45 Powerful Daily Prayers: For a Happy And Secure Life

Daily Prayer is an important part of our life. It gives us the time to reflect on our lives and what we want from them. Few prayers that you can spare time to do every day in the morning and that will keep you uplifted throughout your day.

Daily Prayers To Keep Healthy And Energetic

Prayer For Gracious Life

-Dear Lord, I can never thank you enough for your grace and kindness that constantly enriches our lives without any returns. When I least expect it, I find your favors giving me a positive edge, just what I need at that moment. I pray to you to continue being so gracious. – Amen

-Dear Jesus, I know that a happy life comes from following strict discipline and keeping faith in your power. I pray to you to keep me in the path of your love and kindness. I must never withdraw from my duties and forget the discipline and regulations I must always obey.– Amen

Prayer For Strength

-Dear God, my spirits will be uplifted when I develop the patience and calm needed to accept things the way they are without being bothered by the outcomes. Also, I must possess the ability to make a change wherever I can, with confidence. I pray to you to give me strength.– Amen

-Lord Jesus, I pray to you to let me enjoy every single day of my life. Let every moment in my life count, no matter good or bad. I must learn to live the happy moments and deal with the hardships thinking that they are a part of my life too.– Amen

-Dear Almighty Father, I bow before your Divine Being and pray to you to give me strength and courage so that I can function efficiently in everything I do throughout the day. No matter how small a task is, I must learn to complete it with complete dedication and honesty.– Amen

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Daily Prayers

Prayer For good Life or Happy life:

-Jesus Christ, I pray to you that I must never lose faith in You. You are the Supreme Divine, and whatever you do for us will benefit us somehow. Even if we face a troubling situation, you will eventually fix everything and let us be happy.– Amen

-Dear Almighty God, I surrender to you completely. I put my life in your hands and accept whatever you do for me. I pray to you to keep me happy in this life and also in future lives. My life and everything in it is a huge blessing from you.– Amen

Prayer to The Holy Spirits

-Hey Jesus, I am distracted, and misguided. I have reached a point in my life where I have no idea what to do next. In these troubling times, I turn to you for guidance. The fact that you have always been with me gives me courage and keeps my spirits uplifted.– Amen

-My Lord, may I never question your way or desire for me. I may not understand it initially, but I pray to you to let me have faith in you so that I will know that eventually, things will be alright and just the way I want them to be.– Amen

Pray Against Depression

-Lord Jesus, in the moments that I feel lost and sinking into depression and sadness, I pray to you to reinforce my trust in You, knowing that you are always there to look after me. You will help me face my biggest fears and never leave me alone in my troubles.– Amen

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Daily Prayers

Presence Of Jesus

-Jesus Christ, today I choose to celebrate your presence. I am so happy that you are a part of my life and I shall always try to acknowledge Your presence in every second of my life. No matter what I am doing, You are always present in my mind and heart.– Amen

-Dear Father, I have learned from You that love is a very important part of our lives. Wherever I am today, it is an outcome of your endless love and protection. I pray to you to continue being the Father you are and look after me as your own child.– Amen

-Jesus, I exist because of you. I live by your will. And I know you will never let me down or let me be demotivated. I will never fail in life and will always achieve success because I have faith in you, and you will choose the best for me.– Amen

-Almighty Lord, I may fail today in achieving what I want. But, I pray to you that you must never let me be disheartened by that. Your unconditional love and support are what will keep me going and it is something that no one can ever take away from me.– Amen

Prayer For Opportunity

-Morning, Lord. As I begin a new day of my life, I consider this as an opportunity given by you to make a fresh start. Whatever happened previously is no longer my concern. I must learn to focus on what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

-Father, as you know, I have faced failures and done mistakes several times in my life. But I pray to you to help me get over them and stop regretting the past with new opportunities. I want to work on developing myself and fixing my mistakes.– Amen

-Dear Lord, life has given me newer and better opportunities than the previous days of my life. I just pray to you to keep supporting me so that I can make proper use of these chances and succeed in life. I must never be misguided by anything in my path.– Amen

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Prayer For Faith

-Father, life is unpredictable. I will never know what is going to happen next. It may be something good or bad. Nevertheless, I pray to you that my faith in You must never be lost. I shall always believe that You are my shield of protection against all evil things.– Amen

Prayer For Truth

-Dear Jesus, there is no bigger thing than truth. I just pray to you to keep me in truth and never follow the wrong path. No matter how dire the situation is, I must always stand by the truth with a brave face and never give in to evil vices.– Amen

-Dear Father, when I wake up to this beautiful morning, I can almost hear the whispers of your love and care for me. Every day, you just become more and more trustworthy and lovable. I can never express how grateful I am for you and how much I respect you.– Amen

Prayer For Guidance And Blessing

-Lord, you are omnipotent and the most powerful existence in this Universe. I pray to you to prevent me from making errors and guide me through the right course of action. Because no matter how skilled or wise I am, I can never be successful without your guidance and blessings.– Amen

-Father, I am worn out by this regular rat race of my life. It feels like ages that I have been running for more. I pray to you to help me stop being a part of this rush for gain and spare time for the other important things in life.– Amen

-Almighty Lord, I have complete faith in your decisions. So, I pray to you to keep your influence over every aspect of my life- my welfare, my family, my work- everything. You must continue to be the constant strong pillar of support that you have been for us till now.– Amen

Prayer For Increase Positivity

-God, I pray to you to keep me surrounded with positivity all the time. Never let any negativity affect my life or discourage me from being happy. I trust you and your ways and I know that you will always help me to grow into an optimistic and uplifted person.– Amen

Daily Prayers

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