Simple Steps To Change Your Words For Living Happy Life

Words that you listen to as well as you speak have a great impact on your lives. It shows what your thoughts are and how you approach every scenario in your life. It has a lot to do with how your mood is.

You can guess a person showing irritating behavior by just analyzing the words that they utter. Words have a lot to do with the quality of life led by you.

Some of the words you should change to lead a happy life

Try saying, “I am not yet there, “instead of saying, “I am not there.”

In this world of virtual reality, you often compare your life, and achievements with your peers, and this may include anything from getting a promotion to getting married; you forget that each one of us tends to lead a different life, and there is a correct time for everything.

So replacing “not with “not yet” shows a positive affirmation that you can still reach that goal instead of completely degrading yourself.

It lets you build up your confidence and move on with your life at your own pace.

Instead of saying, “I am bad,” say “I do the bad things or decisions.”

You may often hear people terming themselves as failures or losers after just a small down moment in their life; this is very wrong because whatever you believe of yourself is what you become in your life.

This acknowledgment of making mistakes is what is important in your life to make you take all the lessons learned from it and go on with your life.

If you deem yourself a loser, you may seem to lose before beginning anything at all, which will eventually make you feel sad or depressed.

Try asking yourself, “how can I” instead of saying, “I can’t.”

The word or phrase “I can’t” has a very negative tone to it. It automatically makes you believe that you are lesser than someone and it is impossible to do a particular task that has been done by someone else.

It makes concluding that you are not capable of doing it even before you try doing it.

Changing that phrase to “how can I” makes you ask yourself or look for alternative ways how you can do a particular task.

It makes you believe that yes, even you are capable of doing it, and you are no lesser than anyone. You just needed to trust yourself and go on.

Use “I am growing through hard times” instead of “I am going through hard times.”

All of your friends, colleagues and everyone around you have to go through bad times once some point in their life.

It is very important to maintain calm and composure at that moment and not leave yourself feeling secluded or alone.

Instead of telling “I am going through,” try using “I am growing through,” it shows that the hard times are building you in such a way that you are becoming the best version of yourself. It shows that you are growing up to face anything in your life.

Instead of comparing yourself with anyone, ask yourself, “How can I be the best version of myself.”

Comparisons degrade your whole personality and put your morale down as a whole. So instead of comparing yourself with anyone, it is better to ask yourself, “what can you do to be the best version.”

It not only boosts your confidence but also makes you feel that you are your competitor.

Competition is healthy when you are competing with yourself. It makes you realize your shortcomings. It makes you realize that you also have some unique traits that cannot be taken by anyone ever.

If you are finding something hard, rephrase this to “This will take some time.”

The art of trying anything takes a person a very long way. It is very common that you ought to find something very hard or impossible at some point in your life. It is time that tests you at that moment.

If you give everything its due time, you will be able to overcome any hurdle or task in your life. “This will take some time” completely changes your attitude from a negative perspective to something that you are willing to try.

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If you become tired as nothing works for you, change it to “I will find what works for me.”

The different personalities and the unique traits of everyone around are what keep you going.

You might often feel that something which is working out for your acquaintances might not work for you, and there is nothing to be shameful about it.

Everyone in this world has a unique way of dealing with things. Similarly, you, too, need to find out what works for you. It will be a quest for your search, which will help you in evolving.

Instead of worrying about what society will think, change this to “How will I view me.”

In this era, everyone is seeking validation from the outside, which is very unhealthy to do as it makes you feel dependent on society and compels you to follow unhealthy social norms. You must become your friend.

Once you ask yourself how you will view yourself, it will make you view yourself from the other perspective.

it will make you embrace your flaws as wells as understand your shortcomings, making you work hard for them.

Instead of saying, “Life is bad,” ask yourself, “what are the things for which I can be grateful.”

Life has its ups and downs, but this does not mean that you stop playing it; only the courageous ones stay till the end.

It will throw you at situations where getting back up might seem impossible for you, but miraculously it will be the life that will get you away from it.

So instead of cursing your life, look at the things around you for which you are grateful, absorb those blessings, and realize that life isn’t that bad.

Instead of saying “I would not be able to, “try saying “I will try.”

If you say “I would not be able to,” it completely shifts your attitude to a negative side, making you not do things or finding a reason for not doing things.

It does nothing good instead of making you feel not enough or putting you down.

Saying “I will try “ makes you think or look closely at whatever problem or task and makes you devote all your time and focus to that particular thing.

This makes you strive hard for anything you want in your life and go on with a positive attitude.

Instead of saying “get to, “try saying “have to.”

