Dream Of Hyena: 47+ Meanings and Interpretations

Dream of hyena can evoke a range of emotions, from fear and anxiety to curiosity and intrigue. The hyena is associated with scavenging, deceit, and even evil in many cultures.

A hyena in a dream may represent the dreamer’s own cunning and resourcefulness as the animal is renowned for its capacity to adapt to its environment and overcome obstacles.

Depending on the context of the dream, a hyena may represent a particular person or situation in the dreamer’s life, or it may symbolize a more general sense of fear or anxiety.

What does it mean to dream of a Hyena? 

  • Hyenas are a symbol of impurity and avarice in dreams. 
  • Hyena’s dreams suggest that you are residing in an unhealthy setting, which may interfere with your way of life.
  • This dream shows your lack of seriousness about life or your job. 
  • It’s time to put your success fears behind you and take action with your life.
  • You can run into a manipulator or someone who has courage and bravery but is a secondary character.

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dreaming About Hyena Scenarios and their Meanings

Dreaming of a hyena. 

dreaming of a hyena.

A hyena in your dream symbolizes an intense emotional outpouring that you are now experiencing.

You might be trying to make a choice that calls for a tactful approach while considering a number of factors.

You are following a predetermined path in your effort to accomplish your goals.

Dreaming of petting hyenas. 

Hyenas being petted in a dream is a warning sign that you can be drawn to something or someone dangerous.

The hyenas symbolize that danger, and the fact that you are patting them implies that you’re not frightened of it. This can indicate that you are rashly pursuing something bad for yourself.

Dreaming of keeping a hyena as a pet.  

It indicates your surroundings if you have a pet hyena in your dream. You are dealing with a problem affecting your existence or the world at large.

You have the propensity to control a lot of situations and make them work in your favor.

Dreaming of a dead hyena. 

A dead hyena in your dream indicates that you will undoubtedly experience some breakdown in your life.

Almost anything could be the cause, from loss in your private affairs to commercial losses. Consequently, you cannot stop people from failing to notice your failure.

Dreaming of a hyena biting you. 

A hyena biting you in a dream may represent experiencing an assault or being in danger.

A caution to be on the lookout for persons who might be attempting to take advantage of you could also be sent by the dream. Give heed to your gut instincts and intuition to keep yourself safe.

Dreaming of a hyena grinning. 

Hyenas grinning in a dream represent overcoming challenges, discovering a loved one’s illness, and falling prey to hidden foes.

This nightmare scenario foretells a contentious discussion with a rival. However, you will eventually come on top.

Dreaming of a hyena circling and staring at you.

To see a hyena circling you in a dream and making you anxious means nervous overload, physical exhaustion, and sudden ailments.

If you have a dream that the hyena is staring at you and won’t let go, your health issues will quickly mount.

Dreaming of a human looking like a hyena. 

A bad salesperson or crook will be warned if you see a human who resembles a hyena in your dream.

They will harass you and pressure you to submit through unscrupulous tactics. What they eventually destroy, they will retain.

Dreaming of a baby hyena.

dreaming of a baby hyena.

A newborn hyena in your dream represents your capacity to change and adapt to new events in life.

It’s important to clarify some complex circumstances. You’ll become more certain about what you want out of life as a result of this. You frequently go above and beyond to assist others.

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Dreaming of a hyena attacking you.

The subconscious mind tells you to be cautious about who you put your faith in if you dream that a hyena is attacking you.

The fact that you are being assaulted by someone or something that symbolizes a negative personality trait in your dream may also be a metaphor for your real life.

Dreaming of running away from a hyena. 

A hyena is hunting you in your dream; thus, running away from it indicates that you are under the spell of a manipulative person.

People who are dishonest and hypocrites will work to stop you from succeeding in life and your career. They’ll profit from your failure and anxiety.

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Dreaming of fighting a hyena. 

If you physically fight a hyena in your dream, it indicates that you will battle lies and deceit in the real world.

Someone will make an effort to exploit your emotional vulnerability in some way. Watch out for con artists and think carefully before signing any contracts.

Dreaming of buying a hyena. 

A warning that you can contract a sickness due to your actions is given if you dream that you are buying a hyena.

So, use prudence while you’re shopping and consuming food and beverages. It is especially dangerous to trust in witchcraft or complementary therapies blindly.

Dreaming of an injured hyena. 

Dreaming of a hurt hyena indicates that you approach your aims very carelessly. Your lack of seriousness causes you substantial issues in many different areas of your life.

You must take precautions to deal with issues in a collected and cool manner.

Dreaming of angry hyenas. 

dreaming of angry hyenas.

