207+ Christmas Journal Prompts For Everyone

At its essence, Christmas is a religious celebration. Yes, it has become entirely commercial, but whether you are religious or not, concentrating on the holiday’s meaning can help lessen how commercialized Christmas has become.

Journal Prompts For Christmas

Christmas Journal Prompts

An incredible method to get in the Christmas spirit is to take some time to think about what is most important to you, your friends, and your family. In our family, once the presents have been unwrapped and everyone is sitting around content and satisfied, we take some time to reflect on years’ worth of memories!

-What exactly is the Christmas spirit?

-What present would you offer to the world if you could?

-If you won a trip to the North Pole, what would you do there?

-What do you have to be grateful for this Christmas?

-How would living in a gingerbread house feel?

-What about the Christmas season is your favorite?

-Have you ever searched for buried gifts? Have your parents been informed?

-How does it feel to wake up on Christmas?

-How do you feel when you first switch on the lights?

-Have you ever exchanged gifts as part of a Secret Santa?

-Do you believe that people start getting ready for Christmas too soon?

-Which reindeer is your favorite?

-Do you like receiving or giving gifts more?

-Which of your past gifts to others was the best?

-What holiday song is your personal favorite?

-Do you observe Christmas on December 25 or Christmas Eve?

-What stands for Santa Claus?

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-How can you use Christmas to concentrate on something other than gifts?

-When do you and your family hang the stockings with gifts?

-What holiday treats does your family make?

-What is your favorite Christmas tradition in your family?

-Have you ever attended a carol supper?

-How will you offer on Christmas to others?

-What do you want to get this year for Christmas?

-What is the purpose of Christmas?

-What can you construct with snow that is the best?

-As a child, did you ever sit on Santa’s lap?

-What time does your household attend church on Christmas?

-What sort of Christmas lights do you prefer?

-What activities do you enjoy doing over the holidays?

-What kinds of toys would you create if you were an elf?

-What can you do during Christmas to commemorate those less fortunate?

-What does the holiday season mean to you?

-What Christmas decorations does your household use?

-Why do we deck the halls for Christmas?

-Is it more about giving or receiving at Christmas?

-Aside from Christmas and the winter holidays, do you and your family observe any other holidays?

-Write a narrative about the unidentified singing reindeer who is Rudolph’s relative.

-What do you and your loved ones do on Christmas Day?

-What was the finest item you ever discovered in your stocking?

-What is the purpose of Christmas gifts?

-How would life be if there were no Christmas?

-How can you give others this Christmas?

-Why does the Nativity tale matter so much?

-Who will you buy presents for this Christmas?

-Are the trees in your family real or artificial? Which one do you favor?

-What is your earliest memory of Christmas?

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Christmas Journal Prompts for Elementary

  • 1 What do you like most about Christmas?
  • 2 Tell about something special your family does during Christmas.
  • 3 If you could give a gift to anyone, who would it be and why?
  • 4 Describe a yummy holiday treat you’ve had.
  • 5 Write a letter to Santa, telling him what you want for Christmas.
  • 6 What does it mean to help others at Christmas? How can you help?
  • 7 Share a story about a Christmas you remember.
  • 8 If you could go anywhere for Christmas, where would it be and why?
  • 9 Draw your dream Christmas tree and tell about it.
  • 10 What makes you happy at Christmas? Write a list.

Christmas Journal Writing Prompts

Christmas Journal Prompts

-In which location do you celebrate Christmas? Do you ever go to see family outside of town?

-What is the purpose of the Advent season?

-What holiday specials do you often watch?

-Have you ever given Santa milk and cookies? Did he consume them?

-How do you tell when the holiday season has begun?

-Who makes the tree decorations at your home?

-How are you feeling this holiday season?

-Conjure up a tale in which your family discovers the hideous snowman brewing a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

-Compose a holiday tale with gingerbread men, elves, and candy canes.

-What would your ideal Christmas entail?

-Write an essay about your favorite Christmas jokes or some of your original ones.

-What do you want for Christmas this year?

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-Compose a little narrative with chimneys, a real tree, presents for Christmas, and your favorite familial customs.

-Compile a list of the friends and family members who paid you a visit during the holidays.

Christmas Journal Prompts

-How do you celebrate the holidays with your family? Do you take any extra actions to begin December?

-What traditions does your family have during Advent?

-Do you follow any Nativity set customs? How and where are the artworks displayed? Describe the materials used and the design of your set.

-What are your preferred Christmas-themed books?

-Approximately how many Christmas trees do you decorate annually? Are they all unique from the others? 

