201+ Relationship Goals to Establish With Your Loved Ones

Everyone desires a happy and healthy relationship with their partners. However, to have a healthy relationship with your partner one must set a few goals to abide by and keep the essence and beauty in the relationship intact.

relationship goals to make life Beautiful and Happily

Couple goals 

-Visit church on every Sunday 

-Both husband and wife work 

-Give equal respect to each other 

-Have big family 

-Maintain integrity 

-Stay loyal to each other 

-Be present to support each other on special days

-Respect each other’s professional strive

-Do not discuss bad day if the other is happy

-Have healthy communication 

-Build trust 

-Set certain boundaries 

-Establish mutual respect for each other 

-Be mutually supportive

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Creation of couple bubbles 

-Focus on ‘us’ rather than ‘I’

-View each other as a part of single team 

-Reinforce the care and protection of each other 

-Repair the damage if caused to the relationship as soon as possible 

-Create abundant happy memories during the difficult times 

-Be the support system of each other during hard times 

-Attain expertise about each other’s desires and needs

Daily connection time is necessary 

-Talk about each other’s day over dinner 

-Take out time without interruptions or distractions 

-Take out time for each other in the morning before you begin your work day

-Sit in the evening over coffee and have a healthy conversation

-Take a walk together to your favorite park


-Put in the effort to understand the other person 

-Put in your thoughts for a better understanding 

-Do not force your thoughts upon the other person 

-Give them time to understand your point of view 

-Be non-judgmental 

-Be honest with your words 

-Have clarity in your statement 

-Be more open 

-Seek a professional if things are not working out 

-Understand the underlying fear or anxiety of the partner

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Effective arguments 

-Put in your arguments sensibly 

-Do not fight 

-Come to middle ground during an argument 

-Do not become very aggressive

-Speak with truth and modesty 

-Show kindness and love if the person breaks down during the argument

-Chose relationship over proving oneself right

Relationships must be your priority 

-Loyalty is a must 

-Your partner should be your priority at all times 

-Give proper attention and time 

-Spend quality time or go on dates often 

-Check-in with each other more often 

-Appreciate the efforts put in by each other

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Self-care is also important 

-Take out time for your interests and passion 

-Visit your friends 

-Take out time to be yourself 

-Always discuss with your partner if you feel a lack of space

-Healthy discussions with partner about time and attention needed.

Intimacy goals

-Make love at least once a week

-Plan romantic dates for each other once a week 

-Cuddle more often 

-Go out for dinner dates and long drives

Finding time for fun is important 

-Be more fun to be with 

-Keep the mood light and happy 

-Discuss serious issues with light mood 

-Go mini-golfing or paintballing together 

-Go for sun baths and beach parties 

-Make spontaneous plans 

-Go scuba diving and river rafting together 

Grow and Glow together 

-Weekly check-ins are a necessity 

-Talk more about your feelings 

-Discuss all the issues with the partner 

-Be open to each other 

-Share all the business and family-related issues with each other 

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The Dating phase is crucial

-Take out time for romantic dinners and drive 

-Plan sudden picnics 

-Set romantic gym and swimming pool dates 

-Send flowers twice a month 

-Remember the smallest of things and do them once a while to make them feel special

Always be there for one another 

-Be there during a mental breakdown 

-Visit a professional if your partner needs help 

-Do things to cheer them up 

-Be empathetic towards the partner 

-Be there for one another during difficult times

Priority matters 

-Do not take each other for granted 

-Understand the desires of your partner 

-Do not neglect the issues of your partner 

-Always listen to what they have to say 

-Reinforce the commitment each day 

-Constantly recalibrate the needs and desires of your partner 

-Always put each other as the first priority of each other.

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Year around review is important 

-Look what goals have been achieved 

-see how satisfying your sex life was 

-work out the goals that didn’t go well in the previous year 

-Look how successful you both were with each other’s presence 

-Which areas need to be worked on must be understood 

-How much more or less quality time needs to be spent should be discussed.

Create couple’s journal 

-Write things that you love about your partner 

-Write about the fun you have with each other 

-Jot down the memories you have spent together 

-Do picture journaling from your vacations together 

-Write about your future plans with your partner

-Give regular DIY couple therapy to each other 

-Be honest while journaling

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Long term relationship goals 

-Be loyal to each other always 

-Retain the trust level 

-Increase the level of dedication toward the relationship 

-Be motivated to work things out even after huge fights 

-Become great parents 

-Grow old together 

-Stay committed as husband and wife 

-Continue to love each other 

-Have a certain number of kids 

-Buy houses together 

-Have certain number of cars together 

-Go for long drives even after hectic days 

-Retain the spark in the relationship even after ages

Other goals 

-Go for weekly marriage health meetings 

-Visit a professional to seek future consultations

-Plan for annual planning dates 

-Create the family budget together 

-Enhance romance 

-Give fun gifts to each other 

-Be thoughtful towards the partner on a regular basis 

-Look for common interests

-Plan for picnic on a monthly basis

-Go for movie dates more often 

-write love letter to each other 

-Surprise each other more often 

-Hide love letters for each other 

-Give a break from the kids to your partner 

-Hug each other for one minute daily 

-Become good at kissing with time

-Write poetry for each other

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