45+ Bible Verses On Advent From Darkness To Light

Advent is the period of the welcoming of the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, and is celebrated with great fervor.

Following are some Bible verses that will fill up your heart with Joy and Hope in this auspicious and miraculous event of anticipation of the fulfillment of God’s prophecy.

What Does the Bible Say About Advent?

John 1:9 – God’s Love for His people is enough for Him to send His son, Christ, who is the only and true source of the light that comprises knowledge, life, divinity, and goodness, to the world to provide salvation and show the true way to eternal peace.

Isaiah 7:14 – The Lord had prophesized the coming of the savior of the people and had given hope to all people saying that when the time would come, He would give a sign to allow people to experience the miracle of the coming of their protector amongst them.

Peter 1:19 – The glorious Lord in Heaven has paid the price for the redemption of His people with the blood of Christ who is without any sins, and it was always part of His plan to do so. Therefore everyone must celebrate the return of His son, keeping in mind the great sacrifice.

Galatians 4:5 – God had sent His Son to the human world at the exact moment He had predetermined, and the duty of Christ was to redeem the people from the requirements of the law and its curse and let them be forgiven by the Lord and become a part of His family.

Isaiah 40:4-5 – The coming of the Lord Christ should be prepared by the removal of various mental obstacles, i.ee., those bowed down and depressed of their sin should raise their spirits, and those elated with their pride and righteousness should be humbled, so that they may be able to dwell on the revelations on the glory of God.

John 1:14 – The believers of God should realize that Jesus was not an illusion, but a real being in physical, human form and he could experience the human life, but He was also a spiritual being in tandem with God and was sent by Him to fulfill His divine prophecy.

Isaiah 9:6 – The mighty and omnipotent God had given His Son, the Lord of peace, to his followers in the human form in order to save them with His grace and guide them to salvation under God’s name so that they may be touched with the spirit of wisdom and understanding of the Almighty.

Ephesians 2:8-9 – Followers can only be saved by God’s grace through their faith in Him as they are powerless without Him. All gifts the Lord bestows upon them are because of His Love and kindness to them and to carry out His works and guide His people to follow His ways; he also sent to them His son, Christ, in human flesh.

Luke 2:40 – The Birth of Christ was part of God’s gift to mankind. However, Jesus was meant to be born as a human being and to pass through all experiences over the years as a normal person would, including the sufferings and temptations, and with God’s spiritual blessing, He would be one without any sins and would carry out His will by showing others to follow His path.

Hebrews 2:9 – The Birth of Christ, his life as a normal human and his death along with the resurrection was all formulated by God, who constantly empowered him in his mission and proved His promise of redemption to His followers who in spite of any sins would find salvation if they accepted the grace and glory of God and put their faith in Him.

Isaiah 11:1-2 – Even though the Son of God, Christ, was to born with humble beginnings, he would have the spirit of wisdom and knowledge in the human affairs and a good understanding of it to be able to exercise good counsel and also reflect the mind of God. One could look up to Christ and trust in His wisdom and follow his ways with the Lord’s blessings, and be assured of redemption.

Romans 5:8 – The whole point of God sending His Son to the people was to show His limitless Love and mercy for them. Thus, even when the whole world had sinned, He had sent Christ to guide them to the path of salvation by living as a human and had also planned His sacrifice to pay for their sins.

Matthew 2:10 – The birth of Christ in human form was made possible through divine intervention, and such an event should be rejoiced with a warm welcome and celebrated by everyone with joy and happiness to acknowledge the fact that God loves them and provides them with continuous hope.

John 3:16-19 – God’s undying love for His people allows Him to be selfless enough to give His son to save them and lead them to salvation. He shines the light through Christ on everyone who put their belief and trust in Him, and those who wish not to accept this light will stand condemned for not embracing the love of God.

Thessalonians 4:17 – Christ is chosen as the shepherd for leading His flock into the ways of God. But one must understand that the Lord has assigned His son to such a task so that His disciples may welcome Him and seek salvation to be able to be connected to God forever and have eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Isaiah 11:10 – God had incarnated Jesus in a manner of His divine nature who was planted as a root who would then grow spiritually and spread his branches to bear the prolific fruit of life, nourishment, and holiness in the name of the Lord and His glory.

Matthew 1:18-25 – The story of Christ’s birth is of a miracle as the Lord’s child was conceived by a human mother, and even though the child’s human father was righteous enough to plan on sending his wife away, by divine intervention, it was known to him that the child his wife bore was from the Holy Spirit and he accepted the child with full faith and trusted God’s will. Thus, one should keep aside self-righteousness and doubts aside and have the belief in Him to know of His many gifts.

Luke 2:7 – God had chosen the humble and poor parents that Jesus had been born into because he wanted that His child, who would be free from any sins, should know of all the hardships of his kinsmen so that people could believe in him and follow him in the ways of God and be blessed by His knowledge and grace and attain salvation.

John 3:36 – God provides those who choose to believe and have faith in Him through Christ with His forgiveness and promise of eternal life, and those who do not will face the judgment and will not be saved by His grace; therefore, they should make the decision wisely as God will make His presence felt enough to be accepted by them.

Romans 15:13 – God asks of His believers to see the coming of Christ as a reason for hope and great joy as well as expect peace while practicing their faith and carrying out the duties of God and that His blessings will always be there for those who choose to stay with Him at all times.

Luke 1:35 – Christ was born to a Virgin human woman and man, and by this, the prophecy of God was fulfilled, and as a result, His son was born entirely with His spirit in him, and he would be free from any sins that the descendants of Adam, man would possess innately.

Luke 10:27 – Being witness to all the gifts and mercy the Lord provides for His children because of His love for them, they should return that love with all their heart and soul and also pray with all their mind, along with loving their kinsmen and maintaining peace in the name of God.

John 14:27 – Through the events of birth sacrifice and redemption of Christ, one must pay heed to the fact that Jesus had paid the price for man’s sins willingly to make peace, on their behalf, with God for which they had been able to maintain peaceful communion with God through their prayer and acts of faith.

Acts 20:35 – Christ is a reminder of the benevolence and selflessness that God embodies, i.e., He is the true and only source of providing, and through His son, He seeks to spread the principles of charity and encourages the true people of faith to follow these principles and practice giving others and, in this way, they will be able to get the blessings of God and can take part in His glory.

Romans 6:23 – One should have their faith in Christ, who had already suffered for the sins of others and by praying to Him they would get the gift of eternal life from His grace, without any price, but those who choose to act on the path of sin and self-righteousness will experience spiritual death meaning they will not get the eternal gift from the Lord and be separated from Him.  

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