60+ Bible Verses About Cherubims

According to the Islamic religion, cherubim are the most devoted angels or messengers of the almighty Heavenly Father, and at times they are also referred to as the Bearers of the Throne and the archangels. In a position inferior to the angels of the throne are the angels junior to Michael, who can also be recognized as the cherubim. Some bible verses regarding cherubim are as follows. 

Here are Bible verses about cherubims

Ezekiel 10:14–  Each and every one among them was in possession of four visages. The first among all of them was the countenance of a cherub. The countenance of a man was the next countenance. The countenance number three was that of a lion, and the last countenance, which was the fourth in number, was that of an eagle.

Ezekiel 28:14– You were said to be the cherub who covers. It was me who had to place you there. Your location was on the sacred hills of the Lord. You were the one to walk amidst the stones of fire.

Ezekiel 10:9– After that, I looked around me. And at that place, existed wheels, four of them, by the side of the cherubim. One wheel was placed by the side of every cherub. The wheels looked similar to the luster of a Tarshish gemstone.

Genesis 3:24– Hence he let the man out. On the eastern part of the lawn of Eden, he set down the cherubim and the blade that was flaming. The blazing sword turned in every direction in order to protect the road that led to the sapling of life.

Psalm 18:10– He rode on top of a cherub and then flew away. He sped with the help of the wings of the breeze.

Isaiah 6:2– Seraphim was the one to stand above Him. Either one of them was in possession of six wings. He used two of the wings to hide his countenance. Using the other two, he covered his feet. He flew with the help of the remaining two.

Exodus 25:20– The cherubim are said to have their wings stretched upward. Their wings cover the mercy seat, and their wings face each other. The cherubim’s countenance is supposed to move towards the chair of forgiveness. 

Ezekiel 1:6– Each of the cherubim possessed four faces and four wings each.

Ezekiel 10:5– The noise produced by the wings of the cherubim was so prominent that it could be perceived with one’s ears till the yard outside. It resembled the sound of the Almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, every time that He talked.

Ezekiel 10:12– Their entire physique, their spine, their arms, their wings, and the wheels, had been under the observation of people throughout the whole time. The wheels belonged to all four of them.

Hebrews 9:5– The mercy seat was overshadowed by the cherubim of glory high above. Yet we cannot speak about these things in detail.

Ezekiel 10:15– After that, the cherubim rose upwards. They were the living things that I observed by the Chebar River.

Ezekiel 10:8– The cherubim made an appearance in such a way that it seemed like it possessed the arm of a person beneath their wings.

Ezekiel 10:18– After that, the glory of the almighty Heavenly Father moved away from the entrance of the temple and kept a watch over the cherubim.

Exodus 25:19– You are instructed to construct a single cherub at one edge and another cherub at the opposite edge. You are required to construct the cherubim of a single piece with the chair of forgiveness situated on either of its edges.

1 Kings 8:7– The cherubim pulled out their wings above the site of the ark. The cherubim also constructed a veil above the ark and also its pillars from the top.

Exodus 25:22– Then there, I will come to meet with you. I will come directly from the seat of the mercy high above. I will make my way from the middle of the two cherubim that stay over the ark of the testament. I will talk to you about all the things I will provide you in commandment for the sons who are from Israel.

Isiah 6:3– One called out to the other person and told him that the Lord of the hosts was holy and that the whole world was full of His glory.

2 Chronicles 3:11– The length of the wings of the cherubim was measured to be three hundred and sixty inches. The first wing was ninety inches. It came in contact with the wall of the abode. The second wing also measured ninety inches and came in contact with the wing of the first cherub.

Ezekiel 10:2– He had a conversation with the man dressed in linen clothes and told him to come inside through the spinning wheels beneath the cherubim. He was then instructed to replenish his palms with hot and burning coals from the middle of the cherubim and then disperse them throughout the town. He then entered in his sight.

Ezekiel 10:16– Whenever the cherubim made movements, the wheels would travel beside them. During the time, the cherubim uplifted their wings to ascend from the soil; the wheels ceased to make any movement from by their side.

Ezekiel 11:22– After that, the cherubim raised their wings. The wheels were placed by their side. The glory of the Lord of Israel surrounded them from up above.

