50+ Bible Verses About Authority: How To Lead with Confidence

Authority is having legalized control over something or someone. Authority can be a person or a group of people having control over people minor to them in position, or it can be having control over a set of decrees or even a series of actions. 

What Does the Bible Say About authority?

Romans 13:1 – Allow every single individual to be susceptible to the ruling power because there is more power than the ultimate commander, the Almighty, and those who draw breath have been set in motion by the Almighty.

Matthew 28:18 – And the Son of God, Christ came up to them to inform them that all the power lies with him, be that of heaven or earth. He has been assigned with the authority of the entire universe.

Acts 5:29 – The apostles and Peter replied to the remark saying that all must follow the orders of the Almighty rather than following irrelevant commands of their fellow men.

Hebrews 13:17 – Be dutiful towards your commanders and give in to them, because they are the ones to look after your souls as they will be held accountable for all your deeds. So let them carry out their jobs in peace and with delight and not whine about their job constantly, for that would be beneficial to neither of you.

Luke 10:19 – Pay close attention, for I have provided you with that right and power to be able to walk over serpents and scorpions, and trample down the supremacy of your rivals, and not a thing shall be to cause you any harm. 

Corinthians 11:3 – But I hope you know this that the boss of all mortals, men, and women, is the Son of God, Christ, the master of every wife is her spouse, and the master of Christ is the almighty, Heavenly Father. 

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John 3:8 – Those who make it a habit of committing sin solely belong to the devil because the devil has been transgressing since the break of dawn. The purpose of the Heavenly Father’s descendant, Christ, to take birth on the earth was to raze the evilness of the devil to the ground.

John 4:1 – And darling, do not confide in all the spirits, but do investigate them closely whether they are sent by the Almighty or not, for there are a number of fraud prophets roaming around in the world, spreading false information and evil. 

John 4:4 – Young children, you have descended from the Almighty, and you have conquered the evils and darkness of the society. Always keep it in your mind that when the Almighty resides in your heart, no evil spirit can touch you, for He who is inside you is greater than he who is outside. 

Peter 2:13 – For the love of God and sake of Christ, try to be a part of every mortal institution, even if it means that you have to be under the commands of a monarch and consider him as your superior.

Peter 2:15 – Because this what the Almighty desires, that by being a kind-hearted person and by doing good to others, you must lay a shroud on the ignorance and unawareness of half-witted men.

Peter 5:5 – In a similar manner, those of you who are juvenile is likely to be receptive to the orders of the seniors. Therefore each and every one of you must dress with modesty and humbleness towards your fellow men, as the Almighty has no liking for those that are smug and haughty, but He is gracious towards the ones that are humble. 

Samuel 15:22 – And Samuel blatantly asked whether the Lord finds any amount of pleasure in witnessing burnt offerings and innocent lives being slaughtered as sacrifices rather than being simply delighted when humans obey His commands. Therefore one must pay close attention to what the Almighty truly desires from us humans. The Lord undoubtedly prefers obedience and devotion to blind beliefs and needless sacrifices. The Lord covets true commitment over the flesh of any ram.   

Thessalonians 4:8 – And as a result, those who pay no heed to this are not disrespecting their fellow men, but they are disrespecting the Almighty, who provides us with His sacred Spirit. 

Timothy 5:17 – Let the seniors who are great rulers be regarded as deserving of double glory, particularly the ones who invest all their time and energy in educating and preaching the words of the Lord to the others.

Corinthians 2:9 – And this is the sole reason why I had written that I might assess you and your devotion, in order to know whether you are completely loyal and dutiful towards everything or not. 

John 1:9 – All the people, who carry on with their lives, without following the ideas and principles of the Son of God, Christ, do not find Him beside them in their times of need. Those who pay close attention to the teachings of the Almighty and follow them with all sincerity find both the Heavenly Father and his Son, Christ, beside them.

Thessalonians 3:14 – If neither of the men or women agrees to abide by whatever has been said in this letter, keep a record of that person and include him into sacred matters no more and keep him aloof from everything, so that it arouses shame and remorse in him. 

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Timothy 2:2 – And everything that you have heard from me in the existence of many people to stand as a witness, and all the knowledge you have gathered from my words, pass it on to devoted men who would be able to spread it among others and this way the world can be enlightened with the words of God.

Ephesians 5:21 – Confiding in each other and finding solace is a result of the love and respect we have for the Son of God, Christ, in our hearts.

Ephesians 5:23 – Just like a groom is the master of his bride, similarly the Son of God, Christ is the master of the Church, but he is the master and Saviour of his body and himself.

Exodus 20:12 – Have high regard for your guardians, both mother, and father, so that the Almighty increases your lifespan on the piece of land that he has provided you with.

Genesis 1:26 – And then the Almighty proposed that we should create men that resemble us in our eyes. And we should let these men have control over all the fishes swimming in the seas and over the birds that claim the sky and paradise as their own and overall the farm animals and over the entire planet earth and every single creature that crawls on the earth. 

James 4:7 – Therefore, offer yourself to the Almighty and submit your soul in his hands. Be impermeable to the calls of the devil, and eventually, he will make himself scarce from you. 

John 10:27 – And when He called out to his sheep and asked them to pay close attention to his voice, he knew them well, and he knew that they would go after him.

John 10:35 – If he referred to them as the divine beings to whom the teachings of the Almighty were addressed, and the Scripture can in no way be disrupted at any cost. 

John 14:26 – And the assistant, who is the sacred Spirit addressed in my name by the Heavenly Father, will convey to you the knowledge of everything and fetch to your recognition all the words that my holy mouth have spoken to you.

John 14:6 – And the Son of the Almighty, Jesus Christ told him that he is the ultimate truth and the creator of lives and he is the path that leads one to his destiny. No one can reach the Heavenly Father without passing through him. 

John 16:13 – And when the time comes for the Spirit of truth to arrive, he will direct you into light and honesty, for he will not utter any words from his own position or power, but he will convey to you everything that he hears, and he will foretell you about the things that will happen in the near future, things that are yet to come. 

John 19:11 – Jesus replied to him that he could never in his entire life acquire authority over Him unless and until it was provided to him by the Almighty above. Hence the one who has brought me to you; is the greatest perpetrator, committing the greater offense.

John 3:16 – And it is because of the fact that the Almighty adores the world to such an extent that he sacrificed his only heir, Christ. And thus, every people who put their faith in him will never lose their life, rather become immortal.

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Luke 20:25 – He then told them that they should make Caesar’s things available to him and make the things of the God available to God himself. 

Luke 9:1 – And then the Almighty summoned the twelve apostles together and furnished them with the authority and control over all the devils and also entrusted them with the ability to heal all kinds of sickness.

Matthew 24:35 – And everything shall fade away, be it paradise or earth, it will all dissolve into dust. But the words leaving my mouth shall be eternal and remain forever.

Matthew 4:7 – And the Son of the Almighty, Jesus Christ, warned him that it had been written once more that he should not put the Divine being through any kind of trial, for he is the ultimate creator of all. 

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