53+ Bible Verses on Addiction: Finding Strength in Scripture

It is quite common to struggle with addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. This may be due to a person’s grief, peer pressure, trauma, or any form of distress that draws the person to a dark place of unfulfillment and creates social ostracism.

Following are some Bible Verses to help motivate toward recovery and provide comfort in such troubled times. 

Bible Verses on Freedom from Addiction

Jeremiah 17:14 – One should be true to himself about his sins and acknowledge his predicament before submitting himself to God’s mercy and letting His power of forgiveness heal him.

Only the Lord can cure him, provide eternal salvation to the troubled soul, and preserve him in His glory.

John 14:27 – A distressed person can always depend on their Lord to provide them with peace and comfort through their savior Christ, whose spirit resides inside them.

One who reconciles with God garners spiritual peace and will be saved from the most difficult times, with proper trust in Him.

Matthew 11:28 – Christ is the savior of people, who, being blessed with boundless knowledge, knows of the burden of the shackles of sin, which causes spiritual and mental fatigue.

He will free those who believe in Him and heal their spirit so they can lead righteous lives again.

James 5:15-16 – Disciples who live under the word of God will have their prayers heard and answered if they show their belief in Him through their confessions and encourage each other to provide strength during hard times, they will be cured of all sins, and He will heal their souls so that they can seek for eternal lives with Him by His grace.

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Corinthians 10:13 – God is the creator of all life and knows of the temptations faced by man and their affinity towards them. One must realize that it is God’s will, and the all-powerful Lord channels His strength through us so that we may overcome such evil and regain our spiritual well-being.

Corinthians 15:33 – While many are faithful to the Lord and follow His word by helping a brother in need, one must be aware of those that lead him astray from the path of righteousness and truth of Christ.

He should trust God and make the correct decisions to evade such negative influence.

Romans 5:3-5 – Facing difficult times and suffering from hardships are experiences that provide strength and wisdom, and it is reassuring to know that no matter how hard times are, if one trusts in God, there will always be hope as His boundless love will conquer all sufferings of his children.

Proverbs 25:28 – Disciples must be strong in their spirit to have the discipline and self-restraint to help themselves recover from their distress and to avoid falling into their temptations again.

Such a person will find redemption by cleansing their spiritual relationship with the Lord. 

John 2:16-17 – Followers must have the wisdom to realize the pointlessness of worldly temptations and trust in the Lord’s power for the strength to refrain from such temporary allures. Maintaining their holy communion with the Lord sincerely will give them eternal life under His glory.

Corinthians 6:12 – One must have the belief and willpower to make correct decisions when tempted by worldly pleasures.

He must exercise his free will and choose the correct path, rather than be a slave to his choice, to keep the purity of his soul intact for the greater purpose of attaining salvation.

Matthew 26:41 – Since one can easily be tempted to commit a sin, he must have the power to exercise restraint and have constant awareness about such an event occurring with him, and be confident to ask others for help along with praying to the Lord for His grace and mercy to be healed.

Galatians 5:1 – Disciples of God must honor the glory of Christ in His sacrifice to repent for all the sins of humans.

They should praise His greatness for leading all His people to the path of righteousness, and through their relationship with God, they should have the will to not be tempted.

James 4:7 – It is up to each to decide whether to give in to Satan’s influences and be drawn towards evil temptations or to walk the path of righteousness and spiritual well-being through union with God, which will earn them His grace and His profound love along with the gift of salvation.

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John 8:34-36 – By gaining the spiritual truth offered by Christ, one can be righteous in times when the dark temptations of sin try to allure them away from their search for heavenly things.

They must have confidence in God to allow Him to free them from their sins, and to seek the salvation of their souls.

Romans 13:14 – It is natural for humans to face sinful desires, and while it is not wrong to want them, one must not become immoral and corrupt to try to serve these unlawful cravings at the expense of himself and others and instead look towards the spiritual satisfaction through righteous living, following the ways of God by loving one another and seeking peace.

Psalm 50:15 – Believers should have correct intentions of practicing their faith and must praise God’s great power and His ability to love and show mercy.

By having a pure connection with Him, one can confide in Him all causes of suffering, and He will take it upon Himself to provide relief.

Titus 2:12 – Followers blessed with God’s grace can engage in proper thought and exercise restraint against temporal sinful desires, which create ungodly behavior and deviate from their spiritual objectives. Hence one must have strong faith to stay righteous in their life.

John 3:16-17 – The omnipotent Lord is aware of all tribulations of man and their constant battle with temptations.

He shows mercy to His people and loves them enough to send His only son, Christ, to atone for their sins. Thus, one must always be faithful to God and seek His grace for their mental and spiritual well-being.

Philippians 4:13 – God provides all His children with the strength and wisdom to stand firm during difficult times One can access such power if one believes in God’s word and stand by His faith in Him.

Timothy 1:7 – One must not be self-righteous and prideful and turn to the knowledge imparted by God, who provides the spirit and power to conquer any fear or inhibitions.

They should be loving and compassionate towards others and their Lord while sincerely carrying out their duties in His name.

Romans 13:12 – Keeping one’s faith in God always provides hope even in the darkest of times.

Followers should be hopeful and positive no matter their past behavior, for it is never too late to be saved, and God provides them with the gift of power and vision so that they may save themselves.

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Ephesians 5:18 – A person should have the spiritual clarity to know of the priorities that will fill the spirit of God in him and carry out His work to fulfill the heavenly dream of salvation.

This natural direction should not be disturbed. Otherwise, one would find himself drawn toward sinful desires.

Psalms 18:2 – Followers who trust their Lord can rely upon His strength and safety that He provides them in difficult times.

They can depend on His infinite power to relieve their fear and sorrow and be delivered from their addictive practices, provided they keep their faith intact.

Proverbs 20:1 – Disciples should live their lives in a godly and virtuous manner for the glory of the Lord by exercising self-discipline in matters of worldly desires.

They must resort to moderation while enjoying God’s gifts and can avoid sins and stay true to His word by living righteously.

Peter 5:8-10 – With proper determination and resilience, one can get through the evil temptations as with God’s grace in him he possesses the tools to emerge from such situations stronger and happier so that he can be called by the Lord for eternal life while being in Christ.

Philippians 4:8 – One must remember that positive things in life are rewarding and enjoyable without getting addicted to harmful sinful practices.

A believer should be grateful to God for all His wonderful gifts and resort to finding joy in godly activities.

Romans 6:5-6 – It is important for God’s followers to keep in mind that along with the sacrifice of Christ, they have also been freed from their old selves, which had been slaves to their sins so that they may be reborn being Christ-like and can live righteously for spiritual satisfaction and eternal life.

Matthew 6:13 – A person firm in his faith in God will be able to pray to Him for the strength to be delivered from the evil intentions of Satan and be led towards the path of righteousness so that he may be pure in his heart again and seek to be one with the Lord by carrying out His will. 

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James 1:3 – During difficult times faced by man, when he is tempted into addictive behavior, it is up to him to be firm in His faithfulness to God and exercise self-discipline, for these are necessary trials that build perseverance and must be passed. Otherwise, he will be judged before Him accordingly.     


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