27+ Dream of Lavender Meanings and Interpretation

I love lavender so much that I put a few drops of its essential oil on my pillow before I go to sleep because it helps me sleep better. 

But this isn’t an article about me, so let’s talk about dreams about lavenders. If I had a dream about lavenders, I would wake up dancing. Okay, I did it again. I’m not the point her. 

But have you ever had a dream about lavenders ❓ Did you wake up happy or confused, so you had to look it up❔

Well, lavender is often associated with calmness, peace, and rest

Dreaming of lavender indicates that you want peace and unity in your life. It could mean that you want a break from worry or need to feel better emotionally. 

But lavender is often linked to different meanings and symbols in real life and dreams. This piece is going to talk about everything spiritual, biblical, and psychological that has to do with lavender dreams. 

So relax and make sure you read it right⤵️

What does it mean to dream of Lavenders❓

  • Dreaming of lavenders may suggest a longing for peace and harmony in your life.
  • It could imply that you are seeking an escape from stress or require emotional renewal.
  • Lavender dreams may represent a need for emotional or spiritual healing
  • It could indicate that you are releasing bad emotions, letting go of old hurts, or seeking inner peace?
  • Lavender dreams may represent loving or passionate feelings
  • It could signal that you want a deeper connection or that you are in the process of falling in love or starting a new relationship?
  • Lavender dreams may indicate an awakening of your inner wisdom, enhanced intuition, or a call to further pursue your spiritual path

Table of Contents

Dreaming About Lavender: Symbolism

Seeing lavender in a dream is often a good sign

Dreaming of Lavender often indicates calm, peace, and rest. However, lavenders in a dream can mean a lot of different things. 

We’ve written down a few of the symbols for you, so take a look?

  • You want love and appreciation

Lavenders are a symbol of love, appreciation, and the desire to be treasured; therefore, having a dream about them could mean that you are yearning for these things. It implies a predilection for the companionship of loved ones, seeking the adoration of those loved ones, and spending time with those loved ones. 

However, it is essential to remember that you do not need to make an extraordinary amount of effort to win affection and appreciation. If it does not come easily to you, you should probably reconsider pursuing it.

  • It could indicate your vanity or ego.

Your dream is a reflection of your vanity and inflated ego, as well as your desire for perfection in all facets of life. On the other hand, it ignores that nothing is flawless and that striving for perfection is an inherently imperfect endeavor. 

Your biggest mistake is looking down on those who appear to have flaws while failing to acknowledge that there is no such thing as perfection. Ironically, the overwhelming need for perfection that you have within you is a defect in and of itself.

  • It indicates the extraordinary happiness you may be feeling

Lavender is a symbol of the enormous happiness that can be obtained via the simple joys and successful endeavors of everyday life. It exemplifies the happy condition you are currently in, where you find an incredible amount of fulfillment in your professional and personal lives.

One of your most admirable qualities is your natural capacity to convey happiness and elevate the spirits of others around you.

  • A symbol of femininity

The color lavender is frequently paired with connotations of femininity, grace, and elegance. Lavenders in your dreams may represent characteristics of your own femininity or the presence of prominent women in your waking life. 

Lavenders are also known as “the flower of femininity.” Additionally, it could stand for nurturing skills, sensitive characteristics, or even attractiveness.

  • Both intuition and spirituality are important.

There is a connection between lavender and psychic powers, intuition, and spirituality. If you dream of lavenders, it could mean that your intuition is beginning to awaken or that you are connecting with your higher self. 

It could serve as a gentle nudge to follow your gut impulses or encourage you to investigate your spiritual path.

  • Healing and Restoration

Because of its beneficial effects, lavender is frequently used in the practices of aromatherapy and alternative medicine. Lavenders can represent the need for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, depending on the context of the dream.

It may indicate that you are in the midst of healing from a stressful scenario or looking for ways to rejuvenate yourself.

  • Need for love and romance in your life

The common sentiment is that love, passion, and affection are all associated with lavender. Lavenders in your dreams may be a symbol of your longing for love or the existence of romantic feelings in your waking life.

It could also be a sign that you need to nurture your relationships or that new romantic interests are possible.

  • A desire for refinement

The color lavender is frequently used to denote refined and sophisticated behavior. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you that you want or need to add more elegance and grace to your life if you have dreams about lavender.

