237+ Creativity Journal Prompts: Awaken Your Inner Creator

It’s easy to lose sight of our creativity while we’re living hectic lives. Thankfully, journaling questions and prompts are a terrific way to rekindle our childish imagination and unleash all of the creative potential within us.

The fact is that you probably already have the solution if you’re seeking ideas for a brand-new creative endeavor, attempting to figure out a challenging challenge at work, or just trying to be more creative in general.

Journaling Prompts For Creativity

If you ask the appropriate questions and use the correct prompts, journaling may be an extraordinarily useful tool for helping you draw all those original thoughts from your subconscious mind.

-Would you describe yourself as creative? If not, why not?

-Why are novel ideas crucial?

-What motivates you?

-What do you prefer to do to indulge your artistic side? What aspects of it do you like?

-Compose a poem that specifically mentions a thing or location.

-How do you feel while working on a creative project?

-How do you act upon an inspiration?

-Has someone ever restricted your creative freedom? How were you feeling?

-Do you feel more creative working alone or with other people? Why do you suppose that is?

-How would life be in a world devoid of color?

-What does the term “creative” mean?

-How can you inspire others?

-Develop a concept for a novel innovation. How will your proposal work? How will it function?

-What creative activities may you engage in?

-Play your favorite music, then start writing about the emotions it evokes. Instead of editing your writing, try letting the music guide you.

-Rewrite the opening section of your preferred novel.

-Do you ever run out of original thought? What does that feel like to you?

-Describe your day in the free verse beginning with the minute you woke up. Keep your pen on the paper at all times!

-Consider yourself a well-known author, singer, actor, or artist. What do you do for a living, and how do you feel about it?

-How does being inspired feel?

-How do you refrain from passing judgment when watching others?

-What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired?

-Do you still recall your dreams? How can you use them in your artistic endeavors?

-How might having a creative mindset helps us see people more clearly?

-In what setting do you work when you’re feeling inspired?

-What exactly does inspiration entail?

-Try working on a different kind of art, then document your experience in writing. Try painting if you enjoy drawing, for instance. Try writing a poem or a song instead of a short story if that’s what you usually do.

-Jot down a list of ten random words. Write a single tale now that incorporates each word in some way.

-How can examining other people’s creative endeavors inspire you?

-Why do humans require inspiration?

-Do you think your imagination is strong? If not, why not?

-Compose a narrative about a day in the life of your preferred animal.

-When do you feel you are most imaginative?

-Compose a poem that describes your preferred artistic creation.

-How do you express your creative side?

-How do you like to express yourself best?

-How may one best get inspiration?

-Does one have to wait for inspiration to come to them, or is it possible to locate it?

-What do you do to get inspired?

-Why is it vital to be creative?

-Have you ever had a journaling block? It feels what?

-What is your most impressive creation to date? 

-Create a piece of writing about an inspiration.

-Spend 15 minutes writing down everything you notice while sitting outside.

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-What would happen if you got a $10,000 cheque in the mail?

-Can you ever have trouble finding inspiration?

-How do you feel after a creative endeavor is finished?

-How can you encourage someone else to be creative?

-Is it possible for a copycat concept to be creative? If not, why not?

-When you have a lot of time or when you have a deadline, which makes you feel more creative?

-Describe an instance when you collaborated on a project with others. How did the project make you feel both during and after?

-How can education aid in the development of creativity?

-Why is it essential to record fresh thoughts when you have them?

-Have you ever used a previous project or item of your work as inspiration?

-What is your favorite piece of art, and why?

-Consider a recent dream you experienced, and then write or draw anything that was influenced by it.

-Select three words at random from a book or dictionary, then create a flash fiction using all three of them.

-As soon as an idea occurs to you, write it down. Continue writing until the page is complete.

-Without thinking too much, respond to the question: What is the current idea that occupies the majority of my mind? What does it mean?

-Address a letter to a friend from your youth.

-While enjoying a cup of coffee, jot down fascinating passages about interesting conversations around you in your journal.

-Ten personal facts that I’ve kept to myself.

-I have ten goals for the remainder of the year.

-The top ten aspects of my life that I adore.

-Ten book names I’ve thought of.

-Ten requests that I’d love to accept.

-This week I discovered ten new things.

-My top ten greatest gifts to the planet.

-My top ten most joyful memories.

-Ten instances of when I’ve offered assistance to others.

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Creative Nonfiction Prompts

  • 1 What’s your favorite Halloween costume?
  • 2 How does October make you feel?
  • 3 What does October remind you of?
  • 4 Share a spooky story from your life.
  • 5 Describe a cozy autumn evening.
  • 6 Talk about your favorite fall outdoor spot.
  • 7 How do you feel when you decorate for Halloween?
  • 8 Paint a picture of a trip to a pumpkin patch.
  • 9 Share a beloved October tradition.
  • 10 Write a letter to your future self about autumn.

