100+ Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations to Motivate You ( How to Practice + Image)

At the beginning of the 20th century, Florence Scovel Shinn was an acclaimed spiritual guide and author whose work on affirmations still inspires and motivates people today. 

She offers practical and transformational tips in her books, such as “The Game of Life and How to Play it,” on leveraging the impact of optimistic thinking to generate money, perfect health, love, and joy.

Listed below are Florence Scovel Shinn’s most strong affirmations that can improve someone’s life.

Benefit Of florence scovel shinn affirmations

  • By using affirmations, you can become more conscious of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
  • Affirmations can boost your resilience to difficulties and setbacks.
  • Your interpersonal relationships and communication abilities can both be enhanced via affirmations.
  • You may focus your energy and efforts on your priorities and goals by using affirmations.

How to practice Affirmations for florence scovel shinn?

  • Make use of affirmations that speak to you. Choose phrases that inspire and feel empowering to you.
  • Avoid speaking negatively or dwelling on what you don’t want because doing so can encourage unfavorable thought patterns.
  • Use affirmations that you firmly believe in. Believe in the strength of your intentions and words. Have faith that the universe is helping you to bring your desires to pass.
  • Regularly state your affirmations. Get in the habit of expressing them out loud, writing them down, or even using visual reminders like vision boards or post-it notes.
  • Your subconscious mind will reinforce your desires more and more the more often you affirm them.

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Florence shinn affirmations

florence scovel shinn affirmations

I have a lot in all parts of my existence, so that’s a privilege.

The entire universe continuously assists me in achieving my aims.

I draw positive personalities into my life.

I attract loving people into my life.

I emanate joy.

I generate positivity.

florence scovel shinn affirmations

I create happiness.

I draw nice deeds to me.

My instinct directs me in the path of my overall benefit.

I am always directed in the way of my eventual aim.

Love is just what I need.

I have a right to joy.

I want to be pleased.

I have confidence in my talents.

I have confidence in my skills.

I gave up any unpleasant ideas.

I surrendered to any bitter feelings.

I’m up for discovering new ideas.

I am up towards adventure.

I agree with the plan the universe has for me.

I am nutritious.

I have power.

I am very athletic.

I have the ability to shape my world.

I decided to think positively.

I emphasize plenty.

I am appreciative of all my blessings.

florence scovel shinn affirmations

I’m deserving of love.

I deserve your respect.

I don’t have any more fear.

I’m doubtless in the clear.

I rely on my intuition to lead me.

I am nutritious.

I have power.

I am very athletic.

I have the ability to shape my world.

I decided to think positively.

I emphasize plenty.

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Positive florence scovel affirmations

I am appreciative of all my blessings.

I’m deserving of love.

I deserve your respect.

I don’t have any more fear.

I’m doubtless in the clear.

I rely on my intuition to lead me.

I have guts.

Challenges feel natural to me.

I am happy with what I do.

florence scovel shinn affirmations

The universe and myself are at peace.

I am grateful for the riches that arrive into my life.

I abandon all limiting beliefs.

I repudiate all limiting attitudes.

I pull love to myself.

I bring harmony with myself.

I am confident I can fulfill my goal.

I have confidence that the universe will always safeguard me.

I am appreciative of my special abilities and capabilities.

I glow like a star.

I am overflowing with excitement.

I have no feelings of tension at all.

My anxieties are all erased.

People who are optimistic surround me.

I am encircled by supportive people.

I am fortunate in each part of my existence.

I am grateful for the lessons that hardships give me.

I am gifted with all the universe has to provide.

florence scovel shinn affirmations

All the positive aspects of life are there for the asking.

I am confident that I can make my dreams actually happen.

I’m thrilled right now.

I’m pleased with appreciation.

I don’t care how things are turning out.

I have confidence that everything will always work out for my greatest advantage.

I am grateful of the abundance that penetrates my life.

I appreciate all of the affection.

I appreciate each positive thing.

I attract abundance to me.

I draw riches with myself.

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florence scovel shinn morning affirmations

I’m ready to think about fresh alternatives.

I am ready for fresh challenges.

I have trust that I can get past any difficulty.

Positive vibes are all around me.

The energy is positive all around me.

I’m content with who I am.

I’m content with the way things are.

I’m grateful for all the great opportunities I’ve been given in life.

I get the capacity to collaborate with the universe.

I easily attract success.

I have faith in God’s love for my life.

florence scovel shinn affirmations

Every scenario is in my better position.

I emanate love.

I generate good thoughts.

My interactions are pleasant.

My friendships are rich with empathy.

I believe my personal feelings.

I have belief in my inner voice’s assessment.

I’m worthy of love.

I deserve their respect.

I create healthy partnerships.

I create committed relationships.

I gave up any negative ideas.

florence scovel shinn affirmations

I surrendered to any bitter feelings.

In every moment, I embrace calm.

I find delight in every moment.

I am thankful for all the blessings.

Everyday I add more prosperity to my life.

I have trust in my talents.

I can achieve everything.

I can listen to all the suggestions.

I have help that I need to achieve my aim.

I have confidence that the universe also works for me.

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Florence Scovel Shinn’s affirmations may constitute an effective method for changing our mindset and attaining our desires.

By enjoying good and purposeful language, we can rewrite our subconscious selves to attract wealth, achievement, and happiness into our lives.

Our thoughts and views affect our situation, as Shinn’s teachings remind us. We can construct a mind of plenty and appreciation by frequently using affirmations.


How often should I repeat Florence Scovel Shinn’s affirmations?

It is recommended to repeat Florence Scovel Shinn’s affirmations regularly and consistently. You can repeat them multiple times a day, ideally in the morning and before bedtime, or as often as needed throughout the day to reinforce the positive beliefs and energy associated with your desired outcome.

Can I create my own Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations?

Yes, you can create your own Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations that are tailored to your specific desires and goals. In fact, creating personalized affirmations can be more effective as they resonate with your unique beliefs and emotions. Just remember to follow the guidelines of using present tense, positive language, and specific wording.

How long does it take to see results from using Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations?

The time it takes to see results from using Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations can vary depending on various factors, such as your belief system, consistency in practice, and the nature of your desired outcome.
Some people experience positive changes relatively quickly, while others take longer. It’s important to be patient and consistent in your practice and trust in the process.

Can Florence Scovel Shinn’s affirmations be used by anyone, regardless of their background?

Yes, Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations can be used by anyone, regardless of their beliefs or background. They are not tied to any specific religious or spiritual belief system and can be customized to align with your personal beliefs and values.

Can I use Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations to improve my self-confidence and self-esteem?

Yes, Florence Scovel Shinn affirmations can be used to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. You can boost your self-confidence and cultivate a positive self-image by affirming positive beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. This can have a ripple effect on various areas of your life, including your relationships, career, and overall well-being.

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