You might sometimes feel lazy and demotivated, and it is nothing abnormal. It happens a lot of times.

There you see every work, task, or household chore as an opportunity and use “get to” to get over everything as a whole and be on that couch.

If you replace it with saying “have to,” you put yourself into a state of compulsion where you are bound to do specific tasks.

You motivate yourself through it unknowingly and think of all the work that would be completed by the end of the day.

Instead of regarding something as blockage, please take it as a test of time.

If you have already put your result that you are going through a blockage, you will not be able to be creative or brainstorm ideas.

It will eventually hamper your schedule. The work you have been assigned will be kept pending, and this will become a burden upon you.

Instead of calling it a blockage, please take it as a test, and realize that these moments make you or break you. Believe in yourself and that you will pass it with flying colors. 


Instead of saying that you are not enough to change it into a question, “Why am I not enough.”

If you ever feel or hear anyone is saying that you are not enough, immediately change it into a question asking yourself, “why am I not enough.”

If you ever feel that that you are not enough, it will deny your complete existence.

It is better to ask yourself at that moment and realize your worth. You come after the numerous blessings you have around, and you know your self-worth and how you are always enough for everyone and yourself too.

Try rephrasing your weak points.

Everyone in their life has some weaknesses, and it is these weaknesses that help you in evolving from the time you were born.

It takes immense courage to go through all your weaknesses and accept them so that you can work on them.

Apart from working on your weaknesses, you can even try rephrasing your weaknesses and looking at the positive perspective of them. It will show you your weak points from a different point of view and also motivate you to learn through the whole process.

Instead of saying “I am only,” change it to “I am capable of more.”

“I am only” changes your perspective to a narrow situation where you think yourself to be good at just a particular thing.

This breaks your confidence and demotivates you. It focuses only on the negative points you cannot do.

If you change your attitude to “I am capable of more,” you will realize that you have numerous chances to expand your achievements, and nothing makes you smaller than anyone. You need your time, patience, and focus.

Try saying “It can be good” instead of “it will be bad.”

If you just come to a final notion that taking a chance or an opportunity will be bad, then you would have become an astrologer.

Every chance is worth taking, be it bad or good, as it makes you make wise decisions and widens your knowledge.

Suppose you don’t step on an opportunity. You never know what might click for you. You never know you find your dream job or your dream partner, or your dream city.

So do not lose hope when you don’t know the result.

Instead of telling something a “Failure,” regard it as a “Lesson.”

Failure is a very strong word, and according to my notion, it should not be used at any instance. It just gives you entitled to a negative title that you carry around your whole life and put yourself down in every situation.

If you replace the Failure word with “Lesson, “ you will find yourself that even in your hardest of times, you are coming up with lessons that you have to learn, changing your perspective to a positive side. It will eventually help you in due course.

Avoid any lying or false speech always.

If you find yourself lying or pretending, try to refrain from it. It gives you a negative notion that lying is beneficial and also leads you to unhealthy habit.

These habits are the ones that might cause you trouble shortly. It breaks down your confidence and your ethics as a whole.

It makes you believe that the world is fake all the more, and you lose your trust in yourself, which eventually hampers you in the long run. Try walking on the honest path as much as possible.


Avoid negative comments like “This person does not like you.”

Negative comments are something that puts you down as a whole. In this generation, where jealousy is common, you might often feel that not everyone around you wants good for you and they are just pretending.

They are usually there to pull you down always. It is to you how you handle such people.

They fill your ears with negative comments, which break your confidence and put your personality down as a whole. It questions your whole existence, which is extremely toxic behavior.

Instead of making something a compulsion, use “determination and goals” to motivate yourself.

If ever you feel that you are being compelled to do something, it means that you are not loving doing it.

It will gradually make you lose interest in what you are doing and harm your overall efficiency and performance.

If you start using determination and goals where you visualize your goals and put determination inside you, you will realize that you can love everything that you are doing. It will eventually help you complete all your goals if you always have a vision.

Instead of losing your calm, use the word “perseverance.”

It is very natural to lose your calm when you are stressed and busy throughout the day, but it is very important to understand that this temper is neither good for you nor any of the relationships around you. It will just worsen everything.

It is crucial to talk with yourself at that moment and use the word patience and perseverance to calm yourself down.

If you make yourself understand all the due benefits of patience and perseverance, you will understand that slowly but steadily; you can calm yourself down.


Words have a major emphasis on your life. It can make your day or make you have the worst day ever. Changing your words here and there is very important to keep yourself motivated and get going.

From the above-mentioned point, you certainly got a clear idea of changing the words and transforming your lie for good.


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