Creative Prompt

-The ten things I find most lovely are.

-Indicate your five most important causes. Take the opposing stance while writing about them.

-As you go about, jot down any phrases you hear (or read). Construct a tale around it. 

-Write a character’s internal dialogue with several facets of that character (rather than an inner monologue).

-Create a factual account of your history that features some aspect of light or darkness.

-Saying farewell makes us aware of how things really are. Write a story where someone has to say goodbye and realizes something.

-Write the conclusion of the narrative first.

-Create a recipe for a temporary item.

-Create a horror story based on a real-world scenario (e.g., buying groceries, going to the bank, listening to music).

-From within a bubble, compose a narrative.

-Make a list of two to three concise character descriptions, and then write the characters speaking to one another.

-Use the second-person narrative to write stories.

-Create a narrative that continually contradicts itself.

-Write a character with at least three significant issues.

-Write anything that takes place on a Friday, the 13th (of any month) (of any month).

-How is the weather right now outside your window? What’s the weather like, someplace you wish you could go if that’s not motivating?

-How do you feel when the person you love doesn’t reciprocate your love?

-Write about a ship or other mode of transportation that can get you away from your current location.

-A poem about the time you met a buddy at a cafe would be another option.

-Create a story about two individuals meeting for the first time.

-Consider writing about a spacecraft traveling to the moon or a faraway galaxy.

-Starting someplace? Journal your experience!

-Create a piece of writing using a recent dream as inspiration.

-Decide on a creature. Put it in writing!

-Describe your friendships in your writing.

-Picture a dragon. Do you confront him? A friendly dragon, perhaps? Write in a detailed manner.

-Compose a narrative or poetry that begins with “hi” or a similar salutation.

-Create a poem or a short tale based on a famous letter or a letter you have received.

-While reading a book, highlight a few words on the page. Incorporate the words into a poem. You may also clip phrases and sentences out of periodicals.

-Write a poem, a short tale, or a diary entry based on an overheard dialogue.

-Everyone has a substance abuse problem of some kind. What items are essential to you?

-Choose a random word from a dictionary. Describe what you think that term implies.

-Describe a person you like and believe in having a brilliant mind.

-There is a “Missed Connections” area on Craigslist where you may uncover some intriguing narratives to get you inspired.

-Conjure up a poem or a little tale about a person who has recently lost or is going to lose their house.

-Express your feelings about specific numbers in a poem or diary post.

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-Describe doing something you don’t want to do in your essay.

-What somewhat frightens you? When you’re terrified, how do you feel? What’s your response?

-Compose an essay on waking up.

-Use what you are unable to perceive as inspiration for a poem or diary post.

-Compose a poem describing a time when you felt genuinely restored and revitalized. Perhaps a swim in the pool on a steamy summer day, a glass of lemonade, or some other event made a difference.

-Write about an absurd or extreme sport. If none strike your fancy, come up with your own set of rules.

-Create a formula for an ethereal concept, like a sensation.

-Write about a well-known picture of your choice.

-Consider a location you frequented when you were younger that is no longer there or has changed. Write about your feelings about this.

-Compose a little poem or short tale about the last person you spoke to.

-Consider writing about humiliating behavior you were caught doing.

-Create a list of questions you would like to ask a potential interviewee, whether they were genuine or made up.

-Create a story about a person you deeply miss.

-Decide on a state or nation you’ve never been to. Explain why you would or would not wish to visit that location in your essay.

-Select a location at random on a map or globe. You want to go there, right? If not, why not?

-Use your preferred streaming music provider, the shuffle function on your music library, or the radio. The first music you hear should inspire you to write something.

-Write a tribute to a person who has inspired you.

-While people-watching, compose an homage to a stranger you come across.

-Aren’t their advertisements everywhere? Use an ad’s tagline or slogan in your writing.

-Consider your preferred book. Now compose a 10-line poem that summarises the entire narrative.

-Assume you possess a hint of magic and the ability to make the unthinkable happen. How would you respond?

-Write with your preferred pen, pencil, or even colorful markers!

-Describe your routine and habits in writing.

-Describe your muse and describe their appearance. What acts as your muse’s source of inspiration?

-Describe a visit to a petrol station or convenience shop in your essay.

-Pick one of the world’s natural wonders. Write a piece on it.

-Compose a poem based on your most recent status update or that of a friend. You may frequently look online for some humorous ones to serve as inspiration if you don’t use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

-Develop a piece of writing.

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Interesting Writing Prompts for Adults

  • 1 Describe your favorite Halloween costume.
  • 2 How does October make you feel?
  • 3 What comes to mind when you think of October?
  • 4 Write about a detective solving a Halloween murder.
  • 5 Imagine waking up in a different time period.
  • 6 Explore a character who can time-travel within their lifetime.
  • 7 Pen a letter to your future self.
  • 8 Share your favorite natural place and why it’s special.
  • 9 Imagine a world where people can upload their minds.
  • 10 Write a story about two strangers on a train journey.
  • 11 Explore the “butterfly effect” in a story.
  • 12 Reflect on a cherished childhood memory.
  • 13 Be a food critic traveling the world for unique dishes.

