

-My experiences will one day become a lesson for others!

-I am good!

-See the positive sides of everything!

-Every setback is backed with a lesson. Learn those lessons!

-I need to try to treat myself better!

-How can anything break me when I am strong inside!

-Be optimistic!

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Affirmations for Work Anxiety

  • 1 I am capable and confident at work.
  • 2 I learn from challenges and grow stronger.
  • 3 I believe in myself and my decisions.
  • 4 Each day, I feel more at ease in my job.
  • 5 Change is a chance for me to improve.
  • 6 I stay positive and focus on my tasks.
  • 7 I deserve success and recognition.
  • 8 I let go of my worries and stay present.
  • 9 It’s okay to seek help when needed.
  • 10 My work makes a positive impact.
  • 11 I take time for self-care and balance.
  • 12 Mistakes help me learn and improve.
  • 13 I trust in my ability to handle anything.
  • 14 I am worthy of a fulfilling work life.
  • 15 I can overcome work anxiety with these affirmations.

Daily Affirmations for Anxiety

-Hopeful for better days!

-Nothing can break me!

-I refuse to abdicate!

-I need to stop the war within myself!

-I need to accept that not all questions have answers!

Daily Affirmations for Anxiety

-I will try before giving up!

-Babe, you can make it!

-Nothing can defeat a strong will!

-I might have failed in the past but that should not discourage me!

-I am broken but still hopeful!

-I deserve better and I am going to make it better!

-If life is a teacher, I will be a good student!

-After dark nights, bright days come!

-What matters is how you can put yourself together during tough times!

-I am a fighter!

-I have been brave throughout!

-I will cry but never give up on trying!

-I need to pave the way for myself!

-There is nothing that I can’t do once I am determined to do it!

Daily Affirmations for Anxiety

-I can’t be a disappointment to myself!

-I have the potential to do wonders!

-Every time you fall make sure you stand up stronger!

-Feeling low is okay!

-If something is not letting you sleep or making you anxious, you have to work to change it!

-Preserve your inner peace!

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Short Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

-You have to be with yourself all the time!

-A little push and you can achieve what is making you anxious!

-None but you can help yourself from falling!

-Who said failing is a setback? It’s an opportunity to do better!

-Accept what you can’t change!

-Love yourself the way you want others to love you!

-Not being able to be there for others is okay but not being able to be there for yourself is not!

-All these hard times will help you become a better person!

-Difficult times are sure to shape your personality!

-It’s on me how I take setbacks!

-I will love myself before anything else!

-If I want I can do it!

-I am gonna take extra care of myself today!

-I will make it one day!

-One day I will smile on things that are making me anxious today!

-One day, everything will fall back to its place!

-You know you are not vulnerable!

-Why to listen to what others have to say?

-I will try to smile on my suffering!

-I will be okay!

-All these complaints and grudges will fade away with time!

-I will let time take its turns!

-I can wait!

-Throw those things away that are distorting your inner peace!

-The world is not that bad!

-I want to see kindness so I will become one!

-Enough of negative thoughts it’s time for a fresh start!

-I will fail and learn. Only then can I succeed!

-I have got my back, I am not dependent on others, duh!

-It’s alright!

-This is how it is; let it be!

-I will leave destiny to play its game from now on!

-Just go with the flow!

-Try to reach out to people!

-If you feel it’s wrong, change it!

-Know your worth!

-You deserve much more than this!

-You cannot just be a miserable person. Get up and take hold on your life!

-Self-love should be the priority!

-Why to care for someone who does not care for us?

-It is love if the efforts are from both sides! 

-Search for a ray of hope!

-Don’t let yourself break!

-You just have yourself with you!

-I know it sucks being lonely, but it’s okay to be this way!

-Stand for your dreams!

-Just crying won’t help; you have to take the first step to make things okay!

-Be cheerful and satisfied with whatever you have!

-Be grateful for the things you already possess!

-Stop being a victim!

-I need to stop pitying with myself!

-I am not the only person who is going through tough times!

-All those who are successful in their life have gone through rough days!

-I can’t give up on myself and my dreams!

Short Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

-I know I can make a difference!

-No one but only I know my worth!

-I deserve to be happy and treated well!

-Why would I let someone else hamper my sanity?

-I will try to change things!

Positive Affirmations for Sleep Anxiety

  1. “I am safe and calm, ready for a good night’s sleep.”
  2. “I let go of worries, embracing peace in my mind.”
  3. “Each breath brings relaxation, making sleep easy.”
  4. “I trust my body to restore and rejuvenate during sleep.”
  5. “I welcome restful sleep, feeling refreshed in the morning.”
  6. “I choose positive thoughts, letting go of negativity.”
  7. “My mind is a sanctuary of tranquility before sleep.”
  8. “I embrace the present moment, releasing stress.”
  9. “Sleep is essential, and I am grateful for it.”
  10. “A soothing bedtime routine prepares me for sleep.”
  11. “I deserve restful sleep, waking up energized.”
  12. “I forgive myself, letting go of the day’s mistakes.”
  13. “I go with the flow, peacefully drifting to sleep.”
  14. “Love and positivity surround me, comforting at night.”
  15. “I improve my sleep by learning to relax.”

morning affirmations for anxiety

I grant forgiveness to my body

My body is capable of giving birth

The ability to love makes a woman a mother.

My body is doing everything that it is destined to do.

I am worthy of being a mother.

I will let my body play its role without fussing over it.

My womb doesn’t limit the mother in me.

I will trust my body and let it decide.

I will trust nature and not stop hoping.

I deserve the happiness I am receiving.

I will inhale vitality and motivation and slowly accept reality.

I can pass this phase, I have been through the impossible and conquered it.

My motherhood is not defined by the ability to reproduce.

I will let others help me.

Help from others doesn’t make me weak.

