20+ Reasons Why Chasing Money Won’t Give You Happiness

Society has a toxic relationship with chasing money, even after all the ramifications it follows.

Yes, it is indeed true that when you have money, several struggles subside, like paying loans, buying necessary items, and helping those in need, but making money must be sustainable both physically and mentally.

Money and possessions look great on social media, but simple life, in reality, feels better

Reasons To Stop chasing money And Live Simple Life.

You will still not feel satisfied.

Having a lot of money in your wallet surely feels great and makes you appear rich, but in reality, that money cannot enrich your overall life.

Satisfaction comes when you do something which requires you to work hard for it and devote a lot of time, and when you are finally able to do so, you feel satisfied and accomplished.

If you do not pursue those activities which give you mental satisfaction, you will have a gaping hole still existing in your life.

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You will somehow remain unhappy.

If your entire focus is on earning as much money as you can, when will you ever get the time to do the things which in reality, make you happy? You will not have that time just because your entire motive in life now is to earn more money.

You must focus on what are the things that make you happy. What is it that brings a smile to your face? When you are able to figure out these things, you will be happy in the longer run.

Your work will not feel like a chore anymore.

There will be days when you will not feel like going to work, but keeping aside those days, most days, you would itch to go to work just because you need money.

When you have a notion in mind that you will only do your job for financial gains, you will not feel like doing it all, when you simplify your life, you will understand that you need a job that you would want to do, rather than a job which you would have to do.

It becomes a heavy burden on your shoulders.

Money pressurizes you. In simpler words, money becomes a hectic thing when it is the only thing on your mind, the only thing you want to have, the only thing you are working for. 

When you have a certain target you have in mind, you try to reach for a bigger target, once you achieve the previous smaller target of money, and in any phase of life when you are unable to have the amount you were striving for, that becomes an issue of serious pressure on your shoulders.


You should also take care of your mental health.

Constantly running after money and trying, rather than striving, to become wealthier may come with some pros after you reach your goal, but it surely comes with several cons, and one of them is draining you mentally.

No matter what it is you are striving for, you should be aware of your mental health. If you don’t take care of your mental health, it can be worse for you than not being able to earn more money as you had expected, and it will impact your happiness and well-being terribly.

Work satisfaction is equally important.

Yes, you heard it right, work or job satisfaction as you may call it is equally important, if not more. When you are solely working for your financial gain, that will make you not feel like doing your job, or even if you do, you will not feel like doing it entirely every day.

It will not feel like a chore but rather something you have to do for money, which becomes a mental burden on you. To combat that, make your needs simpler and look for a job you would enjoy doing, as that would ensure your mental peace and job satisfaction.

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You will have to face a lot of negative comments. 

This is quite obvious that when people notice you are running behind in money and there is absolutely no other thing that intrigues you, they will pass comments about you that you may not like, and in that case, your zeal towards earning more money also diminishes slowly.

When these people only notice you doing something better for yourself, something which you love doing, other than chasing money, they may come forward and support you and boost your morale.

Excessive money can make you stressed out.

When you have an excess of anything, that can be harmful to you, and the same goes with wealth or money. When you possess a lot of money, it has the power to change you into a person you never were. 

The main point here is, even if you don’t change when you have a lot of money, you get stressed out as to how to manage that lump sum amount. How can you and when should you spend it, and how much should you save, all can make you stressed out. 


You get judged more often.

Suppose you gain a lot of money by your constant hard work, getting up and going to work every day even though you may not like it, giving your sole best every day, but after that?

People might start judging you based on the wealth that you possess. No, it is not sure they will, but they may. Your character will no longer remain at the forefront when it comes to judging you; it will be your wealth. Are you willing to accept this?

You need to take up a lot more responsibilities.

It is a natural thing that no matter what your earning method is, whether it is a firm you work at or any big or small company, or you are self-employed, you get more money when you reach that stage.

This means you either have to have a lot more employees under you, or you may have to deal with more amount of even more serious work compared to your peers.

