60+ Bible Verses About Creativity

We all crave to be creative in whatever we do; we always want to stand out from the crowd. But, at times, it becomes difficult. We feel demotivated or suffer from creativity blocks. This article has a list of inspiring bible verses on creativity that will help you to rebuild your motivation and kickstart your creativity!

Bible Verses About Creativity

Ephesians 2:10– After all, we are his workmanship, created in Lord Jesus for good deeds, which God planned for anyone to walk in.

Genesis 1:27– So God created male in his image, mostly insight of The Lord; male and female he created them.

Colossians 3:23– Whatever you do, do it with zeal as if you were working for the Lord rather than for mankind.

Genesis 1:1– God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning.

Proverbs 22:29– Do you notice a man who is good at what he does? He will appear in front of monarchs but not in front of commoners.

Timothy 4:14– Do not disregard the gift you were given by prophesying when the council of elders placed their hands on you.

Corinthians 5:17– As a result, anybody who believes in Christ is a new creature. The old is gone; look, the new has here.

Amos 4:13– For see, he who produces the morning darkness and treads on the earth’s heights is the Lord, the God of hosts, who shapes the mountains and generates the wind. 

Daniel 1:17– God bestowed wisdom and talent on these four youths in all fields of philosophy and literature, and Daniel understood all sights and dreams.

Amos 4:13– The Lord, the Creator of hosts, declares to man what is in his thoughts, who produces the morning gloom and walks on the earth’s heights!

Ecclesiastes 3:11– Everything he’s made has been fantastic in its own right. He has also implanted eternity in man’s heart, but he is unable to comprehend what God has accomplished from beginning to end.

Ephesians 3:20– Now to God who, as per the presence in the world within us, can do far more generously than we can ask or conceive.

Exodus 35:35– He has given them the ability to accomplish any type of job that an engraver, a designer, or an embroiderer in blue, purple, and scarlet yarns and exquisite twined linen, or a weaver—by any type of workman or talented designer—would do.

Genesis 1:26– God said, “Let us create man in our shape, after our likeness.”

Genesis 2:3– So God blessed and declared the seventh day holy since it was on it that God rested from all of his labor in creating.

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Genesis 1:26– Give them authority over all the sea creatures, all the birds of the sky, all the animals, all the ground, and all crawling things that creep on the earth.”

Genesis 2:7– The Lord God then formed a man from dust and morphed into his nostrils, converting him into a breathing being.

Isaiah 40:28– Have you been unaware of this? Have you missed the news? The Almighty is the everlasting God, the Maker of the ends of the earth. He doesn’t pass out or feel tired; his comprehension is limitless.

Isaiah 42:5– Thus God of Israel, who created man and expanded them forth, who fanned out the world and all that proceeds from it, who breathed new life into those who dwell on it and supplies spirit to all who walk in it.

Isaiah 45:9– “Woe to the potter who struggles with the potter who fashioned him, a pot amid clay pots!” “Does the clay inquire of the person molding it, ‘What else are you attempting to make?’ or ‘Your creation lacks handles?”

Isaiah 64:8– Now, Father, you are our Parent; we are indeed the clay, then you’re the craftsman; we all are your workmanship.

Isaiah 65:17– “Behold, I create new realms and a spiritual world, and the previous things shall pass away.”

Jeremiah 10:12– He is the one who created the planet with his might, structured the universe with his knowledge, and stretched forth the sky with his comprehension.

John 1:3– Everything was produced through him, and nothing was created that wasn’t made through him.

Luke 1:37– Because nothing is impossible with God.

Matthew 25:16– He who had gotten the five talents immediately went and exchanged with them, gaining five talents in the process.

Proverbs 4:23– Maintain care over your heart, for it is from it that the fountains of life flow.

Psalm 104:24– O Lord, how numerous are your works! With knowledge, you made them all, and the country is full of your creations.

Psalm 139:14– I worship you because you created me fearfully and beautifully. Your paintings are magnificent; my soul is well aware of this.

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Romans 1:20– Because his invisible traits, such as his everlasting power and divine essence, have been discernible in the things that have been created since the beginning of time. As a result, they don’t have any justification.

Romans 12:2– Don’t be molded to this earth, but be transformed by the remaking of your thinking, so that you can distinguish what is Divine will, what is acceptable, and pure through testing.

Romans 12:6– Let us use our gifts, which vary depending on the grace bestowed upon us: if prediction, in accordance to our faith.

Psalm 139:13– Because You created my internal organs and weaved me in my mother’s womb. I will thank You since I am truly and wonderfully made; Your works are magnificent, and my spirit is well conscious of it.

Psalm 139:16– Your senses have seen my amorphous nature, and then all the days that have been assigned to me were written in Your record, although there was nothing at the period.

Exodus 35:30– “See, the Lord has called by name Bezalel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah,” Moses told the people of Israel. And the Spirit of God has infused him with wisdom, insight, and knowledge, as well as all workmanship.

Chronicles 22:15– Furthermore, you have numerous workers with you, including stonecutters, stonemasons, and carpenters, as well as all those skilled in other trades. 

Chronicles 22:16– There is no limit to the amount of gold, silver, bronze, or iron that can be used. “Get up and work, and may the Lord bless you.” 

Psalm 149:3– Let them dance in honor of His name and sing praises to Him on the timbrel and lyre.

Habakkuk 2:18– “What good is an idol sculpted by its maker, or an image, a teacher of deception?” When it comes to creating wordless idols, its Creator has faith in his craftsmanship.

Deuteronomy 27:15– ‘Whoever builds an idol or even a molten figure, an obscenity to the Almighty, the work of the artisan’s hands, and places it in private is cursed.’ And everyone will say, ‘Amen.’

Kings 19:18– They have thrown their idols into the fire, for they were not gods, but human creations made of wood and stone. As a result, they’ve destroyed them.

Isaiah 40:19– A master artisan creates the idol. A goldsmith coats it in gold, while a silversmith creates silver chains.

Isaiah 40:20– He who cannot afford such a present picks a non-rotting timber and seeks for a talented artisan to make a stable idol.

Acts 19:23– There was a minor commotion surrounding the Way at that time. Because a silversmith called Demetrius, who created silver shrines of Artemis, was bringing in a lot of business for the artisans.

Acts 19:24– You may see and hear that Paul has convinced and turned away a large number of people not just at Ephesus, but virtually across Asia, by arguing that gods fashioned with hands are no gods at all.

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