How to Deal with Miserable People: 20 Ways

People tend to feel miserable at some point in their life, and this is quite natural. Life is full of surprises at every moment, and sometimes it may be bad, and sometimes it might be too good, so it is natural that you will feel miserable at times and feel hopeless about everything you do.

In such situations, there are certain ways in which people around you should behave to them to help them restore their faith and be back on track.

How to Deal with Miserable Person?

Pay attention to them 

You may have noticed that people around you always crave attention for one reason or the other, and the same goes for them too. Miserable people tend to feel a bit out of place at times, and these are the times when you could be a helping hand to them.

People who tend to feel miserable often find a hard time communicating with others as their mind is under constant stress and it is continuously thinking.

In these times, you should listen to them and pay attention to every detail that they are speaking about; it makes them feel grounded and connected.

Practice smiling at them whenever you see them 

People who feel miserable often find it difficult to smile at others or even for themselves at times.

So it is important to keep in mind that you should always be in a playful mood whenever you are with them. It makes their belief that there are tons of happiness beyond that darker side of their life.

Whenever you see them make this a point to smile at them, it makes them realize the goodness of the world, making them believe that humanity and kindness are still present in their lives.

Address them by their name 

Identity plays an important role in everyone’s life, and therefore it is the same for them. People who are miserable feel that they are not important enough in any scenario or for anyone in general and go through an identity crisis.

When you are with them, address them by their name; it will make them feel more connected with you and also feel they are important enough to put forward their ideas which will eventually make them regain their strength and confidence.

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Compliment them 

You will notice that people who feel miserable degrade themselves and think falsely about themselves, so to bring them back to life, you need to compliment them often to make them feel that even they possess some characteristics or traits which sets them apart and they are worthy of having them.

You can compliment them on anything in general; it can be regarding how well they dress, how they manage their time, how they tackle every difficulty, how they are easily approachable.

These compliments will make them feel good about themselves and also make you feel better as a person.

Try being kind to them 

Kindness goes a long way. Miserable people find it hard to share their emotions or thoughts with others, and it builds inside them, which is never advised as it makes them feel more sad and pessimistic towards life. You should be kind towards them in every situation.

Kindness does not mean that you look at them sympathetically at all times. It just means that whenever you approach them, you try being kind to them.

So you should remember that they are going through a hard time, so just to make their journey easier, you should be kinder towards them.

Be patient with them 

You may find the annoying at times, and it is natural to feel that. People who tend to be gloomy and miserable all the times have an attitude that makes you feel impatient whenever you are with them. This attitude may drive you crazy at times, but you need to calm yourself down too.

You need to remember that they are finding a friend in you, so if you become impatient with them, they will lose all their vigor to jump back into their normal self. It is going to be a long time, but surely it will be a wait which will be worth it.

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Have a conversation with them 

Who doesn’t love to have a conversation? Starting a conversation shows that you are interested in talking with the ad will make them feel happy about themselves and make them realize that they are capable of conversing with others.

So, the next time you see them sit down, start a conversation with them. This will make them believe that can talk with their hearts open to you and this will help them a bit to relieve themselves from the whole burden of carrying everything on their shoulder.

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Include them in the gang 

When you are discussing the upcoming project, do not seclude the people who feel miserable, they feel a bit out of place, so secluding will make them think worse about themselves, which will also affect you. So you should always include them in the group when you’re having a conversation.

If you include them in the group, you may notice that they come up with ideas which no one could think of, and they will be able to give a different view to everything in general as they are constantly brainstorming .this will also make them feel included.

Discussing mutual likes 

People who tend to feel miserable tend to hide a lot and let themselves talk freely with everyone.

So, one of the first steps you should take is discussing the mutual likes and dislikes. It will make them feel that they have someone to talk to and will also help you in understanding them better.

You may notice that they have some of the same likes and dislikes, and you both seem to connect well with each other when someone around you both says something positive or negative. You both seem to disagree on the negatives and try moving on to a more neutral topic.

Try not to make assumptions 

You may find that you inherently judge or set a notion for yourself for all the people around you, but you should not do this with the people who feel miserable as they have a lot in their mind and it is not good enough to judge anyone before knowing anything about their journey.

Miserable people already feel stressed about everything around them so when you are around them, try not to be a reason which worries them.

