70+ Bible Verses On Baptism that Will Renew Your Faith!

Bible Verses Baptism is a Christian ritual through which the Christian rites of entry and conversion to Christianity are performed; water is used in almost all cases.

By sprinkling water on the head or by pouring water on it and partially or completely immersing it in water. The Following are some Bible Verses on Baptism.

What Does the Bible Say About Baptism?

According to the Bible, baptism is a significant practice in Christianity. It’s a symbol for starting again and being spiritually clean.

Jesus was also baptized, demonstrating how it is done. When someone is baptized, it indicates that they are sorry for their wrongdoings and desire to be a part of Jesus’ story of dying, being buried, and rising again.

It’s a means for them to show their faith in Jesus and desire to be a part of his community. Baptism also provides God’s pardon and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

According to the Bible, believers should be baptized to demonstrate their faith in Jesus to others.

baptism of the holy spirit verses

Acts 19:4

John told him to trust and follow Jesus, who would come after him. He gave her proportional baptism.

Ephesians 4:5

One baptism is faith in the one and only Lord. 

Acts 22:16

What are you still waiting for? Ascend and baptize, and course, cleanse off all your defilements, pursuant to the chant of the Lord.

Luke 3:21

When all people were baptized with him, and when Jesus himself was baptized and prayed, the way of heaven was opened.

Luke 3:7-8

That is why he said to those who were baptized near him, ‘O part of the murderer! Who advised you to refrain from coming into anger?’

At the same time give negative results. And do not say to one another, ‘Abraham is your father.’ For the Lord has said to you, “God is able to bring forth children out of the stones of this world.”

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Mark 1:9-10

This time, Jesus came to Nazareth in Galilee. He was baptized in Jordan by John. And then he rose from the holy water and came to the eternal God.

Whenever he saw the clear sky being torn apart, he realized that a bird-like spirit had gradually descended into him.

Luke 3:3

He departed and spread throughout the region near Jordan, propagating the baptism of contrition as pardon of defilements.

Mark 1:8

He baptizes the entire you with our holy water, and Jesus Christ will baptize all of you with a Holy Soul. 

Matthew 3:11

Paul baptized all of you in holy water for contrition, but he who comes right after Paul is way more powerful than him, whose shoes Paul was not condoning to convey.

Crist Jesus will baptize the entire you with a splash of Ingle and the mighty Soul.

Matthew 3:1-2

In those days, the Baptist John Judea came to the desert to preach; he proclaimed “atonement, for the kingdom of heaven is near, and repentance is the way to redemption.”

1 Peter 3:21

Baptism saves you now, not as a removal of defilement from body and Soul, but as a plea to God to establish a proper conscience through the resurgence of Christ Jesus. That is consistent with that.

Colossians 2:12

Baptism is buried with him, where you are also elevated with him through faith in God’s mighty works, who bring him from the deceased.

Galatians 3:27

All of the entire you who must have been baptized into Jesus Christ have indeed received Christ.

1 Corinthians 12:13

All of you were baptized into one body, Greek or Zionist, subjugated or individual, and all must be made to imbibe the One Soul.

Romans 6:3-4

He surely said that to all of you, they had been baptized with a splash between Jesus Christ and had been baptized into death too.

By being baptized into death, you were graved with him so that you may be renewed in life, just as Christ Jesus was resurrected from the dead in the glory of his Father.

Acts 2:38

Repent of your offense, and be baptized into Christ Jesus, that you may receive the gift of the Holy Soul. 

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John 3:5

Christ Jesus can only tell the truth. And the only absolute truth was that no one could trespass in the eternal kingdom of God unless he is gifted by eternal or born cause of the mighty Spirit and holy water. 

Mark 16:16

Those who confide and are baptized will be protected, but those who do not bank on will be reproached in the fullest sense. 

Matthew 28:19

Follow the Lord’s command and make devotees from all races, baptizing them entirely for the sake of the mighty Spirit and the Godfather and the blessed favorite Son.

Mark 1:4

Paul was baptized in every grove to desert when John arrived and preached the baptism of contrition to abate crime.

Luke 3:16

For all of you, John has said that he will baptize you all in the water, But there is a stronger one coming, whose footsteps are not fit for him; He alone is able to baptize you into holiness and Ingle. 

Matthew 3:13-17

To be baptized by him. John forbade the Lord Jesus; he added, “we need to have you baptized by him, or you will come to me (Paul)?” Jesus Christ immediately informed him that this was the right thing to do.

Then he got him in trouble. And Crist rose from the waterfront, then, when he had baptized, and the gates of Olympus were stunned opened for him, and he saw a gloomy Spirit of God subsiding like the bird sparrow and beholding the light in his heart; and a voice came out of heaven.

That said, this was God’s mighty Son; to him, God is well pleased. In their ways, the sake of the Godfather and of the blessed favorite Son.

Mark 1:9-11

In those days, the LORD departed from Galilee of Nazareth, to be baptized, and came to Jordan unto John.

And Crist rose from the waterfront, then, when he had baptized, and the gates of Olympus were stunned opened for him, and he saw a gloomy Spirit of God subsiding like the bird sparrow and beholding the light in his heart Then came a voice from heaven, saying, This is the beloved Son of God, in whom God is well pleased.

Luke 3:22

When you were all baptized, your Lord Jesus was baptized and prayed on behalf of all.

