60+ Powerful Bible Verses about Change 

Bible verses about change to help understand the process better. Change is the process or consequence of turning into someone or something different. Every object and life on earth undergoes a transformation. Sometimes change can bring about good outcomes, and sometimes it can have negative repercussions; it solely depends upon the circumstances.

60+ Powerful Bible Verses about Change | Bible Verse About Change

Hebrews 13:8 – The Son of God, Jesus Christ, will always remain unchanged. He will be as he was yesterday and as he is in the present and as he will be in the future. 

Joshua 1:9 – Did I not pass on my orders to you? You should always remain fearless and bold. You should never be afraid of anything, nor should you ever feel disheartened, because the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, is always by your side, no matter where you go. 

Jeremiah 29:11 – And on that account the holy Lord, the almighty Heavenly Father proclaimed that he was quite aware of the plans that he had for us, he had set up strategies for the well-being of people and not for immorality, to provide us with a dream and a better life ahead. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 – There happens to exist a phase for everything and correct timing for every affair taking place on the soil of the earth, under the paradise: the right hour to take birth and the right hour to depart from your soul; a right time to sow seeds and a right time to pull out what has been sown; a right time for destruction and a right time to cure; a right time to collapse and a right time to grow again; a right time to cry and a right time to laugh; a right time to throw stones away and a right time to assemble the stones together; a right time to accept and a right time to refuse. 

Romans 12:1-2 – And on that account, I make a humble plea before you, my brothers, by the grace and blessings of the almighty Heavenly Father, to put forward your bodies as a living oblation, sacred and gratifying to the Supreme Being, which would be your divine reverence to the holy Lord. 

Philippians 4:6-7 –You need not be tensed about any event, but in each and every activity that you carry out, allow your appeals and prayers to reach up to the ears of the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, through devotion and supplication with gratitude. And the peace of the holy Lord that outshines all the knowledge that you have ever gathered will protect and guide your souls and your minds in the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

Corinthians 5:17 – And on that account, if any person is one with the holy Son of God, Jesus Christ, he is a newborn creation. The aged and senile has made his exit; pay close attention, the newly born has arrived. 

Deuteronomy 31:6 – You should always be fearless and bold. You need not fear or be terrified by them, and this is because of the fact that the holy Lord, your almighty Heavenly Father, is always by your side. He will never abandon you in your times of need or ditch you. 

Corinthians 4:16-18 – And therefore we should not lose hope. In spite of the fact that our physical framework is being depleted, our inner souls are being replenished with each passing day. And it is so because this insubstantial and transient torment is getting us ready for an everlasting load of honor and delight, something that is incomparable, for we are not in need of the things that are easily visible, but we look up to the things that are hidden. And this is due to the fact that the things that are easily visible often turn out to be temporary, whereas the things that cannot be seen without effort are permanent. 

James 1:7 – All admirable gifts and every divine boon has been sent to you from the heaven above, descending down from the almighty Heavenly Father of lights who does not indulge in any sort of inequality or immorality due to transformation. 

Corinthians 15:51 – Pay close attention; I will be narrating a mysterious story to all. We shall not fall asleep, but we shall all undergo transformation. 

Malachi 3:6 – For I, the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, never undergo any transformation; hence you, O the descendants of Jacob, have not been consumed. 

Peter 3:9 – The good God, the almighty Heavenly Father is not sluggish when it comes to the fulfillment of his promises for some may see it as indolence, but he treats you with patience and is tolerant towards you, not desiring the death of any, but expecting that all should gain penitence. 

Proverbs 18:15 – The soul of a genius and astute person will always crave to be enlightened, and the ears of a sagacious person will always be in search of knowledge. 

Proverbs 19:2 – Yearning without enlightenment is not considered to be very valuable, and those who have a tendency of hurrying with their feet often miss their path. 

Timothy 3:16-17 – Each and every sacred text has been pronounced by the almighty Heavenly Father himself and is quite valuable for education, disapproval, rectification, and for schooling in moral values, so that the man of God, the Supreme Being of all the universe, may turn out to be proficient and qualified for every good job. 

Ephesians 4:22-44 – It would be very difficult to repel your old personality, which was a part of your previous ways of life and has become immoral through hollow desires, and to be able to breathe new life into the spirit of your mind, and to get dressed in your new self that was molded in honor of the resemblance of God, the almighty Heavenly Father, in true integrity and divinity. 

Numbers 23:19 – The almighty Heavenly Father is nothing like the humans, that he would resort to lying, nor is he a descendant of man, that he would be fickle-minded about his decisions. Do you think he will not carry out something he has promised to do? Or do you think that he is not capable enough to keep his vows? 

Luke 13:3 – And I will say this to you, that unless and until you feel remorse for your sins, you all are likely to die. 

Isaiah 43:18-19 – You need not keep the old things in your mind, nor think about the things of the past. Pay close attention, and I am carrying out a new job; now it is coming out in the open. Are you not able to recognize it? I will construct a path in the wildlands and build rivers amidst the deserts. 

Psalm 102:26 – They will die and make their exit from this world, but you will continue to exist; all of their conditions will begin to deteriorate like that of clothes. You will alter and replace them like a robe, and that is how their life will come to an end. 

John 1:9 – If we own up our wrongdoings, he will be loyal and fair when he showers his mercy upon us for all the sins we have committed and purifies us from immorality and evil. 

Daniel 7:25 – He will be uttering words against the Supreme Being of all the universe, and he will subject the saints of the Supreme Being to exhaustion, and he will have thoughts of altering the generation and its rules and regulations; and they will hand over to him for once, for quite long and for half a while. 

Hebrews 7:12 – And on that account, it is a matter of fact that if there is any kind of alteration in the priesthood, there will definitely be some alterations in the rules and regulations as well. 

Acts 16:31 – And they proclaimed that if you put your faith in the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ, not only will you be rescued, but also your family and your home.

Colossians 3:10 – And they have clothed themselves into their new personality, that is breathing into new life through education and enlightenment, in honor of the picture of its maker. 

Philippians 3:21 – Who will assist our poor and inferior bodies to undergo a transformation and become like his gorgeous body, with the help of the strength that permits him to even expose each and everything to himself? 

Revelation 21:5 – And the one who was sitting on the throne claimed that all people should pay close attention, for he was constructing brand new things. He also added that they should note down whatever he is saying because his words are reliable and honest. 

Psalm 18:2 – The holy Lord, the almighty Heavenly Father is my rocky foundation and my castle and my messenger, my good God, my rock bottom, in whom I seek shelter and protection, he is my support and the trumpet of my redemption, my refuge. 

Corinthians 6:11 – But you had been cleansed, you had been made holy, and you had been defended in the name of the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ, and by the spirit of the almighty Heavenly Father. 

Acts 17:30 – The almighty Heavenly Father had neglected the times of foolishness and insensibility, but now he has ordered all men on earth to feel sorry for their sins. 

Romans 12:1-2 – Do not just blindly march to the beat of the drums of this world, but allow yourself to undergo changes by the modernization of your thoughts, so that by close examination, you may be able to perceive the desires of the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father, you may be able to figure out what is morally correct and justifiable and ideal. 

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