167+ Body Positive Affirmations to Embrace Your True Beauty

In a world that often pressures us with unrealistic beauty standards, it’s easy to doubt ourselves and feel down.

Body Positive Affirmations, on the other hand, offer hope. These powerful sentences have the capacity to change how we see ourselves, allowing us to accept our unique beauty and worth.

Body Positive Affirmations are more than just words; they’re like spells that change the way we feel. They challenge negative thinking and push us to look beyond the surface of things. We go on a journey of self-love and acceptance by applying these affirmations on a regular basis.

We strengthen our armor against self-doubt with each affirmation, and we find strength in our vulnerability. Confidence and love grow within us when we cultivate favorable sentiments towards our bodies. Let’s go swimming in the sea of Body Positive Affirmations.

Positive Body Image Affirmations

-I feel strong!

-My body is ready to face any rough situation!

-My body shines!

-I will be an example of how to treat the body right for every woman and girl!

Body Positive Affirmations

-I don’t feel exhausted!

-I go many more miles!

-My body never gives up on me!

-My body radiates positivity and kindness all around!

-I am blessed with a good body and I will take care of it!

-I will love and care for my body!

-I will treat my body gently!

-I am fit and fine!

-I am grateful for the strength I have!

-I have got a beautiful body!

-My body deserves all the love and care!

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-I get the energy to do things because my body allows me to do that!

-I feel strongest because of the kind of body I have got!

-My body helps me to overcome many injuries and trauma!

-My secret of the good body is I take extra care of it!

-I will keep going because my body doesn’t want to give up!

-People want a body like me, how do I tell them that I barely do anything to keep it this way!

-I accept the size and structure of my body!

-I love my body!

-I take notes from my body on how to get going in tough times!

-I will eat healthily to keep my body fit!

-I will not let others’ opinions on my body size affect me!

-My body is perfect! Just the way it is!

-My body never fails to support me on my rough days!

-My body takes care of me in return I take care of my body!

Affirmations For Body Positive

-I will remain fit!

-I will exercise daily to keep me in shape!

-I admire my body!

-I have got the sexiest body!

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Louise Hay Heal Your Body Affirmations

  • 1 I am healthy and my body can heal itself.
  • 2 I let go of thoughts of being sick and choose to be well.
  • 3 I deserve love and take care of my body with kindness.
  • 4 My body is a special place for healing, and I treat it well.
  • 5 I release past pain and look forward to feeling better.
  • 6 Every part of me is full of energy and health.
  • 7 I forgive myself and others, and healing comes to me.
  • 8 I listen to my body’s needs and take care of it with good food and positive thoughts.
  • 9 I am thankful for my body’s strength and power.
  • 10 I believe in my body’s ability to heal naturally.
  • 11 I am calm and healing energy surrounds me.
  • 12 I change old habits for new, healthy ones.
  • 13 The universe gives me energy for healing.
  • 14 I am free from the past, and my body is full of love and light.
  • 15 My body and I are in harmony, and I am healthy and happy.

Affirmations for Healthy Body

-I will not fail my body!

-I do everything for my body!

-My body defines awesomeness!

I will not let unnecessary vibes kill my body positivity!

-I vibe well because of my body!

-Nothing can go wrong if I have the strength to do it-which my body has!

Amazing Body Positive Affirmations

-I learn new things to keep my body fit and fine!

-I love every part of my body!

-There are many more things to worry about than my body weight!

-I am content with the size of my body!

-I enjoy the size of the body which many fit bodies don’t!

-I eat whatever my body kikes, not my tongue!

-I will do whatever it takes to keep my body fit!

-I will always be gentle in my body!

-Size doesn’t matter if I am giving good with the kind of busy I have got!

-I respect my body- it never gives up!

-I will do anything that my body requires!

-I nourish my body with care and love!

-I feel strong because of my body!

-I will have to do it because I know my body can do it!

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-Doesn’t matter if others are not able to see my strength, I feel it and that is enough!

-I am the master of my body, not others- so their opinions don’t count for me!

-I will win the game for my body!

-I have been tough on my body, still, my body doesn’t look exhausted!

-Others derive inspiration from my body!

-My body is found just fine!

-I have solved half of my worries by just accepting my body!

Positive Body Positive Affirmations

-I have a lot to do and achieve and I can do all this with the help of my body’s strength!

-My body has a purpose and goals to achieve!

-I have a different kind of energy when my body is positive!

-I am exactly the way I am meant to be!

-I will start working on my body!

-I am at my weakest when my body is tired and at my strongest when my body is energetic- so everything revolves around the body!

-Life becomes a little less painful when my body has the strength to deal with things!

-I have got a fabulous body size and structure!

-I am a fitness freak! 

-I glow differently when my body is relaxed and happy!

-My body had the potential to do wonderful things!

-My body is meant to do the most amazing things in life!

-I am energetic!

-I am doing all those things that my body lives and which is right for the growth of my body!

-I am completely okay with the way I look and what my body weight is!

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-I won’t let my thunder fade away because of the comments passed in my body!

-I appreciate my body’s vigor to do difficult things!

-I am succeeding because my body wants me to do all those things!

-I am better than everyone!

-I will not be embarrassed because I am fat!

-I am thin and that is okay!