-Make a menu for your Christmas meal.

-Have you ever had a holiday mishap? About what occurred, write! (For instance, even though it essentially flopped at the time, we can chuckle about the year our kids received coal in their stockings!)

-Do you purchase a new tree every year? Do you cut it down yourself, or do you purchase it from a farm or tree lot? About your experience, write.

-When do you put the Christmas tree decorations up? Do you have any holiday tree decorating customs?

-Do you follow any unique Christmas stocking customs? Are the presents for stockings wrapped or unwrapped?

Christmas Journal Prompts

-Does your family only put presents beneath the tree on Christmas Eve, or do they do it all month long?

-On Christmas morning, who is the first to awaken? Who is responsible for waking up Mom and Dad?

-This Christmas, what are you most grateful for?

-Did Santa bring you any unique presents?

-Do you forget the milk and the cookies?

-In the absence of a fireplace, where should the stockings be hung?

-What customs surround delivering gifts?

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-Which Christmas decoration is each member of your family’s favorite?

-When do you begin to listen to holiday music? Which Christmas carol is everyone’s favorite?

-Which family customs will you uphold when you become older?

-List your favorite Christmas sweets or cookies.

-Keep a journal of your culinary and baking memories. Do you like to bake by yourself or with others?

-Which spiritual Christmas customs are your favorites?

-On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both, do you attend church? Describe your preferred aspects of the service.

Christmas Journal Prompts

-Do you give your dogs presents for Christmas?

-How do you uplift or bless individuals who are in less fortunate circumstances than you?

-What kind of outside decorations does your family use?

-What is your favorite holiday film? Do you have any viewing rituals?

-What scents associated with Christmas do you prefer?

-What Christmas as a youngster stands out in your mind the most? Why?

-Does your family participate in Christmas celebrations? Tell us about some of the Santa customs in your household.

-Have you ever sneaked a peek at Christmas gifts? How were you feeling?

-Do you host holiday gatherings for your family at your home, or do you travel someplace else, like your grandparents’?

-What handcrafted presents have you produced for others and gotten as gifts? What does it feel like to offer or receive a gift like this?

Christmas Journal Prompts

-What are your plans for Christmas Day?

-What customs do you have on Christmas Eve? Do you have any yearly rituals that you follow, no matter what?

-Do people exchange Christmas gifts around the tree in turn, or is it a free-for-all?

-Some folks receive a unique ornament each year, such as a gingerbread man, snowman, angel, or rocking horse. Do you have a tradition or collection of ornaments?

-Does your household dress in Christmas pajamas?

-Do you dress up for Christmas dinner or keep it casual?

-Some households wait until Christmas morning to open gifts, while others do so on Christmas Eve. What customs exist in your family?

-Have you gone a long distance to spend Christmas in another country?

-Have you ever spent Christmas Eve stranded at an airport or on a highway? How did it feel?

-Is your family musical? Describe the unique part that music and singing play at holiday celebrations.

-Do you provide a special breakfast on Christmas? Is it always the same? You eat breakfast when?

Christmas Journal Prompts

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Christmas Journal Questions

  1. What’s your best memory from past Christmases?
  2. Describe your perfect Christmas day. Who’s with you, and what do you do?
  3. How do you feel when you see the first Christmas decorations?
  4. Tell about a special gift that meant a lot to you.
  5. Share a family tradition you love during Christmas.
  6. What does giving mean to you during the holidays, and how do you do it?
  7. Talk about what Christmas looks, sounds, and smells like to you.
  8. Write a letter to yourself in the future, talking about your hopes for the next Christmas.
  9. How do you like to help your community during the holidays?
  10. What are you thankful for this Christmas, and why?

Christmas Themed Journal Prompts

Christmas Journal Prompts

-What special Christmas traditions do your family have to honor Jesus?

-Describe one of your family’s most treasured Christmas customs in your essay. Why does it matter so much to you?

-Do you often go to the same site or attend the same Christmas-related activities, such as tree-lighting ceremonies, pageants, or light displays? Write a piece on it.

-Does your family observe international customs during holidays? What treats, decorations or activities distinguish the occasion?

-What exactly does having the “Christmas spirit” mean?

-Why do you believe that the Christmas colors are red and green?

-This Christmas season, what are you and your family most thankful for? Write about at least three topics.

-Summarize your knowledge about the North Pole. Describe an elf’s usual day.

-Spend five minutes drawing your family and having fun during the holidays. Then describe your traditions in great detail. Describe the celebration’s tastes, appearances, scents, and textures using your five senses.

-Tell us about your family’s Christmas customs and how each member helps.

