70+ Bible Verses About Betrayal That Speak the Truth

A betrayal is an act of defilement of a promise, trust, or contract performed by one against someone. It is very commonly faced by many today and has deep-rooted psychological impacts.

Being backstabbed by your confidante or partner can be very traumatic, and here are some references from Bible verses to help you cope with rough times as betrayal.

What Does the Bible Say About Betrayal?

A betrayal is a bad act, according to the Bible. It occurs when someone you rely on turns against you. One example is Judas betraying Jesus. Betrayal is wicked and causes harm to others.

The Bible instructs us to be truthful and faithful to others. If someone betrays us, we should seek forgiveness and make amends. When we are betrayed, God is always there to soothe and lead us.

Powerful Bible Verses about Betrayal

Genesis 12:3

The Almighty will bless you each time you show kindness to others and curse you when you treat others with disrespect and abhorrence.

All people of this planet will receive his blessings through you.

Timothy 2:15

Train yourself in a way that cares for nothing but God’s appreciation. Be someone who spreads the true message of the Almighty, does not tamper with the truth, and is proud of himself.

Jeremiah 12:6

Times will come when you might find yourself betrayed by your own blood and family members but do not give in to such circumstances and stand strong.

Even though they praise you when they are with you, know they are nothing but traitors who talk disrespectfully about you behind your back. Never trust them twice.

Matthew 6:14-15

Forgive all those who trespass against you, and the heavenly Father will forgive your sins too.

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Mark 11:25

Forgive your trespassers in your prayers and ask for forgiveness from the Almighty in return.

Psalm 55:12-14

It would have been more bearable if I had been betrayed by a foe who hated me.

Philippians 4:13

Christ gives me the strength to do everything.

Matthew 6:14-15

Your sins will be forgiven only if you pardon the sins of others or those who commit offenses against you.

Isaiah 53:10

Always have faith in the Lord. There is a certain justification for everything that happens around. It was his plan to break you and inflict pain upon you.

And though he made you suffer for someone else’s sins, remember that your good deeds will not go unnoticed. He will eventually reach out for his Son and bless you with a long, healthy, prosperous life. 

Psalm 55:12-14

If it were some of my opponents who behaved cheekily with me, I could have hidden from him.

But it was you, a man, my friend, my equal, my confidante, with whom I sought God’s guidance and walked in the crowd; it was you who betrayed me.

Matthew 7:12

According to the Law and the Prophets, you must do what you want to be done for yourself.

John 13:21

Jesus, sorrow-stricken with things, told his disciples that he had an unwavering premonition that one of them would betray him in the future.

Mark 14:11

And so Judas looked for other means to deceive Jesus.

Luke 12:5-53

You thought I came down to earth to bring contentment amongst its creatures? Perhaps you are mistaken. I came to split people apart and make them choose sides.

Psalm 109:4

They return my love with accusations, but I put my faith in my prayers.

Job 19:19

My companions have started to dislike me; my loved ones have driven a wedge between us. 

Matthew 26:45-46

Once Jesus came to his disciples and asked them to go ahead and take rest but to pay close attention because the time had arrived for the Son of Man to be disclosed into the hands of sinners.

Luke 12:51-53

There will be conflicts in a family of five, with two turning against the rest of the three. Fathers and sons and mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law plot against one another, while on the other hand mothers and daughters are on the same side.

John 3:16-17

God adored the world so much that he sacrificed his only Son to cure it. He made sure that those who put their faith in God shall not perish but live perpetually. 

Exodus 14:14

Trust in the Lord and keep calm; he will fight all your battles for you.

Psalm 41:9

The one who was the closest of all my comrades, someone I confided in, with whom I shared my loaf of bread, has turned his back on me.

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John 14:6

Jesus once said that he is the path, truth, and life. One cannot reach the almighty Father directly; they have to pass through Jesus to reach him.

Job 19:13

My compeers detest me and my relatives live afar. My family is no longer here, and my friends don’t remember me. 

Luke 22:56-61

When the Lord looked into his eye, that is when Peter recalled what the Lord had told him about him refusing God three times that day right from dawn.

