45+ Bible Verses About Brokenness

Being broken is a daunting feeling; it demotivates oneself and takes a toll on their mental health. During such difficult times, one needs motivation. So, we have curated some bible verses about brokenness that will help you deal with a bruised heart and cure it.

Bible Verses about Brokenness

Philippians 4:13- I can accomplish all everything through him who gives me strength.

Corinthians 12:9- “My compassion is adequate for you,” he answered, “because my strength is immaculately conceived in weakness.” As a result, I will joyfully brag about my vulnerabilities so that the majesty of Jesus may relax on me.

Matthew 11:28- Emerge to me, all you who toil and are burdened, and I will offer you rest.

Psalm 56:8- You’ve kept a tally of my tossings and poured my sorrows into your bottle. Are they not addressed in your memoir?

Mark 11:23- Genuinely, I declare to you, whoever says to this mountainside, ‘Be picked up and thrown overboard,’ and believes in his heart because what he says will come true, it will be accomplished for him.

Ephesians 6:13- So put on all of God’s gear, that you’ll be able to endure in the dreadful day and, having completed all, to stand fast.

Romans 12:2- Don’t be persuaded to this age, but be converted by the rebuilding of your mind, so that by trials you can distinguish what God’s will is, what is excellent, suitable, and ideal.

Matthew 14:31- “O people of little confidence, why did you find it hard to believe?” Jesus said as he put out his back and pulled hold of him.

Matthew 10:1- And he summoned his twelve apostles and granted them dominion over unclean spirits, sweeping them out and healing every malady and suffering.

Hosea 6:3- To let know; let us strive on to understand the Lord; his departure is as certain as the sunrise; he will arrive at us as sprinkles, as springtime showers that nourish the ground.

Psalm 71:20- Even though you have brought me numerous and harsh trials, you will resurrect my life; you will raise me from the recesses of the grave once again.

Philippians 4:6-7- So don’t be concerned about anything, but make your requests known to God through prayer and petition with thankfulness in everything. And the assurance of God, which transcends all comprehension, will keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.

Corinthians 10:13- God is reliable, and he will not allow you to be pushed beyond your capabilities, but he will also offer a way out of the desire so that you can withstand it.

Isaiah 53:5- And he was stabbed for our trespasses, smashed for our infirmities; onto him was the sentence that ushered our healing, and we are healing by his scars.

Corinthians 10:13- There has been no enticement that has overwhelmed you; it is not normal to men. 

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Corinthians 13:4-5- Love is so kind and compassionate; it does not covet or brag; it is not haughty or disrespectful.

Psalm 118:1-18- Ah, offer praise and thanks, for he is gracious; his unfailing kindness remains eternally! “His unwavering compassion survives eternally,” Israel may say. 

Corinthians 13:6-7- This does not enjoy having its very own manner; it is not irritated or bitter; it does not exult in wickedness but rejoices in the truth. Love bears everything, believes everything, hopes everything, and suffers everything.

Psalm 118:1-18- Then let the family of Aaron proclaim, “His unwavering love continues forever.” “His unfailing devotion remains constant,” people who love the Almighty can proclaim. In my agony, I cried out to the Lord, and He rescued us and calmed me down.

Philippians 3:13-14- Brothers, I don’t believe myself to have rendered it on my own. But there is one point I do: disregarding what is far behind and pushing at what is beyond, I strive on toward the prize of God’s heavenly vocation in Christ Jesus.

Corinthians 1:8- For we wished not to have you unaware, brothers, of our tribulation that fell to everyone in East, that we had been stretched out of bounds, above endurance, to the point of frustration.

Corinthians 1:9- Although we had capital punishment in self, and therefore we should not rely upon ourselves, but also on Christ, who raised the dead.

Corinthians 1:10- Who freed us from such a dreadful death, and able to operate: in whom we have faith that he might yet yield us.

James 4:6- But he grants greater grace. As a result, he says, God opposes the arrogant but gives favor to the modest.

Galatians 2:20- I am buried with Jesus, yet I enjoy; but not I, but Lord Jesus lives in me: as well as the life I here spend in the body I live by faith in the Messiah, who loved me and sacrificed everything for me.

Psalm 34:18- The Almighty is near to those who have a lifetime of pain and saves those who have a wounded spirit.

Psalm 51:17- God’s offerings are a broken essence: a broken and repentant spirit, Dear Lord, you shall not disdain.

Psalm 147:3- He mends the brokenhearted and binds up their bruises.

Proverbs 3:5- Believe and trust with all thy heart, and do not rely on thy wisdom.

Proverbs 3:6- Recognize him in all thy ways, and he will lead thy steps.

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Isaiah 57:15- For thus declares the great and exalted One who dwelleth in perpetuity and whose name is Holy: I reside in the lofty and righteous sanctuary, with him to someone of a repentant and modest attitude, to revitalize the enthusiasm of the modest, and also to resuscitate the soul of the penitent individuals. 

John 12:24- Genuine, truth be told, I declare to you that unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it lives alone; however, if it dies, it bears many fruits.

Psalm 31:12- I am disregarded as if I were a dying person from our psyche: I am indeed a shattered glass.

Matthew 5:2-3- And he raised his lips to instruct them, saying, “Beautiful is indeed poor in soul, for man to enter the kingdom of paradise.”

Matthew 5:4-5- Fortunate are those who mourn, for they will be restored. The modest shall rule the planet, for they are privileged.

Matthew 5:6- Fortunate are those who thirst and hunger for justice, as they’ll be gratified.

Matthew 5:7- Fortunate are compassionate, for they will be showered with kindness.

Matthew 5:8-10- Fortunate who seem to have a beautiful heart because they will see Heaven. Fortunate are the humanitarians, for they will be considered God’s heirs. Fortunate are those who are afflicted for the sake of justice, for thine is a castle of paradise. 

Matthew 5:11- Fortunate will you be when peeps revile you, harass you, and falsely utter all kinds of wickedness about you for my account.

Matthew 5:12- Celebrate and be very pleased, for large is your recompense in paradise because the prophets who came before you were mistreated in the same way.

James 4:6- However, he offers greater tolerance. As a result, he says, God resists the haughty but gives favor to the modest.

Galatians 2:20- I am buried with Jesus, yet I live; but just not I, but Lord Jesus lives in me: and the life I now spend in the body I live by confidence in the Messiah, who adored me and sacrificed everything for me.

Isaiah 66:2- For so many things have been created by my fingers, and all those creatures have endured, God of Israel; but with this man will I gaze, particularly to him who is poor but of a repentant spirit, and shudders at my utterance.

James 5:16- Acknowledge your shortcomings to each other, and strive for one another’s rehabilitation. A righteous man’s effective and earnest prayer is very significant.

Jeremiah 18:1-3- The message that the Master said to Jeremiah saying, “Emerge and go straight to the miller’s household, and well I will allow ye to hear my instructions.” So, I did go down to the miller’s house, and there he was, a hammering on the stones.

Jeremiah 18:4- And the container he fashioned of mud was ruined in the miller’s hand, so he fashioned another container, as appeared acceptable to the artist to build it.

John 1:9- He is honest and to pardon our transgressions and purify us from all wrongdoing if we confess them.

Isaiah 41:10- Dread not; for I am with thee; be not terrified; because I am thy Creator: I will comfort thee; I will rescue thee; I shall sustain thee the dominant wrist of my vengeance.

Proverbs 17:22- A cheerful heart is like medication, but a shattered soul hardens the bones.

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