John 1:29-33

When John saw Jesus coming to him, he said to everyone, “Look, this is the Son of God, the one I mentioned earlier, who takes away the filth of the world.”

This is the man about whom Paul said, “After meeting a holy man, who is dearer to them than God because he was zealous like Paul.” But I was not familiar with him.

Acts 2:41

Those who obtained God’s aphorism were baptized, and their number increased by about three thousand the same day.

Acts 8:12

When the mighty Lord proclaimed the great news from the kingdom of God and the term of Christ Jesus, all of them believed and became believers without hesitation or doubt.

They were entirely baptized that same day, men or women alike. 

Acts 19:4

According to Paul, John’s baptism is a form of repentance baptism. He said in his address to all those who would come after him, that is, to surrender to Christ Jesus.

Acts 10:48

They will all be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ in obedience to God’s command. They then requested Peter to remain with them for some days.

Acts 11:16

You will all remember the word of God, which the Lord has spoken to you, John gave the Baptist water to all, but you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

John 1:33

He himself did not know them, but those who sent him to baptize in the water told him that in whom you would see the Holy Spirit enter, he would be the one who would baptize all the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:20

Teach everyone to believe in and carry out what the Lord has commanded you. And they then requested Peter to remain with them for some days.

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Colossians 2:13

If you advance on the path of death in your defiled state and body, the Almighty God has raised you with Christ Jesus. That Purushottama has removed all your impurity and given you forgiveness.

Ephesians 2:8-9

By the propitiousness of the Lord, you are protected by conviction; this is not your own gain, but the gift of God alone. It is not obtained by one’s own deeds so that no one can boast more.

Acts 16:31-33

They replied in that place –”Trust in the mighty Lord Jesus, and they will be saved obviously – then they and all your offspring.” Then they told them and their families all the words of the Lord’s counsel.

He took them out of prison that night and inundated their lesion; He was instantly baptized in a flash with the help of his family. 

Acts 8:36

When they were walking with the angel of the Lord along the road, they noticed a source of water and approached it.

At that time, the eunuch wanted to know if there was water nearby but what was the obstacle in the way of his baptism which did not result in his baptism?

Ephesians 4:4-5

There is a single body and Soul in the kingdom of the Lord, just as prayer is offered to you in single hope when you are invoked through complete surrender; Faith in the one and only Lord, according to his command, in the form of single baptism.

Acts 8:38-39

He commanded his carriage to stop. Then Philip and the eunuch went out into the water together and were baptized by him.

And Crist rose from the waterfront, then, when he had baptized, and the gates of Olympus were stunned opened for him, and he saw a gloomy Spirit of God subsiding like the bird sparrow and beholding the light in his heart. 

Ephesians 4:4-6

He is the Father of all of you and the only God who is present above all and through all and omniscient and omnipresent among all.

Acts 2:40-41

The Lord wants to caution you with other powerful words, and he urges you to protect yourself and your next generation from the hands of the holders of this evil age. Those who receive and maintain the word of the Lord will be baptized.

Acts 2:39

This promise of the Lord is bound for you, your children, and all the believers on the farthest side – for those whom your Lord and God have called.

Acts 8:35-40

Philip begins with the Scriptures as directed by the Lord, and he will deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ. He would anyhow get to Azotus and spread the good news everywhere before Caesarea attended.

Ephesians 4:1-2

As messengers of the Lord, you are requested to live the life of a worthy follower of what you have been called to do. Will apply humility and gentleness to the whole surrender; Maintain patience, be tolerant of one another through love.

Romans 6:10

The Lord says that the death of a person is the result of his one-time iniquity; But the life he is entitled to, he always lives for God above all.

Ephesians 4:3-6

You always strive to maintain the unity of the Soul through the bonds of peace and harmony as advised by the Lord. His abode in all with a single body and mind concentration.

Romans 6:12

Only when you know that you are dead due to sin, and if you refrain from your evil deeds, then you are alive to Jesus with God. So do not allow inauspicious to reign in your mortal body so that you do not follow the sluggish desires of evil.

Romans 6:14

Evil will never be allowed to be your master or never driven by evil in any way because even though you are not under the law, you are always under grace.

Romans 6:16

When you dedicate yourself to someone who is obedient to you, to whom you will be obedient and to whom you will be obedient, you will be his slave – even you will be a slave and a sharer of his sins which will lead you to death, or it may be that of obedience. The fruit will lead you to righteousness. 

Romans 6:17-18

Always be thankful to God, for even though you have been enslaved by the wicked, you have come to the path of righteousness by following the pattern of the right teaching, which is now demanding your obedience, by realizing from the bottom of your heart.

You have become completely free from sin’s bondage and slaves of submission and righteousness. 

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John 3:16-17

God loves the world so much that he gave his only begotten Son for the purpose of the world so that everyone who believes and trusts in Him will not perish but will receive eternal life.

From God, he always sent his well-being Son into this earth to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 

John 3:20-21

Those who do evil do not seek to be illuminated to the flame, for the awe that their evil acts will be expressed.

But those who live by way of the truth are always there in the light so that all can clearly observe that whatever they have done is through the manifestation of God’s vision and the right perspective.


According to the Bible verse on baptism, it is a unique means for people to put on their faith and begin a new spiritual life. It reminds us to perform baptism in the names of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This text shows that baptism means joining the Christian community and accepting Jesus as our leader and saviour. It is a vital step in demonstrating our love and faith in God.

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