-If you consider Christmas to be one of your favorite holidays, explain why. Do you have any objections to any aspects of the holiday? How could Christmas be improved, in your opinion, if you don’t really like it?

-What book about Christmas is your favorite? Describe the storyline and your feelings on it.

-What do you want the world to have this Christmas season?

-Imagine Santa’s voyage with his reindeer and then explain it. Begin when he packs the sleigh and ends when Santa arrives back at the North Pole.

-Do you wish Christmas could be celebrated every day of the year? If not, why not?

-Select three goals for the new year. Describe your reasoning for choosing them and your plan of action.

-What is your favorite Christmas tradition in your family? Describe the custom of the festival in detail.

-Create the ideal Christmas feast.

-What kind of society would we live in if we used sleighs instead of cars?

-Tell me about your favorite aspect of Christmas in a few sentences.

-Find out how other cultures celebrate Christmas and explain it.

-Speak with an elderly relative to learn about their memories of Christmas in the past.

-What does the holiday season mean to you?

-Which of your Christmas memories is the worst?

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-If you could buy everyone in your family any Christmas present you wanted—even if it was expensive or difficult to find—what would you purchase them? Which gift would you give to whom, and why?  

-Describe the nicest Christmas gift you’ve ever received in your essay. What made it so unique?

-Create a story about the ideal Christmas day.

-What Christmas-themed book or film is your favorite, and why?

-Do you attend church during the holidays?

-Would you rather give or receive gifts?

-What is your favorite Christmas tradition in your family?

-What Christmas song is your favorite, and why?

-To whom are you presenting presents this year?    

-Which present this year do you look forward to giving the most?

-Which aspect of Christmas is your favorite?

-Which present has been the finest one you’ve ever received?

-What are you grateful for this holiday season?

-What one gift would you give to the world if you could?

-How do you feel about Christmas?

-What is your earliest memory of Christmas?

-What scents remind you of Christmas, and why?

-Construct a tale about a stranger who celebrates Christmas with your family. Describe it as seen by them.

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Christmas Journal Prompts for Kindergarten

  • 1 Draw a picture of Santa Claus and say what he looks like.
  • 2 Write a letter to Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas.
  • 3 Draw your favorite Christmas decoration and say why you like it.
  • 4 Imagine making a snowman. Draw it and tell us how it looks.
  • 5 Write down the names of three Christmas songs you like and why you like them.
  • 6 Pretend you’re a reindeer. What’s your name, and what do you do on Christmas Eve?
  • 7 Draw a picture of the gift you want most and explain why you want it.
  • 8 Tell a story about a time you were nice to someone during Christmas.
  • 9 Describe the tastiest Christmas treat you ever had.
  • 10 How do you decorate your Christmas tree at home? Draw it and tell us about it.

Journaling Prompts For Christmas

Christmas Journal Prompts

-Write about a grating Christmas custom that your household will not give up. Why does it matter so much to them?

-Give a child’s perspective on a Christmas tradition. Examples include decorating the tree, carving a turkey, and wrapping presents.

-Create a character that is experiencing their first Christmas without a partner or romantic interest.

-Describe your favorite holiday dishes in writing.

-Create a story about a Christmas you spent abroad. Think about how your celebrations might alter depending on whether it is summer or winter. Consider the hues, odors, tastes, and noises.

-Write about the past, present, and future of Christmas.

-Use a pet’s perspective to describe Christmas Eve.

-Create a character who is meticulously preparing a holiday meal according to a family recipe.

-Address a letter to Santa Claus.

-Others wait until Christmas morning while other families exchange their gifts on Christmas Eve. What do you and your family do? What other Christmas customs does your family keep?

-What meal do you like best during Christmas?

-Describe what you want for Christmas in a letter to Santa, along with why you deserve it.

-How do you define the Christmas Spirit?

-How would you describe your home on Christmas Day? Use pictures. Incorporate all five senses. What can you feel, hear, smell, and taste right now?

-For what do you feel most grateful this year?

-Is giving or receiving better? Describe each’s advantages.

-Is Christmas becoming excessively marketed? Justify your stance.

-Assume the role of Santa Claus. Does he think you’ve behaved well this year? Explain.

-What is the purpose of hanging stockings over fireplaces? Create a tale to describe this custom.


Christmas Journal Prompts are like special questions that help you write about the holiday season. They make it easy to capture the happiness and magic of Christmas. You can write about your favorite traditions, the pretty lights, or why you feel thankful. These prompts guide your writing and let you create a special memory of your Christmas moments. It’s a fun way to make the holiday season even more special.

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