Exodus 37:9– The cherubim covered the seat of the mercy by their wings spread upwards. They were facing one another. The countenance of the cherubim was pointed at the chair of forgiveness. 

Ezekiel 9:3– The grace of the almighty Heavenly Father of Israel rose up from the cherub that had been receiving it for so long and passed on to the entrance of the church. Then, He called out to the man dressed in clothes made up of linen, whose loins were the writing case.

Ezekiel 10:4– Then the grace of the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father, rose up and traveled from the cherub to the entrance of the church. The church was then replenished with the cloud, and the court was replenished with the luminosity of the grace of the Supreme Being of all the universe.

Revelation 4:8– All of the four creatures who are living have six wings each. They are under observation from all over and inside out. The day and the night do not stop to say that the Lord God is holy and that the Almighty was and is and is to come here.

Exodus 26:31– You are ordered to make a veil of blue and purple color and scarlet material. They are supposed to be manufactured out of fine twisted linen. It shall be made with the help of cherubim. It should be the precious work of a workman who is efficient and skillful.

Isiah 37:16– The God of Israel, the Lord of hosts, is enthroned above the cherubim. He is the God, the supreme power. He alone is the king of all kingdoms on planet earth. He was the one who had created both heavens as well as the earth.

Numbers 7:89 – And at the time that Moses made his way inside the tent of the conference, to have a talk with Him, he could hear the sound of a voice uttering something to him from above the chair of forgiveness that was on the ark of the testament, from amidst the two cherubim, so He decided to have a word with him. 

Exodus 25:18– You are required to construct two cherubim out of gold, construct them and fashion them with a hammer into a creation that would be placed at the two endings of the chair of forgiveness. 

Kings 6:35 – He had sculpted blossoms in the open, palm trees, and cherubim, and he covered them with gold uniformly spread over the inscribed creation. 

Samuel 4:4 – And on that account, the men who were dispatched to Shiloh, they transported from there the ark of the covenant of the almighty Heavenly Father of angels, the Supreme Being of all the universe who prefers to be seated on top of the cherubim; and the two descendants of Eli, Phinehas, and Hophni, were present with the ark of the covenant of the holy Lord. 

Ezekiel 1:22– And at that time, there existed something similar to a stretch of the field above the heads of the human beings, something similar to the stunning shine of crystal laid out above their heads. 

Samuel 6:2 – And David stood up on his feet, and as he prepared himself to make his way to Baale-Judah, he was accompanied by all the men who were by his side, in order to fetch from there the ark of the holy Lord, the almighty Heavenly Father, which is known by the Name, the exact Name of the divine God of angels who is enthroned over the cherubim. 

Psalm 80:1 – Oh the herdsman of Israel, the one who showed the path to Joseph in a way in which someone leads their herd, I beseech you to listen with supreme attention; The ones who are enthroned over the cherubim, shall live an extraordinary life from this time onwards. 

Psalm 99:1 – The almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, rules over and let all the citizens quiver with fear; He is seated on a throne over the cherubim, let the earthly soil shake like a leaf. 

Kings 19:15 – Hezekiah joined his hands in prayer, in front of the good God, the almighty Heavenly Father, and addressing him as the holy Lord of Israel, he said that he who is seated on a throne over the cherubim, is the Supreme Being of all the universe and that only he is the ruler of all the domains of the earth, and is the creator of earth and paradise. 

Kings 8:6-7 – And then the clergymen fetched the ark of the covenant of the almighty Heavenly Father, the Supreme Being of all the universe, to its location, into the temple situated inside the abode, to the place of utmost divinity, below the pinions of the cherubim. 

Kings 7:29 – And on the boundaries that were located in the middle of the frames, there existed cherubim, lions, and oxen; and on the frameworks, there was a plinth present above, and underneath the oxen and the lions, garlands of hanging art were present. 

Kings 7:36 – He chiseled carvings of palm trees, cherubim, and lions, on the layer of its wires and on its boundaries, in accordance with the empty area available on each, with garlands all around. 

Chronicles 3:14 – And he prepared the mantle using high-quality linen and of various colors like purple, violet, and crimson, and he carved cherubim on it. 

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