210+ December Journal Prompts

It’s almost the end of the year, which means it’s time to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of the last year and make plans for the future. As everyone anticipates the Christmas holidays, it is also a time of joy and celebration.

Most of you may still be rushing to complete your new year’s resolutions, given that the year is almost gone. Even if the holidays are just around the corner, it’s always vital to take stock of the year thus far.

And with that in mind, we have compiled this amazing collection of December diary prompts in the shape of a thrilling jumble of feelings that buckle under the weight of this beginning of change.

December Journal Prompts

– Consider a custom associated with the holidays that you find confusing. Its origin of it should be explained in a tale.

– Compose a wintertime poem. How does the air feel to you? Do you hear any sounds?

– What winter holidays do you celebrate with your family? Are there friends of yours who observe other holidays?

– Have you ever gone carol-singing over the holidays? You went with whom? What tunes did you perform?

– Create a snowman using any materials you have, like snow, paper, marshmallows, and cotton balls. A short narrative should be written about him with a name.

– Describe your favorite seasonal book or film in your essay. How come you like it?

– How would the Christmas toy retail season be like to work in? What about you?

– How would it feel about spending the holidays in a region of the nation with a different climate? Would you find it fun? If not, why not?

– Why do we observe a wide variety of holidays in the winter?

– What holiday decoration do you prefer? What does it do to you?

– Write about your first snowfall experience. What do you like to do the most when it snows? What do you imagine snow to be like if you don’t live in a snowy area?

– What was the finest present you’ve ever gotten from Santa?

– Make a list with one item for each letter of the alphabet of the 26 finest holiday-related items. Select your favorite object and briefly explain why you love it.

– Do you have any unpleasant or challenging holiday moments? How would you manage them?

– 2013 travels of Santa Claus across the globe should be the subject of a tale. What technological advances will this year make his Christmas deliveries simpler?

– What holiday delicacies are your personal favorites?

– Consider a kind gesture you could make for your parents. Make a Christmas package of your own to put it in, and then write it down. What was their response when you presented them with the gift?

– Which aspect of winter break is your favorite? How come you like it? Which winter activity do you prefer?

– Use a template you may find online to cut out and design your paper snowflake. Write a brief narrative describing the snowflake’s journey from the sky to the ground afterward.

– If you have a favorite holiday character, describe a typical day in their life.

– Which holiday custom do you prefer? What about it do you like best?

– What exactly does the word “Christmas spirit” mean? Do you think this year has been your time to experience it? In what way?

– Which individuals do you know this year who have excelled particularly? What kinds of presents is that individual deserving of?

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– What does it feel like on Christmas morning? Write a poem about it.

– You should journal about your vacations. You did what? What was the highlight?

– Create a narrative about a daring pair of pals who visit a community made up entirely of gingerbread houses.

– Which holiday custom would you like to start if you could? Who or what would it honor?

– In the upcoming year, what goals do you have? Name three of the most cherished dreams in your essay.

– Describe the previous year in brief. What accomplishments and situations will you always remember?

– What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

– How would you characterize the energy of December?

– Are there any challenges that you have around December?

– In this month, how can you dig deep?

– How can you help the others in your community see your light?

– How do you send love to everyone, even those you’ve never met?

– What food is now your favorite?

– Who do you have access to when you need someone to listen?

– What can you be thankful for right now?

– What emotions do you have toward your family?

– What recently read material struck you as powerful?

– Which activity do you adore the most?

– How can you speak to someone with whom you disagree in a way that is based on love and compassion?

– How recently have you experimented with something new?

– What location in the globe, if any, would you like to be at right now?

– The next time you have anxiety or worry, what can you do to practice presence?

– What actions may you do to demonstrate your affection for your house?

– How can you express your love for your body?

– Three affirmations should be written down if they now seem significant to you.

– How long has it been since you last experienced complete peace?

– Who are you able to pardon? What emotions does forgiveness evoke?

– What are some ways that you may accept love from others and yourself?

– What book have you most recently finished reading, or are you now reading?

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– Describe your day in today’s letter.

– What recent spiritual encounters have you had? You can substitute the words love, peace, or understanding for the term spirit if you don’t want to.

– What has been a particularly miraculous occurrence for you this month?

– Do you sense loneliness?

– How can you interact with others while you’re feeling lonely?

– How can you share your delight with others when you experience it?

– How can you recognize and respect your sadness when it arises?

– What strategies can you employ to reset and recharge when you are having a low-energy day?

– What wonderful things might you expect from the future?

– What was the most important lesson you learned this year, and why?

– Make a recap of this year. At least five of your favorite and least favorite moments from this year should be listed.

– Describe the finest present you got this year.

– Give a brief description of the finest present you have given this year.

– List at least three objectives you’ve had for a while that you want to accomplish by the end of the month or the year.

– In the upcoming year, what goals do you have? Name three of the most cherished dreams in your essay.

– What did you do this year that you are most proud of?

