147+ Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

Although people consider positive affirmations as silly and funny, they are indeed powerful tools to help us shape our thoughts in a positive direction and thus shape the actions we take to achieve success in a particular field.

-I can overcome every roadblock that comes between me and my success.

Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-I trust that I am the creator of my life.

-I trust the Universe is planning the best for me.

-I trust that I can create a whole new story.

-I believe I can achieve everything that I want.

-This failure is just a lesson for me to learn.

-I can attempt to try a different thing.

-I trust that every attempt that I take will bring in a new experience in my life.

-Every failure makes me stronger and more determined to move in the direction of my work.

-I am worthy.

-I have the capability to fulfil all my dreams no matter how difficult they seem.

-Every failure brings in a new opportunity for me to look for.

-I see opportunities in problems and not problems in opportunities.

-I am capable enough to bear this storm of hardship.

-I have a history of being a survivor and I can even survive through this.

Great Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-I never give up and that is what makes me special.

-I can bear all the storms and emerge victoriously.

-I let go of the experiences that were not right for me and look for better opportunities.

-I have the capability to pick myself up.

-I have the strength to get over this problem.

-I know that no adversity can deter me from my path.

-I know how to tackle the odds.

-There is nothing that can put me to death. I shall fulfil all my dreams.

-I never allow doubt to come near me.

-Doubts are like clouds that float away from me.

-I believe that everything will work out just perfectly for me.

Best Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-I have numerous chances and possibilities.

-I can always knock at another door if one doesn’t work out for me.

-I will keep on reaching out for opportunities until I find the right one.

-I deserve the life I wish to live.

-I am working hard each day for my dream life.

-Although I am bent I am not broken.

-I am special.

-I am a warrior.

-I shall fight all the issues and greet success with a smiling face.

-I tackle all my miseries with a smiling face because they are lessons for me.

-I am very close to my dreams, these failures are nothing compared to what I have seen already.

Nice Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-I have the capacity to rewrite my story.

-I am the writer of my life and I shall write it beautifully.

-The scars on my heart have now become my Armor.

-All the shortcomings and setbacks can be overcome.

-I know how to deal with difficult situations and that makes me unique.

-Universe brought in this disruption to prepare me completely for my success.

-I always rely on my faith as it always lifts me.

-I can, I shall and I will.

-I am hopeful in the face of adversity.

-I have complete faith in my capabilities.

-I am determined and focused to achieve what I dream to.

-I am very flexible and adaptable to change.

-I accept all the abundance that comes into my life even in the face of failure.

Amazing Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-I have great wisdom and power to tackle all the hardships of life.

-I shall never surrender to the feeling of negativity.

I Am Affirmations for Resilience

  • 1 I am strong and can handle tough times.
  • 2 I can bounce back from problems and keep going.
  • 3 I am good at figuring things out, even when they’re tricky.
  • 4 I am brave and not afraid of facing hard things.
  • 5 I believe in myself and know I can get through anything.
  • 6 I can find clever ways to fix problems and challenges.
  • 7 I don’t give up easily; I keep trying until I succeed.
  • 8 I am in control of how I feel and react.
  • 9 I can learn from both good and bad experiences.
  • 10 I take things one step at a time and can handle them.
  • 11 I am strong inside, and that helps me stay steady.
  • 12 I learn from everything and keep getting better.
  • 13 I can adjust to changes without getting upset.
  • 14 I can find solutions, even when things seem really hard.
  • 15 I know I’m tough, and I can handle anything that happens.

Resilience Affirmations

-The positivity in my heart keeps me going towards my dream.

-I can always seek for help as it is a sign of strength and not weakness.

-If I have overcome so many adversities in the past, I can definitely overcome this time too.

Super Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-It is sometimes okay to feel tired but I shall never discontinue my journey.

-I am proud of who I am and no hardship can swing me away from my goals.

-I am steadfast and can overcome all my miseries.

-I know this is not the end, my story is still incomplete.

-I am here to achieve the purpose of my life and I shall achieve it.

-So, what it didn’t turn out well. That doesn’t mean I should stop trying.

-I shall try, try till I reach success.

-I shall never give up on my hopes and goals.

-I am ready to face the odds on their face and come out with flying colors.

-Life is difficult but my faith is strong.

-I shall never cease to be hopeful.

-I know a bright future is just around the corner.

-The Universe has planned something better for me and I know I shall find it out soon.

Powerful Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-I am the creator of my future and I shall make it very bright.

-I have amazing skills to laugh at the face of problems and that keeps me going.

-Today or tomorrow I shall achieve all my goals.

-I am resilient and I do not give up.

-I am my biggest competitor and I wish to challenge myself in each phase of life.

-I know I am almost there.

-The little issues arising in my life are just micro-lessons from the Universe.

-A single problem cannot make me give up on my dreams.

-I am super strong and I shall remain like this in my journey ahead.

-I know my journey won’t be a bed of roses but who said I didn’t wear slippers.

-Life will start making sense I just need to keep pushing myself.

-I have immense faith in the divine and his ways. He is definitely planning something huge.

Wonderful Affirmations For Resilience (You Must Start Today)

-My intuition says that I can do it and I never doubt it.

-I am very intuitive and I know I am just half a mile away from the goal I seek.

-Resilience is a virtue that I practice each day. 

Positive Affirmations for Resilience

  1. I am strong and can handle tough things.
  2. Problems make me tougher and more determined.
  3. I learn and grow from tough times.
  4. I have the power inside to keep going.
  5. Challenges just make me stronger.
  6. I can handle hard times with a positive attitude.
  7. I can adjust and deal with anything.
  8. I stay positive no matter what happens.
  9. I’m tough, and I always bounce back.
  10. I face hard things with bravery and hope.
  11. I’ve beaten challenges before, and I will again.
  12. I’m not defined by my past struggles, but by how I keep going.
  13. I can find solutions to problems that show up.
  14. I keep going and reach my goals.
  15. I decide to be strong and successful no matter what comes my way.


Using these positive statements every day can really make you tougher. Remember, hard times help you grow, and staying positive helps you get through them. By reminding yourself that you’re strong and can handle challenges, you’ll be able to face tough situations with bravery and come out even stronger. These affirmations are like tools that help you build up your strength and be more confident in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Affirmations for Resilience:

Can affirmations help reduce stress?

Absolutely, Affirmations can help you change your focus away from stressful ideas and towards more uplifting ones. They can help you stay calm, centred, and hopeful, which minimises stress.

Are there any instances where affirmations might not work?

Affirmations may be less successful if they are not practised sincerely or if they contradict strongly held negative ideas. Working with a therapist or counselor may be effective in such instances.

How can I stay motivated to use affirmations regularly?

Set out a definite time each day for affirmation practise, such as before night or during your morning ritual. To help you stay consistent, consider using reminder apps or posting affirmations in conspicuous places.

What’s the science behind affirmations for resilience?

Affirmations tap into the concept of neuroplasticity, where the brain can rewire itself based on repeated thoughts and behaviors. By focusing on positive affirmations, you reshape neural pathways and reinforce beneficial beliefs.

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