25 Things to Appreciate in Life After Covid

After COVID-19, we’ve learned to appreciate a few important things in life. First, we understand how valuable it is to be healthy and not get sick. Second, we’ve realized how much we missed spending time with our family and friends. Things like hugs and good times mean a lot more to us now.

We’ve also grown to enjoy nature more. When we couldn’t do much indoors, we found comfort and joy in parks and outdoor places. Nature is beautiful, and we’re grateful for it.

Lastly, we’ve seen how strong and creative people can be when things get tough. We can work together to solve problems and face challenges. This gives us hope and reminds us to appreciate our ability to overcome difficult times.

Things to Appreciate in Life After Covid:

Embrace your present

Probably the biggest lesson covid-19 has taught everyone is embracing the present and living every moment to the fullest.

You never know the preciousness of a moment until it becomes a memory, so make the most of everything you come across without letting your mind get engrossed in the past or the future ahead of you.

This pandemic has taught everyone that the past is no more in front of them and the future still lies uncertain so, the present is all they have to embrace.

Adapting quickly to various situations

This pandemic has been instrumental in teaching everyone to adapt to a completely different way of life, the “new normal,” as they call it. This new way of life, during the pandemic, will go on to teach people how to adapt to newer circumstances, no matter what those are and how difficult life gets during those times.

Even though this outbreak was not expected, people dealt quite well with it, getting accustomed to how things have changed, and this will help them to adapt to other situations.

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Valuing your loved ones more

Even if it sounds harsh and sadistic, people did understand the value of their loved ones, even more, when they lost the battle against covid-19, unfortunately. Just like moments, you understand the true value of someone when they are farther away from you.

Covid-19 taught the people to be supportive and understanding and love their closest ones as much as they could, even if they could not always get close to each other. It induced unconditional love in people, which is beyond materialistic love.

Enjoying the littlest of things

Most of the time, people wait for a huge breakthrough to occur. A massive result which will give them happiness and a reason to celebrate.

Covid-19 taught people to enjoy even the tiniest bit of their everyday life. It made people realize that it’s not always the big outcomes only that can make them happy and satisfied.

Even the simplest and the littlest things in life can offer you immense joy. The fear of losing things made people grasp them even stronger and with more love.

Devoting more time to your hobbies and interests

Most of you don’t get time for your hobbies after a tiring day at the office. Either you get stuck with pending works, or new ones start arriving as soon as you get rid of the former ones. This gets on your nerves many times, and you crave a break.

This pandemic introduced the work from the home norm, which allowed everyone to work from the comfort of their homes and even give a lot of time to their hobbies and interests.

Slow down at times

What this lockdown has taught all of you is the art of slowing down at appropriate times. The new-normal life has brought with it the scope to allow people to take rest and not get stressed out a lot when they work from the comfort of their homes. 

You don’t need to rush to the office, then get back home and work and repeat the same. This new pattern has taught that resting and slowing down is essential to boost productivity.

ways to embrace your present

Spending more time with your loved ones

This pandemic offered everyone a host of free time. People could use that time, and can still, to interact with their loved ones. They can facetime them, call them, and spend time with them. It’s a bonus if they stay together.

Before this new normal situation, people, owing to various reasons, could not spend a lot of time with their families and friends. This pandemic has given them the liberty to spend a lot of time with the ones they love.

Developing new skills and becoming more knowledgeable

This covid pandemic allowed everyone to develop new skills and sharpen the older ones. What people wanted to learn but could not, owing to work pressure and lack of time, is now possible. 

Keeping aside the negative impacts of covid-19, this is one of the positives which people inculcated the most. People were seen, and are still seen, utilizing their free time effectively by taking up various courses and developing new skills, which will surely be helpful for them in the future.

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Taking care of your physique

This was the perfect opportunity for body-builders and fitness enthusiasts to step up their game. Even though the gyms got closed, there was ample time for them to work out more and concentrate on their overall health and fitness better.

Especially the office-goers who had to manage work with gym and training were immensely benefitted as they could work on their laptops while working out, and save a lot of time. Also, their health got better, and productivity increased.

Learning the importance of your family

Many people don’t realize the value and the importance family holds in their life. Not everyone understands how crucial their family is for them. 

This lockdown enabled people to understand the need as well as the importance of having a family and staying with them.

The news was full of people waiting to meet their families again. People were getting anxious and panicking to meet their loved ones who lived far away. This made many realize how blessed they are to have a family.

A secure job is a blessing

Having a secure and stable job is probably the biggest criterion for a happy life. Many people thought they were blessed with it until covid struck and even they lost their jobs.

Thousands of people lost their jobs, and even several are still looking for opportunities. The economic condition has worsened, and there are no secure jobs right now.

So, as it stands out, having a job, even in this situation, to support your family is a boon nevertheless.

Giving time to your children

Many parents keep nannies to take care of their kids when they are both working. They rarely get to spend quality time with their little ones owing to their tight schedule and time limits.

