How to Be More Mindful: 28 Tips for Cultivating Awareness

To be more mindful, focus on what’s happening right now. Take deep breaths and pay attention to your senses. Look, listen, and feel without judging. You can practice by meditating regularly.

Try to do one thing at a time and enjoy it. Be thankful for good things in your life. When you talk to someone, really listen and be there.

Think about how you feel and why. Stay curious and open to new things. Mindfulness is a way to make your life better and understand yourself and the world.

how to be more mindful and present?: Effective Ways

It is very crucial to be attentive to the smallest of details. It makes you better in everything you do. Being mindful helps in brainstorming new ideas and makes you stand out!

Stretch as soon as you wake up

Stretching makes your body realize that all of your organs, muscles, and nerves need to wake up as the body is ready to start its day. You are sending a response to gain all the fuel and the energy to become attentive and mindful.

It makes your body and yourself wake up from all the slumber and laziness to start your day and be mindful in everything you do. This habit enables you to refresh yourself before you do any work.

Try writing down your top 3 things to be done in the morning 

This habit makes you realize that there is a set of things that aim to be completed by the end of the day. It forces you to use time wisely and be attentive and mindful in everything you do since you do not have much time to afford it.

This helps start the day with a clear mind enabling you to center yourself in whatever work you do. It makes you focus and concentrate on the three things which you have assigned, making you much more productive.

Try breathing deeply 

Deep breathing lets your lungs take in the maximum oxygen, which in turn flows through the blood. It makes you energize yourself rather than being laid back. It makes you lose your fear of anything and makes you think you are capable of doing everything.

This induces an adrenaline rush in your body, making you pay attention to the smallest details in your work, a meeting, or anywhere else. This lets you have a different approach to whatever you do.

Slow down at times 

Haste and hurry make you take a path that may not suit you. It is very important to be at the pace, but this doesn’t refer to rushing in everything you do. It makes you leave things incomplete.

It is very important to slow down at times as you tend to overlook many resources or the blessings around you, which is something for which you should be grateful. Slowing yourself gives you a crystal clear approach to things you do or the position you want to achieve.

Listen to calm, peaceful music 

Music makes you relax on a packed day. Whenever you feel your mind cannot grasp anything, it makes you realize that it needs a break since it has been functioning continuously.

Calm, peaceful music lets your brain release all the anxiety, tension, or stress and makes it functional again. It makes you rejuvenate yourself before you again start your work, and it increases your concentration and attention, making you complete the assigned work faster.

Go outside 

Going outside and feeling natural is essential to be attentive and mindful. The busy schedule may not allow you to take some time out so that you can detox your mind by just looking around you.

It is very important to go outside and feel the breath of fresh air as it relaxes your body and your mind and gives you the due energy to fulfill all the assigned tasks you have to complete within that day.

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See the time frame in which your mind is working 

It is very important to be on the same page as your mind, or else it becomes too difficult to understand its emotions and bring that onto the right track. It decreases your attention and thereby also hampers your productivity.

It is very important to be your mind back in the present and make it focus on the work it is doing, or else it takes an immense amount of time to do a particular work, thereby killing your time and messing up your schedule.

Question yourself while you are overthinking 

It is very important to stop your mind while you are overthinking. It takes your mind to a state of trance where you completely come to a conclusion based on some assumptions. This makes you stop your thinking abilities and also the ability to live in the present.

Overthinking kills your time and mood; it becomes very important to bring the mind back to the present to use it to its full capability. It shows on your skill or your work whenever you are not attentive or mindful, and it brings no good result.

Learn your purpose 

You should always question yourself as soon as you wake up each morning what is the purpose of the day which you are leaving. These questions will make you realize all the things that you have taken for granted and also make you realize the purpose for which you are born in this world.

Purpose makes you realize that you are made for bigger things in life, and you should always focus on how to be better than the previous, and it makes you closer to your purpose each day. 

Try drinking enough water throughout the day

Since the maximum percentage of body weight consists of water, it is essential to drink enough water to keep the body working. It replenishes your body, giving you the energy to work throughout the day without feeling much tired or dehydrated.

Drinking the correct amount of water before you start your day is essential as the body needs water to function properly and put all the organs in a working state.

You also tend to feel a bit lazy or dehydrated when you are not getting the perfect amount of hydration for the day, not enabling you to be attentive or mindful.

Take some time off from social media 

Social media can be a blessing in disguise if used properly, but if you use it, it can also result in doom. This becomes highly addictive, making you waste time on silly things and moving you aside from your desired goal.

Sometimes should be taken off each day when you are away from social media; it will make you concentrate more and return to the real world. It increases your attention on many levels.

