53+ Bible Verses on Adoption

Adoption is an experience that is life-changing and one that is selfless in nature. It is a beautiful and pure union between humans unrelated to blood and is encouraged as it brings love and peace.

Following are some bible verses that can help motivate someone to adopt and comfort those who are in the process of doing so.

Bible Verses on Adoption

Psalm 68:5-6 – God is a fatherly figure to all and acts as their patron in times of need. He watches over them and sees the well-being of the oppressed and the misfortunate. Being created in His image, one should try to adopt, as it is His love that they shall be channeling to the unfortunate.

Matthew 18:5 – God loves all His people dearly, and children reflect His pure love. Receiving a child through birth or through adoption is a reason to rejoice, for it is all a gift from the Lord and loving them is equal to loving God, the provider of spiritual peace and satisfaction.

Ephesians 1:5 – The importance of adoption cannot be stressed enough as one should remember that while God is the source of all life and all humans have been created differently with their purposes specified beforehand, He has accepted them all into His family as His children whom He loves and cares.

James 1:27 – One should know that pure religion is to humbly follow God’s Word, forsaking the worldly attitudes of pride and self-centered purposes and caring for the needful such as orphaned and destitute children, widows as well as any oppressed people, for such deeds affirm to His word. 

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Psalm 146:9 – God observes the deeds and attitudes of His faithful followers, who are created in His image and should care for the needy and unfortunate such as widows and orphans, and even strangers who require help. By being true to the word of God, one can be gifted with salvation; otherwise being selfish will make one perish and be separated from His presence.

Isaiah 1:17 – A believer of God has the right to pray to Him for wisdom and knowledge to have a loving and compassionate attitude, and to carry out good deeds for others’ benefit, such as defending the oppressed, taking care of widows, and providing for children without parents or even adopt them.

Romans 8:15 – One who Christ has saved has been accepted into God’s family as His children. Thus, they are like His adopted children, loved as His own, and this spirit of adoption that He gave them should encourage others to adopt orphaned children and love them as their own.

Corinthians 6:18 – God declares His love for all His followers by accepting those with faith in Him as His own children. Through adoption, one can bond with a child they declare as their own and have a loving relationship with, which would also be an act done in His word. 

Proverbs 13:12 – Those longing to have a Child can celebrate getting their prayers answered by being gifted a child through adoption. Each life is created by God and is His gift, and one should Love an adopted child as his own as the Lord loves us all as His children, being adopted into His family. 

Galatians 3:26 – One must not fret about his real identity, and even if they find out the truth, they should remember that what matters is the loving bond between them as we all are God’s children who have been accepted in His family by His grace and we are all loved and cared for by Him dearly. 

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Isaiah 43:5-6 – God enjoys uniting people together through love. He does so through His acts of intervention. Just as followers of different places are brought together through the bond of their faith in Christ, through adoption, the Lord connects together people with love, in His glory. 

Psalm 126:3 – God creates all life with equal care, and having a child through birth or by adoption is to rejoice. Just as His followers are His children whom He loves unconditionally, He provides the sweet gift of children by His grace to those with trust in Him, thereby providing the opportunity to have a loving family such as His. 

Romans 8:23 – Believers live righteously to be granted salvation by being accepted into God’s family for eternal life. Similarly, those waiting for a child by adoption experience a gratifying experience filled with joy and happiness when they are united together through love by the grace of the Lord. 

Hosea 14:3 – God offers His boundless love and mercy to all and cares for them as His family. The Lord offers His grace to all, including those orphaned, and provides the opportunity of the family by uniting them with caring parents, who should be proud and grateful to Him for being able to share His glory. 

Samuel 1:27 – God is merciful, and to those who live by His word and has faith in Him, He saves with His grace and answers their prayers. He fulfills their longings for a child to grow their family by providing them with the opportunity of adoption and binds the family together through love.  

Isaiah 40:31 – Adoption can be a challenging process. If one trusts in the Lord and acts in His word, he or she can pray to Him for His grace, and He will provide them with the courage and firmness to get through the difficult parts as the rest is a rewarding action, such is the nature of His gift.

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Jeremiah 29:11 – The Lord is omnipotent and created life and designed each human distinctively. His plans provide hope to all with equal importance so that they might prosper in the future. Thus, even those children without parents are promised a successful future because of His grace and love. Acts 7:21 – One should nurture their adopted children with the same selflessness and love as one would for their own because all children are a gift from the Lord and are meant to be loved equally. God sees all His people as His own children and loves them so that they might thrive and be saved by His grace to have eternal life as His family.

Samuel 7:14 – God treats all His followers as His children whom he has accepted into His family. He disciplines and forgives them after they confess and then atone for their sins. One should treat his adopted child as he would his own by disciplining them in His ways and forgiving them for any immoral deed, for this relationship is based on pure love and oneness between them.

Matthew 25:40 – The word of God speaks not only about adopting children as honorable but also weighs on the importance of treating and interacting with their birth parents. By accepting them and being a positive influence, they would be doing God’s work and earning His grace.

Proverbs 1:8 – God puts each one into families by His grace, and it is His will that all children should be taught His ways and commit to His word, so that they have the wisdom to heed the words of their parents when they are older and that they do not depart from Him and can live in His glory.

Psalm 115:14-15 – The Lord blesses and shows his mercy to His faithful followers who live with His spirit in them through their belief in Christ. They are provided with children through birth or adoption, and such blessings continue to flow through their lives as well as their families.

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Proverbs 31:8 – Just as God is merciful and his love is limitless, one should live righteously through the spirit of Christ by showing their love and support to the needy such as destitute and orphaned children, by adoption or foster care to earn God’s grace and share His glory by doing His work.

Psalm 82:3 – A follower should always do the needful and act on the dire situation of those in need of help and justice, in the way God delivers them from evil through His power and wisdom. Adoption is such a case where one can carry out God’s work and, in His glory, seek salvation.

John 1:12-13 – By adopting, one would be wise in following God’s word, and it would reflect His limitless love for all His people. Nurturing the child would instill God’s spirit in them, and they would get nearer to their spiritual birth by getting born into God’s family in Heaven. 

Galatians 4:4-5 – Christ had repented for the sins of humans so that they could be adopted into God’s family. One should be grateful for finding a sense of belongingness with Him and should act in His spirit by finding a home for orphaned children so that all can live in peace and happiness.

Psalms 27:10 – One can always confide in God’s love as His compassion for every being is boundless. He provides for the unfortunate such as orphans and children forsaken by parents. He puts them into loving families and offers His grace to the parents to reward them for doing His work.

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