How to Create a Space in Your Day: 51+ Proven Ways

On days that are too overwhelming, take a break. Go for a walk, sit at your favorite spot and listen to that song you used to love as a child. Let memories of a summer day lived so long ago, bring back the calm you felt then.

Whatever happens, know that you can always come to this moment and the world will start making sense.

tips to create space in your day.

Nap. There is a natural war going on within our brains to sleep and to wake up. Taking a nap of ten minutes can enhance your performance at work.

Wake 15 minutes earlier. Make sure to wake a bit early, so that you don’t rush into things after getting up like taking care of your kids, quickly eating your breakfast, getting ready, etc. At the end of the day, you would feel better waking up a bit early.

Get outdoors. It is refreshing if you like to embrace the worth of being outdoors, as it makes your mind fresh and relaxed to concentrate on further work and problems. The fresh air would act as a sense of various opportunities in life.

Flip the switch off. Make sure to switch off watching television for hours. Motivate yourself to watch less of it. Also do not engage yourself in watching it before going to sleep. Many of us might think of watching television as entertainment or to relax but it is good to switch it off, as it hampers your routine and makes a person lazy. 

Salvage the commute. One must avoid the commute if it is creating exhaustion, lack of sleep, a missed day at work. It often leads to high blood sugar, anxiety, blood pressure, and heart disease. Rather you should think about it or engage yourself more in silence. If you cannot avoid commuting then try to reallocate your time, by cutting off by watching the news that makes you angry or turns off the notification of your cell phone.

Take a longer lunch. Try to take a long lunch, and don’t feel guilty about it would make your afternoon work more efficient.  Also, you can carry your food, as it would increase your downtime during lunch when everyone rushes to the food junction.

Enjoy an afternoon tea. Some of our advanced societies enjoy afternoon tea, and it has benefitted many of them. It has health benefits and also makes our mind relaxed, nourishes our soul, and replenishes our spirit.

Set aside time for meditation. There is a great benefit in practicing meditation. It makes your mind more focused, makes us passionate about things that are more important in life, and centers our pursuits. It is highly effective if you practice it every day.

Take a longer shower. You get the best ideas while taking a shower, so engage yourself more by taking longer showers. It keeps your mind fresh and gives comfort. So, enjoy a bit of distraction-free living from your busy schedule.

Test some technique. Make some time management strategies so that the task becomes easier for you to complete. Such strategies are more useful during projects or presentations. This technique would drive you to keep succeeding and would also help you in accomplishing more.

Remove mindless Internet. Turning off the mindless Internet can create space. As roughly speaking people spend more than 100 minutes on the Internet per day, so if we spend that extra minute doing something productive then it would be of great help.

Turn off notifications. Our cell phones create more commotion when it comes to spaces. It keeps us reminded of our emails, messages, deadlines, etc. So, the technique should be as far as possible from your phone and turn off the notifications.

Keep it limited. Make space by clearing all the unnecessary things be it mental and physical. Things that you don’t need in life and also stuff that you don’t want in life. Be clear and embrace clarity in order to create space.

Create a morning routine. Allow yourself to make a morning routine so that you can create space so that things won’t get clumsy. Make some time for some self-love and self-improvement.

Practice gratitude. Learn the art of contentment and embrace a life full of gratitude. We should be aware of our dreams when it becomes urgent. Till then be appreciative before thriving for more.

Procrastination. You can’t be ignorant about everything that comes to your life. But when you have a strong force that is letting you not do the work then you must take a break. Also, you will get to know which task is more important to you.

Say No. Think before you say yes to some spontaneous requests, or before making an in-moment decision. Make sure you know your importance, having said yes to all requests can lose your worth and importance as a person. So, think wisely before saying a yes. Also, don’t say yes when you mean no.

Manage your expectations. When there is a huge gap between your expectations and reality, there comes when you need a proper plan in life. This gap will often lead to anxiety, frustration, and depression. So, make sure you think and be more focused when it comes to your dreams that you want to fulfill. 

Discerning taste. Work out on your taste, there may be things that are not of your taste, and you might not feel like working or it can give you a negative vibe. You will definitely feel uncomfortable when it doesn’t bring you joy and comfort. For that work out on life so that you can be careful enough to accept the wants and needs in life.

Be mindful. You can’t change your past and also you are uncertain about your future, what you have is now. So, appreciate the present which you can control. Be focused on what you can achieve in a day while thinking about tomorrow.

Overcoming overthinking. Step out from your comfort zone, it would help you to be at peace with yourself and you will also attain some space both physically and mentally. Get along with the fixed mindset and try to expand yourself in various fields.

Indulge in simple pleasures. Try to attain happiness in small things, the enjoyment that small and simple things give is beyond one’s imagination. Things that you take for granted give us the real value of happiness. 

Understand yourself. In life everything is hard, nothing comes easy. It is you who chooses which hard way you would like to go, for that you need to understand yourself. A bit of soul-searching is required to create a space to understand what gives you happiness.

Admit what you don’t know.  It is not necessary to know each and everything that goes around you. It is totally fine if you don’t know a certain topic, and you should also accept the fact rather than creating an image out of it. Focus on the topics that are important to you, this would enhance your knowledge and also would make your thought process effective.

Do what you want. Come out from this complexity of pleasing people and being up to peoples’ expectations. Try to create that space by doing what you actually want, not what others want you to do.

Take control of daily communications. Eliminate yourself from responding immediately, this would only make you feel desperate. Limit yourself to certain communications where you are an active member and always put pressure on yourself to do all the tasks all by yourself.

