Dream About Being Possessed: 37+ Meanings and Interpretations

How often do you dream about possession, being possessed, or something along those lines? More importantly, how often do those dreams leave you completely baffled??

If it has ever happened to you, then you should read this post⤵️. 

It encompasses every potential interpretation of a dream about having possessions.

Dream of possession indicates aspirations for success, accomplishing goals, or satisfying one’s material wants and requirements. It may be a sign of your difficulty in establishing your individuality or the necessity to let go of toxic relationships or habits.

What does it mean to dream of possession?

  • Dreams of possession can sometimes be a sign of inner conflicts, repressed feelings, or unresolved problems.
  • Possession in a dream can mean that you are taking charge of or owning a certain part of your life. 
  • This could be a sign of increased self-assurance, independence, or the will to stand up for what you believe in.
  • A longing for safety, plenty, or a feeling of mastery over one’s life may be represented in a dream in which one possesses or amasses material goods or fortune.

The evil eye?, often known as the “Pinocchio,” is a culturally ubiquitous idea. Those who stare at others with jealousy or malice are thought to bring bad luck upon themselves. 

Dream of Possession: Symbolism

Even though it’s understandable that having a dream about possession might be baffling, knowing why you had the dream can help.

Reading this will benefit you significantly since we have written down several symbols regarding the same for you. 

  • Transformation and change

Dreams of being possessed can often be interpreted as a desire for personal change or a need to break away from long-held patterns and beliefs. In other instances, such a dream may indicate a longing for freedom. It may be an indication of a desire for change as well as a willingness to let go of the familiar in order to make room for something else.

  • Unresolved issues and trauma

Dreams of being possessed could be an indication of unresolved psychological disorders or traumatic experiences from the past. It’s possible that your subconscious mind is trying to draw your attention to unresolved feelings or experiences that you’ve had in the past that need to be addressed in order for you to heal and progress.

  • Inner conflict

In a dream, possession might be symbolic of an inner conflict or battle between different components of your personality or desires that are in direct opposition to one another. It may be an indication that you are torn between different options or that you feel like you are being torn apart by competing forces within yourself.

  • External influence

The impact of other people on your thoughts, behaviors, or decision-making processes may be symbolized by dreams in which you are possessed by another person. It’s possible that you’re being influenced or manipulated by someone or some organization, which might mean that your values and views are being watered down.

Loss of control

Having a dream in which you are possessed might be interpreted as a representation of the sense that you are being overpowered or controlled by external forces or situations in your waking life. It may be an indication of a feeling of helplessness or dread of giving up one’s liberty.

  • Suppressed emotions

Dreams of being possessed might be seen as a manifestation of suppressed feelings or urges that are working their way to the surface. It’s possible that the entity occupying you in the dream is symbolic of portions of yourself that you’ve been ignoring or denying, and now they’re pleading with you to pay attention to them.

  • Invasion of personal space

Dreams about possessing someone else’s belongings could be a metaphor for a sense of having one’s own boundaries violated. It may be a sign that the dreamer feels as though they are losing their independence or personal space due to the actions of another person or entity.

Spiritual Meaning About Dream of Possession

Depending on the circumstances and the dreamer’s own spiritual views, possession dreams can have a wide range of spiritual significance. They may stand for a feeling of subjugation or control by hostile or outside forces. ?

They could also be a signal to take stock of one’s inner life and acknowledge the suppressed or ignored parts. Dreamer is typically encouraged to examine their own emotional turmoil, face their fears, and reclaim a sense of control over their lives.


Protective charms against negative energy have a long history of use throughout cultures and religions. Amulets, talismans, and religious icons are all examples.

Biblical Meaning of Dream About Being Possessed

Dreams about possession in the Bible can have multiple interpretations. Dreams of being possessed can reflect an inward spiritual struggle or temptation. It may also represent an awareness of oppression or domination in waking life. ?

Spiritual discernment, asking God for direction, praying, and engaging in spiritual battle are all common responses to dreams in which evil forces are at work. Accurately understanding a dream requires an appreciation of its unique setting and the symbols it employs.

Psychological Interpretation of Possession Dreams 

From a psychological perspective, possession in a dream can stand for unresolved inner tensions or repressed feelings.

This inability to exert dominion over one’s own thoughts and behaviors is reflected in the dreamer’s sense of being overrun or invaded by outside forces.

Possession in a dream can also represent the impact of society’s norms and other outside factors on the dreamer’s sense of identity. 

This could be a sign that you need to do some soul-searching to figure out what you really want out of life.

Subconsciously ?, the dreamer draws attention to unsolved difficulties and the need for personal growth and empowerment through possession.

A major character in Abrahamic religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, is Satan, often known as the Devil. Some think he is a once-holy angel who turned completely evil after rebelling against God.

Dream of Being Possessed Scenarios and Interpretation

Let’s look at a few interesting possession-related dreams and try to figure out ? what they could mean?. 

Dream of Being Possessed by A Spirit

Dream Of Being Possessed By A Spirit

The Devil’s possession in your nightmares is a warning about your substance abuse problems. Addiction causes you to make poor choices that negatively affect your life.

You run the risk of losing loved ones, experiencing a downturn in health, and drawing financial instability upon yourself. It’s a sign from the unconscious that you need help overcoming your addictions.

Dream of Feeling Possessed by An Idea or Passion

Feeling possessed in a dream by an idea or passion represents a strong internal motivation and a sense of purpose.

