255+ Affirmations For Depression to Feel Calm (Biblical)

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from the mental health condition of depression. People may feel helpless and alone due to the debilitating and alienating nature of the situation.

Affirmations can be incorporated into daily practice to assist in managing symptoms even if there are many treatment choices, such as counseling and medication.

Positive remarks called affirmations can help people change their viewpoint and concentrate on the here and now.

In this post, we’ll look at a few affirmations for depression that can help people feel better about themselves, stronger inside, and more hopeful and upbeat.

biblical affirmations for depression

Finding ways to manage and get through depression, which affects many individuals and can be crippling, can be difficult. Utilizing biblical affirmations is one strategy that has benefited many people.

Biblical affirmations, which are encouraging remarks based on the precepts and promises of the Bible, can support people in overcoming unfavorable thoughts and feelings.

People can find solace, hope, and strength in their religion by meditating on biblical teachings and repeating affirmations.

We’ll look at several biblical affirmations for depression in this article that can promote healing and tranquility.

Positive Affirmations For Depression

Affirmations that are positive for depression might aid in changing negative thought patterns and encouraging a more upbeat approach.

People can challenge their negative self-talk and elevate their mood by repeating encouraging phrases.

-I am not depressed!

-I have a good future!

-I need to keep myself together!

-I got this!

-I can’t break like this!

-This is a tough time but I am tough too!

-God is testing me. Well, I will not fail him!

-People will know me for my strength!

-I am a strong boy!

-Nothing can last for a lifetime, not even difficult days!

-This has to pass!

-I can take care of myself!

-Everything is fine!

-I am strong and talented, I can overcome this!

-No setbacks can lower my confidence!

-I will not overthink from today onwards!

-I am fine!

-Nothing can go wrong if I am strong!

-I will not let this rough time decide my future!

-I will prove to everyone wrong who thinks I am weak! 

-I will take care of myself!

-I know I can get over this!

-People will see my positive side!

-It’s okay to be sad!

-It is no big deal!

-This is just a rough day!

-I have fought many battles, I will fight this one too!

-I will love myself!

-I Connor, let my inner peace be killed because of some random person!

-People’s opinion doesn’t matter to me!

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affirmations to help with depression

-I know I can handle this!

-I will protect myself from everything possible!

-I will raise it every time I fall!

-Nothing can make me depressed!

-I have full control over myself!

-I cannot be at war with myself!

-I will keep myself above anything!

-I will treat myself kindly and gently!

-I will not be harsh on myself!

-I will again mine peace of mind!

-I am broken but not shattered!

-It’s okay to feel like nobody!

-Time will heal things for me!

-I will go with the flow!

-I will not enforce things on myself when I can’t do it!

-I accept my state and I will work to do things okay for me!

-This is just a journey, not a destination!

-All this will one day make me a better person!

-I will not kill my happiness for something that is not worth it!

-I can do this!

-One day I will be fine!

-I will work on myself!

-Things are okay!

-I deserve to be loved!

-I will be kind to myself!

-I will be a good person in this world full of awful people!

-I will think positively!

-Life is too short to be in war with me!

-Everything will fall into its right places with the passing time!

-I will not overthink!

-I will work to change things!

-I will not surrender to these predicaments of life!

-One day I will be okay!

-I will take everything lightly and positively!

-I will protect my sanity!

-I will cry my heart loud when I want to!

-I will not let the brain rule me!

-I will be the light that the world needs now!

-I will heal from every trauma!

-I will take setbacks as a lesson and move on!

-I will practice the art of letting things go!

-I will accept those parts that cannot be changed!

-I will be the change!

-I know I am a good human, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone!

-People will accept me if I accept myself first!

-I accept myself with all the flaws!

-I will search for my strength during weak times!

-I can do wonders once I get out of this!

-I need to get out of this self-pity!

-I am learning from the things I am going through!

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Affirmations for Depression And Anxiety

-I have faith in myself!

-I will search for a ray of hope in dark times!

-The world needs a better version of me and I won’t disappoint them!

-I will have to overcome this!

-I Willie above this emptiness!

-I will get a job for myself and maintain a healthy routine!

-I will stay fit! 

-I will walk away from all those things and relations that make me feel like shit!

-I am not boring, I am fun!

-I will not prove myself to those who don’t want to see my good side!

-I need to broaden my thinking!

-I will wait for things to take its turn!

-I am calmed!

-I will enjoy my company if no one wants to give me company!

-I will not expect much from life and people!

-I will reach my goal one day!

-I will not bother about what people have opinions regarding me!

-I will let my success speak for me! 

-I will not get into unnecessary fights against myself!

-I will be a good friend of mine!

-I embrace all my flaws and mistakes!

-I am a good person!

-I can deal with this phase!

-No one can break my soul!

-I will not hurt myself!

-I will not be desperate for anything!

-I will not chase happiness!

-I will be the person who others can depend on!

-I will not be a sick person!

-No one hates me, it’s just my mind!

-I will follow what my heart says, not what people say!

-I will accept everything that comes in my way!

-I am a loving and compassionate person!

-I will make my parents proud of me!

-I will not let my failures destroy my career!

-I will try to move on from my past!

-I will live an introspective life!

-I have a lot to do in life!

-Doesn’t matter if I couldn’t make it in the first attempt, I will keep trying till I succeed!

-I have the zeal to do the undone!

-I have a long journey to undertake!

-This was not my last chance!

-I will not give up!

-I will not quit!

-This is not the end!

-Life is beautiful!

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daily affirmations for depression

-I am not a fool to give up on me!

-I am a talented person and the world needs a talented person like me!