  • A surge of creativity 

A common association exists between lavender and the creative process and artistic expression. If you have dreams about lavender, it could mean that you are experiencing a burst of creative energy or that you have a desire to explore your artistic talents.

  • Need of balance in your life

The color lavender is achieved by artfully combining the complementary blue ? and red hues. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you that you need more balance and harmony in your thoughts, feelings, or relationships if you have dreams about lavender.


Lavender was used to add a pleasant scent to the body after it had been mummified in ancient Egypt. 

Spiritual Meaning About Dream of Lavenders

Talking spiritually, if you dream of lavender, you are likely a compassionate person ?. People who don’t care about your existence start to affect you emotionally. Lavender in a dream is a warning that you’re clinging too tightly to relationships with individuals who don’t want to be with you.

Besides that, it’s a sign of mysticism that you attribute your successes to a combination of good fortune and magic. 

Lavender in a dream represents cleansing and enlightenment in Native American tradition. The Native Americans have a long history of using lavender as a spiritual and physical cleansing agent. 

Biblical Meaning Of Lavender-Related Dreams 

The Bible uses lavender as a symbol for the Virgin Mary, making it one of the most important symbols of the plant.

The Virgin Mary’s dwelling is said to have been surrounded by lavender bushes in Christian legend. Mary, so the story goes, would hang her clean laundry out to dry on the lavender bushes so that the fragrant blooms would permeate her laundry. 

The Bible equates a vision of purple with material success. 

Lavender in a dream is supposed to be a sign of abundance and good fortune. In addition, it implies that others will flock to you in an effort to make you feel loved and cherished.

The Bible says that having a dream about lavender means you have a loving relationship with God ?. 

Psychological Interpretation of Lavender Dreams 

Lavender’s symbolic meaning in a dream also extends to the individual’s character and how they act.

Being “choosy” or “having high standards” could imply that you are selective and picky, favoring only the highest quality and most refined options. 

This may be relevant in different contexts, including interpersonal interactions, professional endeavors, and individual goals. 

The dream’s interpretation hinges on its central theme of cleanliness, suggesting that you take comfort in a spotless, well-organized space ?. 

Dreams about lavender have a symbolic psychological meaning, representing picky, tidy, and even introverted dreamers. Anxiety and the need to unwind may be indicated by an interest in lavender?. 


The attempt to steal joy from other people is symbolized by the dream in which you steal lavender flowers.

Lavender Dream Scenarios And Their Meanings

Lavender in dreams can mean anything from a lavender field to a lavender-scented candle, and both can reveal important aspects of your psyche. 

Let’s delve in and find out what all those dreams about lavender mean for you ?

Dream of planting a lavender

Dream Of Planting A Lavender

A dream in which one plant’s lavender represents a longing for peace and harmony. It’s a sign that your soul and heart need some TLC.

The calming aroma and bright purple lavender flowers symbolize optimism, serenity, and the budding of new beginnings.

Dream about making lavender tea.

Lavender tea in a dream is a metaphor for calm, caring for oneself, and relaxation. It’s a symbol of the inner calm and tranquility you seek to bring into your waking life.

Making tea is a metaphor for taking care of your inner and outer selves, for finding calm in the midst of turmoil and equilibrium in your daily life.

Dream of picking a lavender 

Dream Of Picking A Lavender

I have some lavender; would you like to try it ❓

Picking lavender in a dream is often a metaphor for finding inner calm. It may be a sign that you need more downtime and care for yourself while you’re awake.

Dreaming of lavender, with its calming aroma and characteristics, may indicate that the dreamer is looking for a sense of equilibrium and harmony in the face of life’s obstacles.

Dream about seeing a lavender plant at a funeral

A lovely flower for a lovely person who has recently passed away ?

The presence of a lavender plant in a funeral dream may represent a desire for calm and solace ?. The dream’s symbolic use of lavender, which is commonly connected with healing and relaxation, may indicate a need for emotional consolation or a reminder of inner strength ?.

Dream about a blooming lavender field.

Dream About A Blooming Lavender Field

A lavender field in full bloom ?in a dream might represent calm, contentment, and harmony. This could symbolize a need for calm and equilibrium in one’s life.