Find balance with social time. Engage yourself in some social get-togethers to connect, not that drains out your productivity and ends up being toxic. Find some balance in social time from your hectic schedule.

Shape your life appropriately. Your existence is what matters at the end of the day. It’s your mental peace that would fetch you somewhere. Neither money can buy that mental peace, it can give you material pleasure but not mental peace. So, choose wisely what gives you peace. Don’t choose something at the expense of your existence. 

Focus on one conversation. It is totally fine if you speak to a single person throughout the party. Rather than having conversations with the big groups, you can have a quiet conversation with a single person. Also, you shouldn’t be going deep with the conversation when it comes to yourself, do make that boundary or space.

Take a bathroom break. When the party becomes loud, it is alright to get some space for yourself by visiting the bathroom. You can take a break there by sitting for a bit and also do some breathing exercises to keep yourself calm. Also, drink some water.

Find something to do. When life gets a bit boring, engage yourself to become busier.  Boredom can be overcome by being busy. Also, it helps you understand your skills and ability of how much you can handle mental pressure. Make yourself do something just after you have completed another task.

Draw firm boundaries. At work you need to set realistic expectations so that you won’t be overburdened with work or your boss should not be insecure about your work abilities. For making these realistic expectations you need to draw boundaries by creating space at work.

Focus on utility. If you find a certain thing useless or of no value lying in your living room for years. Ask yourself why it is lying there for years, give yourself an explanation and a logic behind making it useful again, or find out the utility that it holds. When you find your living room spacious then you will feel joy and relaxed.

Ask for cooperation. When a child is young it would be naive to ask for cooperation, but as a child grows old, parents must think of cooperating with their child. Also, you can start by having small talk with your parents after that when things go according to the plan, engage them with some heavier tasks so that there comes an emotional balance amongst the family members. 

Slow down the rhythm. Make yourself get up from bed a few minutes earlier like you normally do. As it would enhance your mood and you would feel extra driving energy and motivation throughout the entire day.

Start a journal. Make time for yourself at least for 5 to 10 minutes every day and jot down in a journal the things which you have been feeling lately. It acts as a liberating exercise, which makes you feel free. It also makes space in your mind so that you can think more productively.

Clean out your closet. It is quite liberating when you try to clean your closet or maybe your entire room. If you haven’t worn a certain dress over the past years then try to donate it, it would make space for your room also new outfits can take that space. 

Make space in your stomach. If you keep your stomach one-third empty then you would be able to do your work efficiently both physically and emotionally, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Keep a calendar. Start keeping targets for work, like you need to complete this task within this time. Avoid over-attachment and dedication and try to manage your time skillfully. Also, stop juggling from one work to another. 

Give me time. Dedicate some free time to yourself, where you can enjoy yourself throughout. During this time free yourself from any kind of stress and switch off your smartphone. Also, do not indulge in social media during this time.

Cut the clutter. Make sure to know what your exact needs are and what you don’t need. So, that you can easily cut it off and could create space in your life.

Practice yoga outside and on your own.  It is really fresh and mindful to practice yoga. Also, if you practice it outside then you can enjoy nature, which would enhance your space with yourself. 

Be an observer. Try to observe people or nature. Make yourself attentive when it comes to nature, feel the smell, the sight. Keep your sense organs active, this would help you keep your mind fresh and calm. Let your mind wander to those things which are quite insignificant but would enhance your ability to think about how people respond.

Snuggle. Climb up to your child’s bed and snuggle a bit before you both start your day. It would keep your mind full of joy and you would attract positivity.

Create a soothing wind-down routine. While going to bed, make some time for a soothing routine like moisturizing your hands and limbs, oiling your hair, drinking a cup of herbal tea, etc. Doing something which is called self-care.

Create an achievement list. Make sure you know what you need to achieve at the beginning of your day. Make a plan and focus on what you have achieved rather than making a do list. By giving emphasis to the achievement list it can make you feel positive and your work can take a new reach.

Time out. We think when we would earn money we would go on vacations, but that’s not the reality. When you actually have money in your hand but you don’t have time to spend that money on. Here lies the lie in reality. So, make space to reflect on these sessions more so that you can have a healthy life.

Be honest with yourself. We expect too much for ourselves but we lack patience. Be true to yourself you would definitely achieve what you have dreamt of as Rome wasn’t built in a single day.

Screen overload. Cut down your screen time. Turn off things that distract you from your tasks and any sort of conversation.

Make small changes. You can cultivate plenty of small changes in life. Enjoy nature, take a walk outside before work or after work. Listen to music that is soothing and relaxing. Take some sights of your surroundings. Give some time to yourself by switching off the phone. These small changes, silences, and space will add up to your life and would make a huge difference in life.

Find a peaceful place. To make yourself grounded and motivated at work you need to create a space that is peaceful and beautiful. By being in that place your mood should be brightened up. Such a place would also make you tackle challenges and make you think more clearly.

Prioritize your own well-being. It is often said that in an airplane first, you need to get yourself an oxygen mask then help others. In reality, this is completely appropriate. If you don’t get enough oxygen then you cannot be able to help others. The first important step to create space is to put yourself first. Respect your own needs and keep on checking on yourself.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Variety is the spice of life, there will be ups and downs in life and you need to embrace it wholeheartedly. So, rather than reacting to its uncertainty, try to embrace what is in store for you and also learn how to deal with stress and problems. Make plans for those stressful situations. Do Not run for being successful, run for perfection. Also don’t wait for perfection to come in life, thrive hard to achieve it.

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