151+ Top Financial Goals that you Must Achieve

Everyone seeks for financial freedom in life to lead a happy and beautiful life. To achieve such a meaningful life, one must set a few financial goals for oneself to achieve before one’s death.

100 financial goals that you can set and achieve. 

Learn more about personal finance 

-Become an angel investor 

– Become a millionaire 

-Own a penthouse

-Learn about different sources and forms of income

-Learn about compound interest 

-Learn more about credit rating 

-Learn about the importance of credit rating 

-Get an idea of the difference between good debt and bad debt

-Learn about mortgages 

-Learn how to use credit cards effectively 

-Learn the common tax strategies 

-Get knowledge about taxes 

-Learn what are the best ways to multiply the money 

-Avoid materialism 

-always spend less than what you earn 

-Know about the tools that can help you track the money

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Learn how to manage money 

-Create a personal budget 

-Keep a track of your assets 

-Keep checking your liabilities 

-Have a knowledge about your net worth 

-Always perform financial projections for the future 

-Evaluate the return on investments 

-Learn how excel sheet must be used to set up the finance

Create a budget 

-Set up a side business for passive income 

-Earn income from rental properties 

-Earn income from royalty

-Earn income from investments 

-Do not overspend the earnings 

-Have a personal budget 

-Do not buy stuff that you do not need at present

Learn how to create credit rating 

-Have a balanced credit card usage 

-Do not do unnecessary shopping 

-Take up courses to help yourself learn more about credit score 

-Improve credit score overtime 

-Try to maintain an A+ credit score

Learn about stocks and investments 

-Invest in stocks 

-Learn trading 

-Learn more about cryptocurrency 

-Learn about foreign exchange

-Find a mentor to guide you with trading 

-Invests more in stocks and foreign exchange 

-Invest in local business and retails 

-Do not get greedy for money while investing 

-Develop patience while investing

Invest 10% of the income 

-Invest in businesses 

-Invest in property 

-Buy houses and give for rental services 

-Learn about companies that can help you multiply your money 

-Save 30% income and invest 10% every month 

-Learn about shares and stocks 

-Jump start and do not wait to get ready 

-Invest in real estate 

-Put 10% of each payment in appreciating assets such as gold, diamond, property etc. 

-Own greater than $X by the time of retirement

Increase the income gradually 

-Get a good job

-Get better at work and earn more 

-Start and establish own business 

-Start a side business as a secondary source of income 

Start a business based on your passion 

-Try to build an online business 

-Become a part of network marketing business 

-Write a book and become an authority figure in the field of business 

-Can rent a house on Air BNB 

-Become the best employee in front of your boss 

-Be present and work hard during time of urgencies 

-Be a go-to person for everyone else 

-Use opportunities to enhance your knowledge 

-Be consistent about your improvement 

-Find ways to generate more income from the cut costs 

-Improve the communication skills 

-Increase the emotional quotient along with intelligence quotient

-Be a leader without a title

Plan your life after your retirement 

-Become a philanthropist

-Leave behind a legacy 

-Leave a financial inheritance for the kids 

-Build a retirement plan 

-Update the retirement plans annually

Find a mentor or adviser to guide you about financial freedom 

-Find a commission based financial adviser 

-Look for a financial planner 

-Find a friend to guide you 

-Seek someone who has great knowledge and experience in money making 

-Assess the risk and tolerance for investments 

-Meet up with your financial guru on a regular basis 

-Become a part of an investing club

Investment in real estates is a must 

-Learn about real estates 

-Rent properties 

-Own multiple investment properties.

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Create and build your net worth

-Track the money from your investments 

-Track the money from your work or business 

-Track the money from your assets 

-Get a detailed knowledge about your liabilities 

-Track the expenditure 

-Track the amount borrowed from banks and investors

Other financial goals 

-Create an emergency fund 

-Boost the low credit score 

-Begin a side hustle 

-Look for more sources of passive income 

-Read three personal finance books every month 

-Try to build an automatic system that takes care of your investments 

-Always focus on health 

-Do not take stress while earning money 

-Do not get into debt

-Try to come out of debt as soon as possible 

-Make sure that the records are accurate 

-Always stick to the budget 

-Always stay away from the unnecessary and large purchases 

-Try to save on the necessities 

-Build a new skill

-Learn how to build a brand 

-Learn more about online marketing 

-Do affiliate marketing 

-Get the business online and reach out to more customers 

-Always set up an overdraft protection 

-The loan repayment must be set in autopay

-The savings must be automated 

-The bill payment option must also be set to autopay

-Stay away from expensive habits 

-Start organizing your work area

-Create numerous income streams 

-Have enough insurance to cover up for your contingencies 

-Always try to spend less than your income as much as possible 

-Say no to all sorts of addiction 

-Do the work that you love and cherish 

-Do more charity and become benevolent 

-Get yourself a life insurance and disability income insurance 

-Get rid of the student loans 

-Start considering your passion as your profession 

-Estimate the needs for retirement 

-Estimate the annual expenses and act accordingly 

-Assess the retirements assets that must be needed for early retirement 

-Make enough from the side hustle to establish it as a business 

-Spend some time with Richard Branson on Necker Island 

-Build a business that works overseas 

-Build a business that is independent of location

-Have ample resources to travel the world 

-Give loans to good charitable organizations 

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