This means a lot more responsibility, which, even if you enjoy, will not promise you happiness and well-being; rather, it might be more hectic.

You should let the money follow rather than you follow it

When you love to do something and do that passionately, you will surely be getting results and what will follow is money.

When you are doing something genuinely and with all of your heart, you will observe that it gives you subtle satisfaction and a sense of well-being as well, which you don’t get when you follow the money.

When you let money lead, you are willing to do anything just to get it, even if you don’t like it, and that is what curbs your happiness.

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You will have a lot of friends.

Yes, it is not bad to have a lot of friends, but when you earn a lot, it is only then you will have a lot of friends. When you have a lot of friends, it can work for the benefit of you and also against you.

Different people will hold different opinions of you, and also many of them might use you because you have a lot of money. You might end up spending a lot on them and have very few to keep to yourself. Keep yourself aback from letting them take advantage of you.


You may get completely sucked up in this.

When you constantly chase money, there are high chances that you may get completely drowned in this. You will have no time for yourself or your loved ones. 

What it does is that you will start to notice people leaving you behind. You will lose many social connections and even the closest of bonds, if not all. Instead, do something you love, and let the money follow. In this way, you can balance your life’s different areas.

You might get into addictions.

This point stands applicable both if you are chasing money continuously or if you have a lot of money. Constantly chasing money makes you get stressed out, which in turn gets you into addictions of various sorts which in any case are harmful to your health.

When you have a lot of money, you might want to spend it on the riches of life, which may get you sucked up into addictions. So, it is always advised not to get so much into chasing money and materialistic things.

You will have more guilt.

When you have more money than others you see around you, it will be a proud moment for you, but at times you will also feel guilty. You will feel it more when you don’t make proper use of the money you are earning. 

Once you realize that a large part of your money has been wasted on useless things or maybe things like addictions that can harm you, your guilt will have no limits. People will start demeaning you, even more, when you don’t donate to charities or needy people.

Time management will be the most difficult task.

You know what, time management is probably the most important thing you must learn to succeed in your life. When you fail to do so, your life will get all messed up, and you will lose in every aspect of your life.

When you get completely carried away by the thought that you need to earn more money, you will see that you have no time for anything or anyone else in your life, and this can lead to your overall downfall and make you a messy person who has lost track of it all.


Is it worth it?

Yes, having more money is worth it, but only when money follows something you do with all your heart, not when you follow the money and do everything it takes without even wanting to do all those things.

Building wealth is hard, and yes, it gives you satisfaction, but all your satisfaction will get overtaken by the responsibilities and burdens on your shoulders when you chase money and let other things follow. It should always be the other way around.

The happiness you do get will not be permanent.

Now the question is, why will money not bring you permanent happiness? Well, when you go after money, firstly you lose time to do other things you love.

Secondly, you get stressed out and all messed up, and finally, you lose your loved ones due to a lack of interaction or communication.

When you chase money, you chase something materialistic, and materialistic delusions are not permanent happiness; these are short-lived, and when you get over those things, they won’t appeal to you anymore the way they used to, and this is why it is all temporary.

The greatest evil in your relationship

You will notice that the biggest setback when it comes to healthy relationships has always been money. When you involve money into any relationship, it will either make it or break it, and probability is more shifted towards the latter because that is what usually happens.

It makes you a completely different person altogether, and it can have grave impacts on your relationship. Plus, when you are so into chasing money, you will seldom have time to interact and communicate with your loved ones or even sort the misunderstandings.

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It will never assure you mental peace.

Peace can never be bought. No matter how much you earn, if you are not satisfied with the things you are doing to earn that money, you will never achieve mental peace.

When you are so into this money chasing thing, you will feel exhausted at one point in your life and stressed out because it is not something you love doing, and you will also start losing important people and time. So, do the things you are passionate about and let the money follow.


From the above points, it can be concluded that, no matter how much money you earn, if you are constantly chasing because you need it anyhow, you will get exhausted both mentally and physically, and that will have other impacts on your life.

Let your passion precede money and see how well everything falls into place, and you will have no hard circumstances having to face.

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