187+ August Journal Prompts Spark Your Writing Inspiration

August is often when people go back to school and start getting ready for the start of fall.

It is the final month of summer, and there are many reasons to celebrate.

August marks the beginning of the calm season before the holiday season begins in the months that follow, with the warmest months of the year often behind us. These questions are meant to start your mind working so you can write creatively.

August Journal Prompts

August Journal Prompts Spark Your Writing Inspiration

The wonderful thing about these questions is that there are no right or wrong answers!

You can start by writing as much as you can for your favorite question, or you can proceed down the list and write one response each day. You only need to start writing!

Do you resemble your father or mother more? Or perhaps neither of them describes you at all? Please explain.

Do you behave differently while communicating online compared to in person?

Do you require privacy?

Have you ever visited a foreign nation? Which nation would you like to travel to the most?

What would you put in a gift basket that was truly epic?

What is your reaction to change?

What is your ideal profession?

What would you select if you could only have one breakfast for the rest of your life?

What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

The day of the s’mores! Share your favorite dish that is s’mores-inspired.

If you could live the life of a famous person for a day, would you? If so, who person would you pick?

August Journal Prompts

Complete this sentence: Because life is too brief, I would like to….

Which one, a single book or a single television program, would you choose if you could only read one book or watch one television program for a whole year?

What animated character most closely resembles your personality?

How recently did you play a game?

Which specific family custom from your youth have you carried through with your own children?

You should embrace your sense of humor. Inform us of a joke or hilarious tale.

In your culture, how does friendship look? What makes your best buddy unique? Please describe her or him.

Do you still prepare a favorite recipe from when you were a child?

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Do you continue to keep a private journal? How does it differ from your blog, and how do they relate to one another?

August Journal Prompts

It’s time for a book review; tell us about a fantastic book you recently read.

Do your kids still hold the tooth fairy in high regard?

What is the message of your favorite music to you?

Which three instances do you believe you would remember if your life were to suddenly flash before your eyes?

How can you show kindness?

What sort of tree would you be if you were to define yourself in terms of a tree?

Share two of your favorite summertime images: one from this summer and one from a previous summer.

Has your family adopted a motto?

Which room in your home is your favorite?

What inspires you?

What exactly do you mean by “a fresh start”?

What are the benefits of spending time with your family? How frequently do you get to spend quality time with your family?

Best August Journal Prompts

There are countless opportunities for family pleasure all year long. Which family activity do you like to engage in?

Which family memory do you cherish the most? Why does it stand out so much?

What does the term “quality time” mean to you? Is it difficult for your family to spend quality time together because of certain circumstances?

Be creative! Pick a craft that your family may enjoy doing together. Then, compose a piece about your experience.

Go outdoors! To do with your family, pick a leisurely outdoor activity. Then, compose a piece about your experience.

Watch a lot of movies! Allow everyone to remain in and choose a movie and snack. Then, put your experience into writing.

Go to the water now! Spend a day with your family at the beach or the pool. Then, put your experience into writing.

Enjoy yourself in the kitchen! Pick a dish that everybody can prepare together. Then, put your experience into writing.

Host a gathering! Have a celebration to acknowledge how wonderful your family is by purchasing a cake and some decorations. Then, put your experience into writing.

 Amazing August Journal Prompts

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Full Moon Journal Prompts August 

  • 1 What made you happy this month?
  • 2 Did anything important change in your life lately?
  • 3 What do you want to do or achieve next month?
  • 4 How can you let go of any bad feelings or problems?
  • 5 Write about a tough thing you went through and what you learned.
  • 6 How do you feel right now and why?
  • 7 What would you like to get rid of in your life?
  • 8 Share a dream or goal that feels right for this full moon.
  • 9 Write a nice letter to yourself.
  • 10 How can you make your life more balanced?
  • 11 Do you have any special rituals or things you do when there’s a full moon?
  • 12 Think about the people who make you feel good.
  • 13 Write about a time when you felt close to nature or the universe.
  • 14 Describe a place you’d like to go or an adventure you want to have.
  • 15 How can you use the full moon’s energy to make your wishes come true?

