60+ Bible Verses on Absalom for Faithfulness and Loyalty

The story of Absalom is one of greed and pride and teaches one that having selfish motives and working against God’s plan can cause many regrets and ultimately lead to one’s downfall.

Following are some Bible verses to provide some insight into the life of the tragic Biblical figure and to learn some important lessons from it.

What Does Bible Say About Absalom?

2 Samuel 18:18 – Absalom, during his time on earth, had erected for himself a pillar located in king’s dale because he claimed that he had no son to pass on his heritage and keep his remembrance. He named it after himself, and it is still known as Absalom’s monument.

2 Samuel 15:4 – Absalom aspired that had he been made judge of the land, he would give justice to any man who came to him with a dispute or a reasonable cause.

2 Samuel 15:6 – To all men of Israel who wished to seek the counsel of the king for his judgment, Absalom acted in the same way. In this way, he stole their trust and confidence. 

2 Samuel 14:25 – In all of Israel, no other person was praised and admired more than Absalom for his beauty because they saw that he had no blemishes from the top of his head to the sole of his feet.

2 Samuel 13:25 – The king said to Absalom that they should all not go along with him as it would be a burden to him. Absalom tried to convince him, but the king did not agree and instead blessed him.

2 Samuel 13:28 – Absalom commanded his servants to mark when Amnon was drunk with wine and instructed them that they should hit Amnon and kill him when he gave the word. He encouraged them to be brave and valiant, for he had commanded them, and they should trust him.

2 Samuel 13:37-38 – But Absalom escaped and went to Talmai, who was the son of the king of Geshur, Ammihud and David lamented for his son every day. Absalom had to seek refuge in Geshur for three years.

2 Samuel 15:2 – And Absalom woke up early and stood beside the gate, and when any man with a dispute had come to the king for his judgment, Absalom asked him which city he was from, to which he humbly replied that he was from one of Israel’s tribes.

2 Samuel 15:17 – And the king went ahead and rested in a place that was distant, and all the people also followed him to this place.

2 Samuel 15:7 – After four years had passed, Absalom asked the king to allow him to leave for Hebron, where he wanted to fulfill a promise he had made to the Lord.

2 Samuel 17:14 – The men of Israel, along with Absalom, were of the same consent that Ahithophel’s advice was not as good as the one given by Hushai the Arkite. This is because to ensure the downfall of Absalom, the Lord had decided to thwart Ahithophel’s good advice.

2 Samuel 16:23 – During those times, Ahithophel’s advice was considered to be one given by a person who had asked and gathered information from God. This is how both David and Absalom saw his advice.

2 Samuel 16:17 – Absalom wanted to know from Hushai if this was the love that he showed to a friend. Had he really been his friend, then Hushai would have gone along with him. 

2 Samuel 15:12 – Absalom had asked for Ahithophel the Gilonite, who was the advisor of David, to come to him when he was offering sacrifices from his hometown, Giloh. And so his scheme had developed further and had gained more support.

2 Samuel 14:21 – The king agreed with Joab and expressed his willingness to do the task. He then directed Joab to go and fetch the young fellow who was Absalom.

2 Samuel 13:29 – Absalom’s men carried out his orders by doing to Amnon what he had asked of them. After that, the king’s sons got up on their rides and escaped from the place.

2 Samuel 14:24 – The king had ordered Absalom to return to his house and not come in front of him. Thus, he did what was told, and without seeing the king, he went to his house.

2 Samuel 15:3 – Absalom would reply to the person by saying that the king appointed no official to hear his disputes, even if his claims were legitimate and reasonable.

2 Samuel 15:31 – David had been informed about Ahithophel’s involvement and Absalom’s involvement in plotting against him. Hence, he prayed to God so that He would take away Ahithophel’s wisdom in his advice given to Absalom.

2 Samuel 17:1 – Ahithophel informed Absalom that if he had been in the latter’s place, then he would have set out that night to capture David, along with twelve thousand selected men.

2 Samuel 14:30 – Absalom informed his servants that Joab’s field, where he grew barley, was located beside his own field and commanded them to set fire to it. Hearing this, the servants did as he directed and set the field on fire.

2 Samuel 18:32 – The king enquired about Absalom’s health and safety to the Cushite, who replied stating that he wished that all the enemies of the king and those who wish to harm him end up like Absalom.

2 Samuel 13:4 – Amnon was asked why the king’s son appeared grim and exhausted every day is. He then replied to this question by stating that he had been in love with his brother, Absalom’s sister, who was called Tamar.

2 Samuel 15:19 – The king wanted to know from Ittai the Gittite the reason why he would accompany them. The king directed him to return to his king, Absalom, stating that he was an outlaw, and banished from his kingdom.

2 Samuel 18:9 – Absalom had come across Davids’s men. As he rode his mule, his hair got stuck in the branches of an oak tree when he passed underneath it. His mule went ahead while he hung from the tree.

2 Samuel 15:10 – Throughout all of Israel’s tribes, Absalom had sent his envoys, who were instructed to proclaim his being King at Hebron once they heard the sound of the trumpet.

2 Samuel 18:5 – The king, while being heard by all people, gave orders to his commanders about Absalom and requested them in his regard to be gentle while dealing with him.

2 Samuel 17:25 – Absalom had appointed Amasa as commander of his army instead of Joab. Amasa was the son of Ithra the Ishmaelite, who had married the cousin sister of Joab, Abigal.

2 Samuel 16:21 – Ahithophel had advised Absalom to approach his father’s mistresses who were left there to maintain the house, and subsequently, after all in Israel had heard of how he had disgraced his father, all his support would strengthen.

2 Samuel 15:1 – Subsequently, Absalom provided himself with a chariot, horses, and fifty men who would run in front of his chariot.

2 Samuel 13:30 – It occurred when they were proceeding homewards that David heard the news that Absalom killed all the king’s sons, and no one had survived.

2 Samuel 13:34 – But Absalom had escaped. The young watchman raised his eyes to observe that a lot of people were advancing towards him through the hillside.

2 Samuel 14:29 – Absalom had requested Joab to take him in front of the king, but he refused to show up, and after he tried putting forth his request again, Joab did not turn up once again.

2_Samuel 14:33 – Joab went to the king and informed him, after which the king asked for Absalom’s presence, who after appearing before him, bowed down, and thereafter the king kissed Absalom.

2_Samuel 18:12 – The man reasoned with Joab, saying that even if he received a vast prize such as a thousand pieces of silver, he would still not lay a hand on the king’s son, for the king had ordered his commanders that none should touch his son, Absalom.

2 Samuel 15:11 – Absalom went out of Jerusalem with two hundred men whom he had invited and who was unbeknownst to the cause for which they were going.

2 Samuel 15:13 – And David received a messenger who gave him the news that Israel’s people’s hearts favor Absalom.

2 Samuel 18:17 – Absalom’s body was taken into the woods and thrown into a pit, and many stones were piled on top of him, and every Israelite fled to their homes.

2 Samuel 19:2 – And the triumph changed into the sorrow that day because the people had heard about how the king was devastated at his son’s loss.

2 Samuel 15:14 – At Jerusalem, David urged his servants to arise and take off along with him for none of them would survive in front of Absalom. He said that they should retreat hurriedly; otherwise, Absalom would catch up with them and bring destruction upon them and the city.

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