It emphasizes the overpowering impact and dedication of a particular aim or purpose, reflecting a great desire to follow and fully immerse oneself in that endeavor.

Dream of Possessing Someone Else

Dream Of Possessing Someone Else

Yes, you read that right! ?

A desire for power or authority over others may be symbolized by a dream in which one acquires possession of another person.

It could be an indication of a drive for authority or the desire to make one’s will known. An alternative interpretation is that you wish you had the same attributes as that individual.

Dream of Possessing an Object of Power

To dream about acquiring or holding a weapon or other powerful object represents an unconscious yearning for power and control in waking life.

The desire to possess the power or abilities symbolized by the object suggests a deep-seated need to be in control of one’s life and the world around it.

Dream of Exorcism

Dream Of Exorcism

This sounds so scary! ?

It’s not a terrible sign if a priest appears in your dream. You have started taking stock of who you really are on the inside. You have spent much time contemplating how to conquer your personal demons.

You feel compelled by the dream to take immediate action. The time has come to turn the page on all the bad things that have happened.

Dream of Possessing Your Mother

Dream Of Possessing Your Mother

Possessing your mother in a dream may represent your need for a more intimate relationship with her or your need for her love and care.

This could be a sign of having unresolved difficulties from your upbringing or a desire for parental supervision and care. It could also mean you want to develop and nurture your mother’s qualities.

Dream of Satan

Dream Of Satan

You’d rather ignore and try to hide your dark side. You might believe it’s wrong to alter who you are or that you can maintain a healthy equilibrium between the two.

But if you can’t, the shadowy side may end up ruling over the rest of your personality. How you handle it is crucial, so give it some serious thought.

Dream of Doll Possession

Dream Of Doll Possession

Oh God!

If you watch enough scary movies, you can start having nightmares about dolls that are possessed. If you’re not already there, this dream will take you there.

Check in on the well-being of your inner child… Is it nervous or frightened? Does it have designs on independence? The only person who can help us figure this out is you.

Dream of Feeling Possessed by An Emotion

If you dreamed that an emotion possessed you, it meant that that emotion completely overcame you.

This may be indicative of inner conflicts, unresolved concerns, or a desire for emotional release and comprehension, as well as a strong influence or control exercised by that emotion.

Dream of A Devil Possessing You and You Fight Them

Dream Of A Devil Possessing You And You Fight Them

If you can conquer the demon in your nightmare, you’ll soon be able to do the same in real life. It could also represent overcoming obstacles such as phobias, addictions, or abuse trauma.

To identify the true symbolism, focus on the specifics of the context in which it appears.

Dream of Being Possessed by An Entity or A Demon

Having a dream in which a demon or other supernatural being takes over your body is a common metaphor for feeling powerless or dominated in real life.

It could be a metaphor for the difficulty of dealing with bad feelings and thoughts that control or dominate your life.

Dream of A Demon Threatening to Possess You

Dream Of A Demon Threatening To Possess You

A demon in your dream is a portent of the temptations you will face in your waking life. Some things, like addictions, are so compelling that you can’t help but give in to them no matter how much they hurt you.

Accept your humanity and work to improve your weaknesses. You must have faith in your talents despite the fact that this experience will be challenging. Your life is something that only you can write.

Dream of Being Possessed by An Animal

That sounds scary! ?

Pay close attention to the animal in real life that appears in your dreams; it may be your totem animal. Soon, the animal’s traits or actions may serve as a metaphor for imparting knowledge.

Dream of Your Partner Being Possessed

Dream Of Your Partner Being Possessed

Oh My God! ?

It’s a sign of how far apart the two of you are emotionally. Things aren’t the same in your relationship, and you’re both worried about the future.

It’s a call to make meaningful relationships a priority. Don’t leave any stone unturned if you want to return to how things were in your relationship.

Dream of A Pregnant Woman Being Possessed

If you had this dream, it would mean that you are keeping something from your spouse or significant other that is causing problems in your relationship. It foretells a great deal of anguish, so you should give careful consideration to your plans for the partnership.


To sum up, we can only say that every dream has its own set of pros and cons and that you can’t really control what happens in your sleep. Yes, looking up dream interpretations on the internet is very normal, and it is even beneficial to be ready for anything that may come your way. 

Dreams about being in possession of someone or something might portend either good or negative news. There’s an equal chance of either outcome happening. There is nothing else to do but meet it head-on. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Of Being Possessed

Does dreaming of being possessed indicate something negative?

No, not always. While the dream may be disturbing or frightening, it does not always foreshadow something unpleasant in your waking life. To acquire a greater grasp of the dream’s importance, it is necessary to investigate its emotions and features.

Can being possessed in a dream represent internal conflicts?

Yes, dreaming of being possessed might be a symptom of psychological problems or unsolved issues. It could represent characteristics of your personality or behaviours that you believe control or negatively influence you.

Is it possible for dreams of possession to have a positive meaning?

While dreams of being possessed are often associated with negative emotions, they can also have positive meanings. They may symbolize a need for self-reflection, personal transformation, or the emergence of new aspects of your identity. It’s important to examine the context and emotions of the dream to gain a better understanding.

Can dreams of possession be influenced by external factors, such as movies or books?

Yes, external elements such as movies, literature, or even personal experiences can have an impact on the content and visuals of dreams, including possession dreams. The subconscious mind frequently incorporates elements from the waking world into dreams. Paying attention to such factors can reveal information about the origins of dream imagery.

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