-If I cannot accept my body I need to start doing things to change it!

Powerful Body Positive Affirmations

-People will ridicule me because I am not confident about the size I have got!

-I will take up early and sleep early!

-I will maintain a healthy routine for the welfare of my body!

-There is nothing that my body can’t do!

-I will not pressurize my body! 

Body Neutrality Affirmations

  • 1 My worth is not based on how my body looks.
  • 2 I am more than just my appearance.
  • 3 I appreciate my body for all the things it can do.
  • 4 I treat my body with care, no matter its shape or size.
  • 5 I accept and love my body just the way it is.
  • 6 I don’t compare my body to others.
  • 7 My value comes from who I am inside, not how I look.
  • 8 I focus on what my body can do, not how it appears.
  • 9 It’s okay to have imperfections; I am kind to myself.
  • 10 I have the right to take up space and feel good in my body.
  • 11 I feel confident in my body, no matter what others say.
  • 12 I listen to my body’s needs and take care of myself.
  • 13 Every body is unique and beautiful, including mine.
  • 14 I take care of my body because it deserves love and respect.

Mind Body Soul Affirmations

– My mind is full of positivity, attracting joy and abundance into my life.

– I deserve love and respect, treating myself with kindness and care.

– I take care of my body, treating it like a precious gift.

– Inside me, there is peace and serenity that keeps me calm.

-Thanks to god that I have got a healthy and beautiful body!

Body Positive Affirmations To Embrace Your True Beauty

– I trust my instincts and follow my dreams.

– I am strong and can overcome anything.

– Every day, I grow more confident and capable.

– I am open to new things that help me grow.

– I believe in myself and attract success.

– My soul shines brightly, lighting up the world around me.

– I forgive and let go of the past, finding peace in my heart.

– Happiness is my right, and I cherish every moment.

– Love surrounds me, and I am grateful for my connections.

– I face fear with courage, stepping into the unknown.

– My emotions are valid, and I let myself feel them.

– My body is strong and healthy, and I take good care of it.

– I am always improving, becoming the best version of myself.

– I am unique and special, not comparing myself to others.

– Positivity and abundance flow into my life.

– I live in the present, leaving the past behind and looking ahead with hope.

– Positivity attracts positive people and opportunities.

– I love myself and others with all my heart.

– My actions inspire and uplift those around me.

– My body deserves respect and care.

– I trust my soul’s journey and purpose.

– I believe in myself and my abilities.

– I am open to receiving all the good that comes my way.

– I spread love and positivity wherever I go.

– Change brings growth and new possibilities.

– My soul guides me towards what’s right for me.

– I deserve success and work hard to achieve my dreams.

-I enjoy it when my body enjoys- so I have to do those things that my body loves!

Best Body Positive Affirmations

– I let go of negative thoughts and embrace positivity.

– I make a positive impact on others with kindness and empathy.

– Challenges make me stronger and wiser.

– I am complete and love discovering who I truly am.

Affirmations for Physical Healing

  • 1 My body has an amazing ability to heal, and I believe in it.
  • 2 I have love and support around me, which helps my healing.
  • 3 Each day, I feel stronger and healthier in my body, mind, and soul.
  • 4 I let go of tension and negativity, letting my body heal naturally.
  • 5 I am thankful for every breath, as it nourishes and revitalizes me.
  • 6 My body is getting better and better as time goes by.
  • 7 I am open to the healing energies around me, feeling their comforting power.
  • 8 I take care of my body, treating it with love and kindness.
  • 9 I forgive myself for anything that might have contributed to my current condition.
  • 10 I replace fear with peace, which helps my healing process.
  • 11 My body is filled with healing energy, promoting wellness.
  • 12 I focus on the good in my healing journey, attracting positive outcomes.
  • 13 I deserve good health and welcome it into my life.
  • 14 I let go of anything that hinders my healing, making way for positive energy.
  • 15 I am a source of healing light, spreading wellness throughout my body.


Body Positive Affirmations are a helpful tool for promoting self-love and acceptance. These uplifting phrases can reshape our thinking, boost self-esteem, and celebrate our unique beauty. By using affirmations, we can challenge negative thoughts and embrace our bodies with love and appreciation. This fosters a healthier relationship with ourselves and leads to more confidence and overall well-being. Embracing body positivity through affirmations empowers us to feel better about who we are.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Body Positive Affirmations

Can affirmations really improve body confidence?

Yes, affirmations can boost one’s self-esteem tremendously. Individuals can enhance their self-esteem, lessen self-criticism, and develop a more loving and accepting attitude towards their body by utilising positive affirmations on a regular basis.

How long does it take to see results from using affirmations?

The amount of time it takes to see benefits varies from person to person. Some people see favourable results pretty immediately, while others may need more time. Long-term effectiveness requires patience and consistency when employing affirmations.

How long does it take to see results from using affirmations?

The time it takes to see effects varies from person to person. Some people see favourable results fast, while others may need more time. Patience and consistency in employing affirmations are required for long-term efficacy.

Are there affirmations specifically for body acceptance during pregnancy?

Yes, there are pregnant affirmations that promote body acceptance and self-love. These affirmations highlight the wondrous process of fostering life and emphasise the beauty of the evolving body.

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