147+ Affirmations to Boost your Mood

We are humans and we are bound to go through the ups and downs of life. While some days can be great while some not but is essential that we stay cheerful. So, here are positive affirmations to boost your mood instantly

Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Mood

I am born to lead

I am remarkably charismatic

I can impress people with my sarcasm

I am a straight up honest individual

I am immune towards other people’s remarks about myself

Affirmations to Boost your Mood

I have great balance in my life

I love the person I have become

People who care for me means a lot to me

I acknowledge my past and smile at the future

I always come up with the best results

My silent treatments are one of a kind

I can read people’s truest intentions

I have standards that are much higher than an average Joe

I can beat anyone at any game

My words and me, both matter to this world

I am the best friend and the worst enemy one can have

I am a human with unquestionable loyalty

I have everything I need in order to proper

I am a motivated and powerful human

I have a healthy mind and body

I am grateful to all the things in my life that are wonderful

Best Affirmations to Boost your Mood

All is well with my life

I trust my gut feeling

Live and let live is the motto of my life

I should live by life one day at a time 

I opted for hope rather than fear

I will always work on myself to be better

I am always at the right place at the right moment

I love the life I am leading 

I am abled enough to make a decision that’s correct for me

My life is enclosed by loving relationships

I am determined to live my life greatly

My life is full of positive purposes

I shall have a healthy life ahead of me

I am strong and beautiful

In life, I chose to stay happy

I am willing to be joyous everyday

No matter what, staying calm is my priority

I have a great love for myself

I accept the way I am right now

I have an aura full of happiness and positivity

Challenges can bring out the best in me

I can both critic and praise myself

I am ready to accept the numerous gifts of life

My Life has great wealth stored for me

My opinion makes a difference

I have my personal definition of success

I feel happiest and healthiest with positive people

I am at a place in my life where I should be

I am excited for the things stored in tomorrow

I should never hold onto my past

All the experiences of my life is my strength

My wisdom and intuition will guide me in the proper direction

Amazing Affirmations to Boost your Mood

I find no wrong in giving myself compliments

I have one foot in present and one foot in future

A little gratitude goes a long way for me

My loved ones do everything to make me feel happy

I have a real impact on my professional world

I have the ability to create my ideal reality

There is no shame in pausing and catching a breath

My natural state of being is to remain calm

Being happy is my birthright

I’ll avoid everything that breaks my mood

I love to create moments that are full of joy

I am happy and in content with myself

Everywhere I go, I look for happiness

I can create the life I desire to have

Daily Affirmations to Bost Mood

  • 1 I am loved and happy.
  • 2 I choose to be happy and positive today.
  • 3 I can handle any challenges that come my way.
  • 4 I control my thoughts and feelings and focus on the good.
  • 5 I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • 6 I have loving and supportive people around me.
  • 7 I am thankful for the good things in my life.
  • 8 I attract success and good things.
  • 9 I am always growing and improving.
  • 10 I take care of myself and make time for me.
  • 11 I let go of negativity and welcome peace.
  • 12 I trust that things happen for a reason.
  • 13 I am strong and can handle anything.
  • 14 I am proud of what I achieve and how far I’ve come.
  • 15 I am happy, and I spread happiness to others.

Daily Affirmations to Boost Mood

Eventually everything has to work out for me

I feel happier than ever before

I attract things that fill me with joy everyday

I’ve chosen to let go of the things that don’t serve me

Good Affirmations to Boost your Mood

I choose good vibes over everything

When I am happy, I can see the things clearly

I am a fearless being

All the challenges I’ve faced has helped me grow

I am now more inclined towards positivity

I aspire to keep myself cheerful forever

If my need is strong, I can find a way

I am worthy of feeling the bliss of life

I shall not waste my time on things that upsets me

There are reasons for me to smile everyday

Now I know that my happiness resides within me

I am happy that I get to live my life on own my terms

I will not be defeated by worries and anxieties 

I grow into a stronger self by challenging my fears

Everything is fine in my world

Along with my life, I am flourishing as well

Following my heart is the best path I can choose

Excellent Affirmations to Boost your Mood

My future is the success I’ll achieve

Just like water, I can change and adjust my mind

I am set to achieve all my goals in life

I have the much need faith in myself

I am a gem and it is my time to shine

I have hope in my life

The river of creativity flows through me

I allow myself to enjoy the gift of life

Everything I do, I find joy in it.

My heart desires things and I look for it

I am committed toward my goal of living a happy life

I shouldn’t let other people’s negativity affect me

Staying positive is the best choice I made

I am proud that I dared to be different

Today I am what I am because of my choices

I have never and won’t ever bow down to my fears.

Great Affirmations to Boost your Mood

Whatever I desire is achievable for me

I have confidence that knows no limits

Even If I fall, I’ll fall forward

There is no place for negative self-talk in my life

I express gratitude for the things I have

My willpower is strong

My life is on the correct path 

I win hearts with my words

I am loved by my friends and family

I don’t get distracted easily

My driving force in life is to taste the flavor of success

Nice Affirmations to Boost your Mood

My mindset is my weapon


Affirmations are like happy words that can make us feel better. When we say positive things every day, we start to believe in ourselves more. It helps us be thankful and strong when facing challenges. Affirmations can change how we see things and bring good stuff into our lives. If we keep doing it, we’ll be happier and have a more positive outlook on life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Affirmations to Boost Mood:

Can affirmations help with stress and anxiety?

Yes, affirmations can be useful in managing stress and anxiety. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, they promote a calmer and more balanced mindset.

Are there specific affirmations for different purposes?

Yes, you can make affirmations that are specific to your needs. Affirmations for self-confidence, achievement, thankfulness, or conquering obstacles, for example.

Should I say affirmations out loud or silently?

Both methods are effective. Although speaking affirmations aloud has a greater impact on your subconscious, doing them silently can also be beneficial.

Are there any limitations to affirmations?

While affirmations are effective, they are not a substitute for professional assistance in dealing with major mental health difficulties. They perform best when combined with a holistic approach to well-being.

What if I don’t believe the affirmations at first?

It’s natural to feel this way at first. Your mind will begin to accept them with constant repetition, and you will notice a favourable shift in your mentality.

affirmations to boost mood

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