183+ Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

Keeping a keen check on our anger can help us restore and maintain a healthy relationship, isn’t it? Many times because of our anger we end up messing our relations, and work and hurting those people who matter the most!

In fact, due to a lack of anger management, we even distort our peace of mind!

positive affirmations for anger

-Cool down!

-Everything is okay!

-I can’t lose my control!

-How can I be so unreasonable?

-I choose now to discharge bitterness and redeem my joy.

Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul


-I am a kind-hearted person!

-I love myself and the people around me!

-I can’t hurt those whom I love!

-I can be good!

-Nothing can take away my calmness!

-I am a logical person!

-I am not getting influenced!

-They cannot provoke me!

-I know they know my weakness but this time I am gonna surprise them!

-This small aspect can’t change me!

-I will not react!

-They are waiting for my reaction but I won’t give them any!

-No one can play with my instincts!

-I can’t get angry about anything!

-No one can use me if I don’t lose my control on myself!

-I am a loving and letting off individual!

Best Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-I forgive them!

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-I have nothing against anyone!

-I am good!

-I can’t let my anger make me a villain of my life!

-No matter what! I am not reacting this time!

-Why to respond with anger when I can deal with affection!

Amazing Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-I am an affectionate person!

-I love myself!

-I am making sure that no one gets hurt because of my anger!

-Nothing can harm me but my anger!

-I can be a nice person if I can keep a check on this toxic trait!

-By bye anger!

-I bring peace and calm not anger!

-I am no more that outrageous person!

-People will see and appreciate my calmness!

-No one can beat me once I have control over myself!

-Farewell toxic trait!

-Goodbye anger, welcome peace!

-Haha, I am not reacting over this at least!

-I will work on my anger issue!

-Why would I let one toxic trait ruin my image?

-No hatred and anger, just love and calmness!

-I love myself!

-I won’t be a disappointment to myself!

-Not this time, dear anger, not this time!

-I am doing good!

-People will know me as a loving creature, not as a terrible creature!

Good Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-I can’t my anger make me weak!

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-Calm, calm, calm!

-Repeat after me, I am a calm person!

-I got this!

-I am going to let things go!

-Each moment I discharge the wrath in my gut, I recover room for stability.

-No grudges, just respect!

-I am a sensible and responsible person!

-Oh, you think you can outrage me? No!

-I have suffered enough due to anger now no more!

-I will make my weakness my strength!

-New me don’t react!

-I have updated myself and removed the anger feature from myself!

Nice Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-I will offer kindness!

-The world needs my compassion, not anger!

-I am done being a sick person!

-Each second ruined being irritated is an instant of being delighted that is forfeited.

-I am not mad anymore!

-I have forgiven those who brought suffering in my life!

-Letting go off things that I can’t change is a sensible deed!

-My anger made me a miserable person, now no more!

-Look around, dear you; there is love and kindness all around!

-How can I be so harsh on myself?

-Anger doesn’t solve anything but makes it more complicated!

Great Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-I am happy!

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Calming Affirmations for Anger

  • 1 I believe my body can conceive twins.
  • 2 I’m open to having twins in my life.
  • 3 Twins run in my family, and I welcome it.
  • 4 My womb is a nurturing place for twins.
  • 5 I attract the possibility of twins.
  • 6 I’m mentally and emotionally prepared for twins.
  • 7 Each day, I align with having twins.
  • 8 My partner and I are ready for twins.
  • 9 I trust my body to conceive and carry twins.
  • 10 I’m grateful for the chance to have twins.
  • 11 Twins bring double blessings into my life.
  • 12 I trust the right time for twins will come.
  • 13 My heart is full of love for twin babies.
  • 14 I imagine my life with twins and feel joy.
  • 15 I’m excited for the journey of conceiving twins.

Affirmations for Releasing Anger

-I will make my people feel safe around me!

-I will make sure no one is scared of me!

-I prefer an existence of unity, affection, and happiness and will definitely not spend a single minute being furious for no motive.

-I was insane and let people play with my weakness!

-I am a fun and calm person!

-I have Burch more to offer than anger!

-Calmness over anything!

-Stop losing your peace for trivial things!

-Deal with logical not anger!

-Show up your best side to people!

-Stop ruining yourself!

-Choosing peace over anger has solved many problems!

-I am sick of being a sick person!

-Everything is under control!

-Relax! Everything is fine!

-Taking a vow not to lose my control this easily!

-I can be a tough person without being furious!

-New journey without anger!

-Life is better without hatred!

-I can’t let my anger control me!

-People have built a wrong conception of me because of my anger issues!

Excellent Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-Living life peacefully is more important!

-Of course, I can explain my things without being furious!

-I have had enough because of my anger issues!

-How can I forsake my relations for my anger?

-I have to stop mistreating people whom I love the most!

-Where there is love there is no anger!

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-Love and anger cannot exist side by side!

-I am happier this way than with anger!

-I think I can be a good person!

-Why can’t I keep a tab on my anger!

-Now I will control my anger and not let anger control me!

-Peace over hatred!

-I have overcome my toxic trait successfully!

-More positivity less negativity!