You should listen to them, pay them attention, and treat them with all due respect to understand them. You should be a reason they believe in humanity.

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Listen to them 

People who feel miserable often find it difficult to tell freely about all the emotions which they are feeling. They feel that others might judge them due to this, so this is why they keep it to themselves. At this point, you should give your helping hand to them.

You can listen to them, and with passing time, you will realize that they are freer with you, and as time passes, they might start to share their hardships in life; this will help you get a deeper insight into their journey and make you more comfortable in helping them.

Be there by their side 

People, whenever they are going through a difficult time, often crave someone who will just be there; not necessarily do they want someone who will help them, but they just need to know at least someone has got their back. They feel that you are with them.

You can be there and just assure them that you will be there for both that good and bad times; sometimes, that’s all they need. If you be by their side, they think that they have got a companion who might solely understand them.

Darkest times may lead to some positive changes 

People who feel miserable feel that it is the end of it, and there is no enjoyment or joy in their life anymore. They lose the hope of living a happier life at the end of the darkest phase of their life. You need to make them believe that there is the hope of things getting better.

You need to reassure them that things might seem worse for them, but these are the things that are making them courageous enough to face any obstacles that might come in their life. These are the times which make them focused, helping them to learn more in life.

Make your boundaries 

When someone is not having their best times, it often happens that they require some time too along with your help, so you should keep this in mind while you are with them. You surely can help them but to take your advice or not is their decision.

You need to set your boundaries where you need to take care of yourself and your happiness too.

You cannot change the reality for someone, so the best you can do is try, and once you have done that, you should let them realize what is right and wrong and use their senses again.

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Also, protect yourself 

It is good to be kind and helpful to others. It is indeed a noble trait, but you need to keep in mind that you too need to protect yourself because when you are around people who feel miserable, you too imbibe some of the thoughts which indirectly affect you.

In this case, you need to protect yourself at times when you feel that helping them is draining you off or letting you have thoughts that are similar to them. In that case, you need to take some steps back and look after yourself.

Avoid neglecting your emotions 

It is the natural tendency of human being to neglect emotions and happiness when they are helping someone, but that should not be the case. You need to listen to your emotions and need for you to be happy too. You need some time to pamper yourself.

When you are in constant touch with a negative aura, you might feel down at times. This is something that might happen, but you need to take some steps towards your happiness too and regain it back because unless and until you are in your best state, you will not be able to give your best in helping those who feel miserable.

Learn what they are going through 

When you first meet them, do not make any assumptions regarding anything that led to this situation of misery. It is better to talk with them and listen to their thoughts and emotions. You will get to know what bothers them, which will help you in empathizing with them.

You should learn what they are going through. This learning does not only refer to knowing in detail what they are going through but also gaining knowledge regarding this situation and also guiding them to the right way if they aren’t on one.

Take their situation and their feelings seriously 

The situation which they are facing is pretty serious. You should talk and listen to them only if you feel you are mature enough to handle these situations seriously without making them. They already have a lot of problems to deal with, so surely you would not like to be a part of them, right?

You need to understand that their feelings are also justified according to the situations they have faced in their life.

These feelings arise from all the past trauma or insecurities that have made them this way, so before you crack a joke regarding them or make fun of them, do not forget to put yourself in their shoes and look what it feels like.

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Aid them in finding support

You need to understand that they are going through a very difficult phase in their life, so they do need a companion who is going to be there; it not only motivates them but also helps them in combatting the whole scenario. They find peace when they know that you have got their back.

They lack support sometimes, which often leads them in a wrong way and get the scenario a bit complicated and messy, so you should always help them in finding support and make sure that they are under the correct guidance regardless of anything.

Celebrate their successes

You will understand that how much it feels good when someone appreciates you for the slightest of things. So the same goes for those people too, they need some appreciation at times, and for them specifically, even the smallest of the achievement matters a lot.

They have faced situations in which they had to push themselves hard through every situation, so just a small accomplishment means a lot to them.

When you have been there through your darkest of times, then you should celebrate their success too and give them all the support and appreciation they need.

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People go through some difficult phases in their life, and someone must put a check on them during those times. It makes them feel more secure and more attached to reality. It is essential to listen to their thoughts and emotions without judging them.

From above, you can get a clear idea regarding how you can deal with a person who is feeling miserable and how you can protect yourself and also help them at the same time.

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