70+Bible Verses About Courage: Finding Strength in Scripture

Bible verses about courage can be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to overcome fear and uncertainty.

Courage is an essential quality that allows us to take bold steps toward our dreams, face our fears, and stand up for what is right.

Throughout the Bible, there are many stories of people who demonstrated great courage in the face of adversity, from David and Goliath to Daniel in the lion’s den.

Whether you’re facing a difficult situation or need encouragement, these Bible verses can help you find the strength and courage you need to keep going.

Bible Verses About Courage: Unleashing Your Inner Courage

Deuteronomy 31:6– Don’t be intimidated or afraid of them; instead, be strong and bold. The Lord will never leave your side and always be there to guide you.

Joshua 1:9– Isn’t it true that I told you to be brave and strong? Do not be scared because the Lord is with you.

Chronicles 17:25– Your servant has found the confidence to pray in your presence now that you, my God, have revealed to him that you would build him a house.

Psalm 27:14– Always be courageous and passionate. Believe in the Lord, and he will show up.

Psalm 31:24– All of you who put your faith in the Lord, be strong and fearless in your hearts.

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Proverbs 28:21– It is not desirable to be partial, yet even the most daring person may make a mistake for a slice of bread.

Isaiah 41:6– “Take courage!” each one exclaims as they assist the other.

Proverbs 20:24– How can anybody comprehend his path when the Lord sets even a bold person’s steps?

Amos 2:16– On that day, even the most valiant soldiers would flee naked, according to the Lord’s declaration.

Micah 3:8– However, the Spirit of the Lord has endowed me with strength, justice, and confidence to reveal to Jacob his disobedience and to Israel his transgression.

Matthew 9:22– When Jesus looked around, he noticed her. He told her, “Have courage, daughter.” “Your faith has rescued you.” And from that point forward, the woman was healed.

John 16:33– These words will comfort your soul. This world will bring you misery. Take a risk! I’ve conquered the entire globe.

Matthew 14:27– Jesus addressed them right away. “Have courage!” says the narrator. It’s me. “Do not be alarmed.”

Acts 23:11– The Lord stood by him the next night and whispered, “Have courage!” Because you testified in Jerusalem about me, it is now required for you to testify in Rome.” 

Acts 27:22– Now I implore you to have bravery, for just the ship will be lost, not any of your lives.

Corinthians 16:13– Be vigilant, steadfast in your faith, fearless, and strong.

Acts 27:25– So take heart, gentlemen, because I am confident that everything will turn out just as I was informed.

Philippians 1:20– My fervent anticipation and hope are that I will not be embarrassed by anything, but that Christ will be gloriously glorified in my body, whether by life or death, now as always, with all bravery.

Deuteronomy 31:6– So, be brave and powerful! Do not be alarmed or panicked in front of them, for the Lord will always guide you. He will never betray you.

Samuel 10:12– Take a risk! Let us battle valiantly for our people and God’s towns. May the wish of the Lord be always fulfilled.

Samuel 17:10– Even the fiercest troops will be immobilized by fear, even if they have the heart of a lion. Your father is a powerful warrior; his troops are brave, as all of Israel knows.

Samuel 22:46– They all lose their courage and flee their fortresses terrified.

Chronicles 19:13– Take a risk! Let us battle valiantly for our people and God’s towns. May the wish of the Lord be always fulfilled.

Chronicles 15:7– But, as for you, be brave and strong, since your efforts will be rewarded.

Chronicles 19:11– Take confidence as you carry out your responsibilities, and may the Lord be with those who do the right thing.

Job 11:18– You will get bravery if you have hope. You will be able to have a sound sleep and feel protected.

Psalm 18:45– They all lose their bravery and emerge from their fortresses frightened.

Psalm 27:14– Wait for the Lord patiently. Be daring and brave. Yes, patiently await the Lord.

Psalm 31:24– So, those of you who put your faith in the Lord, be strong and courageous!

Acts 27:25– So, go for it! Because I believe in God. It will happen just as he stated.

Corinthians 16:13– Always be on the lookout. Keep your trust strong. Do not be afraid. Be brave.

Thessalonians 2:2– Despite strong opposition, our God gave us the strength to proclaim his Good News to you courageously.

James 5:8– You must be patient as well. Take heart, for the Lord’s return is nigh.

Deuteronomy 31:6– Be brave. Take a chance. Don’t be frightened. Don’t think about them since your God is already ahead of you. He is standing right beside you and will not leave you alone.

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Ephesians 6:19– Also, please remember to pray for me. Please pray for me to know what else to say and the ability to say this at the right time, exposing the truth to everyone, the Revelation that I, the jail evangelist, am accountable for implementing.

Revelation 2:2-3– I see what you’ve accomplished, your tireless efforts and resolve to give up. I know you can’t stand wickedness and sift out apostolic impostors. 

Titus 2:15– Tell everyone about it. Build their bravery and discipline them if they fail to follow the rules. You’re the boss. Allow no one to put you down.

Revelation 2:2-3– I’m aware of your tenacity and courage in my cause and that you never give up. 

Chronicles 28:20– “Be strong and fearless, and do the task,” David told Solomon, his son. 

Joshua 1:6– Be courageous and robust because you will guide these people to the paradise I entrusted their forefathers.

Chronicles 28:20– Do not be scared or disheartened, for the Lord, my God, is with you. He will not forsake or abandon you till all the work for the Priest’s temple has been accomplished.

Isaiah 41:10– So be not frightened since I am beside you; be not startled since I am your Lord. I will empower and aid you, and I will support you with my fair right hand.

Timothy 1:7– God gives us a spirit of power, love, and self-control, not fear and timidity.

Numbers 13:20– And whether the land is wealthy or poor, whether there are trees or not, be courageous and bring some of the land’s fruit. It was the period of the very first ripe grapes.

John 4:18– There is no danger in love. Fear, on the other extreme, is related to punishment. Thus, perfect love pushes it away. In love, anxious people are not equally matched.

Ezra 7:28– And he showed me his unwavering love in front of the king, his advisors, and all the king’s powerful officers. 

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Samuel 7:27– For you, Lord of Heaven, God of Abraham, have disclosed to your servant, saying, “I will construct you a house,” announcing, “I will construct you a house.” As a result, your servant has summoned the fortitude to offer you this prayer.

Ezra 7:28– I collected leading men from Israel to accompany me up because the hand of the Lord, my God, was on me.

Ephesians 6:10– Last but not least, be strong in the Lord and the might of His might.

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