John 3:16-17

God sent his Son on earth to not denounce the people of the earth but to rescue them from the adversities through his Son.

Psalm 27:10 – Even if my parents forsake me, I am sure that the Almighty will always be by my side.

Peter 4:13

Rejoice with him as you share the afflictions of Christ, so that when he fills the world with his splendor, you may be gleaming also with extreme delight.

Corinthians 1:5

As we partake in Christ’s sorrows, our joys overflow through him.

Hebrews 12:3

Think of the Almighty, who does nothing but quietly bears the sins committed against him, just so his people won’t lose faith and wither in pain. 

Matthew 5:10-12

Look at how blessed you are, blaming the Almighty for any ill-treatment, taunt, and evil thing that happens to you.

Psalm 55:16-17

When I reach out to the Almighty, I know he will rescue me, morning, noon and night.

I pondered over these and cried my heart out, and the Lord heard my voice.

Peter 2:23

He stayed calm and did not strike back when he was looked down upon; neither did he pet grievances and inflict revenge upon his miscreants for all his sufferings.

Romans 12:14-19

Shower your miscreants, not with curses but only blessings. Make peace with everyone around you.

Matthew 5:10-12

Those who suffer abuse for the sake of goodness, how blessed are they for owning the entire kingdom of heaven?

Hebrews 12:15

Ensure that no one misses out on God’s benediction and nobody falls victim to bitterness and hostility that causes unpleasantness to others. 

Judges 16:18

When Delilah perceived that he had spoken his heart out to her, she summoned the Lords of the Philistines and told them about everything he confessed to her. And the Lords of the Philistines thanked her, and she was paid for her betrayal.  

Philippians 3:13-14

Dear brethren, I might not understand many things, but there is one thing I know, by discarding those things that belong to the past and reaching out for those that are ahead of me, I am inclined towards being rewarded by the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.

Romans 12:14-19

Do not be overwhelmed with vengeance but give God the opportunity to express his outrage because it is written that retribution lies with him and not in the hands of mere mortals. If anyone pays back the sinners, it is the Lord.

Matthew 19:26

Jesus observed the people and told them that all things are not possible to be done by sheer humans, but with God, everything is possible. 

Isaiah 26:3

You will find yourself completely at peace with those who have loyal minds because they put their faith in you.

Peter 2:23

Christ never punished his miscreants. Instead, he left the judgment to be made in the hands of God, and he knew everyone would be treated fairly.

Romans 8:26

Our spirit guides us through our weaknesses. Sometimes when we do not know what we want to pray for, the spirit steps in through our wordless whispers. 

Lamentations 1:2

Her heart-rending cries can be heard every night, tears rolling down her pale cheeks; so many lovers and there is none to offer her solace, all her friends have been perfidious, and they are now her enemies. 

Isaiah 33:1

You will find that no sooner did you finish destroying than you are being destroyed and no sooner did you stop committing treachery than people have begun treating you treacherously.

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Proverbs 25:9-10

When you engage yourself in a quarrel with your neighbor, remember never to spill the secret of somebody else, or the person hearing it will disgrace you by spreading the word all across the town.

Romans 12:14-19

Do not be too self-conceited but surround yourself with humble people. It is the most foolish thing to think that you are wiser than you actually are.

Luke 22:21

But look, the one deceiving me has his hands with mine on the table. 

John 13:11

And throughout He had known the name of the one who was misleading him, which is why He said that not all among them were clean.

Proverbs 27:6

If loyal be the bruises of a friend, then deceitful are the kisses of a foe.

Psalm 118:8

It is wiser to seek shelter from the Almighty rather than trusting in man. 

Proverbs 29:25

The fear of mankind can be dangerous, but he who has faith in the Lord will be victorious. 


The Bible provides multiple verses regarding lying, demonstrating how serious and destructive it can be.

The anguish and consequences of betrayal are demonstrated by Judas betraying Jesus and David’s friend turning against him.

These verses encourage us to respect trust, loyalty, and forgiveness while warning us about treachery’s consequences.

The Bible instructs us to be honest and faithful in our relationships.

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