Journal Prompts for August

Great August Journal Prompts

Go on a little road trip! Take a little road trip to a location that is an hour or two away that you have always wanted to see. Then, put your experience into writing.

Board game night is here! Place an order and have pleasant night playing games with your family. Then, put your experience into writing.

Make a tent in the living room! Make a blanket fort filled with pillows and act as though your family is camping at home. Then, put your experience into writing.

Go outside all day long! Plan some enjoyable outdoor pursuits, then spend time in the sun with your family. Then, put your experience into writing.

Act the local tourist! Take a day to see the landmarks and attractions that make your city famous. Then, put your experience into writing.

It’s time to acquire new knowledge! Spend the day studying with your family at a nearby museum. Then, put your experience into writing.

Go on a picnic! To spend a relaxing afternoon in the park with your family, prepare a tasty picnic spread and some activities. Then, put your experience into writing.

Try a healthier option! After supper, take your family for a stroll around the neighborhood. Then, put your experience into writing.

Today is “role-reversal” day! The parents must comply with the kids’ decisions on what is on the schedule and what will be for supper. Then, put your experience into writing.

Hunt for hidden objects! Use your imagination while choosing your hiding spots—the loser has to make supper. Then, put your experience into writing.

Keep a memory journal! Take lots of goofy family shots during your photo shoot. Pick one and get it framed. Then, discuss your experience. 

Discover your family’s genealogy and history! Spend some time looking through old family pictures and asking your parents for family lore. Then, put your experience into writing.

View some wildlife! Together, visit a zoo, aquarium, or even a pet shop to see all the creatures. Then, put your experience into writing.

Prepare some family amusement! Consider yourself to be in a culinary program as you all test out a new dish. Then, put your experience into writing.

Put on a talent show! Everyone should pick a talent to showcase for the family, and you should videotape it for added amusement. Then, put your experience into writing.

Give your parents some advice! Sit down with your parents and share some knowledge with them, such as how to play a game or everything there is to know about a certain TV show. Then, put your experience into writing.

Create a family photo album! Make a scrapbook of your family by collecting pictures and enjoyable experiences. Then, put your experience into writing.

Trade gifts handcrafted by hand! Everyone should prepare a present for another person and artistically package it. Then, put your experience into writing.

Hold a “say yes!” day, when each person gets to select one activity they wish to undertake, and the rest of the group is required to agree with them. Then, put your experience into writing.

What can your family do in the upcoming months to include more family fun in your lives? Plan a family outing.

Did this month see you spending more time with your family? What made it unique from previous months?

Which aspect of Family Fun Month was your favorite? Consider your experience.

How do you experience the energy of August?

How do you feel about August?

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What do you anticipate happening this month?

Do you have any feelings that you need to process before August?

Describe the weather and your feelings about it.

What novels will you or are you currently reading this month?

In August, what are you hankering for?

Evaluate this August against the previous August. You can contrast any part of the months that feel the same or different, such as what you did and what you are doing, how you felt, and how you are feeling.

The summer is coming to a close. How does it feel, taste, look, and sound?

What do you anticipate happening this fall?

How are you going to present right now?

How has this month tested your spiritual self?

How have you developed spiritually this month?

What took occurred today?

Inhale and exhale three times deeply. Once you’ve calmed down, start speaking.

How have you been taking care of your body lately? How have you performed well? What is required by your body to feel better?

What is one of your favorite quotations, and why?

How do you feel this month about social media?

Consider a period when you were affected, either positively or negatively. How did that come about? Describe how you feel about “impact.”

List three things you can always refer back to in order to remain in the moment.

How would you define “I AM”?

What demands does your body make on you?

Describe your favorite mantra in your essay.

Write about a beloved animal.

This month, did you discover anything new about your family or yourself? Explain the lessons you took away from your experiences.

