70+ Bible Verses about Death of a Child

The death of a child is the most unfortunate event that can take place in a parent’s life. We might all wish for nothing unfortunate, but fate and destiny are not in our hands. These bible verses will teach you a lot about the death of a child and also clear your mind of some of the misconceptions that prevail.

Here are Bible Verses about Death of a Child

Samuel 12:18– We spoke to the infant while he was still alive, but he did not respond to our voice. How can we then inform him that the infant is no longer alive because he could kill himself?

Kings 3:19– Because she slept on it, this woman’s son died in the middle of the night.

Samuel 12:23– But now that he’s gone, why then should I fast? Can he be brought back? I am ready to go, find him but he won’t come to me.

Genesis 21:16– “Do not let me witness the kid die,” she pleaded as she sat down beside him, about a bowshot away. And she sat across from him, sobbing and raising her voice.

Mark 13:12– A brother would sell his sibling to death, just as a father would betray his child, and children would revolt against their family and have them slain.

Jeremiah 9:21– Because death has invaded our castles via our windows. To remove children from the streets and young men from municipal squares.

Revelation 2:23– So I will kill her kids with plague, and all the nations will know because I am He who examines the hearts and thoughts, so I will deliver to each of you according to your actions.

Kings 14:12– Now get up and go to your residence. The infant will perish when your footsteps enter the city.

Deuteronomy 24:16– Parents will not be punished for their sons’ faults, nor sons for their fathers’ sins; everyone will be punished for his fault.

Deuteronomy 21:18– If any man has a difficult and disobedient son who would not follow his father or mother and would not even listen to them when they scold him. 

Samuel 12:21– You fasted and cried while the infant was alive, but when the baby had died, you awoke and ate food.

Kings 4:26– Please hurry to meet her and ask her, ‘How are you?’ Is everything going okay with your husband? ‘Is everything all right with the child?'” “It is well,” she said.

Proverbs 19:18– Punish your son when there is still a chance, but do not wish for his death. 

Kings 4:32– When Elisha entered the house, he saw the kid dead on his bed. 

Matthew 16:28– Truly, I tell you, some among you will not die unless they see the Man appear in His kingdom.

Mark 5:39– And when He entered, He said to them, “Why to cause a ruckus and weep?” “The youngster has not dead; rather, he is sleeping.”

Matthew 9:24– “Leave; the lady has not passed but is sleeping,” he remarked. And they started laughing at Him.

Samuel 4:20– “Do not be scared, for you have delivered birth to a son,” the ladies who stayed by her stated around the moment of her death. But, she did not pay any heed.

Matthew 22:24– “Teacher,” he inquired, “Moses said, ‘If a man dies without having offspring, his brother as the next of blood shall join his wife and raise kids for his brother.”

John 3:10– This distinguishes between the sons of God and the descendants of the devil: anybody who does not exercise holiness is not of Christ, nor is anyone that doesn’t respect his brother.

Kings 3:21– When I arose in the morning to feed my kid, he was lifeless; nevertheless, when I inspected him attentively, he was not my successor, whom I had borne.”

Mark 12:22– As a result, none of the seven had children. Last but not least, the woman died.

Kings 4:20– He sat on his mother’s lap till noon, when he died.

Proverbs 23:13– Do not withhold discipline from the kid; even if you hit him with the whip, he will not die.

Ecclesiastes 6:3– If a guy bears a hundred kids and lives for many years, however many, but his spirit is unsatisfied with enjoyable things, and he does not have a suitable burial, I say, “Better the miscarriage than he.”

Ezekiel 18:32– “For I have no delight in anyone’s death,” says the Lord God. “As a result, repent and live.”

Matthew 2:20– “Rise, take the Kid and His mother, and travel into the state of Israel; for those who desired the Child’s life have perished.”

Proverbs 23:14– You must hit him with the rod to save his soul from Sheol.

Genesis 35:19– As a result, Rachel died and was buried while traveling to Ephrath.

Luke 20:29– There were now seven brothers, and the first married but died childlessly. 

Exodus 11:5– And all the firstborn in Egypt must perish, from the offspring of the Pharaoh who sits on his palace to the offspring of the girl who is behind the millstones, as well as all the livestock.

Exodus 21:15– He who assaults his father or mother will undoubtedly be executed.

Genesis 35:18– She named him Ben-oni as her spirit was going (because she died), but his father renamed him Benjamin.

Hebrews 2:15– It may set free individuals who have been enslaved their entire lives due to fear of death.

John 11:4– When He heard this, He responded, “This disease is not for death, but the power of God, so that the Messiah may be exalted by it.”

Revelation 21:4– Because the old order of things has gone away, there will be no more death, sorrow, weeping, or suffering.

Thessalonians 4:13– We don’t would like you to be uninformed of those who sleep in death, so you don’t cry such as the rest of mankind, who has no hope.

Thessalonians 4:14– Because we think that Christ died and rose again, we think God will bring those who have gone to sleep in him with him.

Thessalonians 4:15– We tell you, per the King’s teaching, that those who’re still living and will be present until the Lord’s return will not undoubtedly advance those who have gone asleep.

Thessalonians 4:16– For the King himself will come from heavens with a loud proclamation, an archangel’s shout, and the noise of God’s horn, and the buried in Jesus will rise first.

Thessalonians 4:17– Following that, individuals who are still alive and remain will be carried up into the sky to meet the King in the air. As a result, we shall spend eternity with the Lord.

Thessalonians 4:18– As a result, use these remarks to encourage one another.

Leviticus 20:13– If a guy has sexual contact with another male in the same way as a woman does with another female, all of them have done something bad. They are to be executed, and their bloodshed will be on their respective heads.

Romans 1:27– Similarly, males abandoned natural relationships with women and became enamored with one another. 

Luke 1:36– Even Elizabeth, your cousin, will have a child in her old age, and she is already in her sixth month, although she was thought to be infertile.

Mark 9:42– If someone causes one of these tiny ones that believe in me—to stumble, a heavy millstone should be slung around their neck, and they should be tossed into the sea.

Jude 1:7– Similarly, Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the neighboring cities, succumbed to sexual immorality and depravity. 

Exodus 21:22– If two persons are bickering and one of them slaps a pregnant woman, causing her to give birth prematurely but causing no serious injury, the perpetrator must pay whichever the woman’s husband demands and the court permits.

Hosea 13:16– Because they had revolted against their God, the inhabitants of Samaria must pay their sins. They will be slain by the sword, their infants shoved to the floor, and their expectant mothers ripped apart.

Genesis 3:16– “I will make your childbearing pangs exceedingly intense,” he stated to the woman, “and you will deliver birth to children via difficult labor.” Your passion is for your husband, and he will be in charge of you.”

Micah 5:2– And you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, albeit little among the clans of Judah, will provide for me one who will be king over Israel, whose roots date back to ancient times.

Acts 7:19– He was deceitful to our people and oppressive to our forefathers, forcing them to throw away their newborn kids so they would die.

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