Cool Journal Prompts

-Write about a family heirloom that has been handed down over the years.

-Write a piece on insects.

-Write an article on a magic potion. What’s the composition? How does it work? What is the cure for this?

-Create a piece of writing based on a playground or treehouse.

-Write down the first five adjectives that come to mind. Write a tale, a poem, or a diary entry using these five words.

-Adapt an old fairy tale. Change the conclusion, make it current, or compose it as poetry.

-Create a story about a character who has to whisper a secret to another person.

-Compose a poem about the things that bring you joy.

-Describe your preferred season in writing.

-What exactly do you mean by normal? Is being typical excellent or bad?

-Take a previous piece of writing and transform it into something entirely new.

-Write about a fashion icon or what’s in your dresser or drawers right now.

-Write something with a covert message interspersed throughout. For instance, you may utilize the word’s last letters to create an acrostic poem or incorporate secret code phrases within the poem.

-Describe a trip you’ve taken in writing.

-Describe how it feels to be sweltering in your writing.

-Compose a spell.

-Compose an essay about your collection of stamps, seashells, or salt shakers.

-Everybody takes a chance once in a while. Describe an instance when you took a chance and what happened as a result.

-Create a diary entry, poem, or short tale based on a visit to a fair.

-Create a fictional character who is a farm boy or girl visiting the city for the first time.

-Consider the queries you have for the cosmos in your writing. Include an answer key if desired.

-Discuss accomplishing things swiftly in your writing.

-To be inspired, look at a picture of a staircase, the steps in your house, or a favorite structure.

-Compose a poem or a narrative about the person who lives next door.

-Describe a time when you were physically injured in your essay.

-Write a poem about the life of your chosen saint.

-Compose a poem and send it to a distant relative or friend.

-Use the first-person present tense when you write.

-Consider the existence of a stray dog or cat and write about it.

-Write a poem or short story about a show you could watch continuously.

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-Describe your nightly sleeping arrangements.

-Do the excitement and loudness bother you, or do they inspire you? Write a piece on it.

-Describe a moment in your life that you wish you could freeze and save forever in writing.

-Do you prefer to be by yourself or with others?

-Write about a subject that you are really informed about, such as a passion or favorite pastime of yours.

-Describe a commitment you’ve made to someone in your essay. Did you keep your word?

-Express in writing how being surrounded by turmoil overwhelms you.

-Use a news headline as the first line of a poem or short narrative.

-Describe a specific thing in detail.

-Describe your preferred (or least preferred) mode of transportation in your essay.

-What would your ideal device accomplish? Do you have any technology that simplifies your life?

-Compose a corny love poem that sounds like it should go on top of a pizza.

-Craft a narrative or a poem that makes use of ladders as a symbol.

-Every date has a strange holiday! Look up a holiday for today and write a poem in the style of a greeting card or a short tale to honor it.

-Read the most recent blog post on your favorite blog or on your feedreader, then create a narrative, diary entry, or poetry based on it.

-Based on a recent piece of mail you have received, write a poem, a short tale, or a diary entry.

-Discuss sharing with others in your writing.

-Consider writing like a cactus might. What’s it like to be a prickly personality or live in the desert?

-Recently, have you noticed any amusing road signs?

-Describe a piece of furniture in your house in writing.

-Describe an instance in which you failed at something. Did you give up totally or try again?

-Angels and other ethereal beings can serve as inspiration.

-Describe your actions if you had wings in your essay.

-Compose a poem about seeing through things.

-Make a recording of your voice, then write down what you said and edit it into a poem or short tale.

-Play drum loops or other music with a strong beat. Describe the moment you feel and hear in your writing.

-Look at color schemes online and choose one that speaks to you as inspiration for your writing.

-Flip a magazine page at random, and when you start writing, use the first few words you see.

Creative Fun Writing Prompts

  1. Describe a spooky Halloween costume you love.
  2. How does October make you feel?
  3. What comes to mind when you think of October?
  4. Write about a pumpkin that grants wishes on Halloween.
  5. Tell a story from a friendly ghost’s perspective.
  6. Imagine you’re a scarecrow protecting a cornfield in October.
  7. Create a poem about the colors of autumn leaves.
  8. Describe a world where Halloween happens all year.
  9. Write a letter to your future self about October memories.
  10. Explain a costume party where everyone dresses as horror movie characters.


Creative writing prompts are like keys to the imagination. They help us come up with interesting ideas and stories. By using these prompts, we can create all sorts of different tales and characters. They make writing fun and exciting, giving us the chance to be creative and tell our own stories.

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