Positive August Journal Prompts

Who has been significant to you this month?

What three items do you have right now for which you are grateful?

Did you take care of your spiritual needs in August?

How have you been interacting with your neighborhood this month?

What are you finding out?

Is keeping a diary simple for you, or has it been difficult? How does keeping a notebook make you feel?

Summarize how August felt as the month draws to a conclusion.

How do you grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10? Describe your rating.

Describe three positive upcoming events in a brief essay.

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Journal Prompts August

Powerful August Journal Prompts

Think back on the previous 30 days and compile a list of things for which you are thankful.

What title, and why would you give to the previous month if you had to?

What transgressions do you need to make amends for?

What unfavorable self-perceptions do you have?

What qualities about yourself do you value?

What are the five things you must accomplish each day without fail?

How do you like spending “me time”?

Have you ever had a childhood fantasy that you would like to realize now? What dream is that?

What are your plans for carrying out that dream?

Make a list of the three things stopping you right now.

Write out three positive qualities about yourself.

List three aspects about yourself that you find lacking.

What is the one self-defeating thought you need to get rid of?

What does loving yourself mean to you?

How do you consistently show yourself, love?

Make a list of the experiences that make you feel appreciated.

Be as specific as you can when describing your ideal day.

What significant life lessons have you learned?

What aspects of yourself do you despise, and why?

List any five of your strengths that you can think of.

Decide how to develop into your finest self.

List 10 self-affirmations that are good for you.

Give yourself a mental and physical health score between 1 and 10. Justify the rating.

What guidance should I provide myself at this moment?

Consider and list the top five blessings in your life.

Make an effort to forgive everyone who has hurt you.

Name five things that give you immediate smiles (any moment, movie, character, etc.)

Discuss a challenge you are facing.

How do you feel about August?

Describe August as a person, if possible

Why do you suppose August has 31 days?

Where do you suppose the name August originated?

Create a persona named August. How do they spend the month of August?

Why is August always the eighth month of the year, in your opinion?

Is it typically hot or freezing where you live in August?

What odor, if any, would you associate with August?

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What are your favorite activities to do in August? (Camping, back-to-school shopping, etc.)

Students often return to school in August. Are you anticipating starting school again? If not, why not?

Book Lovers Day is observed on August 9. Which book is your favorite, and why?

What sound, in your opinion, would August make?

What dish do you like to eat the most in August?

Why is August an important month to you?

Is there anyone you know whose birthday is in August? About them, write. Though not, write as if your birthday is in August and describe a celebration you would arrange for yourself.

What makes August unique compared to other months, like January, for example?

National Friendship Day is observed on the first Sunday in August. Express your gratitude for their friendship in a letter to a friend.

Why do you believe that certain months, like August, have 31 days and others have 30? (Or perhaps February 28?)

The peridot, an olive-colored gem, is the birthstone for August. Consider whether you can use this gem in August. If not, why not?

Poet’s Day is observed on August 21. About the month of August, compose a poem. Are you a poet in your own right? Why?

Would you prefer never to have the month of August or have it be August all year?

Create a narrative about an August snowfall.

What kind of attire and accessories do you prefer to wear in August? Shorts, sunglasses, etc.)

What events occurred in August for which you are grateful? (Beautiful weather, returning to school, etc.)

Which animal, and why, would August be if it were a creature?

Are you interested in getting married in August? If not, why not?

Describe your plans for August in writing.

Attempt to describe August as an extraterrestrial who has never visited Earth.

Would you rather visit the mountains or the beach in

It’s National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22. Do you think the tooth fairy exists? If not, why not?

Write about a holiday you made up for August (like Thanksgiving in November). What and how are you celebrating?

After completing the mentioned assignments, write a letter to yourself.


August journal prompts help you write about your experiences and feelings during this special time of the year. They let you think about your goals and enjoy the last days of summer. Writing with these prompts can make you feel better and help you understand yourself more. It’s a helpful way to reflect on your emotions and have a positive month.

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