The dream may also represent a period of restoration and renewal during which the dreamer may appreciate the splendor of nature.

Dream about buying a lavender flower.

A lavender flower purchased in a dream could represent a yearning for peace and quiet inside oneself ?. It may be a sign that you need to slow down and take stock of your life. Lavender’s calming associations hint at a desire for peace and harmony.

Dream about walking in a lavender field 

Dream About Walking In A Lavender Field

Get real! A purple garden—who doesn’t adore that!

Dreams about strolling through a lavender field are commonly a metaphor for finding inner peace and unwinding. It’s an indication that you need some peace and quiet in your life.

Such a dream could convey a desire for calm and a reminder to take care of one’s emotional and psychological health.

Dream of a yield with only a few lavender flowers

Having a small harvest of lavender flowers in your dream may be a sign of impending hardship.

It may be an indication that the individual’s current course of action is not yielding the desired results and that they should instead focus on developing or discovering new interests.

Dream of harvesting a lavender field 

Dream Of Harvesting A Lavender Field

As a symbol of plenty, peace, and financial success, a dream in which you harvest lavender from a field is a happy omen.

It stands for the success you’ve achieved as a result of your efforts and the joy you feel from finally getting what you’ve worked for. If you have this dream, it means that you are entering a period of personal peace, development, and success ?.

Dream about receiving a bouquet of lavender flowers

The experience of having a dream in which you are given a bouquet of lavender flowers ? represents calm, inner peace ?️, and tranquility. It’s possible that this dream is trying to tell you that your waking life needs more relaxation and emotional equilibrium.

In your unconscious mind, the lavender blossoms stand for a calming presence as well as a longing for peace.

Dream of a field with dying lavender flowers 

Dream Of A Field With Dying Lavender Flowers

Seeing a field of lavender flowers that are slowly withering in your dream may represent a sense of loss, the passing of beauty, or the end of a tranquil time in your life.

It may be a sign of inner struggle, a call to take better care of oneself or a warning that some element of one’s life has been ignored for too long. Different people will have different reactions based on their own history and feelings.

Dream of feeling nauseated by smelling lavender

If you dreamed that the scent of lavender made you queasy?, it could represent an irrational dislike for something that is usually welcomed with open arms.

It may be an indication of internal strife, uneasiness, or the need to set limits in the face of pressure ⚡ from the outside world ?.

Dream about planting lavender flowers.

Dream About Planting Lavender Flowers

Lavender blossoms in a dream may represent calm, peace, and harmony. It may reflect a yearning for harmony and equilibrium.

Dreaming about lavender, which has calming and restorative properties, may be a sign that you need to focus on your mental and emotional health ?.

Dream of a room decorated with lavender 

A lavender-decorated room in a dream is a sign of peace and mental healing. The calming smell of lavender shows a need for inner peace and rest.

This dream could mean you need to feel better emotionally or want unity in your life.

The calming presence of lavender in the dream space shows that the mind is trying to find peace and balance in the middle of life’s challenges and stresses.

Dream about smelling lavender flowers.

Dream About Smelling Lavender Flowers

Ohh!! The soothing scent can help you drift off to dreamland

Having a dream in which you smell lavender flowers is commonly associated with feelings of calm, relaxation, and contentment.

It could be a sign that you need more peace and quiet in your waking life or that you want to get away from the stress in your life.

The aroma of lavender is said to evoke thoughts of health and wellness by calming the mind and heart and helping one feel more at ease ❤️‍?.

Dream of broken lavender bushes

Broken lavender bushes ?in a dream may represent a sense of loss or an interruption in the tranquility and calm that one is experiencing in waking life.

It may be an indication of a hiccup or disruption in the domains of relaxation, tranquility, or emotional well-being. It’s possible that the damaged bushes are a metaphor for a need in one’s life to be healed or restored.

Dreaming of a Lavender Candle

Dreaming Of A Lavender Candle

Having a dream in which you see a lavender candle ?️represents calm, relaxation, and harmony on a spiritual level. It is a sign that you require more tranquility in your daily life.

The calming aroma of lavender symbolizes healing and emotional equilibrium ♎, which may indicate that you are looking for inner peace and renewal amid life’s obstacles.