If you dream of angry or ferocious hyenas, it predicts that soon you will take part in disagreements and unpleasant confrontations with people you know.

You’ll be in a pickle as you consider how to deal with the issues.

Dreaming of hunting a hyena.

It indicates that you’ll want to eliminate phony pals from your life if you imagine yourself hunting down and killing hyenas.

As a result, you will be able to overcome their challenges, such as bad loans and gambling debts.

Dreaming of being chased by a hyena. 

You may be in danger and being pursued by someone or something you fear or don’t trust if you dream about a hyena chasing you.

The hyena could stand in for a predator that is after you, or it could indicate a bad quality in your personality.

Dreaming of a friendly hyena.

You can have a pleasant hyena in your dreams. It might not be a good sign for your everyday life.

According to the scenario, a stranger would enter your life. They will irrationally interfere with your issues.

Dreaming of two hyenas. 

In your dream, seeing two hyenas means that someone with a dubious attitude might devise a scheme to force you to join a sales organization.

Moreover, it will be an issue that conflicts with your long-term professional goals. As a result, you should be very wary about his motivation for hiring you.

Dreaming of hyenas and lions. 

Hyena and lion dreams may represent many facets of your personality. The lion symbolizes your strength and might, while the hyena depicts your wild side.

Your dream may be advising you to assert yourself more and take control of your life. On the other hand, the dream could also be a warning that something is wrong with you.

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Dreaming of yourself as a hyena. 

It’s a dangerous omen if you ever have a dream in which you transform into a hyena. According to the situation, you get along with everyone who presents a bad image.

They have shady histories and malicious motives. These people frequently engage in unethical behavior and influence you to do the same.

Dreaming of seeing hyena from a distance. 

The hyena is a representation of both brutality and humor. A distant vision of one means that while you are aware of your darker tendencies, you are not yet prepared to face them. The dream might be a sign that it’s time to confront your shadow self.

Dreaming of a hyena trapped in a cage. 

dreaming of a hyena trapped in a cage.

It is not a good omen if, in your dream vision, you see a hyena within the cage. The scenario implies that you might get a skin condition.

The key to its full recovery would be prompt intervention. Any form of delay in addressing the issue would make it worse and make things more difficult.

Dreaming of hyenas and jackals together. 

Dreaming of jackals and hyenas predicts you will venture outside your sphere of influence and power.

You’ll attempt to test your limitations and venture into some uncharted territory. As a result, you would quickly present the supervisor or the police with significant issues.

Dreaming of a hyena entering your house.

In a dream, seeing a hyena enter your home is alarming. This pattern foretells that you will soon have an unexpected visitor.

The person will need your support and depend greatly on your generosity.

Dreaming of a hyena chasing someone else. 

Your dream about a hyena chasing someone else shows that you value independence. There is a range of feelings inside, including fears and curiosity.

You are a resourceful person who feels great satisfaction in your ability to set yourself apart from others.

Dreaming of hyenas fighting with each other. 

When you see hyenas fighting each other in your dreams, you are witnessing a group of people being bullied and exploited.

Some injustice is being done, such as when banks or casinos take advantage of the weak.

Dreaming of a hyena being attacked by a predator. 

dreaming of a hyena being attacked by a predator.

Your reticent and reserved attitude is indicated by a dream in which a predator is attacking a hyena.

You are indeed the best candidate for the position. You must examine your past more closely, draw lessons from it, and continue.

Dreaming of adopting a hyena. 

It is not auspicious if you picture yourself adopting a hyena. According to the plot, you could get sick as a result of your carelessness.

Therefore, it advises you to use extreme caution when purchasing and consuming specific things.

Dreaming of shooting a hyena. 

Shooting a hyena portends that a total stranger will assist you in overcoming a challenging time in your life. Although it will surprise you, you will be grateful for it nonetheless.

Dreaming of killing a hyena. 

Killing a hyena in your dream portends that you will exert the required effort to get rid of dishonest friends in your life.

Finally, you’ll be able to resolve your debt from unfavorable loans and gambling.

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Dreaming of feeding hyena. 

If you picture yourself feeding a hyena, this portends that developing relationships with people of the opposite gender will be difficult for you.

You will also experience various health issues in addition to this condition.

Dreaming of hyenas fighting other animals. 

Hyenas fighting other animals symbolizes how some people judge others when you see this scene.

You are seeing some injustice, where banking firms and gambling companies are taking advantage of poorer sectors of society.

Dreaming of a black hyena. 

A black hyena in your dreams could represent any unfavorable emotions you’re attempting to hide.

As a scavenger, the hyena may represent your innate tendency to steal from life without providing anything in return.

