111 Positive Affirmations for Grinding

With the world going through a tough time, it is imperative that we maintain our sanity and live a life with utmost care during the periods of lockdowns. Hence, below are some positive affirmations that will help you sail though a lockdown-

Positive Affirmations for Grinding

I am a strong being

I can get through this lockdown easily

I’ll start focusing on things that I love

I will not waste my time on stressing

There is a life for me beyond going out

It’s time I care about my basic human needs

The world needs me and everybody to be strong

I’ll keep journaling my each and every thought

This is a great time to take care of myself

My life shall not be limited by lockdowns

I am ok with the given situation

I shall prioritize my health in these tough times

I’ll not be wooed by temptation of stepping out

I am enough for myself to spend the lockdown

I’ll not let the lockdown take me down

I shall increase the number of hobbies I have

I can fight the lockdown period by myself

I’ll make myself more skillful during this period

I respect the guidelines of staying inside

I have movies and TV shows by my side

I can start cooking again with sincerity

I can finish office work in my pajamas

Every day, I’ll find things to keep myself motivated

In times like these, I shall eat all the right foods

I am saving huge bucks during this lockdown

Its’ time I take care of my body and mind

I have all the time to become healthy again

I’ll do all the things I love in this lockdown

I can finally get back to proper sleeping schedule

I can bid farewell to all my negative thoughts

During the lockdown, I will be in content with myself 

I shall selflessly be interested in self-care

I shall take care of my personal hygiene

I can experience runner’s high on my home’s Treadmill 

I’ll use this lockdown to know more about myself

I shall not let social media distract me

I shall try to improve myself during the lockdown

I shall create a lows-stimulus environment for myself

I’ll do all the activities that keep me motivated

I’ll keep reminding myself that I am not alone in this

I’ll only use technology for self-care and mindfulness

I can finally pay attention to all my needs

I have my hobbies to fall back into

My family will finally have their time with me

I have the tools to make this lockdown productive

Lockdown gifted me with time and I’ll use it efficiently

Along with physical health, mental health is also my priority

Now I can finally give time to meditation

Lockdown will help me to strengthen myself

With the free time, I get to see my children grow up

I shouldn’t stress over things that are beyond my control

I must have a plan to manage my strength

I know what my fears are and I can control it

Stress is bad for my physical and mental health

I can determine what’s good and bad for me

I will concentrate on the positive influences

I will not let the fear of pandemic get to me

I have all the time to contemplate on important things

I will raise my standards of problem-solving skills

I will develop habits that are healthy for me

I am a fierce and magnificent creature

I can conquer my fear of living in a lockdown

I can see the beauty in living a solitude life

I can find a positive outlook for everything

I’ll use the lockdown period to work on myself

No matter what, I’ll keep spending my life joyfully

This is a unique time and I’ll have to be strong

I will mediate my way out of this lockdown

I get to enjoy and spend countless moments with my dog

After the lockdown, I will become stronger than ever

I love the cut off from outside world 

Lockdown won’t be able to affect me

My world is about to become more peaceful than ever 

I can make a list of my goals and work on it

When the world re-opens, I’ll be ready

Now I can catch up with my lost sleeping schedule

I have the gift of time to reflect upon many things

I’ll review myself to improve as a human being

Amidst the lockdown, workout could be my new hobby

I’ll utilize this time to reconnect with my loved ones

I’ll work on my inwards self

I thrive during the time of crisis

I can be better and become my best self

The coming days and weeks will be productive for me

The situation is tough but I am tougher

I am abled enough to get through this lockdown

I’ll face any of the problems as a challenge

We human beings are built to be strong

Lockdown is an opportunity for me to grow and learn

As the days of lockdown gets over, I become stronger

No matter what, I’ll keep myself safe and secure

I’ll accept the challenges of lockdown gracefully

The future is uncertain but I am prepared for it

I have my family’s’ support to get past this lockdown

Lockdown is a time for me to look inwards

I am brave enough to spend my days in isolation

I’ll live the lockdown days with peace in my heart

I’ll try to savor and enjoy my lockdown days

The outside situation is a part of my own journey

It’s time be a hero for my family and myself

I am tougher than I think

I can get out of my comfort zone easily

I’m prepared for the consequences of a lockdown

The situation sucks but I can do this

I can learn from living in isolation

This lockdown too shall pass

This fight is mine and I’ll succeed

I welcome this change with open arms

I can overcome every lockdown problems

Panicking won’t get me anywhere

I shall always remain optimistic 

affirmations for lockdown

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