50+ Bible Verses about Burning Sage

Burning sage, also known by the term smudging, is a spiritual rite of a bygone era. Smudging is quite well-entrenched as an ethnic or tribal ritual of the Native Americans, even though it is not carried out by all the groups.

This ceremony involves the burning of resins or sacred herbs like white sage and also involves smoke. Here are a few Bible verses about burning sage that will help you make a better idea about it. 

Bible Verses about Burning Sage

Hebrews 9:4 – It possessed the gold-colored altar of perfume and the gold-layered ark of the covenant. This ark had the golden vessel of manna in it, along with the staff of Aaron, which had sprouted and the stone plates of the contract. 

Exodus 25:6 – And olive oil was required for the lamp; spices were needed for the blessed oil and for the perfume with a sweet fragrance.

Malachi 1:11 – The almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all universe, proclaimed that he would become renowned and famous among all the nations of the world, the place where the sun rises into the sky to the place where the sun goes down – everyone would know his name. In each and every site, pure and fragrant oblations would be offered to him, and it is because of the fact that his name would have earned immense glory among all the countries of the world. 

Psalm 141:2 – I truly hope that my invocations are put down in front of you like fragrance, and I also hope that the act of raising up of my hands looks like the offering of the end of the day. 

Revelation 5:8 – And at the time he had laid hold of it, the four souls that were alive and the twenty-four seniors dropped down before the Lamb. Each of them was in possession of a harp, and each of them carried gold-colored vessels filled with perfume, which are the invocation and appeal of the people of the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father.

Revelation 18:13 – Merchandise items of olive oil and wine, spice and cinnamon, of wheat and flour of admirable quality, of perfumes like frankincense and myrrh; sheep and livestock; wagons and horses; and of men and women as servants, were traded.Β 

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Revelation 8:3-4 – And another spiritual Messenger of God, who was in possession of a gold-colored censer, made an appearance and stood near the altar. He was presented with a large amount of perfume to sacrifice, with the requests and prayers of all the people who worshipped the almighty Heavenly Father on the gold-colored altar in front of the royal seat. The fumes from the perfume, blended with the invocations of the devotees of the Supreme Being, rose up altogether from the hands of the Angelic figure and reached before the holy Lord, the almighty Heavenly Father. 

Exodus 30:7-8 – Aaron should set the sweet-smelling perfumes on fire next to the altar each and every dawn when he takes care of the lamps. He must set the perfumes on fire for a second time when he ignites the lamps at dusk so as to ensure that the perfume will keep on burning on a regular note in front of the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father for the future progeny and many more years to come. 

John 3:16 – And on that account, the almighty Heavenly Father was so fond of the world that he sacrificed his one and only descendant, Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was sent to rescue the world. And all the people who put their faith in the holy Lord, the Supreme Being of all the universe, shall not succumb to death but continue to live till hell freezes over.

Leviticus 16:12-13 – He is supposed to be carrying a censer filled with hot coals that are on fire, from the altar in front of the holy Lord, the almighty Heavenly Father, and two handfuls of exquisitely pulverized sweet-smelling perfume and displace them at the back of the blinds. He is supposed to set the perfume on fire in front of the good God, the almighty Supreme Being of all universe, and the fumes rising from the perfume will act as a veil over the atonement cover above the gravestones of the undertaken decree, so that he would continue to live. 

Luke 1:9-10 – And he was selected by the crowd, in accordance with the traditions of the priesthood, to cross the threshold and step into the place of worship of the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all universe and ignite incense. And when it was the time for igniting the sweet-smelling perfume, all the devotees who had gathered outside the temple joined their hands in prayer. 

Proverbs 30:4 – Who has made his way to the paradise above and then descended back again? Whose palms have brought the breeze together? Who has enclosed the waters in his robe? Who is responsible for setting up all the margins and tail ends of the earth? What is he called, and what is the name by which his son is addressed? It is very evident that you are aware of all these answers. 

Revelation 20:4 – I had witnessed the royal seats on which the men who had been entrusted with the power to judge were seated. And I witnessed the inner spirits of all those who had been decapitated owing to their affirmation about the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and owing to the word of the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father. They had not made themselves devotees of the monster or its picture and had not accepted its token on their brows or hands. They made an appearance in life and ruled with the Son of God, Christ, for a thousand years. 

Luke 1:10 – And a large number of people had joined their hands together in prayer, outside the place of worship, during the time when the sweet-smelling perfume was being burnt.

Exodus 30:9 – And you are not supposed to proffer unsanctioned perfume on it, or a burnt sacrifice, or a sacrifice of the bread, and you are not supposed to initiate a beverage offering in it. 

Leviticus 10:1-2 – At that moment, Abihu and Nadab, the descendants of Aaron, each of them laid hold of their censer and set it on fire and placed perfume on it and put forward unsanctioned flames before the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all universe, which had not been instructed to them by the holy Lord. And as a result, flame and smoke emerged out from the almighty Heavenly Father, the good God, and devoured them, and they perished in front of the eyes of the Lord. 

Isaiah 1:13 – Fetch me no more of sacrifices that are of no purpose; incense is like an atrocity and disgrace to me. Sabbath and New Moon and the summoning of the gatherings – I can no longer put up with immorality, wickedness, and somber convocation.

Exodus 40:5 – And you should place the gold-colored altar for fragrance, in advance of the ark of the affirmation, and put the screen in place for the entrance of the tabernacle. 

Exodus 40:27 – And he ignited sweet-smelling perfume on it, as the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father had instructed Moses. 

Exodus 30:34-38 – And the holy Lord, the almighty Heavenly Father commanded Moses to lay hold of fresh and sugared spices, such as galbanum, and satate, and onycha, sweet condiments with fresh frankincense, and there shall be pieces of all of the items in a proportionate amount.Β 

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Deuteronomy 33:10 – And they shall educate Jacob about the rules and regulations that you have set up, and they shall teach Israel about the decrees that you have devised; they shall lay down perfume in front of you and completely scorched sacrifices on your altar. 

Chronicles 13:11 – They put forward burnt sacrifices and perfume of fresh and sugared condiments to the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe on each and every dawn and each and every dusk, laid out the Bread of Presence on the table constructed of sheer gold, and took care of the aureate lampstand so that it’s lamps may be burning every twilight. And this is because of the fact that we always follow the instructions of the holy Lord, but you seem to have abandoned him. 

Kings 9:25 – Thrice every year, Solomon used to put forward burnt sacrifices and peace offerings on the altar that he had constructed for the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, making sacrifices with it in front of the almighty Lord. So he completed building the residence. 

Numbers 16:17 – And each and everyone present here must be allowed to lay hold of his censer and apply fragrance on it, and each and every one of you fetches your censer in front of the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, two hundred and fifty censers were found. 

Exodus 30:34-38 – And formulate a blended fragrance according to the perfumer, flavored with salt, refined and sacred. You shall be able to mold some of it in the very little amount and place portions of it in advance of the evidence in the tent of the conference where I shall see you.

It shall be the most sacred experience for you. And the fragrance that you shall be formulated in accordance with its composition, you shall not be formulating it for yourselves. It shall appear to you as a sanctified offering to the good God, the Supreme Being of all the universe. And all the people who formulate a duplicate of it and utilize it as a fragrance shall be secluded from society.

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