50 Ways to Audit Your Life with Right Questions

You may ask yourself what the various ways you lack in your life are. There can be several of those things or just a few, but wanting to audit your life and rectifying the areas that need to be worked upon is a very responsible thing to do.

Advantages of proper auditing in life

  • Enables you to categorize your tasks properly and manage your time well.
  • You are better equipped to understand the weightage of every task assigned to you and prioritize the more important tasks over the less important ones. 
  • You get enough done throughout the day and don’t fall victim to procrastination which only hampers productivity.
  • You take time to understand the needs in your life and the areas you are weak in, which helps you to sort them out and improve your life significantly, and offer stability.
  • You don’t give up easily and stop fearing failures as you have learned to look towards the bigger picture in your life. 

You should dive deeper and see the sectors limiting yourself and the sectors where you are overdoing yourself.

how to audit your life by asking the right questions.

Categorizing your life into various sectors

You are the best person to know the various areas of your life and how one part or the other is lacking when compared to the other parts. You need to ask yourself whether you are accomplishing the goals you set for yourself every day.

You can differentiate various sectors from each other, like your career, the time you give to your family, your relationship, the time you give solely to yourself, and ask yourself whether you are being able to balance every sector appropriately, if not, what you must do to ensure everything balances out evenly.

Prioritizing the more important tasks over the less important ones

It might seem that you may have to deal with all the areas of your life in the same way so that you reach equilibrium and maintain an even balance.

You do not understand that one area might need a comparatively lesser amount of work than some other part, and that is going to be enough to balance out both areas.

For some, their career might be the most important area at this moment, and for some, it may be giving time to their family. So, you must ask yourself and understand, according to your needs, what you must prioritize more now.

Should you procrastinate?

Everyone is lazy at times, not every time do you feel like working with the same intensity, and you prefer taking breaks or doing something which will calm your senses and enable you to relax.

This is quite natural, but then some people procrastinate willingly. It is not that they have worked very hard; they just won’t do the more important tasks in their hands and waste their time by being lazy or doing less important tasks.

Procrastination only increases your anxiety levels and makes you less productive. So, next time you do this, ask yourself whether it is worth it.

Understand how well you can manage your time

Time management is one of the essential factors, alongside hard work, which will set the stage for your success in life. Being better at time management can help you to stand out from the rest and become an important person people would look up to as an example.

Now the question is, are you managing your time well? Are you getting everything you plan done at the end of the day? Are you happy with what you are nearing every day? Ask these questions to yourself and realize what you are missing out on and work on your time management, keeping this in mind.

ways be better at time management

Are you happy with what you are doing at the current moment?

Ask this question to yourself more often than not. Ask yourself whether the things you do throughout the day will bring you results, or are they even fruitful to any extent?  

It may be the job that you do or the relationship you are in. This is how you can clarify the complexities in your life as to why things are not happening the way you want them to, and you are not getting the expected results.

When you ask yourself whether you are happy or not, you even get the answer to whether you should continue being a part of these things or not.

Why are you not getting enough done throughout the day?

Everyone has a certain specific goal set each day as to where they want to reach after twenty-four hours is complete. It can be anything like how much they want to cut at the gym, or how many assignments they want to complete, and so on.

If you feel that you are not getting enough done throughout the day, the problems lie within you somewhere down the line. There may be something getting you off the track, or you are procrastinating and being lazy.

Whatever be the reason, you must figure it out and work to feel much more satisfied. 

Inculcate meditation in your everyday routine

Meditation is probably the best way to calm your mind and senses down and have a more realistic outlook towards life in general. When you meditate, it relax your body and mind, but it also makes you more focused and attentive.

What a better focus does to you is it increases the clarity of your mind, and you are now better able to figure out the flaws within you or the reasons which compel you to live a below standard life or a life you are not happy with.

Also, meditating is not difficult, and it does not take away a lot of time from your everyday routine.

Never giving up

This is not a question, which will help you audit your life by being a question, but it for sure is a very important point to succeed in life. What happens when you give up? Obviously, you have tried, and then you gave up because you felt it was not your cup of tea. 

What happens when you don’t give up? You keep on trying every time but what several efforts do to you is it makes you understand the areas you are weak in much better. You can clarify to yourself and work on the necessary areas now.

reasons why you never give up

Are you working solely because of money?

Yes, the outcome of working or even doing your own business is earning money. This is probably the main reason people decide they have to work, but this is not the only reason someone should work for.

There is something called job satisfaction, which plays a vital role in making you want to work in the same place. You might be in a job that pays you lots, but you don’t feel like working there, or you can’t deal with so much pressure.

Hence, it is always advised to follow your passion and do something which you will love to do and then let the money follow.

Think about the various aspects of your relationship

Various things make any relationship stable and healthy. You must look into each one of those, in general, to ensure that your relationship with someone is headed in the right direction. 

There can be moments when you both fight with each other or even want to call off your relationship, that is the moment your bond is tested, and if both of you still sort it out, that is what a healthy relationship is.

So, if you ever come into a relationship, make sure not to hurry and also ask yourself these questions, which will help you out shortly.

Are there efforts from both sides when it comes to your relationship?

The best way to identify a fake and a toxic relationship is to determine whether there are equal efforts from both ends.