-I can be more productive without anger!

-I just need to accept those things that I can’t change!

-Liberating my soul from all the negativity!

-I am a humble person!

-I won’t let people test my patience!

-Enough of being frantic!

-Nothing can destroy me, not even my anger issues!

-Self-control is so important!

-People think I am an unhappy person, I will have to change their opinion!

Powerful Affirmations for Anger to Calm Your Mind and Soul

-I will make myself an adjustable person!

-Damn, I have really let anger control me all this time!

-I will protect my relations from my toxicity!

-I deserve a better life than this!

-I am gonna do whatever it takes to manage my anger!

-I can see life from a different view once I am over this bitterness!

-I didn’t realize that my anger made me a bitter person!

-Why would anyone love a bitter person?

-I will work on myself and be a good person!

-I will make myself worthy of love and kindness!

-I will spread kindness to receive it back!

Anger Management Affirmations

  • 1 I can control my anger and emotions.
  • 2 I let go of anger and find peace.
  • 3 I handle tough situations calmly and gracefully.
  • 4 I choose to respond, not react, when upset.
  • 5 Deep breathing helps me release anger.
  • 6 I communicate assertively and respectfully.
  • 7 Forgiveness frees me from anger’s hold.
  • 8 I stay patient and understanding in tough times.
  • 9 Positive thinking replaces negativity.
  • 10 Anger doesn’t control me; I do.
  • 11 I find healthy ways to manage anger.
  • 12 I learn to stay calm under pressure.
  • 13 Empathy helps in conflicts.
  • 14 I create a peaceful environment around me.
  • 15 Managing anger is part of my positive growth.

Affirmations for Letting Go of Anger

– I let go of anger and feel peaceful inside.

– I control my feelings, and I choose to be calm.

– I forgive myself and let go of anger right now.

– I forget the past and focus on a happy future.

– Anger doesn’t help, so I release it easily.

– I stay calm and understanding in tough situations.

– I deserve peace, so I let go of anger.

– I drop all grudges and show compassion.

– Letting go of anger makes life better.

– I’m free from anger and embrace forgiveness.

– Love replaces anger in my heart.

– I decide peace over anger.

– Letting go of anger heals me emotionally.

– I release anger and welcome joy.

– Anger fades away, leaving room for happiness.

– My past is peaceful; I let go of anger.

– I let go of anger to improve my relationships.

– I choose positivity over negative emotions.

– I manage my feelings and release anger.

– I’m kind to myself, letting go of anger.

– Releasing anger sets me free.

– I’m patient with life, not letting anger control me.

– I drop the need to control everything.

– I’m strong, facing life without anger.

– I release tension and find peace.

– I control my emotions, letting go of anger.

– I release past issues and welcome happiness.

– Anger loses its grip on me.

– My mind is clear without anger.

– I communicate calmly, not with anger.

– I deserve happiness, not anger.

– Letting go of anger helps me grow.

– I accept things instead of getting angry.

– I’m at peace; anger has no place in me.

– I am love, and anger can’t hold me back.

Self-Affirmations for Anger Management

  • 1 I stay calm and in control when I feel angry.
  • 2 I let go of anger and find inner peace.
  • 3 I understand others and stay patient with them.
  • 4 I release anger easily and feel better.
  • 5 I express my feelings calmly and clearly.
  • 6 I can manage my anger and stay composed.
  • 7 I am the boss of my emotions; I choose to be calm.
  • 8 I let go of anger and welcome positivity.
  • 9 I am patient with myself and others, creating harmony.
  • 10 I take deep breaths to release anger and relax.
  • 11 I forgive and release things that make me angry.
  • 12 I handle life’s challenges with grace and composure.
  • 13 I am strong; I don’t let anger control me.
  • 14 I am peaceful, and anger doesn’t bother me.
  • 15 I am in charge of my feelings, and I choose peace.


In times of anger, Affirmations become our guiding light, leading us to a place of calmness. They help us regain control over our emotions and develop compassion for ourselves and others. With each positive statement, we learn to let go and find healing through forgiveness. Embracing these affirmations allows us to walk a path towards inner peace, transforming our anger into love.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Affirmations for Anger:

Can affirmations prevent me from feeling anger altogether?

While affirmations might assist you in controlling your anger, it’s important to realise that anger is a normal human feeling. The objective is to find better ways to express and process anger rather than to completely eradicate it.

Can affirmations replace therapy for anger issues?

While affirmations can support therapy for anger management difficulties, they shouldn’t take the place of qualified assistance. Consult a therapist for advice if your anger is affecting your relationships or daily life so that you can address the root issues.

Can affirmations help me forgive and let go of past anger?

Affirmations can indeed be effective tools for practising forgiveness and letting go of the past. You can relieve yourself of the load of carrying on with old grudges by repeating affirmations like “I choose to forgive and let go.”

When should I use affirmations for anger?

Accept affirmations whenever you sense the raging storm of wrath within you or before facing difficult circumstances. Make them a daily habit to strengthen your spirit against the tempest of fury, much like you would a cup of hot tea.

affirmations for anger management

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