283+ Christian Journal Prompts for Spiritual Growth

If you are a person of religion, your beliefs naturally affect every part of your life. That is, at least, the ideal situation. Therefore, it’s beneficial to consider how your faith is impacting your entire life.

Here is the most comprehensive list of journaling questions for spiritual growth. They are divided into numerous categories to help you reflect on many facets of your life as you work to become more like Christ.

Christian Journal Prompts

-Describe a moment when God saved you in your life. Do you think He’ll pull it off again?

-Compose a scripture that gives you comfort. What does God want to tell you?

-Describe a time when you felt as though God was speaking to you.

-Compose a prayer of submission to God.

-Describe how you can be brave and bold for the Lord.

-Stay motionless. What is God now telling you?

-How can you better serve God?

-In a gloomy world, how can you shine a light on others?

-Describe a moment when God used a challenging circumstance to your advantage.

-What do you think God is requesting that you change?

-What do you think the afterlife will be like?

-When do you feel most distant from God?

-How is your pride harming other people?

-There is a time and place for everything, according to Ecclesiastes. Which season are you now in?

-Outline the words of a hymn or Christian music that you enjoy.

-Compose a scripture that makes you happy. How does it relate to your daily life?

-Give an example of a blessing that occurred this week.

-Compose a Psalm of adoration for God.

-Do you struggle to express regret? Why, if so?

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-Joy, not happiness, is mainly mentioned in the Bible. How are they different from one another?

-Do you have a sense of entitlement? What can you do in this regard?

-What qualities should a Christian possess, in your opinion?

-How does your pride respond when you are offended?

-Decide on a biblical figure. What can we infer about their lives?

-What must you confess to God?

-Address a letter of apology to a foe.

-Is there anything you still hold against yourself? How can you experience the Lord’s healing?

-List five Bible scriptures that give you a sense of bravery and strength.

-How does forgiveness appear?

-What lessons do you believe God wants you to learn if you are having trouble understanding something?

-Compile a list of every need that God has already met.

-What aspects of your church family do you love the most?

-According to the Bible, what does God have to say about pride?

-Name a person in your life who embodies humility.

-What abilities and gifts have you been given by God? What is the best way to employ them to promote the Kingdom?

-Do you need to forgive anybody or anything?

-When in your life did Christ help you overcome something you believed you would never be able to overcome? Describe what He did, the circumstances, how He assisted, and how you overcame them.

-What verse from the Bible can you learn right now so that you can repeat it to yourself whenever your faith is wavering?

-What is God convicting your heart of at this very time when you shut off all outside noise and are entirely by yourself?

-When was the last time God used a challenging circumstance in your life to your advantage? What took place? How did it end up being better?

-What times do you feel most connected to God? When you feel near to God, what are you doing? When you feel close, where are you?

-What is the one thing in heaven that you most anticipate?

-What music can you often play that will help you to believe in Him?

-Find a Psalm in the Bible that speaks of joy or peace, read it through, and make it your prayer for today.

-Who in the Bible do you know whose testimony you find encouraging? Why do they make your faith stronger? How did THEY respond to the circumstance they were asked to believe in?

-Ten times, write a verse from the Bible that gives you bravery and strength.

-What do you believe God wants you to discover through your current trial?

-Is there anything in your life right now that God is urging you to change?

-What action do you need to take to advance the Kingdom of God right away?

-For what three things are you most grateful today?

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Christian Creative Writing Prompts

  • 1 Rewrite a Bible story from a different point of view or in a modern setting.
  • 2 Write a letter to God, sharing your thoughts and questions.
  • 3 Imagine talking to a Bible character and write down the conversation.
  • 4 Create a modern story with a Christian moral.
  • 5 Share your own story of faith and its impact on your life.
  • 6 Write a song or poem praising God or expressing gratitude.
  • 7 Explore the personality and experiences of a Bible character.
  • 8 Reflect on a recent church sermon and how it relates to your life.
  • 9 Tell a story about the power of prayer in your life.
  • 10 Start a story with Christian themes and characters.
  • 11 Write about your favorite Bible verse and what it means to you.
  • 12 Describe a day in the life of a Christian missionary, pastor, or volunteer.
  • 13 Create a poem that reflects your Christian beliefs.
  • 14 Rewrite a Bible miracle story in your own words.

Journal Prompts Christian

-Is God now attempting to get your attention on something?

-What is the main challenge you wish to overcome in life?

-Is there a sermon you can hear right now that will help you grow in your faith?

-What about a book about religion you can read?

-Ask God to take away your doubt and strengthen your trust in prayer.

-What one aspect of God can you concentrate on understanding to understand Him better?

-The Lord is glad in…

-What does it mean to have a solid foundation in faith?

-What can you do right away to boost your confidence?

-Where does faith originate?

-What kind of animal did God make that is bold and strong? What characteristics does it possess?

-What one item can you lay today at the feet of Christ instead of laying it on yourself?

-When your faith is weak, who can you ask to pray for you?

-What aspect of your life do you find most admirable?

-I like when my children…

-I adore when my spouse…

-When in your life did God make financial provision for you?

-What is your favorite Scripture from the Bible? Why is it so appealing to you?

-Which of the following terrifies you? How are you going to get over your fear? Plan ahead!

-What has God ever done for you that you feel the best?

-How do you believe God might be able to use your present suffering circumstances to encourage someone else?

-What can you do right now to draw nearer to God?

-What can you do right now to make yourself feel more at ease about a situation?

-What is your life do you most appreciate?

-What unforeseen circumstance this month ended up being a blessing in disguise?

-For whom are you most grateful?

