50+ Bible Verses About Allegory and Their Relevance Today

The Bible contains a lot of stories or parables containing the records of many spiritual accounts explaining some kind of underlying meanings to help some kind of deeper truths.

Following are some bible verses that provide useful insights on the teachings and wisdom presented through the Holy book. 

What Does Bible Say About Allegory?

Matthew 16:18 – Jesus proclaims that His church or the collection of all His followers will be built on the bedrock, which is the declaration of faith in Him as Christ, the son of the Almighty God.

Galatians 4:24 – This verse illustrates by showing the difference in the birth of two sons, one born into slavery and one born of a free woman. It states that living under the law is pointless as the only way to seek justification and to become God’s children is through faith in Christ.

Luke 15:10 – Here, a comparison is made of a sinner who has lost his ways with God, through parables, drawing the conclusion that it is rejoicing to get back that which is lost, i.e., the lost soul here, among all others that are already present.  

Revelation 21:8 – Through this verse, it is dictated that those who are unbelievers who are sinners such as murderers, idolators, those who practice black magic, or who are sexually immoral will be face consequences which are symbolized as eternal suffering in the lake of fire.

James 2:14-26 – Mere acceptance of the facts about God is not a sign of true faith. It would be as pointless as wishing good for someone who is poor without doing something to help the person. A strong and well-guided faith can be recognized if it leads to good works. 

Hebrews 9:9 – The parts of the temple, along with the many rituals carried out within, was meant to be symbolic in nature in order to guide towards the path of redemption. However, unlike the many ritualistic sacrifices, the one of Christ is non-recurring and the only correct way to God.

2 Timothy 3:16 – One should be aware of false teachers and their wicked behavior towards those invested in the true teachings about God, that are the scriptures, for they are divine and are an extension of His will. These will help benefit the readers in a lot of areas of life.

1 Timothy 2:10 – It is pointed out that a woman of good faith should focus on good works and godliness rather than with dressing up or bothering about their appearance. Also, they should take up learning about God and practicing their faith in quietness and not overrule authority.

Colossians 1:27 – It should be known to all that there is great wealth in the mystery, that is, Christ, after His sacrifice, lives in all who have faith in Him and one who is aware of this truth can be assured of eternal life and glory with the Almighty and supreme creator that is God.

Ephesians 4:3 – Believers, regardless of their differences which have been saved by their faith in the Lord, belong to a single group of Christians. They also possess gifts provided by the grace of God for fulfilling their purposes. Thus, they should take delight in their unity and live peacefully to serve Him.

Galatians 4:26 – Here, we see a comparison between two versions of Jerusalem, one which was a slave to the Romans and also under the law of Moses and the other which is free from any law. This Jerusalem is described as a mother to those saved by having faith in Christ rather than being born into some kind of law or slavery.

2 Corinthians 3:6 – This presents a contrast between the ministers of the new covenant who spread the message of salvation through faith in Christ and to live by the spirit of the Holy power for greater glory, as opposed to those who preached about following the law of Moses which was not a proper path to God.

Romans 15:4 – Believers have been made free from following the law because of the sacrifice of Christ. However, they should live in harmony and praise the glory of the Lord while still relying on the scriptures of the old days for hope and encouragement for the strength to persevere in hard times.

Romans 7:6 – In the manner in which a wife is released from commitment to her husband after his death, believers of Christ, through their spiritual death, are released from following the law of Moses so as to serve the higher purpose of doing good works in the name of the Lord.

John 16:25 – Disciples of the Lord have been taught the ways of God by Christ through the use of parables in order to be able to connect better with limited knowledge. However, after the impending resurrection after His death, these would become more relevant, and at that time, he would teach them in plain words.

John 10:10 – Followers are made aware of the contrast between a flock owned by the devil who has malicious intent and allows ungodly people to cause suffering, whereas Jesus provides guidance with the intention of providing material and spiritual prosperity in abundance along with eternal life.

Luke 14:27 – One can attain salvation by God’s grace, through seeking forgiveness at the cross of Christ but following the path of discipleship is difficult and painful as one has to carry their own cross and requires submission to His will and following His word with obedience.

Matthew 13:34 – Through parables, believers are made aware that like a mustard seed that grows into a tree bigger than other plants and like flour grows when added with yeast, the Lord’s kingdom of Heaven will grow much larger with those that have strong faith in God’s word. 

Matthew 10:38 – Followers must carry their crosses which implies that they must be willing to die in a spiritual manner and submit themselves to walking the difficult path of Christ rather than following their own ways by being self-righteous and must love Him above all; such is God’s commandment.

Matthew 6:14-15 – One who is against forgiving others has not experienced God’s forgiveness, for no sin can be greater than the sin against God. If He, being the compassionate and merciful power, is ready to forgive, then His followers should also be able to do so within themselves.

Matthew 5:17 – Christ had pointed out that He had not arrived to stand against the law of Moses dictated by God but for the fulfillment of such law. Based on the law, He had not only lived His life sinless and in a perfectly righteous manner, but His sacrifice also paid the ultimate price once and for all to atone for all sins of man. 

Matthew 5:13 – Disciples of the Lord have some roles in their lives, such as doing the good works instructed by Him, and this is presented by comparing them metaphorically with the salt and light of the earth for both have various important functions but have the risk of diluting or losing their properties.

Matthew 2:2 – Followers are presented with an account of the birth of Jesus, which was observed by a group of wise men, the Magi, as a certain star in the sky and was believed by them to be the arrival of an important king and hence went on to admire and worship the new-born child in Bethlehem.

Hosea 11:1 – God had proclaimed Israel as His chosen nation and had shown mercy to His people, and even when they rejected their Messiah, it was love that made Him send His son among people to pay for their sins with His life so that they can attain salvation just by faith in His name.

1 Peter 3:18-20 – Jesus had paid for all sins of humans through a singular act of His sacrifice, and just as in the story of Noah’s Ark, Noah had been saved due to His righteousness, and the rest were washed away, through faith in Christ one can be saved by baptism by being joined with His resurrection.

Ecclesiastes 10:1–4 – A person who is unwise in a way that he does not truly fear the Lord will possess an unpleasant reputation and will find himself inclined towards the path of the wrong, which will get him into trouble and will label others as foolish. Therefore, one should be righteous and wise by fearing the Lord and keeping to His word.

Genesis 1:1-5 – God is an infinite source of power and is the source of all creation. He gave form to the universe, created every life and every phenomenon, provided a name, and proclaimed it as something good. He holds authority over all creations and maintains it by assigning purpose. 

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