I will make a good mother.

My body is not incomplete, it is capable in all terms.

I will let exhale the past and inhale the future.

I will accept the gift of life in any form.

I will release all the negative thoughts that do not allow me to try my chances.

My partner is not disappointed in me.

My partner believes I have the qualities of a good mother.

I will lift my sadness and allow a renewed sense of hope to settle in my life ahead.

Miscarriage does not set boundaries for my motherhood.

Miscarriage doesn’t make me any tinier than the woman I was.

Miscarriage does not make my partner’s love grow lesser for me.

I will make a beautiful mother.

I will not let my future to be determined by my past.

My value as a woman is not decided by my ability to give birth.

In time of loss, I will guide my soul toward a feeling of peace and completion.

I will consider the ability to conceive as my gift and forgive myself for the misfortune,

I will feel joyful about being able to love and be compassionate.

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Affirmations for Anxiety Relief

I will appreciate my desire to nurture a soul that was unknown to me, me.

I will stop blaming myself for the unfortunate mishappening.

I will find healing in the belief that the soul within me knows my love for it and it is safe in another place.

I will allow myself to take guidance from loved ones in this time of grief.

I will understand that my soul and my body needs healing and take care of myself.

I will accept the reality that miscarriage does not change my worth.

I will stop living in fear and try to see the beauty in this world and realize my purpose of existence.

I will appreciate all the moments I had of motherhood and not regret it.

I will respect the mother in me and acknowledge its loss.

I will be a great mother to any future soul born or adopted and give them love.

I am a strong, confident, and resilient woman and I will overcome this grief.

My body is still perfect and is worthy of love and care.

I was chosen to be a mother by God and I am deserving of it.

I choose to not give up and enjoy every second of motherhood in the future, in any form.

I am capable of taking care of and protecting my child.

I cherish and celebrate the gift of receiving a caring and loving family.

I will not let society and its taunt decide my worth.

I feel privileged to once carry a baby inside my womb.

My life will get better and my prayers will be answered.

I will patiently wait for motherhood to arrive in my life again.

I am proud of myself for carrying, nourishing, and sustaining life within me for some time

I will allow myself to feel the grief and let it show.

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Empowering Affirmations to Overcome Anxiety

I am perfect in all terms, my miscarriage does not make me imperfect in any manner.

I will focus on things that are in my control and let go of things that are not.

My pain does not make my presence less powerful.

I will embrace self-love and let go of self-judgment.

I will soon be in peace with my past.

My doubts are temporary, my courage is permanent.

I choose to be happy and give up on feeling worthless.

I will never reject myself.

I forgive my womb and do not consider it responsible for the loss.

Today is for change and I will make it happen.

I am full of optimism and I will let joy find me.

Empowering Affirmations to Overcome Anxiety

I am thankful for all the experiences that I will gain from it.

I will begin today and achieve whatever I want.

I will stop worrying about the past and focus on the good things ahead.

I love and approve of being a mother.

I will notice all the positives in me in terms of motherhood.

My scars are symbols of my strength.

I will not let other people’s negativity affect me.

My miscarriage is not my only story of life.

I will not consider myself to be at fault for the loss of my child, and I accept life ahead guilt-free and gracefully.

I am a mother because of my ability to cherish motherhood, not because of a womb.

From today, I focus on my heart and open up to my sense of loving a child beyond blood relations.

Miscarriage is a misfortune, not my destiny as a mother.

I will grow out as a stronger person from this misfortune.

I will not let society make me believe I am not worth the same respect as before.

My child is safe wherever he is and I did everything to save it.

Affirmations for Stress and Anxiety

  1. I can handle challenges and stay calm.
  2. I let go of negativity and find peace within.
  3. I focus on the present and stop worrying about the future.
  4. I control my thoughts and feelings.
  5. I am strong and can overcome anything.
  6. I believe in myself and deal with stress.
  7. I accept what I can’t change and focus on what I can.
  8. I have support and love around me.
  9. I take care of myself and my well-being matters.
  10. Deep breaths help me relax.
  11. I trust my instincts and decisions.
  12. My past doesn’t define me; I can create a positive future.
  13. Good things come my way.
  14. I feel peace in myself and my surroundings.
  15. I grow stronger and calmer every day.


Affirmations for anxiety are like helpful tools that can calm our minds and bring us peace. When we say positive statements to ourselves regularly, it can stop negative thoughts and make us feel less anxious. These affirmations make us feel more confident and relaxed, giving us the strength to deal with challenges bravely. By using these affirmations every day, we can improve our mental well-being and have a more positive outlook on life.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Affirmations For Anxiety

How can affirmations help with anxiety?

Affirmations can help with anxiety by shifting your focus away from negative thoughts and replacing them with positive, empowering ones. They can help you feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions, and can promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Can affirmations be used for other mental health issues besides anxiety?

Yes, affirmations can be used for a variety of mental health issues, such as depression, low self-esteem, and stress. The key is to choose affirmations that are tailored to your specific needs and to use them consistently over time.

How long does it take to see results from using affirmations for anxiety?

The time it takes to see results from using affirmations for anxiety can vary from person to person. Some people may notice a difference right away, while others may take several weeks or even months to see a noticeable change. It’s important to be patient and consistent in your practice.

What is the science behind affirmations and how they work?

The science behind affirmations suggests that they work by activating the reward centers in the brain and promoting the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which are associated with positive emotions and feelings of well-being. Additionally, affirmations may help to rewire negative thought patterns and promote more positive self-talk.

Can affirmations be used for social anxiety?

Yes, affirmations can be a helpful tool for managing social anxiety by promoting positive self-talk and reducing negative self-judgment. Affirmations like “I am worthy of love and connection” or “I trust in my ability to connect with others” can be particularly helpful

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