101+ Business Goals that You Can Set This Year

We all wish to establish a business of our own. However, the journey is not very easy. The attainment of a big goal is only possible if there the small goals are achieved consistently. Here are a few business goals that you can set for yourself this year to achieve that one big business goal of your dreams. 

Short-term goals -within two-three months 

-Hire an employee for the company

-Increase the productivity of the business

-Bring a reduction in the business expenses

-Build a new customer service procedure

-Increase the visitors and traffic to the website

-Develop a new product based on customer reviews and needs

-Get into social media marketing for the business

-Better the financial condition of the business

-Get the business to a new location

-Make everything digitalized and go paperless

-Get the Marketing audit done

-SWOT analysis must be done on a regular basis

-Enhance the market share of the company

-Create the incentive for new employee

-Look for new opportunities to increase the networking

-Build a personal brand

-Change and improvise the business plan.

-Take proper breaks from the business

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Long-term Research goals 

-Learn more about trades

-Get the know-how of my product and improvise them 

-Get a thorough analysis of the market 

-Get to know more about the competitors

-Try to develop more intellectual property 

The long-term Product development goal

-Create better products and services

-Have a proper plan to execute a plan 

-Develop and launch a quality and cost-effective product to attract more customers

-Build top-selling premium models 

-Work on the quality

Infrastructure goals for the company 

-Build a big multi-storage office

-Hire more staff 

-Get a more spaced office at a better location

-Expand the office area

-Buy a new property to build an extension to the headquarters

-Expand the business overseas and build a new office.

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Long-term marketing goals 

-Enhance the sales 

-Increase brand awareness

-Approach social media influencers

-Build a better brand and attract new customers 

-Improve the communications internally

-Enhance the profit 

-Build more traffic using different online platforms

-Boost and improve customer relationship

-Look for more lucrative market 

-Gain reputation in the market

-Look for better products and launch some for the company 

-Brand Extension 

-Product line launches 

-Involve in heavy Mergers and acquisitions 

-Make the local brand a global one 

-Increase the target audience/customer base with new products 

Organizational culture goal

-Create a happy and innovative environment 

-Hire the average and train him to perform the best 

-Adapt new cultural norms for the company 

-Let the employees take charge of the project to see more innovation

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Improve confidence

-Meet new business partners daily

-Gain confidence while pitching the idea

-Be fluent during elevator pitch 

-Attract the angle investors

-Be confident in front of the investors

-Step out of the comfort zone 

-Be yourself and play it smooth 

-Do not give up even if rejected

Get better at decision making 

-Think before investing 

-Take calculated risks 

-Never take any decision impulsively 

-Discuss more often with the business partners before taking a decision

-Consult the mentor before taking a big risk 

-Go by example as success follows model 

-Crack a deal only when super clear about the consequences 

Become a go-getter 

-Do not shy away from opportunities 

-look for opportunities everywhere 

-Pitch about the business wherever you get a chance 

-Collaborate with fellow business mates 

-Start journaling about the deals you wish to crack in the business 

-Create a priority list 

-Do the necessary first 

-Organize your team for backup

-Do not overtly depend on a single agency for marketing and have an in-house marketing team!

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Leave the past behind and look into the future 

-Do not repeat the same mistakes in past 

-Build a better strategy to attract investors 

-Develop better products and services 

-Think positive thoughts about the future 

-Work hard each day to build the fortune

Become more responsible 

-Pay to employees on time 

-Pay the investors on time 

-Be more attentive during the business deals 

-Take care of the employees just like family 

-Borrow less money from the market 

-Do not increase the debt in the market 

-Try to return the money borrowed from the market on time 

-Create a budget and stick to it.

-Do fewer unnecessary expenses 

-Take full responsibility for life and business 

Stress Management is important 

-Practice of regular Emotional Freedom technique is important 

-Practice meditation 

-Perform breathing exercises 

-Try hypnosis for relaxation 

-Read more books 

-Hang around with friends more often 

-Go on a holiday with family more often

-Spend time with kids 

Focus on wellbeing and health 

-Take proper care of health 

-Follow a healthy diet 

-Eat nutritiously

-Go to the gym more often 

-Visit a doctor for a regular checkup 

-Try to build more muscle 

-take a protein shake daily

-Eat memory-boosting whole grains

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