– What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

– This Christmas season, make a list of at least five ways you can give back to your neighborhood.

– To express your affection for someone, write a letter to them—to your spouse, a friend, your parents, your siblings, or your kids.

– Share your favorite motivational quotations with your loved ones by compiling a collection of at least 10.

– Write a letter to your future self outlining your goals and aspirations for the next five years.

– How did you spend this year’s birthday?

– What progress did you make in terms of your health this year? Name them.

– A list of affirmations you have been using for a while. Are they able to aid you?

– Make an alphabetical list of the things that inspire you to attain your objectives.

– Compile a list of the books you’ve read this year.

– What aspect of winter break is your favorite? What makes you like it?

– The majority of us work from home as a result of COVID-19. Write a piece describing your experience working from home.

– What did you discover about increasing productivity when working from home?

– If I could go back in time and alter one thing, I would like to.

– List the five behaviors I’ve developed this year, good or bad.

– Identify five decisions I made this year that were good or bad.

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– Have you begun keeping a notebook of your gratitude? List 10 items or people for whom you are thankful.

– Make a list of the things that instantly make you cheerful.

– Make a list of at least five self-care activities you can accomplish this holiday season.

– Give at least ten distinct ways to end the following sentence: because… I adore Christmas

– Jot down a memory from your early life that involves Christmas.

– The activities you wish to engage in on New Year’s Eve to create lifelong memories.

– Give yourself a score between 1 and 10, and explain it.

– Are your plans for the new year complete?

– List at least three objectives you’d like to accomplish by the conclusion of this month.

– List all of your Christmas wishes in a letter to Santa Claus.

– Make a list of the holiday films you intend to see this month.

– Kevin Heath once said, “The finest present is giving from your heart.” Make a list of Christmas presents you can give to your friends and family using this quotation as motivation.

– Use the letters that spell out “Winter” to create an acrostic poem.

– Compile a list of holiday-related items from A to Z. With these words, you may even make a joyful word cloud.

– This Christmas season, make a list of at least five ways you can give back to your neighborhood.

– Consider your all-time favorite Christmas memory.

– Can you recall a particularly awful Christmas experience?

– Compile ten or more of your favorite Christmas quotations in a collection.

– Add ten alternative approaches to this sentence’s conclusion: The reason why I adore Christmas…..

– Which present was the finest one you’ve ever received?

– Make a list of at least five kind gestures you can make for your parents this holiday season.

– Do you have a celebratory or upbeat disposition today? Explain your response.

– Show off your inner Grinch by completing this statement at least five different ways: Considering… I detest Christmas

– Consider your family’s holiday customs. With your family, what activities do you engage in annually?

– List the Christmas foods and snacks you enjoy the most.

– Which Christmas movie is your favorite, and why?

– How about this year—have you been pleasant or naughty? Furthermore, why do you believe so?

– Create your own character for your Christmas elf. Consider the person’s name, temperament, and preferences.

– Make a list of the top three wishes you have for the globe this Christmas season.

– What gift did you ever give someone that you thought was the best?

– What do you believe to be Christmas’s true meaning? Put it in your own words: What does Christmas really mean?

– Compose “The Day Before Christmas” as a poem. Give a description of your current thoughts and feelings.

– Happy Christmas! Christmas Morning is a good title for a poem you should write to express your feelings this morning.

– Tell us about the nicest Christmas gift you ever got.

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– Did you miss someone this holiday season?

– If Christmas came around again, what would you change? What aspects of your life will you leave unchanged?

– The most stunning winter landscape you’ve ever seen should be described in writing. This might come from the actual world, from books, from movies, or even from your dreams.

– What was the most important lesson you learned this year, and why? Check out this article on New Year writing prompts for more prompts that are inspired by the new year.

– Make a recap of this year. At least five of your favorite and least favorite moments from this year should be listed.

– When in your life do you want to always look back on?

– What day, if any, would you like to live over again?

– What do you think your life is due?

– What is the one thing that you have always hoped for?

– What talent have you always yearned to possess?

– What do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year?

– What novel pastimes would you want to explore?

– Where would you want to go on vacation?

– How may your life be made better?

– What are your objectives for the month?

– Does your life match your expectations?

– What little change in your life would you like to make?

– What significant change in your life would you wish to make?

– What is your ideal occupation?

– How do you envision the future? How are you going to get there?

– What do you worry about the future the most?

– Do you fear becoming older?

– What do you most desire in life?

– What one action might you take right now to further your objectives?

– What might you do to make your financial situation better in the future?

– Is there anything preventing you from reaching your objectives? How are you going to handle it?

– Do you think nice things should happen to you? Why not, then?

– What novel endeavor would you like to pursue in the upcoming year?

– What aspects of your life right now provide you joy?

– What aspect of your life currently makes you depressed?

– Do you feel content with your life?

– What kind of impact would you have on the world?

– What do you hope to leave behind?

December Journal Prompts

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