120+ positive body affirmations

When your body feels better, you feel better too. Feeling life with positivity will help to boost our mind and body. Keeping our body positive will help us to hustle every day without feeling exhausted.

Positivity Affirmations To Improve Your Body

-I feel strong!

-My body is ready to face any rough situation!

-My body shines!

-I don’t feel exhausted!

-I go many more miles!

-My body never gives up on me!

-I will be an example of how to treat the body right for every woman and girl!

-My body radiates positivity and kindness all around!

-I am blessed with a good body and I will take care of it!

-I will love and care for my body!

-I will treat my body gently!

-I am fit and fine!

-I am grateful for the strength I have!

-I have got a beautiful body!

-My body deserves all the love and care!

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-I get the energy to do things because my body allows me to do that!

-I feel strongest because of the kind of body I have got!

-My body helps me to overcome many injuries and trauma!

-My secret of the good body is I take extra care of it!

-I will keep going because my body doesn’t want to give up!

-Thanks to god that I have got a healthy and beautiful body!

-People want a body like me, how do I tell them that I barely do anything to keep it this way!

-I accept the size and structure of my body!

-I love my body!

-I take notes from my body on how to get going in tough times!

-I will eat healthily to keep my body fit!

-I will not let others’ opinions on my body size affect me!

-My body is perfect! Just the way it is!

-My body never fails to support me on my rough days!

-My body takes care of me in return I take care of my body!

-I will remain fit!

-I will exercise daily to keep me in shape!

-I admire my body!

-I have got the sexiest body!

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-I will not fail my body!

-I do everything for my body!

-My body defines awesomeness!

-I enjoy it when my body enjoys- so I have to do those things that my body loves!

I will not let unnecessary vibes kill my body positivity!

-I vibe well because of my body!

-Nothing can go wrong if I have the strength to do it-which my body has!

-I learn new things to keep my body fit and fine!

-I love every part of my body!

-There are many more things to worry about than my body weight!

-I am content with the size of my body!

-I enjoy the size of the body which many fit bodies don’t!

-I eat whatever my body kikes, not my tongue!

-I will do whatever it takes to keep my body fit!

-I will always be gentle in my body!

-Size doesn’t matter if I am giving good with the kind of busy I have got!

-I respect my body- it never gives up!

-I will do anything that my body requires!

-I nourish my body with care and love!

-I have solved half of my worries by just accepting my body!

-I feel strong because of my body!

-I will have to do it because I know my body can do it!

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-Doesn’t matter if others are not able to see my strength, I feel it and that is enough!

-I am the master of my body, not others- so their opinions don’t count for me!

-I will win the game for my body!

-I have been tough on my body, still, my body doesn’t look exhausted!

-Others derive inspiration from my body!

-My body is found just fine!

-I have a lot to do and achieve and I can do all this with the help of my body’s strength!

-My body has a purpose and goals to achieve!

-I have a different kind of energy when my body is positive!

-I am exactly the way I am meant to be!

-I will start working on my body!

-If I cannot accept my body I need to start doing things to change it!

-I am at my weakest when my body is tired and at my strongest when my body is energetic- so everything revolves around the body!

-Life becomes a little less painful when my body has the strength to deal with things!

-I have got a fabulous body size and structure!

-All this while I have been wanting bodies like others but I don’t realize that even I got the best body!

-I am a fitness freak! 

-I glow differently when my body is relaxed and happy!

-My body had the potential to do wonderful things!

-My body is meant to do the most amazing things in life!

-I am energetic!

-I am doing all those things that my body lives and which is right for the growth of my body!

-I am completely okay with the way I look and what my body weight is!

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-The weight of my body doesn’t define me- I can do everything that a slim body can- so there is no difference between them and me!

-I won’t let my thunder fade away because of the comments passed in my body!

-I appreciate my body’s vigor to do the difficult things!

-I am succeeding because my body wants me to do all those things!

-I am better than everyone!

-I will not be embarrassed because I am fat!

-I am thin and that is okay!

-People will ridicule me because I am not confident about the size I have got!

-I will take up early and sleep early!

-I will maintain a healthy routine for the welfare of my body!

-There is nothing that my body can’t do!

-I will not pressurize my body! 

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