Dream of gifting a lavender plant to someone

Having a dream in which you give someone a lavender plant as a present ? denotes that you are sending them a message of calm, relaxation, and contentment in real life.

It’s possible that you want to provide them with a sense of peace, healing, and harmony in their life or relationship by doing this ?.

Dreaming of using a lavender essential oil on your face

Dreaming Of Using A Lavender Essential Oil On Your Face

Your subconscious may be trying to tell you that you need more peace and quiet in your life if you have a dream about applying a lavender essential oil to your face.

It may indicate that you require self-care and rejuvenation or that you desire to discover inner peace and achieve a sense of equilibrium ⚖️in your life.

Dream about plucking lavender flowers and making a bouquet 

If you have a dream in which you are picking lavender flowers and arranging them into a bouquet ?, it indicates that you are seeking calm and relaxation.

It is a sign that one’s life needs more tranquility and peace of mind. It could also mean the pursuit of one’s own inner beauty and the development of harmonious relationships among the many facets of one’s life ?.

Dream about drinking lavender tea.

Dream About Drinking Lavender Tea

One sip of it and you will exude calmness❗❕

A yearning for calm and serenity in waking life could be represented by a dream in which you sip lavender tea.

It can be a sign that you need to take some time for yourself and relax after a stressful period. Lavender is commonly associated with these qualities as a symbol of the pursuit of inner peace.

Dream about sprinkling lavender petals on a casket

A sense of finality, calm, and acceptance may be represented in a dream by scattering lavender petals over a casket. The soothing and restorative properties of lavender are interpreted as a need for finality and peace after a painful loss. In the face of loss, it may be a subconscious way of saying goodbye and finding comfort ?.

Dream about burning scented lavender candles.

Dream About Burning Scented Lavender Candles

Aah ‼️ Just typing about it gives me a whiff of its fragrance ?.

If you dreamed of scented lavender candles ?️, it could be a sign that you need more calm in your waking life. It’s a symptom of the need for relaxation and inner peace. Lavender’s calming aroma is frequently associated with a desire for a tranquil setting.

Dream about a trampled lavender field. 

A person’s life may be experiencing feelings of loss, damage, or upheaval if they have a dream about a lavender field that has been trampled.

It could signify a sense of unease, brokenness, or a setback that has somehow disrupted one’s sense of calm.

Dream of receiving lavender plant as a gift

A lavender plant received in a dream may represent peace ✌️, harmony ?, and restoration ?. The calming and comforting aroma of lavender is well-known.

This dream may symbolize a craving for peace and tranquility in one’s life ?.

Dream of wearing a lavender dress for your wedding 

Dreaming of wearing a lavender wedding dress is a sign that you are unique and creative. Lavender stands for grace and spiritual growth, while a wedding dress stands for a new start and a promise.

This dream could mean that you want your wedding to be unique and different, to embrace your individuality, and to get closer to your partner as you start this important journey together.

Dream of painting your room lavender

If you dream of painting your room lavender, it could mean that you want peace and quiet inside. Lavender is linked to calmness and relaxation, which suggests that you need to take care of yourself and find mental balance.

The dream could mean that you want to build a peaceful place or learn more about your spiritual side. Think about the feelings you had in the dream and how they connect to your waking life. This could tell you a lot about how you feel right now.

Dream of crushing lavender flowers 

Crushing sweet flowers could mean that you need to get rid of stress or bad feelings. Lavender is often linked to calmness and healing, so this dream could mean that you want to feel better emotionally or mentally. Pay attention to how you feel in the dream to learn more about what it means.

Dream of wearing lavender-colored ornaments

If you dream of wearing lavender ornaments, it may mean that you are graceful, feminine, and calm. Lavender is a flower that shows a balance between desire and calm.

If you wore these ornaments in a dream, it could mean that you want mental harmony or that you need to show your softer, more caring side.

It could also mean that you are ready to show your creativity and uniqueness calmly and gently.

Summing Up 

Lavender in a dream can represent many different things, depending on the setting?. Lavender in a dream is often seen as a symbol of calm, spiritual restoration, and personal contentment. Some people think it represents love and dedication. 

Your cultural and personal associations with lavender and the precise setting of your dream can shed light on its meaning?.

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