60+ Bible verses about Archangels

An archangel is referred to as an angel of a relatively higher rank. The word Archangel is related to Abrahamic religions. Angels that are similar to Archangels are found in various religions all over the world.

Michael, as well as Gabriel, is considered to be archangels by the Jews, Muslims, and by the majority of Christians.

We also find mentions of archangels in Zoroastrianism. Here are a few bible verses about archangels that will surely help you understand them better.

Bible verses about Archangels

Jude 1:9 – Michael, the Archangel did not dare to condemn the devil for the slander of Moses. Instead, he said that the Lord would rebuke him while he fought over the body of Moses.

Daniel 10:13 – The Prince of the Persian successfully restricted me for a period of twenty-one days. After this, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to my rescue as I was captivated there with the Persian King.

Daniel 12:1 – Michael, who is the splendid ruler, who shields the people of your nation, will come to life at that time. There will come a very tough time, something that has not happened in the history of the universe ever. At that time, people whose names are inscribed on the book would be delivered.

Thessalonians 4:16 – One day, the Lord himself will come down to the Earth with a loud instruction. The Lord will possess an archangel’s voice and the reveille of the Almighty. The dead body of Jesus Christ will rise first.

Daniel 9:21 – Gabriel, the Archangel whom I had seen earlier, came flying to me rapidly during the evening sacrifice when I was still in my prayers.

Daniel 10:21 – I would first tell you about the writings in The Book of Truth. Michael, your prince, is the only person supporting me against them.

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Daniel 8:11 – It trained itself to be as strong as the commander of the Lord’s army. The daily sacrifice of the Lord was taken away by it. His own sanctuary was taken down.

Revelation 12:7 – A war broke out in Heaven then. Michael and his associate angels battled in opposition to the dragon. The dragon and his associates retaliated as well.

Luke 1:6 – The Archangel Gabriel was addressed to Nazareth by the Almighty when Elizabeth had been carrying her child in her womb for six months. Nazareth was a small urban area situated in Galilee.

Revelation 12:8 – He was not as strong as he was needed to be. Consequently, they were no longer welcome in Heaven.

Revelation 12:9 – The ancient serpent summoned the devil, also known as Satan, who misled the whole world. The great dragon, along with his angels, was thrown down. 

Luke 1:19 – The angel informed him that he was known as Gabriel and that he was on his feet in front of the Almighty. He also said that he was sent from above to communicate to him the good news from Heaven.

Daniel 8:16 – I heard a male voice calling out to me from Ulai and asking me, Gabriel, to convey the meaning of vision to that man. 

Hebrews 1:14 – Angels are nothing but agents sent from Heaven to people who are on the verge of attaining salvation.

Joshua 5:13 – It was when Joshua reached close to Jericho that his gaze was fixed upon a man who stood before him with a sword pulled out in his hand. So, Joshua went up to him and asked whether he was on their side or on not. 

Joshua 5:14 – Joshua fell face down on the soil and asked him what message the Lord had for his servant.

Joshua 5:15 – The instructor of the army of the Lord commanded Joshua to take off his shoes as the place where Joshua stood was sacred. Joshua followed.

Matthew 18:10 – Take care of the fact that you never abominate those little ones. You can completely rely on my words when I say that their angels living in the paradise city always get to witness the countenance of my heavenly Father.

Exodus 3:2 – In flames of fire, the angel of the Lord appeared from within a bush. Moses noticed that the bush did not burn up in spite of it being on fire.

Revelation 1:4 – John, I offer you gracefulness and tranquillity from the current, the past and from the future and also from all the seven spirits before his throne.

Matthew 22:30 – Those that come back as resurrected will neither get married nor will they be given away in marriages. They will just become angels up in paradise.

Job 1:6 – There was a day when all the angels along with Satan himself came to the Lord to present themselves.

Luke 20:36 – As they are the children of the Almighty, children who were resurrected can no longer die. They will always be like angels up in Heaven.

Daniel 10:21 – I will let you know everything that is written in this book of truths. Yet I have no one on my side who will stand against these forces except you. You are the only one. Michael.

Daniel 10:12 – He told me not to be afraid of anything because right from day one that I tried to understand this and humble myself before God, my words were heard. He was sent in response to your words. But the ruler of Persia held me back for twenty-one days, and then, one of the chief rulers, Michael, arrived at my rescue.

Revelation 20:1 – I spotted an angel coming down to Earth from up above. He held in his hand a key to a deep, fathomless hole and a splendid iron shackle. He then grabbed the dragon, the ancient serpent, and Satan. He confined him for a thousand years and then hurled him into the bottomless pit, and it was shut with the intention that he could not mislead humanity anymore. After a thousand years, he should be released but only for a while. 

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Thessalonians 4:13 – We do not want you to not know of the people who are asleep so that you do not grieve as much as people who have no hope. We believe that just like God brought back Jesus after he had died, God shall also revive others who have fallen asleep.

Ephesians 6:10 – Be strong in the name of the Lord. Put on this armor all over you so that you can stand strong against all the negative energies of the devil. 

Ecclesiastes 12:7 – The dust comes back to its abode, the Earth, where it belongs and where it has always belonged; and so does the spirit, which comes home after leaving the body it stayed in for so long, to the Almighty, who had created it in the first place. 

Ecclesiastes 10:1-20 – The perfumer’s cologne too starts stinking in the presence of dead flies; and so this is how sagacity and glory to lose their charisma in the existence of folly, even though it is of insignificant quantity. A man of wisdom will always find himself in the right circumstances, while the heart of a foolish person always ends up in the foulest and wrong situations. When a fool walks is out and steps on the street, he not only makes a fool out of himself by showing his absence of all consciousness, but he also proclaims himself like a fool in front of everyone. 

Ecclesiastes 9:5 – For the ones still having life will carry the fear of death in their hearts till the day they actually die, but the ones that are already dead do not possess any knowledge and thus are fearless; and do not require any more remunerations or redemptions, because their memory is shut out from the minds of people a long time back.  

Ecclesiastes 5:1-20 – Watch over the steps you take when you visit the house of the Almighty. To drag someone closer to you in order to understand their heart and intentions is far better than giving up the fools to be sacrificed just because it takes you a little effort and time to understand them, for they are oblivious of the fact that they are going in the wrong direction. Be cautious of what you speak, be prudent with your choice of words, for it is words that hold the power of bringing someone close to you and at the same time the power. 

Ecclesiastes 10:1-20 –If you feel at any point that your anger is overcoming your mind, do not abandon your ground; that is, do not let your anger rule you, but you have to have complete control over your temper because placidity will put any and every umbrage to sleep. There is a certain type of wickedness living under the shade of the sun that my eyes have witnessed as if it was some sort of mistake committed by the monarchs.

Proverbs 31:6-7 – Offer powerful liquor to those that are in the jaws of death and to those who are going through severe pain and suffering; let them drink their pain away and cease thinking about their poverty and misfortune.

Ecclesiastes 5:1-20 – Think twice from your heart before pronouncing a word in the presence of the Almighty, for the Almighty lives in paradise, and you stay on Earth. Hence speak limited. A dream is built with a lot of thoughtfulness and pursuit, but a dolt has nothing to offer except for words, lots of words. When you make a promise to the Lord, to keep a promise, do not fail to fulfill it ever, for He takes no interest in dealing with fools. Try to succeed in fulfilling the promises you have made to the Almighty. It is better not to pledge to do something that you won’t be able to do because it feels like a betrayal. 

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