257+ Daily Journal Prompts: Get Started Today

A list of questions to consider might be useful as you begin your regular journaling practice. Consider concentrating on one or two per day.

By doing this, you’ll be able to examine the idea in great detail and possibly learn new information. Here are some queries for your daily journals as you investigate various formats for journaling.

Daily Journal Prompts

What time of the day was the most tranquil?

Explain something you learned today that you didn’t know previously.

Would you make any of the choices you made today differently?

How did you find today’s meals? Are you satisfied?

What spooked you today?

Who would you have liked to have spoken to today? How do they make your life better?

Describe the frustrations you had today. If those moments had been different, how would your day have been different?

How would you have spent an additional hour of the day if you had it to do over?

Did anything or someone today give you more power?

Did you resist engaging in an enjoyable activity today? If not, why not?

Consider how your body is feeling. Where do you keep your tension? How did it get there?

Who gave you the greatest assistance today? Whom have you most benefited?

Give a different person’s viewpoint of your day. Does it vary from yours?

What would you ban right away if you were in charge?

What changes in your employment are necessary for you to feel satisfied?

Describe a hobby that you’d want to start.

Which day in your everyday life would you pick if you could go back and make no changes?

In a year, how do you want your life to be different? How about if things stayed the same?

What nation would you choose to reside in if you had to?

How could you alter your life so that you may inspire others?

What did you yearn for the most as a young child? What do you strongly desire right now?

What course(s) in college would you enroll in if you could choose any of them?

How would your dream weekend be? What would it consist of? What would it not contain?

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Compose a letter to the adolescent you.

Visualize yourself in the future 20 years. Write a question and prediction letter to your future self.

Express your gratitude in writing to someone who gave you a bad present.

Write a letter of resignation to a problematic habit.

Recall your first love or crush. Send them the letter you would have liked to.

Compose a letter that comes from someone else to you. What else do you require from them to say?

Review your most recent texts. One of them should be rewritten into a longer letter and written as if it were the eighteenth century.

Address a letter to a lost loved one.

What was the finest age you’ve ever been?

Is there a memory that ought to bring you joy but instead brings you sadness? 

When did you last feel successful in your life?

Consider your childhood best buddy. What enjoyed doing you two?

Describe a journey you’ve had where something (or everything!) didn’t go as expected.

Consider a lesson you learned from your parents, either by doing something successfully or poorly.

When have you ever felt courageous?

What book first sparked your passion for reading?

At what age did you first feel like an adult?

What Ethical Conundrums Have You Seen?

Have you ever had to commit a sacrifice in order to support a loved one?

Have You Ever Made a Supporting Donation of Your Time, Talents, Assets, or Money? A Needy Person?

Exactly when was the last time you showed someone else some kindness?

Have You Ever ‘Paid It Forward?

How Reliable Are You?

How At Ease With Lying Are You?

Do You Lie, When?

Have you ever done something behind your parents’ backs or lied to them?

Do Your Parents Know If You Drink or Use Drugs?

Have you ever consumed something against your will?

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Do you spy on others? Do you believe that what you did was right or wrong?

How Much Rumor Do You Spread?

How Does Religion or Spirituality Affect Your Life?

What Is the Value of Your Spiritual Life?

Do you think everything occurs for a reason?

How much do you believe you have control over your destiny?

Can Goodness Exist Without God?

Are Your parents more or less religious than you?

Can You Pass a Basic Test of Your Religion?

What Can You Learn About Religion From Other Faiths?

How Do the Roles of Men and Women Differ in Your Family?

Do parents’ expectations and standards for their sons and daughters differ?

How Do Your Parents Split Parenting Responsibilities?

Is the pressure on girls to have “perfect” bodies too great?

How Much Pressure Are Boys Under to Have the Ideal Body?

How Have You Handled Gender Bias in the Classroom?

How Have You Handled Catcalling and Other Forms of Street Harassment?

What Does Being a “Real Man” Mean?

Would You describe yourself as a feminist?

How Would You Define Feminism?

What Did You Learn in Your Teenage Years?

What Do You Recall Most About Being 12 Years Old?

What Individual Successes Make You Proud?

What Happy Experiences Have You Had Recently?

