65+ Best Bible Verses About Birds

Bible verses about birds, Birds are a category of hot-blooded animals, distinguished by their plumage, blunted beaked jaws, and a pair of wings. Birds have been holding a strong symbolism in the pages of religion, folklore, and myth for millions of years across the entire globe.

Birds were known to carry messages among people from different parts of the world and thus helped in communication in the era of no telephones or telegrams. They are also known as spiritual animals as they generated peace and harmony among people in earlier times. 

Bible verses about birds

Genesis 1:20- It was then when God told us that the water would be full of living organisms. The sky above the Earth will only be for the birds to fly all over.

Isaiah 40:31- The men and women, who have complete faith in the powers of the Lord that the Lord will provide them with strength and protect them against all evils, will fly high in the sky up above just like an eagle does. They will walk past all difficulties in life and never be tired. They will go ahead in life and will never have to look back. This is the power of the Lord.

Job 38:41- No one had furnished the newborn babies of the raven with food and water when they cried out to God for helping them. They wandered all around in search of food, water, and shelter. It is God who saved them from all evils and provided them with everything they needed to survive.

Luke 12:24– The ravens here on Earth neither sow nor do they reap. They have no storerooms or barns. They have absolutely nothing. They do nothing in order to serve the Lord. Yet God provides them with food, shelter, and everything they need in order to survive. When God is so merciful, doing all these for these mere creatures who have are not even valuable, then just think of us. Just think what the Lord will do for us, the most valuable creatures on planet Earth.

Matthew 10:16- I am sending you out into the world which comprises of only wolves. Here you are nothing but just a mere sheep among millions of wolves. You have to be as sharp as a snake and, at the same time, as innocent as a dove here. Be brave and stay strong.

Matthew 10:29- In this world comprising of humans all over, two innocent sparrows are sold out just for a penny. Yet one of the two sparrows will definitely fall to the ground down under, outside the care of your Father.

Matthew 13:32- This seed is the smallest among all the other seeds that are found on planet Earth. But I am telling you, this small seed will grow and eventually become the largest tree in a garden. It will rise high up above. Then, it will grow branches and leaves. Then, birds will come in large numbers from all around the world to this tree and live on its branches and feed on its leaves and its delicious fruits.

Matthew 23:37- This message of mine is to Jerusalem and the people who live here. You are the people who mistreat the prophets who come down to planet Earth for the safety of all of you. I have always yearned to bring all your children down under one roof, just like a mother hen gathers her young little chicks under the comfort of her warm wings. Yet, you people are not willing to come together.

Proverbs 27:8- One who moves away or flees from his own home that was provided to him by the mercy of the Lord is just like a bird that flies away from its nest.

Psalm 50:11- I recognize all of the birds that are there up on the mountain living their lives. The insects that live in the fields also belong to me. Even if I was famished, I would not let you know because the entire world you see, and everything in it you see belongs only to me.

Deuteronomy 22:6-7- If by any chance you come across a nest of a bird along your way of traversal in any tree or on the floor, with the newborn babies of the bird or its eggs in it and you see the mother sitting on her young ones or simply on the eggs, you should never take the mother along with her newborn babies. If you want to, you might certainly take the young babies but let the mother fly away so that it may be very well within your control and so that you may elongate your coming days.

Matthew 6:25-27- I am telling all of you never to worry about whatever happens or will happen in your everyday life. You have enough food, water, and shelter for yourself to survive properly. Even you have more than enough clothes to live in. All of you have everything by the grace of the Lord, yet you worry. Just go and look at the birds. They have nothing. No storage of food in the storerooms, no proper shelter or clothing. Yet they do not worry and fly high in the sky. Have faith in the Lord. If he can feed such insignificant creatures, he will surely feed you all, the most valuable among them all.

Matthew 10:31- Do not have any fear in your mind. You are of much more worth to the Lord than these sparrows, therefore do not worry.

Isaiah 31:5- Just like the birds flying high above enshrouding the sky, the Lord Almighty will save Jerusalem from all the approaching evils and deliver it. He shall also pass it over and rescue it always.

Isaiah 40:29-31- The Lord provides the weak persons the power they need. He provides eternal strength to the powerless. But someday, even the young people will become fragile and exhausted. They will run out of their strength. But the people who have belief in the power of the Lord will always keep flying high in the sky, just like the eagles. The Lord will provide them with new strengths. They will never run out their energy. They will never faint, no matter what.

Ezekiel 17:3 – There was this great eagle with utmost power and full plumage. The tree did set out its roots towards his way from the garden in which its seed was sowed. It extended its roots to the place where she is to be provided with nourishment for a time.

Leviticus 11:13 – These, in addition, you will happen to loathe among all the birds; because they are loathsome, they are not meant to be consumed: the vulture, the buzzard, and the eagle.

Genesis 8:8 – And at that time, he dispatched a dove from him in order to observe whether the water had reduced in an amount from the surface of the soil or not.

Job 39:27 – Do you think that it is because of your orders that the eagle makes his way up and builds his nest at such a height?

Deuteronomy 14:13 – And there was the falcon, the kite that was ruby colored, and the kites in their various nature and category.

Job 39:26 – Do you think that it is by means of your perception that the hawk takes off into the air, drawing out its wings in the southern direction?

Leviticus 11:19 – And there was the hoopoe, and the bat, and the stork and the heron in its own nature.

Job 30:29 – And I have turned into a comrade to the jackals and a compeer of the ostriches.

Leviticus 11:16 – And there was the seagull and the ostrich and the owl and the hawk in its own nature.

Psalm 102:6 – I bear a resemblance to a pelican that lives amidst the wilds; I have turned into an owl that is found in the middle of the uncultivated regions.

Samuel 26:20 – And at that moment, you must be completely aware that not a single drop of my blood should touch the grounds, in the absence of the almighty Heavenly Father, the holy Lord; and it is because of the fact that the monarch of Israel has stepped out in search of just one flea, in the same manner as the person who tries to look for a partridge in the high hills.

Leviticus 12:6 – And when the entire process of her purification comes to an end, for a male or a female child, she shall fetch lamb of one-year-old to the clergyman at the entrance of the tent of the gathering. The lamb will be offered as a burnt sacrifice, and along with that, a juvenile pigeon or a turtledove would be offered as a sacrifice for all the sins committed. 

Numbers 11:31 – And at that moment a gust of air made its way forward coming from the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father, and it had fetched a quail with itself from the seas, and allow them to drop down by the side of the tent, with regard to one day’s voyage on this end and another day’s voyage on the other end, on all the sides of the tent and about thirty-six inches deep on the face of the soil.

Mark 14:30 – And the Son of the almighty God, Jesus Christ told him, that everything that he tells him is completely true, that by the end of this specific day before a rooster could even croak two times, he himself will have refused the almighty Supreme Being, that is Jesus, three consecutive times.       

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