This lockdown introduced the work from the home pattern in which people could work as well as give time to their children, which is also very important. They could take their children out for a walk nearby, play with them, enjoy every moment, which the kids too cherished a lot.

reasons why family is important

Sharpening your instrument-playing skills

Maybe you are a musical person, and you love playing various instruments or any particular instrument. You have always had the knack for playing one, which may be a guitar, or a synthesizer, or anything as such. With time, due to excessive pressure and loads of responsibilities, you had to give up on playing that.

The coronavirus lockdown was the perfect opportunity to bring out your instrument and sharpen your instrument playing skill again. It is also a great skill to add to your tally.

Learning to organize and manage kinds of stuff

Covid-19 left many in a state of financial instability, so affording things like back in the days became difficult. This has made many of you learn how to manage with limited resources and limited supplies. People started valuing ordinary and necessary things over luxurious ones.

And talking about organizing things, this lockdown gave everyone a lot of time in hand to clean up their rooms and get rid of their messy habits. People started organizing their cupboards and closets.

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Learning technological kinds of stuff

Many people were not used to computers and laptops. Many were unaware of the platforms like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. 

This Covid-19 lockdown situation enabled them to work from home wherein they had no other option but to use these platforms, to attend meetings, and kinds of stuff.

Some developed an interest and started diving deeper into these things and are now quite familiar with technological devices like PCs and online platforms like those mentioned above.

There was no shortage of entertainment

Although there was always a fear of covid and losing your nearest ones, there was no shortage of entertainment during the lockdown. Yes, people could not visit the amusement parks or the movie theatres, but they could watch everything online as there was a lot more time.

People started watching those movies that they had always wanted to but could not, owing to their busy schedules. There were even online concerts and shows that provided a great amount of enjoyment to the viewers as well.

Inculcating various disciplines in life

This pandemic outbreak made many of you realize the need to be more disciplined. During the lockdown, many people started being less active, and this started affecting their health.

This forced people to start living a more disciplined life, like going to bed on time and waking up timely, exercising regularly to stay active and healthy.

As discussed before, people started being more organized and valuing things more than what they used to do. All of these induced disciplinary measures into the lives of the people.

Learning to cook and bake

Many of you have an interest in cooking and baking, but due to such a busy schedule, you don’t get the time to enter the kitchen and cook something. Cooking can also be a hobby for many, but once again, due to a hectic schedule, they don’t get time to make something in the kitchen.

The lockdown was the perfect opportunity for all those cooking enthusiasts to enter the kitchen and cook some delicacies for themselves and their families.

How to be more disciplined

Learning how to blog

One of the most trending things that you can do right now to earn your living is blogging. Blogging gives you the freedom to write what you want and express your views and ideas. This lockdown made many people lose their jobs, and blogging was one of those things which enabled them to at least earn something.

Blogging is something that you can do on your own without having to work under someone or for some company. 

Enhancement of creativity

Whether you are a music enthusiast or someone who likes to paint, creativity can have a lot of meanings. This lockdown was the platform to bring out your creative skills in front of everyone.

The life before the pandemic was a busy one, rarely giving anyone the time to showcase their creativity. This lockdown gave many people the time to start over again with what they loved, may it be painting, or dancing, or playing an instrument.

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Learning to ride a bike

This pandemic has been instrumental in teaching various people how to ride a bike. Mostly because people could go out once every day to exercise and remain fit, they seized this opportunity to learn how to ride a bike. 

The roads usually remained quite empty as very few people took their cars out or used public transport for traveling. The rate of cycling went up during the lockdown due to good weather and lesser traffic.

Enriched environmental awareness

The restrictions imposed on private vehicles during the various phases of the lockdown meant that people took long walks to visit various places. People enjoyed the thrill of exploring newer places which they never knew existed.

Not only did it keep everyone fit and active, but it also decreased pollution significantly. The betterment of the natural environment was or rather is quite visible.

This made people understand how the environment was getting damaged, and they are now taking steps to improve it further.

Ways to be more organized

Enhancing self-motivation and self-care

Keeping aside the positives for a moment, this pandemic did make a lot of people suffer. Some lost their jobs, some lost their close ones, everything led to a degradation in both mental and physical health, but within these tough times only people found out ways to motivate themselves and take care of themselves and their belongings.

People learnt to be more organized and disciplined without depending on someone else in these tough times. People found new ways to entertain themselves and take care.

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Made people more responsible

There was no other option apart from being responsible during the time of the pandemic. People had to make sure that they spent most of their time indoors, and even if they went out, they had to wear masks and carry sanitizers with themselves.

People had to abide by all the laws imposed during the lockdown and maintain a safe distance from each other. This made everyone out there responsible and disciplined, which will remain with them for years to come.


From the above points, it can be concluded that, no matter how hectic and how pathetic the times of lockdown were during the pandemic outbreak, there were, or rather are, a lot of positives to be taken from it and a lot of things to appreciate. Somewhere down the line, this pandemic was helpful in many ways.

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