In what rites of passage have you taken part?

What Do You Feel Grateful For?

What Middle or High School Advice Would You Give Younger Children?

What Have You Discovered About Older People?

What Lessons Can Your Generation Teach Older People?

Which Aspects of Your Generation Do Older Generations Misunderstand?

Do the Characteristics of “Generation Z” Relate to You?

What Are Your Money Attitudes?

Are You a Spender or a Saver?

Daily Writing Prompts for Adults

  • 1 Write about a time when someone did something nice for you or for others, and how it made you feel.
  • 2 Tell a story about a problem you faced but eventually solved, and what you learned from it.
  • 3 Imagine finding an old book on a shelf. Write a story about what happened when you opened it.
  • 4 Think about a goal you want to achieve. What small steps can you take today to get closer to that goal?
  • 5 Write a letter to yourself in the future, five years from now. What would you want to say or ask your future self?
  • 6 Describe a place you really want to visit. Use words to paint a picture of what it looks, sounds, smells, and feels like.
  • 7 If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? Explain why and how you would do it.
  • 8 Write a poem or story about a happy memory from your childhood.
  • 9 Think about what makes you thankful. Write down three things you’re thankful for today and why they matter to you.
  • 10 Create a conversation between two made-up characters who disagree about something important. Show why they have different opinions.

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Daily Writing Prompts

What lessons about money have your parents taught you?

Do you expect financial support from your parents?

How Significant a Role Has Wealth, Employment, or Social Class Played in Your Life?

Are there significant wealth disparities in your neighborhood?

Can Happiness Be Bought With Money?

Which of Life’s Best Things Are Free and What Are They?

What Facebook Use Are You?

What Facebook Persona Do You Have?

How Sincere Do You Appear on Social Media?

What Facebook Memorable Experiences Have You Had?

Do You Ever Feel Bad After Using Facebook?

Do You Think You’d Ever Delete Your Facebook Account?

Do You Suffer From “Instagram Envy”?

Are you on Twitter?

What Motivates You to Share Photos?

What Is Your Life Archive Process?

Have you ever sent a message by text, email, or posting that you wish you could take back?

Have You Ever Used Auto-Correct and Sent a Weird Message?

Do You Want Your Image or Video to Become Popular?

Do You Stress That Colleges or Employers Could One Day Read Your Social Media Posts?

What Social Media Navigation Advice Would You Give to Younger Children?

What Music Do You Listen To?

Which Music Can You Find on Your Favorite Playlist?

What Artists or Bands Have the Greatest Meaning for You?

What Musical Styles Inspire You?

Who Introduces You to New Music in Your Life?

How much of your musical preferences are influenced by your friends’ tastes?

In what capacity does hip-hop influence your life?

Which Pop Music Stars Catch Your Attention?

Which Pop Diva Is Your Favorite?

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What Karaoke Song Do You Like?

Which Artists Do You Want to See Collaborate?

How attentively do you pay attention to lyrics?

What Early Musical Memories Do You Have?

What Have You Seen, Read, Heard, or Played This Year That You Thought Was the Best?

What TV habits do you have?

Do You Engage in “Binge-Watching” When You Watch Television?

How do television programs affect your family’s and your own lives?

What TV Shows Have Meant Something to You?

How Frequently Do You Watch a TV Show When It First Airs?

Have You Become Obsessed with “Friends” or Any Other Vintage TV Programs?

What venerable TV programs would you bring back?

Why Do We Enjoy Reality Television So Much?

Do You Have Any Ideas for a Reality Show?

On what reality TV program would you like to make a guest appearance?

What Cartoons Do You Enjoy Watching?

Which Commercials Do You Like Best?

How Much Is Advertising Influencing Your Behavior?

Have You Read Any Good Books Recently?

What Have You Read This Year That You Liked the Best?

Who Are Your Favorite Writers and Books?

What Young Adult Books Are Your Favorites?

Are You a Pleasure Reader?

What Poems Have You Read or Heard That You Found Memorable?

Which Periodicals Do You Read, and How Do You Read Them?

Do You Like Reading Tabloid Rumors?

When Have You Found Reflections of Yourself or Your Life in a Book or Other Media?

