20 Bad Habits Must Avoid before Exams

All students wish to achieve good marks in their board exams, but not all can achieve it. To get more marks in exams, students should try to avoid various bad habits. This will allow performing better in their board exams. Some habits you should never induce in yourself so you can score better.

Bad Habits Must Avoid before Exams

Insufficient sleep at night 

A night of proper sleep helps you get rid of all the fatigue experienced by your body due to exam stress and studies.

This clears your mind of any tension and provides enough energy to prepare for your exams sufficiently. Lack of proper sleep might make you sleepy and tired throughout the day, slowing and hindering your studies.

Studying late at night and waking up in the afternoon the next day

Studying till midnight and even after that and walking afternoon is a nasty habit, you should never inculcate in yourself.

This makes you feel jittery and tired and will definitely make you ill. Research suggests sleeping early and waking up early as our brain functioning is maximum during the early morning hours. Avoiding this habit will help you to perform better in your exams.

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Excess of sleep

Excess sleep might hinder your preparation for exams just like an insufficient sleep habit. It is seen that many students sleep for long hours, which results in reducing their time for studying.

This habit might result in a lack of preparation and panic before exams. So it is advised to limit your sleeping times and stick to 8 hours of sleep and not more.

Checking social media throughout the day

This is one of the worse things that can happen to students during their preparatory exam phase. Continuous preparation might seem tedious and tiring, and there are times when the temptation of social media might run over your mind. Once this happens, you keep checking your Social media, resulting in inefficient studies and might lower your grades. So it will be great if you can give up such distractions so that you can prepare well and have excellent grades.

Mugging up rather than understanding

One should try to understand the subjects they are studying rather than mugging up. Mugging up reduces your ability to answer tricky and conceptual questions and lowers your chances of getting higher marks.

Thus it is always advised to read and understand what’s written in your textbooks so that you can answer any conceptual and subjective question with ease and efficiency.

Eating food while studying

Most students have a terrible habit of eating while there are studying for their exams. This reduces their attention on their books as they are more inclined the though of what they should eat next.

This reduces their efficiency and also slows down their preparation. Therefore it is advised not to inculcate this habit and stick to consuming caffeine products and water while studying.

Skipping classes before exams

You should try to avoid skipping classes more often before exams to prepare at home. There are times when teachers give important advice in class just before the exams.

So missing classes is not the best idea for preparing for exams. So to score well in exams, you should attend classes regularly.

Excess of comfort

Extreme comfort while studying can be problematic. Too much comfort can make you lazy and thereby reduce your efficiency. So one should not be too comfortable while learning and sit in proper posture.

This helps to focus more on studies and less on comfort. Therefore you should avoid this habit to prepare the best way possible and score more in your exams.

Lack of Proper plan for preparation

If you don’t have a perfect plan to approach your studies, then it might be difficult for you to cope up with your entire syllabus.

This might result in prolonged panic and stress. It will hamper your studies, and your preparation might not be able to perform at your best in the exam. So it is essential to have a plan for preparing and completing your syllabus thoroughly before exams.

Group studying with the wrong company

Studying with the wrong company can affect your preparation adversely. If the people in your group are not severe and take the board exams lightly, this attitude might affect your mindset.

You will tend to slowly adapt to their perspective, which might reduce your efficiency significantly. Therefore it is always suggested to choose your company wisely for group studying.

Lack of practise before the exam

In order to perform very well in exams, a lot of practice is needed. Without practicing a great number of questions, it is very difficult to score well in boards.

Not practicing leads to a lack of knowledge and inefficiency in answering a question. Hence it is highly advisable to practice as much as possible to score well in board exams.

Not making notes on important topics

Not making notes for exams might end up making you behind schedule. Thus reducing your efficiency and available time. Making notes simplifies your entire syllabus and helps you study effectively.

It enables you to understand the contents of your subject topics with more clarity. Hence it is essential to make notes while preparing for your board exams.

Referencing new books nights before exam

It is difficult to reference from a new book nights before exams. You might end up getting confused and might start to panic.

This might affect your preparation and also make you feel nervous. Moreover, it is complicated to understand a new book’s content so quickly, just nights before the exam.

Studying at the Wrong place

It is very vital to select a proper place to study. Some can study even in the noisiest places, while some cannot learn without a quiet environment. So it is necessary to select a place to study where you can focus and concentrate on your studies effectively.

A nice and proper environment for learning increases your efficiency. It helps you complete your syllabus way before the exams and saves much time for revision.

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Highlighting the entire book just before exam

Highlighting the entire book before exams is a very untidy habit. It not only makes your books look messy and unclean but also makes them very difficult to read.

This not only reduces your efficiency but also makes it a lot harder to study. So you should really avoid inculcating this habit to work efficiently and perform better.

Lack of Discipline

It is essential to have a disciplined life. It makes you stay more focused and dedicate yourself to your studies properly. Lack of discipline might make it difficult for you to study efficiently in a limited time.

As a result of which, you won’t be able to achieve higher grades. Thus it is vital to avoid being undisciplined.

Practicing sample questions

Practicing sample papers before your board exams is very vital. Not practicing sample papers might make things difficult for you in your board exams. 

Last 10 years Sample paper question paper gives you an idea about which type of questions might come in the exam. This might help you make a proper plan and help you prepare efficiently. Hence practicing sample papers are important.

Lack of revision before exams

It is vital to revise your syllabus as many times as possible. This helps in decreasing the possibility of missing any topics and making simple mistakes while giving exams. Revising more allows you to have a firm grasp of your subjects.

This might help you to score higher in your exams. So it is essential to revise frequently.

Feeling embarrassed to ask Questions to teacher

Never feel embarrassed to ask questions to your subject teachers, no matter what. Not asking questions when you are confused hinders your preparation. This leads to a lack of understanding which is not right before exams.

Therefore, you should ask your teachers questions for better understanding and higher marks so that you don’t have any impending doubts before the exam.

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Not staying organized before exam

If you don’t keep your study desk and your study room organized, it might delay your preparation. You might not find a few notes or books from which you wanted to revise. An organized environment induces clarity, positivity, and confidence in you.

This helps you to work efficiently and give your best in the exam. So it is important to stay organized to score better and prepare for your exams correctly.

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