Minimize your distractions 

Distractions are one of the main reasons to decrease your attention in whatever you do. It distracts your mind, causing you to lose focus and waste time completely.

If you want to be more attentive and mindful, it is very important to avoid distractions when doing anything, as it increases your attention and saves you time. This gives you enough time to relax and also for self-care.


Try journaling 

Writing down your journal will give you an entire idea about all the tasks that you need to do within the specified date. It lets you have a clear approach in whatever you do without wasting time. It makes you feel confident about yourself and also your trust in yourself.

It also helps in letting out of your emotions as anything that you tend to keep inside you has a massive impact on your brain as it hovers around all the time.

Allow daydreaming 

You always tend to stop yourself whenever your mind wanders away. This is a signal that it needs a break and wants to indulge in a whirlpool of thoughts to regain its full functionality.

It lets your imagination jump from one place to another, and you may never know what idea this might bring in. It may have been one of the problems on which you had been stuck for a long time, thereby decreasing your pressure without causing much harm.

Avoid comparing yourself with anyone

Comparison always makes you feel degraded about yourself, making you take for granted all the blessings around us. It always makes you feel bad for yourself, and this doesn’t become of any help rather than just bringing your confidence down.

You should always focus on your best version and how you can achieve it. This attitude makes you become a competitor for yourself as you always want to be better than the previous day.


Meditation is very useful when you want to increase your attention and mindfulness as it tingles that part of them, due to which your attention decreases. It makes you calm your mind and release all the toxins from your body.

This takes out all the worries, tension, and anxiety that you might have, thereby making you feel fresh and without any burden. At this stage, your brain is at its highest functionality, thereby making you more mindful and attentive.

Go for a digital detox

This digitally-driven world has become dependent on digital devices too much, and if we notice, the maximum time of the day is wasted on digital devices. It is very crucial to stop that much screen time.

You may go for digital detox for some days, leaving behind your digital devices to avoid any type of device. It gives you a deeper insight into your life and gives your brain the due time to process everything, thus making you pay more attention to everything you do.

Intentional walking 

You may always find yourself glued to an app while you are walking on a street. It is very important to observe everything around you as you walk as it gives you a feeling of all the wonderful things around you.

Your eyes don’t seem tired when looking at nature, and this just increases your energy, giving you the vigor and zeal to look at the smallest of things in your life.

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ways-to-do-a-digital detox

Try being empathetic 

Empathy is one of the most underrated emotions, as you always tend to choose sympathy over it. Being empathetic gives you a newer angle from which to watch the whole world. It makes you look at everyone around you and realize that everybody has struggles.

Empathy makes you be with a person who is suffering and become a helping hand to them. It makes you feel good about yourself, thereby accomplishing every task you do.

Engage yourself 

It is very important to engage yourself in the smallest of the things you do because it lets you pay attention to minute details. It lets you be present at the moment.

Being present at the moment gives you a clearer picture of everything you need to do to be a better version of yourself. This increases your attention span, and your performance improves from the moment you engage yourself in whatever you do.

Stop stressing about the future

Future is something that is not in your hands, and it will make its way by the work that you will do at the present moment. It is very important to live in the moment as it makes you focus on the present work that you are doing.

The present moment makes you realize that there is a purpose for which you are working this hard and makes you feel good. It increases your attention and also increases your focus.

Try being grateful

Being makes you realize all the blessings around you and have a deeper look into everything you do and makes you realize how important it is to focus on the present moment.

It makes you realize that the necessities you have may not be available to everyone around you, and this is a reason why you should give your best shot in whatever you do. It not only increases your attention but also helps you in giving your best in whatever you do.

Loosen up yourself

It is very important to loosen yourself at times as it makes you release your authentic self and come to terms with your thoughts and emotions. You should always listen to it from time to time.

It not only increases your mind-to-body connection it also makes you realize your strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to realize these as it lets you have a better approach to everything you do and gives a unique touch to all your accomplishments.


Joke at times 

Life is something that shouldn’t be taken too seriously as it is full of up and down, but the most important thing to do is to embrace yourself. It is very important to joke at times as it is the only way to bring some laughter to your life.

Yes! It is very crucial to have a clear mind and have a vision towards the path you want to work on, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your life. It is essential to balance out your life as it makes you taste the joys of all sides.


From the above-mentioned points, you got a clear idea regarding how you become more attentive and mindful. Being attentive and mindful doesn’t mean being a maniac to excel in everything you do.

It just refers to put your best foot forward in whatever you do and how you should prepare yourself so that you can put in your best efforts.

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