Have You Ever Done Something New Because of a Book, Movie, TV Show, Song, or Video Game?

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Do you like the rebellious or obedient characters in your children’s books?

Do you read electronic books?

Would You Switch to Digital Books from Paper Books?

To which author would you give a prize?

Do You Enjoy Exercising?

How many exercises Do You Get?

What Impact Has Exercise Had on Your Health, Body, or Life?

To What Extent Would You Give Thought to Your Weight?

How Often Do You Talk in “Fat”?

Do You Pay Attention to Food Calorie Counts?

Are You Aware of Nutritional Information on Food Labels?

How concerned are you with the origins of your food?

Do You Practice Healthy Eating?

Do You Eat Too Fast?

Which “Food Rules” Do You Follow?

What Healthy Habits Do You Practice?

What Has Health Advice Been Effective for You?

What Guidelines Do You Follow to Maintain Your Health?

How Sun-Screen-Aware Are You?

What Sleep Routine Do You Follow?

How important do you consider sleep?

Do You Sleep Enough?

Which Meals Have You Ever Had That You Will Always Remember?

Which holiday food memory is your favorite?

What Comfort Food Do You Prefer?

Which Junk Foods Are Your Favorites?

What Candy Is Your Favorite?

Which Sandwich Is Your Favorite?

Do You Prefer “Authentic” or “Appropriated” Tacos?

In a taste-off, what dish would you want to judge?

Are You a Cook?

If You Could Learn to Cook or Bake, What Would It Be?

What Food and Eating-Related Lessons Have You Learned From Your Family?

How Frequently Eats Your Family Together?

Which Restaurants Are Your Favorites?

Which Restaurant Would You Like Us to Review the Most?

What Do You Eat While in School?

Do You Eat Food from Cafeterias?

Is the food served at schools really so bad?

What Are Your Birthday Celebrations?

Will You Dress Up for Halloween This Year?

Do You Enjoy Horror Films and Books?

Do you think ghosts exist?

What Customs Do You Have for Thanksgiving?

During the holiday season, what do you most and least anticipate?

What Advice Do You Have for Making the Most of the Holidays?

What Plans Do You Have for the Holiday Break?

How Do You Feel About Santa Claus?

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Are you anticipating New Year’s Eve?

Do You Make Resolutions for the New Year?

What Are Some Ways to Beat the Winter Blues?

If It Snowed Today, What Would You Do?

How Have You Handled Extreme Weather?

What Are Your Thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

How Do You Mark the Spring Equinox?

What Would a Spring Break in Your Dream Look Like?

What Are You Most Anticipating This Summer?

What Kind of Summer Camp Would You Like to Attend?

Where Do You Like to Hang Out in the Summer?

Which Summer Food Is Your Favorite?

What Summer Film Is Your Favorite?

What Books Are You Reading This Summer?

Are You Working This Summer?

Do You Pick Summer Activities to Succeed on Applications?

What Activities Did You Enjoy Most This Summer?

How Do You Get Ready for Back-to-School Time?

What Are the Best Ways for People to Utilize Long Holiday Weekends?

What Do You Do on Sundays?

What Animals Are in Your Life?

How Do You Get Along With Your Pet?

How well-versed in your pet are you?

What Do You Think About Cats?

Would You Like to Visit a Cat Cafe?

Why Do We Enjoy Watching Videos of Animals So Much?

What Wildlife-Related Tales Stand Out in Your Mind?

What Opinion Do You Have of Zoos?

Daily Reflection Journal Prompts

  1. What made me happy today?
  2. What was the best part of my day?
  3. What was hard today, and how did I deal with it?
  4. What new thing did I learn today?
  5. How did I help someone today?
  6. What do I want to do in the future, and what did I do today to get there?
  7. How did I take care of myself today, both in my body and mind?
  8. What am I excited about for tomorrow or the near future?
  9. Did I face any problems today? How can I solve them?
  10. How can I make tomorrow even better than today?


Daily journal prompts are like daily questions that help you think about your thoughts and feelings. They are great for writing and thinking. Journal prompts can help you learn about yourself and make it a habit to write every day. They are a good way to understand yourself better and connect with your thoughts and feelings.

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