Dreaming of hyenas tearing off the flesh of a dead animal. 

Have you ever witnessed a hyena pulling skin from the bodies of deceased animals in a dream? It’s definitely not a good sign.

According to the scenario, you could very likely end up in danger, which could interfere with how smoothly your life goes.

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Dreaming of chasing a hyena away.

In your dream, the hyena could stand in for something worrying you or making you feel scared. You could interpret the action of driving it away as an attempt to face and solve this issue.

Alternatively, the hyena can represent a negative component of your personality that you’re working to control.

Dreaming of running hyenas. 

dreaming of running hyenas.

Your dream of hyenas rushing foretells the acquisition of wealth and fame. You are going through a moment of healing in life. Your thoughts are filled with a sensation of futility.

Dreaming of screaming hyenas.

Hyenas howling in your dream portends that gossip will make you angry. With others, you might have disagreements and contradictions. As a result, some of your relationships may become strained.

Dreaming of a hyena attacking someone else. 

You might observe a hyena attacking and biting another person in your dream. It suggests that your loved one’s life is at grave risk right now.

Fraudsters and harassers are attempting to unfairly benefit from their kindness.

Dreaming of a hyena laughing. 

A hyena laughing in your dream denotes that someone is making fun of you or teasing you behind your back. You might know them, or they might be a total stranger.

The hyena in your dream can also stand in for your own flaws.

Dreaming of several hyenas laughing. 

If you see a dream in which multiple hyenas are laughing, it represents a person with a sense of humor who also leads a ruthless lifestyle.

They are a psychopath who, no matter what, always gets what they want.

Dreaming of going to the zoo to see a hyena. 

Going to the zoo and seeing a hyena is a sign that things will turn out well in the end. You need a lot of perseverance, concentration, and patience in work.

However, it is crucial to maintain your convictions as time passes because, if you do, you will succeed.

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Dreaming of playing with hyenas. 

Hyenas are frequently linked to scavenging and opportunism, so having a hyena dream could represent your own dishonest behavior.

Alternatively, this dream can be a warning to be on the lookout for anyone who would exploit you.

Dreaming of a hyena hurting you.

The dream where you see a hyena hurting you one way or the other declares that you will not be spared slander.

Therefore, it will take some time for you to regain the honor because your reputation will be severely damaged.

Dreaming of domesticated hyenas. 

Hyenas in captivity in your dreams may represent someone or something attempting to take over your life.

The hyenas might stand in for adversaries or rivals you have faced in the past, or they might suggest that someone is attempting to take advantage of you.

Dreaming of a spotted hyena. 

dreaming of a spotted hyena.

Your dream about spotted hyenas reminds you to stay away from gangs. Unfortunately, you may be forming connections with all those individuals who disagree with your values and ideas.

Dreaming of a striped hyena.

Dreaming of striped hyenas suggests that your limits are sound. You won’t take on anything you can’t handle.

In light of this, you don’t need to take on more than you can handle.

Dreaming of a white hyena.

Your subconscious mind’s representation of a white hyena in your dream foretells that you may become ill without prior notice and suffer as a result.

If you are having trouble breathing, you need to pay attention to your health.

Dreaming of a brown hyena.

This hypothetical dream scenario explores your capacity for survival in a variety of challenging situations.

You will become psychologically strong if you can maintain yourself even when difficult things are.

Dreaming of an orange hyena. 

The orange hyena symbolizes your passion and dedication to achieving your life goals in your dream.

Your perseverance and hard effort will be rewarded. It says that you have received a request from someone that is wholly unexpected.

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Dreaming of an Aardwolf Hyena.

The Aardwolf’s symbolism in a dream is simple. This creature is begging you to stay close to your home and the things you enjoy in life.

So no matter what you enjoy doing—gardening, baking, or crafts, for example—be sure to make time for it.

Dreaming of young hyenas. 

There are likely some tiny issues present if any young hyenas are in your dream. These issues won’t hinder your ability to deal with them, though.

Simply allow them enough time, and you will quickly come up with solutions.

Dreaming of hyena as someone else’s pet. 

As household pets in dreams, Hyenas are a sign of perseverance and endurance. Never give up too quickly.

Keep making pleas until you have what you want. Don’t stop before you have achieved your end goal.

Dream meaning of hyena for men. 

If a man sees a hyena in his dreams, it means that his violent rivals will start plotting to steal his business or the rights to a profitable project that he has worked on.

Hyenas in dreams are a metaphor for not noticing the person sitting next to you.

Dream meaning of hyena for women. 