-What can you do right now to completely give one item to Jesus and relinquish control over it?

-Do you spend 30 minutes every day in prayer?

-Prior to today, when was the last time you read your Bible?

-What are the top five items in your life that you value most?

-Who do you know who has experienced a circumstance like the one you are dealing with right now?

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-How can you spend a lot of time alone listening intently to the Holy Spirit convince you to have more faith?

-What is your most outstanding life achievement, and how did God assist you in achieving it?

-In what ways has God challenged you to step outside of your comfort zone this year so that He might strengthen your faith?

-What have you done that others have said was impossible but which, by God’s help, you have succeeded in?

-What has happened to you this week that you find to be the best?

-What does the term “person of religion” mean to you? For you, how significant is this?

-What restrictions have you placed on God? What is the fundamental cause of your behavior?

-Which Bible verse on faith is your favorite? Why?

-What is your preferred Bible account of faith? Why?

-Who comes to mind when you think of dread and uncertainty in the Bible? If at all, how did they manage to succeed? What lessons can you draw from them?

-What recent religious tales have you heard? How has it affected you?

-When was the last time you truly trusted God?

-Do you now feel close to God? If not, why not?

-Can you describe a time when God blessed your faith?

-How does God communicate with you? About them, write.

-How often have you heard people claim that God speaks to them? What are those -methods?

-What do you think about faith and doubt? Do you believe that God dislikes doubt? Do you consider doubt and confidence to be mutually exclusive? What verses in the Bible can you use to back up your arguments?

-Write out Francesca Battistelli’s song “The Breakup Song.” Consider the words.

-Write the lyrics to Jonathan David and Melissa Helser’s song “No Longer Slaves.” What verse(s) of Scripture is this song based on? Think about the music and the texts from the Bible.

-List the words of a song that strengthens and builds your faith. Why are you a fan of this song?

-What element of nature can you draw upon to strengthen your faith? Why did you decide to use this symbol?

-What quotation that is not from the Bible comes to mind when you think about faith? Publish it. What makes it so important to you, and why?

-What color do you believe religion to be? Why?

-What are some excellent behaviors you now have that strengthen your faith?

-Are conceit and self-sufficiency impeding my faith? Think about this query.

-Make plans for a weekend spiritual retreat. How would it appear?

-Do you wait on God to take care of things you can take care of on your own? How has this affected your walk of faith?

-What religious conviction do you hold that might surprise someone? What biblical passage did you find that led you to adopt this viewpoint?

-Describe a time when you showed a courageous act of faith that made you really proud of yourself.

-How do faith and purpose relate to one another?

-Do you demonstrate the same level of faith in all aspects of life—marriage, finances, employment, health, etc.? What can you do to make it more balanced?

-Whom would you pick as your spiritual guide? Why?

-How has your religion benefited you?

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Writing Prompts for Christian Writers

  1. Write about a Bible verse that’s important to you and explain why.
  2. Tell a modern version of the story of the Prodigal Son and what we can learn from it today.
  3. Share your own faith journey, including the ups and downs.
  4. Write a poem about Christian beliefs, like love, grace, or guidance.
  5. Imagine you’re giving a sermon on a topic like forgiveness or gratitude.
  6. Explore how the Armor of God metaphor relates to your life.
  7. Create a study guide for a Bible book or passage.
  8. Write a daily or weekly devotional to inspire others.
  9. Describe a personal experience where prayer made a big difference.
  10. Write modern parables or stories with Christian morals.

Christian Journals with Prompts

-How does your faith benefit other people?

-Think you may benefit from a religion coach? What function would this individual have in your life? How might cooperating with them be advantageous to you?

-What is the most stirring account of faith you have ever heard? Why does it speak to you so profoundly?

-How have you previously relied on your own understanding? What impact did it have on your faith?

-Faith devoid of deeds is lifeless. How do you interpret this?

-Have you ever heard God speaking to you and ignored it? How did things turn out? How did this affect your faith—was it reinforced or weakened?

-What would you want to be known for if the Bible were to be rewritten with you as a character?

-What daily faith-affirming rituals do you have in the morning?

-What evening rituals do you follow to be ready for a peaceful night?

-Have you ever been envious of someone else’s spiritual journey? Why? Where are you with it right now?

-Have you observed that you experience spiritual difficulty at specific times of the year or in relation to particular areas of your life? When do those moments occur? How can you increase your awareness? What can you do to maintain your faith under those circumstances?

-Describe in your writing a situation in which you feel God is urging you to exercise faith.

-Describe one action you can take right away to deepen your faith.

-Do you believe there is a relationship between logic and faith? What texts from the Bible can you use to back up your arguments?

-How do you patiently wait with faith?

-Describe a Christian you appreciate in your essay.

-Describe a moment when God sent you a clear message that you couldn’t ignore.

-What talents do I have? What one gift can I utilize to strengthen someone’s faith today?

-What false beliefs have you had regarding faith? When did you become aware of it? Where are you at this moment with those false beliefs?

-What does total reliance on God look like? Feel like?

-The Bible claims that faith is a gift. How can you be certain that you accepted the gift?

-What false assumptions do you hold regarding the effectiveness of faith? What text in the Bible can you use to cope with these constricting beliefs?

-Faith and hope are complementary. What would you say is your current level of hope?

-What can you do in unplanned downtime to enhance your walk with God?


In short, Christian journal prompts help people grow in their faith and get closer to God. They encourage thinking about their beliefs, relationship with God, and how to live by Christian values. These prompts can make faith stronger, help people understand themselves better, and lead to a more meaningful Christian journey.

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