100+ Positive Affirmations to Ease Miscarriage Anxiety

 Any woman who is experiencing the phase after a miscarriage needs extreme mental support and comfort. It is very necessary for her to believe in herself and not self-doubt. This can be done by healing the negative self-talk and replacing them with positive affirmations. Here are some affirmations that may help heal,

Affirmations to Ease Miscarriage Anxiety

I grant forgiveness to my body

My body is capable of giving birth

The ability to love makes a woman, a mother.

My body is doing everything that it is destined to do.

I am worthy of being a mother.

I will let my body play its role without fussing over it.

My womb doesn’t limit the mother in me.

I will trust my body and let it decide.

I will trust nature and not stop hoping.

I deserve the happiness I am receiving.

I will inhale vitality and motivation and slowly accept reality.

I can pass this phase, I have been through the impossible and conquered it.

My motherhood is not defined by the ability to reproduce.

I will let others help me.

Help from others doesn’t make me weak.

I will make a good mother.

My body is not incomplete, it is capable in all terms.

I will let exhale the past and inhale the future.

I will accept the gift of life in any form.

I will release all the negative thoughts that do not allow me to try my chances.

My partner is not disappointed in me.

My partner believes I have the qualities of a good mother.

I will lift my sadness and allow a renewed sense of hope to settle in my life ahead.

Miscarriage does not set boundaries for my motherhood.

Miscarriage doesn’t make me any tinier than the woman I was.

Miscarriage does not make my partner’s love grow lesser for me.

I will make a beautiful mother.

I will not let my future to be determined by my past.

My value as a woman is not decided by my ability to give birth.

In the time of loss, I will guide my soul towards a feeling of peace and completion.

I will consider the ability to conceive as my gift and forgive myself for the misfortune,

I will feel joyful about being able to love and be compassionate.

I will appreciate my desire to nurture a soul that was unknown to me, within me.

I will stop blaming myself for the unfortunate mishappening.

I will find healing in the belief that the soul within me knew my love for it and it is safe in another place.

I will allow myself to take guidance from loved ones in this time of grief.

I will understand that my soul and my body needs healing and take care of myself.

I will accept the reality that miscarriage does not change my worth.

I will stop living in fear and try to see the beauty in this world and realize my purpose of existence.

I will appreciate all the moments I had of motherhood and not regret it.

I will respect the mother in me and acknowledge its loss.

I will be a great mother to any future soul born or adopted and give them love.

I am a strong, confident, and resilient woman and I will overcome this grief.

My body is still perfect and is worthy of love and care.

I was chosen to be a mother, by God and I am deserving of it.

I choose to not give up and enjoy every second of motherhood in the future, in any form.

I am capable of taking care of and protecting my child.

I cherish and celebrate the gift of receiving a caring and loving family.

I will not let society and its taunt decide my worth.

I feel privileged to once carry a baby inside my womb.

My life will get better and my prayers will be answered.

I will patiently wait for motherhood to arrive in my life again.

I am proud of myself for carrying, nourishing, and sustaining life within me for some time

I will allow myself to feel the grief and let it show.

I am perfect in all terms, my miscarriage does not make me imperfect in any manner.

I will focus on things that are in my control and let go of things that were not.

My pain does not make my presence less powerful.

I will embrace self-love and let go of self-judgement.

I will soon be in peace with my past.

My doubts are temporary, my courage is permanent.

I choose to be happy and give up on feeling worthless.

I will never reject myself.

I forgive my womb and do not consider it responsible for the loss.

Today is for change and I will make it happen.

I am full of optimism and I will let joy find me.

I am thankful for all the experiences and I will gain from it.

I will begin today and achieve whatever I want.

I will stop worrying about the past and focus on the good things ahead.

I love and approve myself of being a mother.

I will notice all the positive in me in terms of motherhood.

My scars are symbols of my strength.

I will not let other people’s negativity affect me.

My miscarriage is not my only story of life.

I will not consider myself to be at fault for the loss of my child, and accept life ahead guilt-free and gracefully.

I am a mother because of my ability to cherish motherhood, not because of a womb.

From today, I focus on my heart and open up to my sense of loving a child beyond blood relations.

Miscarriage is a misfortune, not my destiny as a mother.

I will grow out as a stronger person from this misfortune.

I will not let society make me believe I am not worth the same respect as before.

My child is safe wherever he is and I did everything to save it.

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