The central theme of a hyena dream for women is spouse betrayal. The hyena explicitly cautions women to be watchful.

A lady will have to deal with rumors and slander directed at her husband. She must, though, have faith in him since he will always be devoted to her.

Dreaming of a defeated hyena.

A defeated hyena represents overcoming challenges without suffering a loss in a dream. Dreams predict that evildoers will be exposed, lies will be exposed, and providence itself will punish those who sought to disparage you.

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Dreaming of a small hyena. 

Your dream of a small hyena predicts you will encounter a minor issue while traveling. This might not significantly affect how well you handle your difficulties.

A herd of tiny hyenas in your dream indicates that you will be compelled to join a particular organization.


Dreams about hyenas symbolize cleverness, adaptability, and survival skills. They may mean the need to be resourceful or trust instincts in tough situations. Hyena dreams can also show feeling threatened or manipulated by others. The meaning of a hyena dream depends on personal experiences. Overall, these dreams remind us to be aware and alert when facing life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hyena Dreams. 

How does a hyena dream point towards safety? 

Hyenas in your dreams are a warning that you are being watched. You must be aware of their questionable motivations and adopt the appropriate safety measures. In the organization, there will be a power struggle, and you will be caught in the center of it. Keep an eye out and pick your conflicts carefully.

What is the symbolism of a hyena dream? 

The Hyena symbolism reminds you that you are now living in a more colonial age in your life. This animal encourages you to be more forthright and truthful with the people in your life as a result. You must, however, be mindful of the words you choose.

What does it mean to have the hyena animal totem? 

The ability to tell lies from the truth is possessed by those who have been given a hyena as their totem animal. They can act and believe solely by following their instincts. The unusually sensitive intuition that hyena individuals possess ensures that a sense of abandonment won’t elude their receptive instinct.

What is the biblical significance of having hyena dreams? 

Hyenas are occasionally mentioned in several passages of Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Bible. According to a positive dream interpretation, deceitful individuals will no longer inhabit your life. On the other side, the negative interpretation indicates that those close to you are acting demonically.

What is the spiritual meaning of a hyena dream?

This dream’s spiritual interpretation advises you to engage in more direct and honest conversations with everyone in your life. Words must be carefully chosen by you. You need to reassure those who are close to you and support their development. If they have issues and barriers, try to discover acceptable answers, then give them time to heal.

When does a hyena show up as a spirit animal? 

Usually, the hyena spirit symbol shows up when someone is duping you or when there is a lack of a productive working partnership. The hyena spirit animal advises you to be careful with your words. It tells you to look for security and trust your gut. 

Why am I dreaming of the hyena? 

Seeing a hyena in your dream may indicate that you will soon get beyond a major challenge in your life. You also possess the ability to identify other people’s areas of vulnerability and use their mistakes to your advantage.

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    • In your dreams, hitting a hyena with a stick may represent your capacity for self-defense or your determination to face your worries. It might also represent the need for you to be more forceful or to advocate for yourself when necessary.

  1. I dreamed a hyena walked up on me and others and I was the one who the hyena ended sitting above and behind me keeping me from moving and then the police shot and killed it. But my niece ended up slightly injured in the end.

    • The hyena in the dream could represent an actual danger or barrier impeding growth. The police represent power and the necessity for outside assistance. Your niece’s injuries could indicate a sense of guilt. The dream may represent a sense of being stuck or overwhelmed, as well as a need for aid.

  2. Please, I had a dream that a hyena confronted me and my friend. I walked up to it and roared back. It then kept its cool for some minutes and attached us. In the course of the attack, I hit its head with a blow and we killed it in the end.
    I will like to know the meaning, please.

    • Hey John! 😊
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      Thank you for sharing such a vivid dream and seeking some insights. Dreams can be wild, can’t they? ??
      A hyena in dreams is often associated with the unpredictable, tricky situations, or even treachery. Seeing one confront you might indicate a challenge or an obstacle you’re facing in real life. 🐾
      Your reaction to the hyena walking up to it and roaring back suggests courage, assertiveness, and a readiness to confront issues head-on. It’s a testament to your strength and your willingness to stand your ground. 💪🦁

      However, the hyena attacking after keeping its cool can symbolize unexpected complications or a sudden escalation of a situation that you thought was under control. 😰

      Delivering that final blow and ultimately defeating the hyena with your friend represents triumph over challenges. It emphasizes teamwork, resilience, and the idea that you can overcome no matter how tough things get, with determination (and maybe a little help). 🌟🤜🤛

      But remember, these interpretations are just possibilities! Your feelings, recent experiences, and intuition play a massive role in understanding the true essence of your dream. 🌙✨

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