-Bad days will not last long if I remain strong!

-I am glad that I am bestowed an opportunity to make the best for myself!

-The world is full of possibilities if I look for it!

-I am not a quitter!

-I will be remembered as a fighter, not as a loser!

-I am not a loser! 

-I will find myself!

-I am tough, I will not give up on my life!

-I am competent and I know it!

-I am a hero, not a coward!

-I am a wonderful person and the world needs me!

-I am courageous and do not need to prove it!

-I will survive this!

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Affirmations to get out of depression

-I have faced much more difficult situations than these!

-I will learn from my suffering!

-I will be good to myself!

-I am directed here for a purpose!

-I have decided to be an example!

-I will not run away from my responsibilities!

-I will perform my roles!

-I am full of energy!

-I am an optimistic person!

-I have faith in myself!

-I have to pamper myself!

-I am delighted to have this life!

-I am active and hopeful for life!

-I am respecting everything that comes in!

-I am willing to live!

-I am an unpretentious person!

-I am thankful to have this beautiful life!

-I am hopeful for the coming good days!

-I have faith in my endurance ability!

-I am a developer and a strong individual!

-I am self-sufficient and optimistic!

-I am coming up with stability on every lonely day!

-I understand myself and that is enough!

-I am gorgeous in and out!

-I am satisfied, I do not need more in life!

-I am substantial and stuffed with skills!

-I am full of life and hope for better days!

-I am here with a purpose!

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-My life will not be a waste for sure!

-I will shine brighter after the dark days!

-I love myself unconditionally!

-I am strong and can cope up with predicaments in life!

-I will overcome all this with utmost sincerity!

-I will not let myself and my parent down because of my actions!

-I am the epitome of love and positive thoughts!

-I will never give up on living every day and trying to assert myself!

-I will have to be good for myself first then with other people!

I am accepting every nice and bad thing in life!

-I will build a  life that I wish for myself!

The galaxy is in the right place and so is me! 

-I invariably understand myself and my needs!

-I am respected even when I am not profitable!

-I love myself despite my sadness!  

-I am not unhappy because of an absence of action or a loss at modifying faulty feelings!

-I will enjoy it even when I can’t provide greatly!

-The world needs me even when I think I am worthless!  

-I will segregate myself from pessimism!

-I am not any smaller of someone because a specific community can not comprehend my ailment!

-I have maintained and preserved myself and I should enjoy my power!

-I am powerful even with my shortcomings!

-I am much better than anyone else’s viewpoints of myself!

-My brain is my companion, not my enemy!

-My pain will not survive permanently!

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Affirmations to help with depression

-I am doing fine without any external support!

-I am a mute fighter!

-I will be a fighter and a motivator for myself!

-I am fine where I am precisely now!

-I strive to be a better and more promising edition of myself!

-I do not have to be productive all the time!

-I will be a powerful woman!

-I am not weak!

-I will cry if I want to but not give up!

-I will take a break if everything around me is hampering my peace of mind!

-I am friendly, peaceful, and secure!

-I always gaze for the reasonable things in myself and from people around me!

-I have sufficient stamina, vigor, and well-being!

-I live with enthusiasm and tolerance!

-It is me who can help myself!

-I trust myself in everything I perform!

-I am appreciative of all the wonderful periods in my life!

-I recognize myself for who I am!

-I have elevated self-esteem for myself!

-I know, I deserve the fairest, and I approve it now!

-All my desires and ambitions are fulfilled before I actually ask for it! 

-I have a powerful psyche, physique, and spirit!

-I am stable in the present! 

-I will give up my toxic lifestyle!

-I will treat myself right all the time!

-I will not try to escape from difficulties for sure!

-I realize I am comfortable with my life!

-I adore myself for not giving up!  

-I am capable of loving and being loved!

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-I reckon in my diligence!

-I excite the good people and the nicest conditions for my elevated interest!

-The Cosmos is for me and I am for the cosmos!

-I will keep going without stopping!

-Being strong in difficult times is something that I will learn!

-I will make it live!

-I am the one who can save myself from the negativity around me!

-I will manage everything that I can!

-I pet myself completely!

-I am dignified of the individual I am!

-I will not let myself get destroyed in this way!

-I respect, accept, and adapt everything about myself!

-I have never been unproductive in life!

-I know my parents love me if no one else does!

-I can never be a bad influence on other people!

Frequently Asked Questions About Affirmations Of Depression

Are affirmations effective for treating depression?

While affirmations can be a helpful tool for managing symptoms of depression, they are not a substitute for professional treatment. It’s important for individuals experiencing depression to seek support from a mental health professional and use affirmations as a complement to other forms of treatment.

How can affirmations help with depression?

Affirmations can help with depression by shifting a person’s focus from negative thoughts to positive ones. They can also help individuals cultivate a more optimistic and hopeful outlook on life, which can improve their mood and overall mental health.

Can affirmations help with other mental health conditions besides depression?

Yes, affirmations can be helpful for managing symptoms of other mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem. The same principles of using positive statements to replace negative thoughts apply to a variety of mental health concerns.

What should I do if affirmations don’t seem to be helping my depression?

If affirmations don’t seem to be helping your depression, it’s important to seek support from a mental health professional. Depression is a complex condition that may require a combination of treatment approaches. A mental health professional can help you identify the most effective treatment options for your individual needs.

Can affirmations be used by people who don’t have depression?

Yes, affirmations can be helpful for anyone looking to cultivate a more positive and optimistic mindset. Practicing affirmations can help individuals build resilience, increase self-confidence, and improve their overall well-being.

affirmations for depression

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