55+ Bible Verses About Happiness: Finding Joy in the Word

Bible verses about happiness can help us find joy and contentment. These verses remind us that true happiness comes from God and that we can experience joy even in difficult times.

Whether we are seeking comfort, encouragement, or inspiration, the Bible has something to offer everyone who wants to live a happy life.

A common thing every individual wants in life is undoubtedly happiness. Irrespective of the lemons life throws, you must always stay happy and smiling.

Below is a list of Bible Verses associated with happiness, which will motivate you and cheer you up!

What Does The Bible Say About Happiness?

The Bible talks of happiness. True joy, it claims, comes from a strong relationship with God, not from objects around us.

Instead of striving after worldly success, the Bible encourages us to be happy with spiritual blessings.

We discover comfort and learn that contentment comes from seeking God’s presence and following His methods throughout the Psalms.

According to Jesus, true happiness comes from being humble, kind, and living for God’s kingdom.

The Bible also encourages us to thank and rejoice in all circumstances. Finally, it teaches us that true happiness comes from living a life that is in line with God’s will and finding fulfillment in Him.

Powerful Bible Verses on Happiness

Romans 15:13

The Almighty will help one discover peace and joy and let him be surrounded by hope if one chooses to believe in the power of the Spirit.

Ecclesiastes 2:26

God provides happiness, wisdom, and immense knowledge to one and all who please him. However, a sinner will get the daunting task of storing wealth all lifelong.

Timothy 6:6

Those who pursue godliness should do so by being content with whatever circumstance they are in, as it is rightfully said that we bring nothing along with us in this world. We leave with nothing, and one can be happy even with the basic necessities of life.

Luke 6:21

God will bless those who are hungry and fill them with food, and He shall also bless those who weep in misery and provide them a source of mirth if he chooses to maintain his faith in Him.  

Ecclesiastes 9:7

God commends and approves those who rejoice in their lives with enjoyment in times of prosperity, as it will remind them of the blessing from their Lord for having faith in Him.

Psalm 30:5

One should be reminded that even if God shows His anger towards people for their wrongdoings due to His righteousness, He will never leave their side and always be a source of their lifelong happiness as His anger is short-lived. 

Psalm 37:4

God only asks His followers to take delight in their beliefs about Him, and in turn, being the benevolent Spirit, He will grant all the wishes and happiness to them.

Philippians 4:4

One must always rejoice in the Lord, and only then can he realize that God plays all the part in one’s happiness, and acknowledging this will fill his life with boundless joy and peace.

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Psalms 126:5

The Lord ensures that those who have to go through any suffering or sacrifices find their way out and that happiness prevails upon them and ensures their well-being.

Psalm 19:8

The Almighty mandates certain commandments and regulations, but they aim to provide His followers with the correct and truthful path to their inner peace and happiness.

James 1:2-3

Everyone has to face many problems in their lives, and it is in these moments their faith is tested, but it is not to be feared as being resilient in such hard times will bear the gift of untold happiness in coming times.

Psalm 34:5

God will not allow anyone to grovel with shame for any sin he has committed. He will rather allow the tormented soul to ask for His forgiveness and will ensure his return to the path of righteousness and happiness.

Psalm 16:11

Keeping the faith in the Lord intact at all times and being dedicated to His beliefs will reveal the correct path to be followed in life, the path which will take His followers to unparalleled Joy and happiness.

Romans 14:17

Among the liberties available in service to the Holy Spirit, one should choose to benefit from the joy and happiness of having faith in Him and experiencing the righteousness before him. 

Proverbs 29:18

God provides the knowledge and guides all His followers so they may have the vision to see the path they must follow to lead their lives to happiness and fulfillment.

Matthew 5:9

One should try to make peace with himself and should make peace with others to rejoice in the Lord’s glory and be blessed by Him, and this will allow one to be happy and satisfied.    

Matthew 25:21

The Lord will allow His followers to share His joy and happiness if they are always faithful to Him and dutiful when they are given any responsibilities.

Peter 3:14

God ensures that even if His followers have to suffer in any way for the sake of righteousness and if they stay fearless despite the trouble they are facing, He will always praise them with happiness and well-being.

James 5:13

A person should always, in all circumstances, be inclined to pray as it will allow him to move closer to the Almighty, and thus, he will be blessed, which will help him get through grief and allow him to celebrate during good times.

Psalm 28:7

The Lord will provide strength and protection from darkness to all His followers that are devoted to Him and trust Him with all their faith, and they can feel happy and rejoice in their Lord’s glory.

Psalm 30:11

There is always light, even at the darkest times. God provides this light to His faithful followers and takes away their sorrow, and just as morning comes after night, He will transmute their laments into Joy.  

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Corinthians 6:10

God provides wisdom as well as a vision to be content in life. If one has faith in Him, he can be generous even in poverty and happy in times of sadness. Having faith will channel God’s generosity and strength inside him.

Psalms 146:5

God is a faithful friend and supporter, but to befriend Him, one must accept His love and righteousness and follow His principles. The Lords trust those faithful to Him and will safeguard their well-being and keep them cheerful.

Proverbs 16:20

One must be wise and prudent and keep their trust in the Almighty, and under His guidance, they will be able to find the correct balance of happiness, satisfaction, and pleasures in their life.

Proverbs 10:28

To obtain God’s blessing and keep following His plan where one can find joy and satisfaction, one must keep good intentions and adhere to the path of righteousness.

Psalm 128:1

One must preserve the sanctity of their devotion to the Almighty, and their faith must be professed in good conscience, i.e., they should fear the Lord irrespective of their background and be ready to walk in His ways.

Psalms 92:4

God’s divine providence, as well as his work at creation, is a reason for great happiness and gaiety, and the realization of such work in the form of praises and prayers will keep His followers in His good grace.

Philippians 4:19

God helps those who themselves provide for others, even in hard times, by meeting their needs spiritually and providing the wisdom and the correct perception of being content and happy; he rewards generosity with His own form.

Ecclesiastes 3:12

The Lord has blessed everyone with the truth that good virtues and morality, keeping one’s faith and gratitude for the Lord’s actions, will bring about joy and contribute to spiritual well-being.

Kings 10:8

The Lord’s servants who stand before Him to continually absorb His Holy wisdom have full faith in His love for them and His righteousness as they are blessed with prosperity and satisfaction; hence they rejoice in exultation.

Jeremiah 15:16

The Revelations of God or the truths that He serves in the form of His wise words are food for the souls of His followers as they are welcome in their minds in a way that satisfies the spiritual needs that keep the soul content and happy.

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Romans 15:13

The Almighty is a source of true and continuous hope. Trust in Him, and He will allow us to experience all the happiness and comfort necessary. This trust will make one confident in placing hope in God, and He will deliver his blessing in return.

Proverbs 17:22

One should always choose to rejoice and praise the works of God and not allow themselves to be drawn into causes of misery and sadness. This perception will help keep a person cheerful and joyful, which will help greatly in overcoming even difficult times. 


The Bible teaches us about happiness, emphasizing that genuine joy comes from having a relationship with God and living according to His principles.

Verses like Psalm 144:15 remind us that true happiness is found in knowing and obeying the Lord.

In Matthew 5:3-12, Jesus teaches that those who embrace humility, righteousness, and God’s kingdom will experience authentic happiness. Ultimately, true fulfillment is found in seeking God and His ways.

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