How to Avoid Rushing Through Life: 51+ Proven Ways

We, the people of modern lives, always have that constant feeling of running short of time throughout our entire life.

Being engaged with a lot of work at a time, we are often not satisfied with our speed of doing. And this whole scenario depicts how the modern robotic civilization is busy rushing through their lives and forgetting to live them.

Here are some simple tips which you might follow to get rid of this constant rush and make yourself more creative and productive at the same time.

Tips to Avoid Rushing Through Life

Do not jump from one task to another- We keep on shuffling from one thing to another, it consumes more time and makes us rush at the end.

Think over the rush you make- Before it gets too late, before you get exhausted with your over-scheduled day, pause for a minute and think of the consequences twice.

Start your day early – If you go to bed early at night, you can wake up early the following day, and you’ll get more time to complete your tasks one by one. 

Take positive vibes and energy from as many sources you can- Make your day as beautiful as the morning sun, fresh air, freshly bloomed flowers. Let it freshen up your mind for the remaining day.

Enjoy your morning drink- Instead of drinking it as a habit to move on to their next task as soon as it gets finished, sit for a while and enjoy our drink, it will make us twice more productive as a person.

Practice meditation and mindfulness – Meditating in the morning works like a miracle for a person’s productiveness in his work field and personal life. Practicing meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes a day gives our mind a certain level of peace that we end up being a better person every day.

Get some ME-TIME – We all need to have a particular time each day to be dedicated to ourselves entirely. This will be when we only concentrate on ourselves.

Learn to keep all the tensions and worries aside– Not wasting time on unnecessary thoughts will gradually refresh our minds and boost up our energy to get our works done perfectly.

Make a to-do list for each day – We all need to make a list of works to be done in a single day. And while making a list, we should definitely keep in mind that the list should not be so long that we again get stressed to complete it. It needs to be a small relatively compact one, which will guide us to our tasks accordingly.

Make some time for your loved ones – Most often, we can’t manage time for our loved ones from our busy schedule, which eventually affects our relationship with them. As a result, our personal life gets hampered and the impact gets persistent in our professional life. 

Avoid multitasking – Multitasking is one of those severe issues which we have embraced in our regular life. Watching the TV, checking the mails, scrolling down feeds, talking over phone calls, doing it all at a time has become one of the most harmful practices of recent times, which is affecting the function of our brains and nerves tremendously. It is always beneficial to avoid multitasking and focusing on one thing at a time.

Being at present – It’s pretty related to the previous point. While doing one thing, we think of another, our mind generally races to what to be done next. But this shouldn’t be the case. If it happens, all we need to do is bring our minds back to the present. First, finish the work that we are doing recently, and once it’s done entirely, then only we will think about the next.

Maintain proper balance between professional and personal life- Take out some time separately for all the people you are associated with from your schedule and equally balance and treat them differently.

Be more productive by doing less –It’s better to do less amount of work but with utmost perfection. Don’t chase with the quantity because the thing which matters is the quality. So, do less but do it with complete dedication and perfection. 

Take it easy – If you ever get overwhelmed with your work pressure or burnout, just sit back, close your eyes, breathe gently, and relax. Everything will be fine. Everything will be on pace even if it’s a minute late. So, don’t hurry, take it easy.

Take a break – It is often recommendable to take a break from your monotonous life and go on a trip to get the charm back of your life. Taking a break from the routine makes our minds refreshed and charged to get back to the same routine and perform our duties effectively.

Disconnect yourself from social media – Social media can be called the curse of modern life in disguising blessings.  Since we are investing a lot of time on social media platforms nowadays, we fail to track our time, killing half of our working hours. As a result, we have to rush later. 

Do not occupy yourself for 24 hours- Don’t over-occupy your day with so many tasks that it becomes almost impossible to finish all the assignments.

Slow down your work and enjoy what you are doing – While chasing the time we absolutely forget to enjoy the things that we are doing at present. So, feel the taste of your food rather than just gulping it down. Enjoy the aroma of spices while cooking. Feel the relaxation while meditating. And last but not least read and feel the article than just chasing the deadline.

Prioritize things and complete them one by one – While making your to-do list, prioritize your work and write them serially so that you can finish all the essential works first and then have a sufficient amount of time in your hand to finish the others. 

Listen to your body and mind as well – If your body doesn’t permit you to be up late at night completing assignments or making agendas listen to it. Don’t ever force your mind as well as your body to do things against its wishes. 

