55+ Ask And You Shall Receive Bible Verse: From Lack to Abundance

In instances where the need arises to ask others for help, many of us hesitate to do so as we believe that we are either going to be a bother for others or that we are capable of doing things ourselves.

Following are some verses in the Bible that encourage us to go ahead and ask others for help just as we would to God. 

What Does Bible Say About Ask and You Shall Receive?

The Bible says that if we ask, we will get. In Matthew 7:7, Jesus invites us to seek and knock, assuring that our petitions would be granted. However, we must remember that God’s reaction depends on His will, not just our desires.

When we approach God with sincerity, faith, and humility, seeking His direction and blessings, He will give us what is best for us. We can believe that He hears our prayers and will react in His perfect timing.

Bible Verses About Ask and You Shall Receive

Matthew 21:22

One must have full faith in God and put his trust entirely on Him so that if they require something of Him, they can confidently believe that He would do so, if it is in His will, as He has infinite power.

John 15:7

If one Is faithful to God and follows His guidance and principles, he would receive the Lord’s grace and have his prayers answered by Him, if whatever is asked is without any selfish motive.

John 3:22

A person should maintain a trustful and meaningful relationship with God as well as establish the reality about God’s will as it will help him get clarity about his wants and can have his prayers answered more effectively as they will be in tune with God’s commandments.

John 5:14

Suppose one accepts God and aligns one’s objectives according to His will. In that case, the things he will pray for are agreeable and also promised by His revelations, and he can continue to do with confidence and liberty.

James 4:3

The followers of God must keep in mind that while He has the power to do all things expected of Him, he will not grant any and every wish, but only those that have been prayed for through faithful devotion and that abides by His principles.

Mark 11:24

Faith is the cornerstone of the relationship between man and God, and if one has that kind of trust, then he can have the utmost belief that God will most certainly do all in His power to grant whatever he is asked of.

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James 5:15

In times of sickness, if a person has a need to be saved or even if someone has unknowingly committed a sin and needs to be forgiven, all he has to do is ask through prayer, i.e., a true act of faith. 

James 1:5

God is infinitely wise and is a massive store of knowledge, and He imparts His wisdom to those who are ready to accept it and can make good use of it, and His generosity only requires one to put his faith and trust in His name and accept His grace.

Psalm 37:4

One must delight in the Lord and commit to His ways; by doing this, he will focus on God’s wishes and not on the selfish desires of his heart. Once God’s expectations are fulfilled, he will grant the person’s newfound and selfless desires.

Philippians 4:6

Many things weaken a person’s mind and cause worry and anxiety to creep in; however, if one believes in God and prays to Him for His grace, then he will have the confidence that the Lord will quell all his apprehensions.

John 15:16

God chooses His disciples for certain reasons. Once His grace saves them, they put their trust in Him and continue to spread the word of the Lord and His grandeur, and in this way, they bear fruit and can be assured that their prayers will be answered.

John 16:23

it is quite expected that some of the followers might have fears or suspicions in the matters of God. But if they remove their inhibitions and submit themselves to the grace of God, then they shall be able to see the truth and pray to the Lord about their wishes with an open heart.

Ephesians 3:20

It is only when a believer of the Lord asks something of Him and then subsequently get his wishes granted, can come to terms with the truth, how the power of the Almighty is in abundance, i.e., it goes infinitely beyond whatever man wishes from Him.

Jeremiah 33:3

Whether one has full faith in God or not, there is no denying the presence of some higher power at work, and when one opens his mind to such possibility, he can connect better with God and can address his needs through prayer.

Hebrews 4:16

God is nearer to human lives than one imagines as His principles and commandments dictate the actions and mentality, keeping in mind human nature, and thus His believers should have their utmost faith in Him during struggles, and He will answer their prayers.

Job 22:28

Whenever a person decides to carry out righteousness under the Lord’s grace, anything he requires or asks of Him to help will be granted. Thus there will always be light even in times of darkness.

Matthew 7:7

God is willing to answer the prayers of those who exercise sophistication while putting forth their requests before Him, and they should be persistent enough to want the truth from the Lord.

Matthew 5:6

Those who have true faith in God will have the fierce urge or hunger to seek the path of righteousness, which is the Law of the land in the Lord’s kingdom, and the grace of God will bless these disciples.

Luke 18:1

The followers of the Lord must go on seeking the light that the Lord shines upon all who have true faith in Him and also the wisdom that the supreme being holds in the vastness and also try to maintain communion with Him to be able to get their wishes across to Him.

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Kings 3:5

Any quest for knowledge that the Almighty can impart can be expected to be delivered by divine intervention, which may be through visions or dreams, and therefore, one must always have hope and faith in Him even if they do not receive their answers directly.

Matthew 7:11

One’s needs are obtained through prayer and devotion to God, and whatever is promised under God’s will, will be provided to those who ask earnestly, but it may not always be the exact things asked, i.e., He will provide even better based on his supreme judgment. 

Psalm 2:8

Even the most faithful believers, though have the promise of getting their prayers answered, must learn that in spite of their rights for the inheritance of wisdom, they must ask in proper harmony and unity with God, and blessings will be provided, along with all desires of the heart.

James 4:2

At times, people may believe that they do not have things that they desire and for them may be all they need to do is ask their Lord, but they should know, what they ask of, should be of good motive and thus with true faith and prayer they will be blessed with the divine grace of God.

Psalm 121:1

The disciples of the Lord have to realize that He is the one and true eternal God before they ask anything of Him through prayer, as getting clarity on the greatness of the powerful being will instill strong faith and confidence upon to know of what they pray for.

Timothy 2:15

One who proves himself worthy and gets his approval from God by abiding in His principles and by further carrying out work through His teachings, in His name, then that person will be held worthy and entitled to be enlightened with the truth, that has been prayed for by him. 

Jeremiah 33:3

A person who prays to God searching for answers or to ask for something must know that He promises to connect directly and speak His word but only if one is ready to listen. One must have a clear conscience and trust and will be answered with great wisdom and hope.

Isaiah 22:11

it reminds faithful believers to remain humble even when their prayers are answered. They should remember that God is in control of all things and continue to pray without ceasing.

Proverbs 12:15

A wise man will always take the counsel of God and consult Him on his duties and actions so that He may bear the blessing of the Lord, but an unwise and corrupt person will not heed any advice and be self-righteous for which he will find himself without the grace and mercy of God.

Psalm 10:4

Pride is an unhealthy trait as it disengages the connection with God and creates the belief that one has no accountability who then puts himself on a path of moral destruction and spiritual failure as he is too full of conceit to ask or pray to God and submit to His grace.

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Romans 8:32

The followers of God should never doubt the grace He bestows upon them and the limitless love he holds for them. One should be humbled at His abilities, praise His glory, and realize that all they need to do is ask, and he will answer all prayers, the ultimate selfless being that He is.  


The verse from the Bible, “Ask and you shall receive,” teaches us the importance of prayer. When we honestly seek God’s assistance and blessings, He will respond in accordance with His plan. It tells us to have faith and trust in God since He knows what is best for us. However, we must recognize that God’s response may not always correspond to our goals. As a result, it is critical to seek God’s will and believe in His wisdom. In conclusion, this scripture urges us to pray and rely on God’s guidance.

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