When you notice that you are the only one sorting out misunderstandings, or you are the only one who feels bad after a fight and cries, then it is high time you should tag it as a toxic relationship and get out of it.

Relationships can be an integral part of your life, and get attached to all the other sectors, so a bad relationship can harm all of them. So, be careful with these things when in a relationship.

Are you happy in your relationship?

Keeping the relationship topic intact, this is the thing you must conclude from your relationship. “Am I happy with it” is what you must ask yourself. You will get the answer when you consider several areas.

Does the other person put an effort the way you do? Does the other person try to make you happy when you feel down? Does he/she make time for you, and does he/she make a mockery of your financial conditions?

If questions like this answer you are happy with, just go with the flow then, you are on the right path.

traits of healthy relationship

Think about your financial stability

Do you get all the ends met? Do you earn enough? Do you make yourself and your family happy with what you earn? Ask these questions more often than not whenever you feel dissatisfied with your work.

Where is it that you are lacking in? Is it the work in general that you cannot understand, or is it the amount you earn that is too little for you to get all the ends met?

Learn to audit your financial condition by asking such questions to yourself. You will notice a change in your mindset after this.

Do you have enough money saved in case of any emergencies?

This is a huge problem even for the wealthiest. People who spend a lot usually come into huge trouble when they are in an emergency, and then they are forced to ask banks or others for loans.

Some people even come under huge debts when they take loans from different places to meet their necessities. So, to not come under such debts and financial troubles when in an emergency, make sure you save a lot.

If not, then you should probably look for a better job that will pay you more so that you can save more and also get your daily necessities met.

Does your partner fight with you regarding money?

One of the biggest factors responsible for destroying various relationships. There are two sides to it. One is that you are not earning enough, and it is getting hard on your partner to be able to make both ends meet.

Secondly, even if you are earning a significant amount, your partner keeps on making you push for more, and he/she is never satisfied, making things hard for you.

Whatever be the reason, it is one of the biggest relationship killers, and you must ask yourself whether you are going through the same thing or not. If yes, how can you deal with it?

Are you present there for your loved ones when they need you?

Yes, working and getting your life sorted is very important so that you can take care of yourself and the people you love. If needed, you should also work harder and devote more time to it, but it should not always be the case that you are never there for the people who need you.

This is one of the many things people lose their bonds with others, not only their partners.

Learning to manage time and balance everyone and everything you love is also important if you are to be loved by others.

importance of job satisfaction

Are you making time for yourself?

You must allow some time for yourself as well, besides working and making time for your loved ones. It is necessary to love yourself and be there when you need someone. Why rely on someone when you have yourself?

You should be the one who understands you the best and knows you the best, not your parents or someone else.

You should make some time for yourself and your needs and hobbies. Probably go for a solo trip and explore, meet new people, enjoy some time alone. This is quite important while being a complete person.

Are you open to new ideas and inputs?

This is a huge requirement if you are to adapt to different circumstances. Suppose you have to go to a different country where people’s lifestyle is completely different from yours, what will you do?

You must become one of them to be comfortable with everyone and so that others can be one with you.

There will be people with different notions and outlooks on life. This is why you must improve your outlook on life and become more open-minded, someone who is open to new ideas.

Are you happy with where you live?

The place you live should be your happy place. The place that is the most peaceful, somewhere you will not have to run away from.

If you are not happy with your home or the place it is located in, you must ask yourself what it is that you dislike about your home.

Is it the surroundings or the neighborhood? Is it the house in general? Or is it the people that live with you? Not only will this clarify the reason, but it will also enable you to have to zeal to work hard and make a better place for yourself to live in.

Are you giving back to others the way you are taking in?

This is a two-way road. You take it that much only that you give back to others, which enables you to maintain a balance, an equilibrium, that is much more important. 

The materialistic things are not being talked about here, but things that are not superficial, like love, affection, kindness, respect, and so on.

You can only get it when you give it back, and this may be why you are not loved or respected in abundance because somehow you don’t know how to give it back. Ask yourself if that is the case and work on it.


From the above points, it can be concluded that your life is in your own hands and you must lead it the way you want, but there are things that need to be done in a balanced way so that you don’t feel left out when with others.

You must give back as much as you get and ask yourself regarding the things you feel are not working in your favor, and that is how you can audit your life and live a better life instead.

FAQs on how to audit your life by asking the right questions

What is a life audit?

Life audit is a term associated with the process of understanding yourself better by running a thorough assessment of your life to get a clear picture of all that is going on in it.

What are various

A life audit can be categorized into three basic forms: mind, spirit, and body.

What are some of the questions you can ask to run a successful audit in your life?

Some of the important questions that you can ask yourself are, what are various ways you can make yourself healthier? What are your bigger goals, and how to assign time for everything? Which areas of your life are unstable and need help?

How to run a successful audit in your life?

Some ways to run a successful audit in your life include understanding the areas which need help, managing your time and resources well, quitting procrastination, being open to newer ideas, and giving back to the ones helping you out.

What are some of the downsides of procrastination?

This leads to poor productivity and performance, lowers your self-compassion and self-confidence, results in anxiety and stress, promotes negative feelings, and is a self-defeating behavior. 

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