Make sure your first drink is super energetic- – We all start our day with some sort of drink. You may prefer to have masala tea, while others prefer to have black coffee; some start their day with a glass of lukewarm water with a bit of lemon and honey or even green tea.

Cut short over call times- If we cut off the time we spent talking on our phones by one-third, our productivity will definitely get increased by thrice as we get less tired.

Say ‘No’ if needed – Many of us face this problem of saying NO even when needed. Whoever it be your friends, family, colleagues, or seniors if you feel you can’t keep their words then feel free to say no. A no is far better than saying an unwanted yes and hampering all your plans and priorities.

Avoid procrastinating – A lot of us have this habit of procrastinating our work time and as a result, we end up completing those works in our leisure time and compromise with ourselves. So, don’t procrastinate. Do things at the same time it is meant to be done. 

Stop rushing in the Traffic – Drive slowly and stop rushing in the traffic. Don’t forget to obey the speed limits. Because if you do, that will threaten not only your life but also others. So, be very careful while driving.

At certain times, giving up is better than holding on – A 24 hours-day is not enough to perform all our tasks. No matter how much time you put in now you’ll still feel like there is a lot to be done yet. So, it is never possible to complete all the things from your schedule. So, it’s better to give up a few things from your schedule.

Stop to listen first and then choose your action – Most of the time, we don’t listen to the direction given to us. We get busy choosing our actions first. So, before choosing your action try to be a good listener.  

Take a moment and observe nature – From your busy schedule try to manage a time to observe nature. Go to a field, walk on the grass, feel the dew drops on your field, get the rhythm of the river, listen to the chirping birds and you try to mix up with all of them. This will undoubtedly help you to soothe your mind and keep it quiet.

Have a deep conversation with your family members – Don’t hurry through your talks with your family members. Instead, give them time, have some deep conversation or chatty conversation with them. Don’t just reply to them to answer. 

Do not keep attendants for your kids- To save your time and invest in other things do not compromise on upbringing your child. This rushing for work will not take you anywhere.

Make habit of listening to others instead of selfishly working for yourself- Reply only after listening to all that they have to say, analyze their version too and subsequently build up a good conversation.

Play with your kids – Take a minute and think, does this rushing really worth the time that you miss spending with your kid? The answer will undoubtedly be ‘NOT.’ So, don’t just hurry with time, enjoy the moments too that will never come back to your life.

Workout – Do some sort of physical exercise, not only to fit your body but also to keep your mind fit. While your adrenaline rushes through the body, you will get some time to think over.

Avoid staying up late at night – Staying up till late at night has some inversely proportional relationship with your productivity. The more you stay up at night the less you are productive for the next day. So, get your dinner done by 9:00 pm and go off to sleep early 

Keep your ‘list of works to be performed in a day’ small – If you keep your list small, only you’ll have more time to perform a single work and as a result, you can get the chance to enjoy your work while doing them.

Keep the power of your gadgets (phone, pc, tab) off for some time – We all need to practice this habit of turning off our phones, pcs, tabs for a certain period. If we don’t keep them off, we can’t rest our hands for some instance from scrolling them down. So, to give your hands rest for some time we need to keep the power off.

Learn to WAIT – Good things always take time to have happened. But we hardly have this time in our hands to wait for something good to take place because waiting for something or someone is one of the hardest things that we experience in our lives. 

Be more patient – Having patience is the key to achieve the previous point. These are interconnected and quite like a circle. If you learn to wait for things, your patience level must be increased. And if you have lots of patience in your life, then only you can wait for good things.

Enjoy life more than you have ever done before– We never become satisfied with our actions and work. We always have that constant feeling of doing more and getting more in our minds. As a result, we can’t actually enjoy our life at present. 

We must give bountiful time to enjoy our achievements– Appreciating our work and journey so far is crucial in order to work better and progress in our lives.

Focus on one thing at a time- Slow down the process, you will find yourself more productive and less stressed and as studies say you will eventually be amazed at the result

Remember rushing is not key to success- When we work in a hurry, it is often than never that we have to perform reworks. It is never easier to be successful. 

Above all, we need to understand that life is concise to all the works being performed and it’s also a never-ending process. So, if we constantly jump from one goal to another, we can never satisfy ourselves or meet the expectations of others. But you’ll definitely feel life is better to live when not rushed through. If we follow the step-by-step process in our lives; we will feel the difference and be able to frame our lives in a better way.

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